28/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


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A leisure centre in North Lincolnshire has been evacuated


Witnesses say more than 100 people were forced


to leave The Pods in Scunthorpe at around 11.20am


this morning, and people from the swimming pool used foil


Everyone was then moved to the nearby Civic Centre


while the fire service dealt with the incident.


It's not clear yet when the pool might re-open.


A lifeboat that will be the fastest and most agile on the Lincolnshire


coast has been welcomed to its new home in Skegness


There's been a lifeboat at the resort for almost 200 years.


Our reporter Jill Archbold saw it arrive.


It was a moment that made hundreds of people on the beach at Skegness


stop and stare as a new Shannon class lifeboat arrived


With a working life of 50 years, this is something that won't be


Once you step on the boat, it just gets in your blood


You see all of the people on the beach.


We've never seen it before like this and were never


It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we're really lucky to have it.


The lifeboat came ashore at exactly 13.17, the same number


It's very touching, isn't it, when you look see so many


As an ex-sailor, I know very well that coming


I think it's absolutely fabulous the way it demonstrated what it


served Skegness for more than 25 years will now be replaced


We are almost doubling the speed of the boat.


Everything is happening twice as fast so this week


were going to be spending a lot of time getting used


Funded by a Skegness family who have dedicated their lives to the RNLI,


the Joel and April Grunnill lifeboat will be an asset to their home town.


Jill Archbold, BBC Look North in Skegness.


The veteran British actor, Sir John Hurt, has died aged 77.


Sir John starred in films such as Harry Potter,


Alien and The Elephant Man, and was still working


From the age of 12 he lived in Grimsby,


Four years ago, he received an honorary degree from


the University of Lincoln, and spoke about his grammar


I didn't come to Lincoln School until I was 14 because I was


supposed to go to public school but I failed Common Entrance.


But I did meet wonderful people here.


One of the highlights of Lincoln School for me


In football, Lincoln City were hoping to continue


Brighton and Hove Albion, who are top of the Championship


table, were the visitors to Sincil Bank.


Our sports reporter Simon Clark saw the game.


We have just witnessed one of the most amazing cup ties that this


extraordinary competition has grown up and its many, many years. And it


is extraordinary for the way that then non-league side Lincoln city


came back because they went behind. To the school., a good call, as


well. I don't know what they said at half-time, but side was changed.


They were back with a penalty, taken by Alan Power. Soon after, Nathan


Arnold scored, he predicted rise in and it was put past his own keeper


by one -- breaking defenders. To add the


cream to the crop, they will Robinson taking advantage of a


breaking mistake to make it three. And they are through. They are


through to the fifth round of the FA Cup. Fancier cannot believe what is


happening and neither can I. Lincoln city have made it through. The goals


to one. -- three goals to Elsewhere, Scunthorpe United


came from behind twice in their League One game


with Port Vale. Tom Hopper scored the winner


in a 3-2 victory. In League Two, Grimsby Town


lost 2-nil at Stevenage. And in the National League,


North Ferriby United lost We should see a little more


in the way of brightness tomorrow but overnight tonight a mixture


of variable amount of cloud and a few showers


feeding in from the West. I think these will start to fragment


by the time that they reach East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire,


but we could see a couple Some clear skies, so this


will enable a bit of frost maybe some ice to form with temperatures


in towns and cities I think we'll start the day tomorrow


on a pretty decent note. We'll see some really nice spells


of sunshine through the morning as well as maybe one of two showers


and then things will cloud over from the south-west,


bringing some rain. Hello. If you don't like the cold


weather, it certainly felt a lot better for you today, at least


across the southern half of the UK. Still pretty chilly in northern


areas, even some sleet. When we see this transition from one type of


weather to another, we get a lot of variable weather. That's what we've


had today that is what is on the way tomorrow. Sunshine and showers


today, and tomorrow will be quite a mix as well. Lots of clouds in the


Atlantic ready to come our way. The short term, just bits and spots of


rain in the western areas, some rain in the North least. Cold enough for


some ice to form in Northern Ireland, northern England and parts


of Scotland. In the south it should be frost free, all in advance of


this weather front which will spoil the weather for many of us across


the southern half of the UK tomorrow. Pretty cloudy, wet


picture. Rain not


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