29/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


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Investigations are continuing into the cause of a fatal


Emergency services were called to Derwent Street off


Carholme Road in the early hours of yesterday morning.


Two occupants of the house managed to escape the building but the body


A Lincolnshire council is calling on the Government to offer extra


money to GPs who come to work in rural areas, where it's hard


In Gainsborough in particular, surgeries have been struggling


to replace doctors who've left or retired.


When it comes to treating illness, GPs are in the front line.


But in some parts of Lincolnshire, that front line is starting


In Gainsborough, there are only six full-time GPs,


when there should be ten, making it difficult


Last time I needed to see the doctor, I couldn't get


in so I ended up in the minor injuries department instead.


By the time it comes to your appointment,


three or four weeks later, even longer sometimes,


But district councillors have come up with a solution.


They want the Government to offer extra payments to GPs


who move to work here, a so-called "rural weighting".


I know locally in Lincolnshire we offered a ?20,000 handshake


to recruit trainees and, for the first time,


Gainsborough's MP is backing the plan.


We already have the concept of London weighting and I think such


is the crisis in GP recruitment that we should have a rural


weighting also for doctors to try to encourage them to come


There are 360 GPs in Lincolnshire, but the county should have 420.


A salaried GP earns between ?55,000 and ?84,000 a year.


That's more than double Lincolnshire's average


He says it'll take more than cash incentives alone


If anything, Lincolnshire GPs on average tend to earn better


So, I'm not convinced that money is the whole story here.


In the next few weeks, the NHS is bringing in 25 doctors


recruited from mainland Europe to fill vacanies


But that alone won't solve the recruitment problem,


so initiatives like "rural weighting" could end up


A Conservative MP has described the extra money being offered


to councils to pay for social care as "putting a plaster


The Government is allowing local authorities to raise council


tax by an extra 3% this year to pay for the increasing cost


of caring for the elderly and vulnerable people.


But the Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers says he's


People do expect higher standards now.


Changes in society mean that the elderly no longer stay


with their families, or their extended families


So it is a major issue and it's the biggest issue, I think,


certainly in cost terms, that governments over


the next decade or two are going to have to face.


A boat built in Hull will soon be providing a medical lifeline


The ?25,000 Wilberforce One will help


take doctors and nurses, as well as medical supplies,


along the Volta River and work like a floating clinic.


The boat's been paid for by Rotary Clubs


The hospital's across a river that has crocodiles in and the people


don't swim and theonly access they have is wooden boats


There is the canoe they used to use and the boat behind it,


so hopefully it will work very well out there.


In today's football, Hull City were knocked out


Marcol Silva made seven changes from the team who beat


Manchester United on Thursday, but they were unable to overcome


Evandro scored his first goal for the Tigers,


but Hernandez missed two penalties in a minute as the home team


And Lincoln City's giant-killing run in the FA Cup continues.


For the first time in more than a century, the Imps


are in the final 16 of the competition.


They beat Championship leaders Brighton and Hove Albion 3-1


Manager Danny Cowley says they had to live up


It's beyond all of my wildest dreams.


We watched them queue up, hour after hour,


felt like day after day, and we shouldered that


We were all aware of it, all of us, as a management group and players,


we were aware about how much the fans had committed to be


here and we wanted to make sure our performance


And the draw for the next round is tomorrow evening at 7pm.


Well, a pretty drizzly end to the day.


We're just seeing a band of something very light and patchy


Within the next few hours, we will be looking at


A fair bit of mist and murk and patchy fog and frost


Temperatures in towns and cities down around 3 or 4 Celsius.


Rurally, though, under any clearer skies, they will


So a cloudy, uninspiring start to the working week, I'm afraid.


There will be some mist, some patchy fog but this will soon


lift just to a little bit of low cloud.


We'll see some brightness tomorrow afternoon, a largely dry picture,


feeling a touch milder with highs of 7 Celsius.


There was some sunny and cheerful weather across the UK today.


Scotland and the far north of England, but further south, a rainy,


ugly picture, and it's still pouring


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