12/03/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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There are concerns about the future of a scheme which it's claimed has


eased the pressure on GPs in East Yorkshire.


Support is being given to vulnerable and elderly patients to stop them


visiting their doctor unnecessarily, but the funding is due


to run out shortly. Katy Austin reports.


In Bridlington, there's a large elderly population,


and a severe shortage of GPs. Doctors say some patients use


precious appointment time to discuss complaints medicine can't cure.


They're related to poverty, they're related to loneliness,


being cold and we've found that we weren't able


Well, local council and health services had an idea.


They used a pot of government cash to fix things making people


unwell, poor or lonely. For 77-year-old retired builder


Neil, that meant getting a better heating system.


It's made a hell of a difference because there's no problems.


I just need to press buttons and I get my system on.


Neil was one of the first to benefit.


319 people aged 75 or over, were told they could get help -


following a phone consultation. 75 of them got health and lifestyle


advice, 38 were helped with accommodation or heating.


And 182 got benefits advice. That resulted in more than ?300,000


being paid out they hadn't known they could claim.


I asked this doctor what impact it had.


I haven't been seeing my patients as much so that patients that I have


been seeing who are coming maybe quite frequently and I was


struggling to answer their needs, are now finding alternative sources.


But the government's spending watchdog last month said


there wasn't evidence projects like this were stopping


Those behind this project says it just needs more time.


It may ultimately down the line stop people attending hospital.


At this early stage, that hasn't shown that position,


but there is no reason to think that in the future if we continue


to develop that, that wouldn't start to have that impact.


Health bosses are desperately hoping to get more funding so they can


expand this scheme across the East Riding.


They say anything that could take pressure off doctors is priceless.


Two people were hurt and ten homes had to be evacuated after a car


crashed into a house in Beverley this morning.


The accident on Grovehill Road caused a gas leak and people had


to leave their homes while it was dealt


There's been praise for Lincoln City despite their amazing FA Cup run


coming to an end with a 5-0 defeat at Arsenal.


The Imps were the first non-league team to reach the quarter-finals


of the competition for more than a century.


And while they couldn't beat their Premier League opponents,


fans say they're proud of what the team achieved.


They weren't the headlines they were hoping for in Lincoln this


morning, and while the bunting is still up, the


Such a change from yesterday when, 9,000 Imps fans travelled


to the Emirates, with several hundred more watching


Hopes were high this non-league team could carry out


And the first half was promising, holding off their opponents


But in the second half, Arsenal finally showed the skills


that put them 88 league places above Lincoln.


Then five minutes later, an unfortunate deflection gave


The score sheet then became a who's who of the country's best paid


players, when Sanchez... And then Ramsey added to the tally.


Well, that's it, Lincoln City's FA Cup dream has come


But still, fans here say they couldn't be


CHEERING I don't think they deserved 5-0 at all.


All: No! Definitely not.


They have made so much money from it so really,


We could have done a bit better but you can't blame the team.


That was a starting Arsenal team, 1-0 up


And Lincoln City left the pitch with their heads held high.


When we do have an opportunity to reflect, I think we can be really


proud of the journey that we've been on in this competition.


So we'll make sure we learn from it and make sure


Lincoln was hoping for another historic moment, it wasn't to be.


But with promotion still to play for and the FA Trophy


semi-final this Tuesday, there may still be a chance


In Rugby League, Hull Kingston Rovers stay top


of the Championship after another big win this afternoon.


The Robins scored eight tries in a 48 points


A woman from Scunthorpe will find out tonight if her dog has


Sally Deegan has multiple sclerosis and her dog,


Bowser is a finalist in a category which celebrates animals that make


She says the English bull terrier has been a huge help to her


Now time for a look at the weather with Jennifer Bartram.


Quite a chilly night to come tonight.


We lose the cloud and rain from earlier and we'll see some


clear sky developing through the night.


And under the clear skies, the temperatures will fall away


We could see a touch of frost in places by Monday morning.


Monday is set to be a lovely day and we'll see some


sunshine during the morning, feeling a touch cloudier


by the afternoon. Temperatures should get up to a high


tomorrow of around 13 Celsius, that's 55 in Fahrenheit.


For the rest of the week, it stays fairly mild.


Lots of cloud around on Tuesday, turning brighter for Wednesday.


that's the latest, I'm back at 10:20pm. Goodbye.


Hello, the weather was hit-and-miss today across the UK, bit of


sunshine, a few spots of rain, the skies are clearing now, particularly


in western area, and unlike the last few nights, this coming night, it is


going to turn chilly, there is a touch of frost on the way, these are


clouds from