12/03/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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There are concerns about the future of a scheme which it's claimed has


eased the pressure on GPs in East Yorkshire.


Support is being given in Bridlington to vulnerable


and elderly patients to stop them visiting their doctor


unnecessarily, but the funding is due to run out soon.


In Bridlington, there's a large elderly population,


Doctors say some patients use precious appointment time to discuss


They're related to poverty, they're related to loneliness,


being cold and we've found that we weren't able


Well, local council and health services had an idea.


They used a pot of government cash to fix things making people


For 77-year-old retired builder Neil, that meant getting


It's made a hell of a difference because there's no problems.


I just need to press buttons and I get my system on.


Neil was one of the first to benefit.


319 people aged 75 or over, were told they could get help -


75 of them got health and lifestyle advice, 38 were helped


That resulted in more than ?300,000 being paid out they hadn't


I asked this doctor what impact it had.


I haven't been seeing my patients as much so that patients that I have


been seeing who are coming maybe quite frequently and I was


struggling to answer their needs, are now finding alternative sources.


But the government's spending watchdog last month said


there wasn't evidence projects like this were stopping


Those behind this project says it just needs more time.


It may ultimately down the line stop people attending hospital.


At this early stage, that hasn't shown that position,


but there is no reason to think that in the future if we continue


to develop that, that wouldn't start to have that impact.


Health bosses are desperately hoping to get more funding so they can


expand this scheme across the East Riding.


They say anything that could take pressure off doctors is priceless.


Two people were hurt and ten homes had to be evacuated


earlier after a car crashed into a house in Beverley.


The accident on Grovehill Road caused a suspected gas leak


and people had to leave their homes while it was dealt with.


The Brexit Secretary has insisted the government is working


on a contingency plan should EU negotiations go wrong.


The Commons Foreign Affairs Committee said it would be


a serious dereliction of duty by the government not to do so.


But speaking on The Andrew Marr Show earlier -


the Haltemprice and Howden MP, David Davis, said they've been


planning for all the possible outcomes of the negotiations.


The aim is to get a good outcome, I'm confident we will do that. One


of the reasons we don't talk about it much is that we don't want people


to think, this is what we are trying to do...


Lincoln City's manager says his team can be proud -


after their FA Cup run came to an end last night.


The Imps were the first non-league side to reach the quarter-finals


But last night they were beaten 5-0 by Arsenal.


They're now looking ahead to their FA Trophy Semi-Final


reflect, I think we should be proud reflect, I think we should be proud


of the journey we've been on in this club competition. We will learn from


it and make sure we will come back bigger and better.


A woman from Scunthorpe and her dog have won an award at Crufts.


Sally Deegan and Bowser were announced winners


Sally says that Bowser has been a huge help since her diagnosis


Time for a look at the weather now, with Jennifer Bartram.


Good evening, a much colder night in store tonight than in recent days, a


fair amount of cloud initially which breaks up and we see clear spells


develop through the night. Temperatures under clear skies


dropping to 45 degrees. In some sheltered areas, a touch of frost by


tomorrow morning. -- four or 5 degrees. Writing is tomorrow with


sunshine breaking through, it clouds over as we head into Monday


afternoon. Generally a dry unsettled day with temperatures up to 13


degrees, 55 Fahrenheit. Note a bad week. On Tuesday, more cloudy, the


temperatures could hit 15 degrees. Blue skies on Wednesday, turning a


little cooler. That is the latest, we will be back at 6:25am tomorrow.


But from all of us here, have a good night.


Good evening. For many places it was a fairly cloudy day on suspend but


there was sunshine for western areas during the afternoon, and here are


the clear skies at sunset in Northern Ireland. Thanks to weather


watcher Robin for this picture, those clear skies have been making


their way further east ward. Temperatures are dropping away, we


have seen temperatures of freezing in parts of Northern Ireland. More


cloud rolling in during the latter part of the night but towns and


cities down the five and six m the countryside many of us will see the


temperatures a degree or so above freezing, so a slight touch of frost


across the rural parts of England and Wales for instance, Scotland


too. We will see more cloud on Monday edging south-east wards


across England and Wales, the far south and south-east holding on to


more in the way of sunshine and here the highest temperatures 15 or 16,


also dry and bright with sunny spells for Northern Ireland and