18/03/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Doctors in Hull say they'll be able to diagnose cancer


patients earlier, thanks to a ?5 million investment.


The money - which has been awarded to the Hull York Medical School -


will be used to find out why so many people don't see their doctor,


until their cancer reaches a late stage.


In February 2015 Harry received some terrifying news.


I thought I had a chest infection and the X-ray


And the upper part of the long had to


come out and then I had to go through a chemotherapy regime.


His lung cancer was caught early enough to


But Harry's specialist says too many people


We need them to come forward earlier.


If they come from earlier there's quite a high


It is the same as some of the more common other cancers


The problem is worse in deprived areas.


In Hull the number of people who die from lung cancer is well


Last year nearly half of lung cancer


patients didn't get diagnosed until the


disease was at its most advanced stage.


There is evidence that British people like to not bother


They are quite protective of the health service, so


I think we need to try and get a different


narrative around that and


really reassure people that what doctors want is to see them


A new investment of around ?5 million from


Yorkshire Cancer research is helping to change that.


Some of this money will pay for 11 new researchers


based at the medical building here at Hull University.


But it is also hoped it will be two more national


And part of the money will go on trying to get people with


cancer symptoms to the doctor earlier and for anyone unsure at


some advice from someone who has seen it all before.


Cancer doesn't knock on the door and say I'm creeping up on


And if you have a cough or anything out of the


ordinary, if you feel tired, go see your doctor.


Cancer survivor Harry Good, ending that report by Matthew Bone.


The A16 near Spalding was closed for a large part of the morning


after a serious crash involving a car and a lorry.


It happened between the Springfield Roundabout and West Marsh Road.


An air ambulance was called into action.


A campaigner from Lincolnshire is calling for more research


into brain tumours - amid claims the disease isn't


getting as much funding as other types of cancer.


Fiona Goldsby from Nocton was diagnosed with a brain tumour


in 2008 and is still battling the condition.


Figures reveal it kills more people under 40


than any other type of cancer, but only receives 1% of the funding.


Then these to be more research into treatment. There are a lot of


treatments in the pipeline and we need to speed them up. Sadly a lot


of us will not be around for years down the line.


Fiona's story will be discussed on Sunday Politics tomorrow morning.


That's from 11 on BBC One, where the guests include Beverley


It's a big congratulations to Cleethorpes Town


These were the scenes at the ground in Grimsby a short


time ago, after they beat Bromsgrove Sporting


The final score was a goal to nil - 2-1 on aggregate.


Lincoln City missed out on another Wembley final,


losing to York City in their FA Trophy semifinal through


Hull City lost 4-0 to Everton and stay two


Oxford beat Scunthorpe United by two goals to one.


Grimsby Town drew one all against Crawley.


And a bad afternoon as well for North Ferriby United.


but that didn't stop more than 50 people taking part in a conga


The line went around Queen Victoria Square,


involving City of Culture volunteers and members of the public.


It was organised as part of the Hull 2017 team's weekly challenge.


Let's see what else the weather's got in store for us -


here's Owain Wyn Evans with your forecast.


Overnight we see this band of rain passed through, making


And lows of 10 Celsius. Feeling a bit blustery overnight but mostly


dry. Still very blustery. If other eye breaks of rain are likely on


Monday but temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday take a tumble.


Goodbye, we're back tomorrow evening at the same time of ten to six.