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The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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Hello, welcome to Monday's Look North.


A difficult and dangerous situation.


With a dramatic end to a police siege at a bookmakers.


This evening a man continues to be questioned by officers.


It was very quickly apparent there were three customs inside and one


member of staff and e-mail appeared to have a sawn off shotgun. All


members of the public appear to be safe and there was no injury.


A growing problem in our schools.


Children as young as 12 as texting sexually explicit


Triplets born 13 weeks early are back on Teesside -


after having specialist treatment on Merseyside.


And the North East doctors providing life-saving medical treatment


for those from some of the poorest parts of the world.


In sport, we've got three clubs in tonight's FA Cup draw,


but only Boro are guaranteed a place in the 4th round.


And the flying Falcons come from behind to sink


-- to pull the plug on Bach in a real thriller.


Northumbria Police have confirmed they ended an armed siege


on South Tyneside last night by shooting a man with


Four hostages were held in the Coral bookmakers in Grange Road in Jarrow,


After a tense three hours, armed police ended the siege.


Officers say they used a "non lethal weapon" in the incident


A 39-year-old man's been arrested and he's been questioned


Well, our correspondent Mark Denten is in Jarrow


Mark a very different scene 24 hours on.


It certainly is. This is the spot where the siege happened 24 hours


before. This is inside the police cordoned. We are right in the middle


of Jarrow. The Viking shopping centre is just the other side of


here. In that direction you happy historic town hall, which is the


area of the famous Jarrow March. Right in the heart of this place 24


hours ago a three hour long armed siege.


They watched and they waited, local people beyond the police


cordon trying to understand what was happening right


Because inside the Coral bookmakers last night - a siege.


Police were called shortly after a quarter to six to reports


that a man carrying a firearm had gone inside.


Imagine what it was like if you knew someone inside there.


20-year-old Nicholas Mcullough was working


His mother was absolutely traumatised when she found out. That


is when she called me and we got cut off. I came straight down because


you think, oh, shot gun, goodness me. We were just having tea. And I


saw he was distraught. He was in the bookies and it is where he works and


was being held hostage. Nicholas and two other


hostages were released. Shortly after 8.45 another hostage


reported to be an elderly And then, five minutes


later, this... That was shot. He has been shot. He


has been shot. He has shot. He's been shot.


was a less lethal weapon they used but look carefully, you can see one


of the officers calmly picking up what looks like a shotgun and place


The police say this was a textbook operation.


It was quickly apparent that there were three customers inside and one


member of staff and the man had entered with what appeared to be a


sawn off shotgun. That is now being examined by specialist people. We do


not know if it was a real weapon or a replica. We are pleased with how


it went last night. All members of the public were safe. There were no


injuries. We were very pleased. The Coral bookmakers


remained closed today while police continued


their inquiries. Meanwhile, a 39-year-old man


was arrested at the scene and a firearm was


seized by officers. More details have been emerging


about the siege today. Yes, they have, Carol. The police said they


used an AEP projectile launcher to end the siege. It sounds dramatic if


you're not in the police force. It is actually a non-lethal way of


stopping incidents like this. It is in effect a modern and safe form of


the rubber bullet system, or the bat on round system. The round 's


collapse on impact. We are told by the college of policing that trained


officers aim for the lower half of the body, the buckle area, when they


are using it. Meanwhile, a 39-year-old man arrested yesterday


is being questioned throughout today. Police have stretched they


have not ruled out further arrests, particularly on the areas of


supplying weapons. The police have also stressed what happened 24 hours


ago is very rare. Something which will no doubt give reassurance as


Jarrow gets back to normal life. Mark, thank you.


Children as young as 12 are sending sexually explicit


photographs of themselves via their mobile phones.


That's one of the findings of a report that's being discussed


Sexting, as it's known, has become a growing problem


for many of our schools and police forces and there's been an increase


This public information video shows how people have been duped


into filming sexually explicit pictures of themselves -


But now more and more schools are having to deal with children


sending naked photographs of themselves


Photographs that can then be seen by hundreds of people.


They are in a trusting relationship, they might trust their partner will


keep that to themselves and often they do not and it is sent to


friends and they forward it on and schools try to deal with the


aftermath of that in supporting students in a sensitive issue and


helping them and their families. A report by Middlesbrough


Council says the police - locally and nationally -


are being overwhelmed by the The Council of Middlesbrough carried


out some research and questioned 600 secondary school children between


the age of 13 and 14. Out of the 600, 130 admitted sending naked


pictures of themselves. The council said it was aware of some children


as young as 12 sending sexually explicit pictures.


Some politicians claim that access to new technology


is creating unprecedented risks for young children.


We are speaking about children are looking at aspects of vulnerability


with not knowing the dangers and consequences of their actions but


also we are looking to raise awareness among parents. Parents are


often not aware of these issues. Government, people in the community


responsible for taking care of young people.


the extent of sexting amongst schoolchildren in the area.


A man's appeared in court charged with murder


after a man's body was found in a house in West Cumbria


29-year-old Daniel McMullen died at the property in Workington.


Calvin Patrickson, who's 22, and from Workington appeared before


magistrates this morning and was remanded in custody.


The Great North Air Ambulance has submitted plans


for a new multimillion pound operational base.


The charity's agreed a deal in principal for the site


at Urlay Nook near Stockton and has put a planning application


This is despite the service being given less money than it had


anticipated towards the cost, by the government.


The Futurist Theatre in Scarborough is set to be knocked down


after councillors voted in favour of its demolition.


They've set aside ?4 million get rid of the seafront venue,


It was a close call, with 22 votes for demolition,


Thousands of people have campaigned to save it.


The biggest food bank in the UK says it's running out of basic supplies -


following a 25% increase in demand the week before Christmas.


The Newcastle West End Food Bank usually needs 10 trolleys


full of food every day to manage its demand.


And tonight a lorry will be heading to Epsom in Surrey


and Harrow in Middlesex to collect surplus food.


This is the warehouse of the biggest foodbank in the UK.


And 1,000 people rely on donations from here every week.


Stocks may look fairly healthy but balancing the mix of donations


We have 14 pallets of tinned vegetables. That could last one


month or maybe a little bit more. But we cannot make up a lot of boxes


with just vegetables. We need other food to build up a parcel as well.


In the week before Christmas 25% more people were given food and some


essential supplies are running low. This week the food


bank will hand out We have got enough for a couple of


days but we will run out by the end of the week. What does that mean for


people coming here? We need to substitute for things we have plenty


of which means the dietary balance goes out.


to pick up surplus food from warehouses in the south of England.


We need to take a mix from them. We can ask them, we are very short of


this and they will try their best. But we're basically clearing up the


back of their warehouse. We tend to get the things they have got the


most. And funnily enough it is what we have the most as well. So it does


not work ideally. They took their parents


by surprise when they arrived Expectant couple Rachel Davison


and Paul O'Rourke were at home in Billingham when Rachel's


waters broke early. As she was having triplets -


she needed to be transferred to a hospital on Merseyside


where specialist But the family's now been reunited


on Teesside and it all happened just in time for Christmas,


Phil Chapman reports. Lilly, Poppy and Holly arrived


weighing under two pounds each They are now back on Teesside


after a triple transfer involving an air ambulance charity


as well as the north-east and north-west ambulance services,


to get the babies reunited at James north-west ambulance service


transferred them to Chester airfield and North East Ambulance Service


transferred them from Durham Tees Valley to here and the house


charity where I stayed in Liverpool and obviously the unit


here as well at James Cook. Now the family is


reunited on Teesside. The triplets can now


start the New Year I think they are quite


bewildered by it all. It is what to expect


when you are getting some new sisters and suddenly


they are here but not close I thought I would not see them till


after Christmas which would've been really quite upsetting, because


obviously you want to be with all With them being down


Liverpool I did not know So them being down


Liverpool was just quite sad, because I only saw them


once or twice after they were born and didn't see them


till they came back. Next Christmas may be


a long way off but the family is hoping for a slightly


quieter one this year. Plenty more to come


in Monday's Look North. Jeff and Steve are here with a look


back at the weekend's action, plus: Why putting a bed


in a river has seen an increase in the number of salmon


in this Cumbrian river. Proper January weather is on the way


as the northern wind cools things down, bringing snow in places. Join


me later for the full forecast. As a charity, it funds operations


on people living in one The SVJC Trust arranges for a team


of volunteers to travel from the north east to a hospital


in Dervan on India's west coast. The first trip was 11 years ago


and now they're preparing to head back in a few days' time


with doctors and nurses Each year doctors, nurses


and technicians from the region have been volunteering at an Indian


hospital for one week. This is one of 2,000


operations they have carried In a few days a team of 22 medics


from hospitals in the north-east and from other parts


of the country will head back out to The idea came from a consultant


at South Tyneside We see the smile on the patients


at the other end and basically the patients had


recovered, like getting and being able to see,


being able to walk and getting function back,


so All the NHS staff involved give up


their own time to take one week of It is funded by ourselves,


all the medical staff pay for their own trip out


there and we take time off Other staff make contributions


and also do Diane, an orthopaedic theatre


sister, has been there twice. We had a child with a deformed


foot and we straightened the foot and that


was massive for me. The parents could not


afford it and it would really have impacted


on Generally there are people


who are working on their knees on hard floors and by giving


them a hip replacement you allow them to bend and move so they can


carry on with their lives. It is hoped more life changing


operations will take place Meanwhile the charity


hopes to start working in The restoration of a Cumbria river


which was straightened around 200 years ago is already showing


positive results for fish breeding. Swindale Beck, near Haweswater,


was straightened to clear land for grazing, but the fast river flow


made it difficult for salmon Last summer the bends were put back


into the beck and now Somewhere in amongst the bubbling


flow at Swindale Beck are spawning salmon,


the return of the unfortunately camera shy fish comes


after months of work returning the river


to its There were reports of significant


salmon seen in the newly This is fantastic news


because originally it was very straight


and it conveyed the water


at high velocity through Salmon need that


material to spawn on it. But thanks to the bends,


the river's slowed and the gravel that's built up is perfect


for salmon breeding. Along the river banks thousands


of trees have been planted the way the farm land is used has also


changed, all part of of a river restoration programme happening


right across the county. In doing the project and putting


bends back into the river along with other features such


as backwaters, we have created that habitat diversity which allows more


species to come in to use the channel and also to use


the surrounding flood plain. Heavy rain here in the last few days


has caused the valley floor While that might not seem


like a good thing it is another benefit to the restoration works


here which should have a positive By keeping as much water up at this


part as we possibly can it means when we have big flood events not


all of the flood peaks will be hitting


the pinch points of the river If each of the other


upper catchments can do projects like this and slow the flow


into the valley it will make a positive contribution


to protecting properties downstream. And its hoped the


positive results under water and down the valley


here will encourage similar It is good to see the scenery again.


Now it is time for team talk with Jeff and Steve.


"the magic of the FA Cup" - not sure there was too much of that


around at the weekend, although our three survivors WILL be


I think that is the only constant -- consolation. Dave Nugent were sold


to Derby County. By the way that was Middlesbrough the only


ones definitely through, with a bit of help from Sheffield


Wednesday goalkeeper Joe Wildsmith. Wednesday nicknamed "the Owls",


just to explain that one! that is not a great backpass but


credit to the spot -- striker Paul taking the opportunity. He got a bit


of a half-time rocket. The half-time hairdryer can certainly work. You


can see that winning the free kick leading to the goal. The keeper


should have got it? Well taken but he will be disappointed to get


beaten. A red card? Not for me. Not very clear scoring opportunity,


especially with George friend covering back here. I think they


might win that one. This player on loan and managed to get this finish.


Who would be a goalkeeper? You made the move. This is what Aitor Karanka


said about it. I told them at half-time


that the game looked If they played the second


half in the same way, Even with ten men we were better


than them and we showed For me it is a really important


competition, the FA Cup. On to Newcastle, still


in the competition, after a 1-1 draw with Championship rivals,


Birmingham City. Much debate about the team


Rafa Benitez would put out. Now Murphy's Law says if anything


can go wrong, it will go wrong. Not for Daryl Murphy -


scoring his first Bit of a scramble. The keeper


desperate to keep the ball out of the net. He came flying in had left


him with a nasty cut but Murphy does not know that. Should he have been


in the team all this season? Not for me. I think with his record, they


are in good hands and sadly they are without him for a month. And I'm not


sure how he missed this chance. Looks like he should have tapped


back in. We will give him the benefit of the doubt with the camera


angle, it is probably wider than you think. This is difficult mark in the


middle of the goal. And the striker...


Sunderland drew a crowd of just under 18,000


for their goalless draw with Burnley.


Those fans who stayed away didn't miss much.


Let's hope next week's replay at Turf Moor doesn't turn


Joey Barton, pantomime villain. What is the like as a team-mate? He would


certainly have played upward. How does the half empty stadium affects


the players? A flat stadium can produce a flat performance. But the


fans respond to what they see on the pitch and if the atmosphere is flat,


the game is going to be the same. Coming into a bit of form. That'll


be pleasing for David Moyes. But in general a tough game at almost lost


at the end. Might have been a blessing for Sunderland. It is a


team of both -- game both teams could have done without. For me this


is just outside. It is definitely a foul. Incredible to see what it


isn't, a free kick for Burnley for handball. As we can see from the


reaction by Jermain Defoe. Indeed! I think we used up all


of our energy in the We probably looked better


in the first half than round draw by switching over


to BBC2, straight after Look North! Into League Two, and Carlisle United


manager Keith Curle says he won't panic,


despite the fact the Cumbrians have now lost two in a row,


having previously been beaten only They are going to have problems on


the way. They have done very well. The man of the goals have been


disappointing. A poor goal here, no man's land. Not that he would say


that anyway. It is just the ease of it as well, seven goals in two


games. But still three defeats in 25. Still very well-placed in third


position. But the pack got a bit closer to them. I think 19 games


about a clean sheet which will be a worry, Bisley. Still in the


promotion race. Hartlepool losing possession once again. -- obviously.


They have had a couple of decent points away from home but that is


five home games they have lost. Solid away. Need to be better at


home. Indeed. You're 4-2 up, against 10-men,


eight minutes left in a Cup tie at the home of one of your biggest


rivals - and the floodlights fail. It has to be. It is harsh on Morpeth


with the way the rules are. Well that's what happened


to Morpeth Town, holders of the FA Vase and defending their title


at South Shields, who've been going great guns


in the Northern League. Shields had former Sunderland


and Middlesbrough star Keith Graydon scored a cracker


and Liam Henderson had just curled in a beauty for Town's fourth goal


when the lights went out. Morpeth, not surprisingly,


are not amused! Tough one to go back and win again.


It is, very much so. Thank you very much. I will see you next week.


Changing sports - Newcastle Falcons' dramatic late win over Bath


on Friday saw them climb to sixth in rugby union's Premiership.


And the fact they've fallen back to ninth -


after the three teams below them all won - shouldn't detract


For the second week running The Falcons stormed


after three minutes converted by converted by man of the match


Bath offered little in the first half.


George Ford missed two kickable penalties before nailing a third


to cut Newcastle's half time lead to four points.


It was a completely different Bath side that came out


Ford converting his own try to put his


side ahead before the ever-dangerous Semesa Rokoduguni touched down twice


to leave the Falcons trailing by 12 points


But the indomitable Mark Wilson inspired a comeback forcing his way


over for his second try in two weeks.


Replacement prop Ben Harris did the same four minutes later


to level things up, while Hodgson's cool conversion gave


them a two point lead, which they held on to to make it


Great stuff. It has been a good game. I like the sound of the


half-time hairdryer! Don't say a word! Colder later in


the week, he said, moving swiftly on! Some raise here, looking at it


from Penrith, thank you, John. A calm and reflective picture of water


here, thanks, Trevor. And some are Northumbria raise as well from


Susan. Quite a calm theme to these weather pictures. It is all change


in the wind goes more in a northerly direction. Much colder and some snow


on the way for some of us. Some showers around this evening. Some


winter conditions over the hill tops, nothing much more than that.


Many showers will die away in eastern areas. But keeping a fair


amount of them from the Pennines westwards. Temperatures down to


three or four and it is too windy for any frost that former. Tomorrow


morning, showers moving from West to East. Running out moving eastwards.


More rain coming from western parts through the afternoon. That again


tends to die out moving further east. Middlesbrough and York will


probably stay dry through the day. Highs of nine or ten tomorrow. Ten


is 50 Fahrenheit. Westerly winds will be quite brisk at times. We are


keeping our eyes on the second half of the week as the wind changes


direction and comes from the cold north-westerly. That means


temperatures are set to drop. Some showers brought down with it as


well, turning increasingly wintry and even down to lower levels in


places, heading to the tail end of the week. Showery and gaps in


between. Some sunshine by day and clear spells overnight. You will


notice it turning colder. Not for the next couple of days. Rain at


times tomorrow, temperatures nudging double figures. Only a shade cool on


Wednesday and turning more wintry on the hills. But as we head to


Thursday and Friday the snow will become more of an issue. Initially


on higher ground and eventually snow showers down to lower levels giving


a dusting in places and temperatures cold enough for overnight frost.


Feeling much colder as we head to the end of the week. We will keep


you updated on the weather for the week ahead on the late programme and


on local BBC radio stations. That is my New Year resolution out of the


window already. All that jogging I was planning to do at the end of the


week! You can do plenty indoors. No! Good night.


Panorama investigates the deadly terrorist attack


and should British tourists have been warned about the risks?


but it's not always the right thing for one person.


we've run at almost completely 100% capacity.


We've got lots of patients now competing. There's no beds.


I do the right thing all the time in this job,


but it's not always the right thing for one person.


I do the right thing for the hospital.


Sometimes I stop things happening, yeah.


This winter, in a ground-breaking new series,


At some point somebody will be telling us


whether we're allowed to do any work.


..to reveal how they make the toughest decisions of all.