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Hello and welcome to Tuesday's Look North.


Flowers for a seven-year-old girl killed in York.


A 15-year-old girl has been arrested.


A Cumbrian hospital calls in the police after bags for saline


The body in a car undiscovered for a week.


And teachers walk out on strike in protest


at the running of an academy by a controversial schools' trust.


In football, Middlesbrough's road to Wembley just got a little


more straightforward, as long as they can


The boyhood Newcastle fan helping Saturday's hosts Brentford use


A 15-year-old girl has been arrested after the death


The younger girl was found by police with life-threatening injuries


in the Woodthorpe area of the city yesterday afternoon.


She was taken to hospital but died a short time later.


Inquiries into the circumstances surrounding her death continue.


This part of the drive has still been cordoned off tonight. It is


normally a quiet and residential part of York. But today it has been


the focus of a major police investigation. In the last 30


minutes North Yorkshire police have named the Young Vic Tim as Katie


Rough, a seven-year-old girl whose death shocked the entire community.


-- young victim. The family is said to be devastated.


Residents described the road as normal and quiet but today it was


far from bad. Police continued to investigate the death of a


seven-year-old girl. -- far from that. I saw somebody running up the


street, beastly the mother of the daughter, calling help, calling for


an ambulance. -- obviously. I went up the alleyway and I was halfway up


and I saw a body lying up the field. The police were already there.


Police were called yesterday afternoon and found the child on a


footpath leading to a playing field. She died in hospital soon


afterwards. Since then a 15-year-old girl has been arrested and is now


being questioned by detectives. Specially trained officers are


supporting the Vic Tim's family at this difficult time. The


circumstances clearly require the investigation to be conducted in a


sensitive manner. -- victim. At one stage the investigation moved to an


address half a mile away. It has not confirmed if the girl lived in the


area. The one local councillor said support will be given to support --


support would be given to everybody that needed it. We were asked to


have the church open for a couple of days so local people had a place to


go to have a cup of tea and chat and if they had any problems and had


something to talk about they can get it off their chat. Friends and local


residents have left flowers at the scene. She was a very close friends


to my daughter and a truly unique and beautiful little girl. She


respected her family, beautiful family. So young and it is such a


shame because she has not really started her life, has she? It is


heartbreaking. The death of the little girl has left the community


badly shaken. A quiet residential area unexpectedly finding itself in


the media spotlight. The 15-year-old girl arrested in connection with


Katie's death is still being questioned by detectives tonight.


This evening cards and flowers continue to arrive, one card reading


"Night night my darling princess Katie, love Nanna and grandad."


Thank you, Phil. Police in Cumbria are investigating


suspicions that a small number of saline bags were tampered


with at the Cumberland The NHS Trust says security measures


have been increased. Our health reporter Sharon Barbour


is at the hospital in Carlisle now. What we know is that on Wednesday


the 4th of January, just under one week ago, a member of staff in


Carlisle suspected say line bags had been tampered with. She immediately


alerted senior coalition -- clinicians, who alerted management,


who alerted the police and an investigation was launched. What the


hospital managements did was review all medicines, increased security


procedures but they do not believe at this stage any patient has been


adversely affected. But they are monitoring all the patients closely.


We can tell you it happened on one unit alone. So what is this and what


is saline used for? It is in itself a fairly harmless salty, sugary and


watery solution used to hydrate or rehydrate patients who cannot take


water by mouth. It is a familiar sight, often patients by hospital


beds will have a bag of water beside them. It is injected intravenously.


Medicines can be mixed with it so they can go straight into the


patient's bloodstream. If this happened almost one week ago why is


this only coming to light now? That is a good question. The trust said


because they alerted the police it became a police investigation and


they were limited in what they could say. But now they want to reveal the


information in the interests of transparency. Other police saying


anything, Sharon? Very little. -- are the police. They said they are


working closely with the hospital trust. I can tell you the chief


nurse has been talking to staff here and patients today have been


reassured that if any patient has any concerns there is an information


number on the trust's website. Thank you, Sharon.


A man's appeared in court following an incident


at a bookmakers in Jarrow in which four people


It happened at Coral bookmakers in Grange Road on Sunday.


Alistair Gallow, who's 39 and from Jarrow, appeared before


South Tyneside magistrates charged with nine offences.


They include false imprisonment and possession of a firearm


with intent to cause fear or violence.


He was remanded in custody to appear at Crown Court on February the 7th.


It was an awful accident in which a man's body remained


undiscovered in a car in the middle of a busy roundabout for seven days.


It happened last August on the A68 Burtree roundabout


Today an inquest into Darren Stephenson-Bennett's


Husband and father Darren Stephenson-Bennett was last seen at


a party on Saturday the 27th of August last year.


He was reported missing the following Tuesday.


His body was discovered in his car on


this round about seven days after his disappearance.


Darren's vehicle crashed into a tree and remained


CCTV footage from passing buses was examined.


It showed just before 10pm there were


ten of these black and white chevrons and after 11pm there were


eight, so the crash happened in that hour.


Then it raised the grim question, had he


been conscious for any length of time after the accident?


Witnesses had seen Darren drink Jack Daniels


The coroner said there is a high probability he was over the


drink-drive limit at the time of the crash.


He suffered a serious brain injury as a result of the collision.


The coroner said he died in the hour soon after or possibly straightaway


A verdict of accidental death was given.


Back in August the police faced criticism at the time for not


It has been quite a difficult investigation


The car was almost perfectly concealed inside


the motorway interchange inside the junction.


It was very difficult for us to discover it.


And if Darren Stephenson-Bennett had been reported


missing a little bit earlier we potentially might have found


the vehicle and his body a little bit sooner.


But I don't necessarily think that would have affected the outcome.


At the end of the inquest Darren's family thanked the police


Darren Stephenson-Bennett leaves behind three children.


The majority of lessons at a high profile Cumbrian academy


were cancelled today as teachers took industrial action.


Members of the NASUWT went on strike at Whitehaven Academy,


a school placed in special measures by Ofsted where teachers and parents


continue to raise concerns about the charitable trust


Unhappy union members in front of a nearly empty school building.


The building they say is not up to scratch.


You go into a classroom, is it fully resourced?


Is it going to be the sort of place where you can


carry out a lesson where kids will be attentive from the beginning?


If it's cold, not well lit and not well resourced the learning is not


This dispute is not just about the teaching environment.


Staff and parents say they are frustrated by years


of mismanagement and bad communication from


the BrightTribe trust which runs the school.


In November last year 70 staff members signed a


letter calling on the government to remove the trust.


Three teaching unions have balloted on strike


action and today's picket is not expected to be the last.


Only year 11s are being taught in school today,


meaning all other pupils have had an extra day off, meaning extra


No striking teachers wanted to speak to


us directly today but the union representatives


I think the whole community, the parents, the


politicians even have spoken up about the conditions in this school.


For Whitehaven and the whole community,


this school has got to be improved.


Members from all three teaching unions are expected to discuss


concerns with the BrightTribe trust at a meeting on Friday.


Earlier I spoke to Jeremy Rowe from the BrightTribe Trust.


After six head teachers in three years and a downgrading from OFSTED,


did he agree that pupils are being let down?


That school has underperformed for years and years.


Under BrightTribe's watch things haven't improved yet but


certainly, and this was acknowledged by Ofsted,


there are green shoots finally.


Sometimes these things do take 18 months to turn around.


But you have been in charge for three years.


For a child that is three years of their education,


almost half their secondary education years.


The damage for them may already have been done and you have failed them.


I don't like the word damage but if we are talking damage,


Low expectations, outcomes well below the national


average, Ofsted said you failed too many of your


pupils, that was in the


Ofsted report from October last year.


That's right, but they also acknowledged significant


improvements which have been put in since the new


What Bright Tribe have done wrongly is not have


the last 18 months to really come in and establish the high


The children in that school should be performing a


lot better than they are and they will be, as well.


We have delivered in every other school and we will do


How do you hope to instil confidence in the


schools you wish take over in Haltwhistle,


Hadenbridge and Sunderland when at the moment you do not


We do not have a track record in Whitehaven


Academy yet but there have


been improvements in exam results this year and in terms of behaviour,


staff attendance and student attendance.


The school I have been at in Suffolk is now the most


improved school in the whole of East Anglia,


Those are just statistics but actually that is childrens' lives.


We do have that track record and we can apply that and succeed


It's six times taller than the Angel of the North and it could help


create more than 500 jobs on the banks of the Tyne.


A giant 'ringer' crane is one of three given the go-ahead


They'll be used by a firm that plans to make cladding


But as the new cranes go up, another crane, which cost


North Tyneside Council nearly a million pounds, has lain


Here's our News Correspondent Mark Denten.


The Tyne shipyard. They history is the stuff of archive films. But new


industries are here now. The Belgian owned company makes wind turbine


jackets at the Hadrian Yard in Wallsend. They are big foundations


ending up deep in the sea bed. They are vast, about 1200-1500 tonnes.


You hope to get more projects in future which can increase the


workforce here easily to 400, 500 people. Today North Tyneside


councillors gave the go-ahead for the company to put up three new


cranes at the Hadrian Yard. They are big, very big. The Angel of the


North is 20 metres high. The monument is double the height and


then there is the London Eye at a whopping 135 metres tall. The new


rigging crane which will be put down here is almost the same height. Just


down the river in the old Hunter yard, another crane. One costing


North Tyneside Council almost ?1 million four years ago. It has spent


all that time doing absolutely nothing. Brought over from Holland


in 2013, a wrangle about licensing meant the council ended up buying it


and then not a lot happened. In January 2015 the North Tyneside


Council told Look North it would be another year before the crane was up


and working. Two years on... It isn't working. Nobody from North


Tyneside Council wanted to be interviewed, but in a statement they


said they are still looking at design options for the steel key and


the location of that crane, then three new cranes and huge trains are


planned along the river front and one is still looking for a home.


Still to come, Jeff has the sport, including the FA Cup draw plus...


You might have a chimney sweep, but do you have a chimney sheep?


It's the woolly way to cut your heating bills.


Your heating could be working overtime in the next few days as


things turn windier and much colder. Join me later for the full forecast.


The Ken Loach film, I Daniel Blake, shot largely on Tyneside, has picked


Ken Loach himself has been nominated for Director,


while it's also up for Best Film, Outstanding British Film,


and Supporting Actress for Hayley Squires.


It has got to get something. Hasn't it?


Now, it was a simple idea which has turned into a burgeoning business.


The Chimney Sheep uses felted Herdwick wool to block unused


chimneys to stop heat escaping from homes.


And in the past four years the venture, based in Maryport


in Cumbria has seen sales grow six fold.


An amazing achievement for someone whose prototype was made


What started out four years ago as a simple


product manufactured with the


help of one part-time member of staff is now a business,


employing two full-time and two part-time


staff in a factory eight times the size of the first.


When we very first started we had just the three products.


We quickly developed five different sizes and we've now grown


It was the idea of Sally Phillips from Cockermouth,


touted wolfram sheep, shaped with a handle added


to block unused chimneys, stopping valuable heat


The idea has really captured the imagination


In Sally's first year of trading in 2012 she sold around 2,500.


Four years later that figure has increased by six times and in


It has been a leap of faith for Sally who invested


her own money to turn the idea into her livelihood.


It is frightening and it is hard but I always had


confidence that this was a good idea.


Just the idea that you can lose 5% of your household up the


chimney which brings in the cold, plugging the chimney just seems such


I always had confidence that had potential.


It was just a case of developing the product


As popularity has grown the design has changed as well.


The handle is just a kitchen utensil with a bar welded onto it.


This is a plastic threaded handle that


threads in nice and neatly like that and that is the finished product.


The latest incarnation has been developed with the help of a


plastics firm, Omega Plastics, in Hartlepool.


We're a relatively small company and this


is the type of customer that we want.


We can help the development and they grow as we grow.


You can see her enthusiasm for the product as well and her vision.


it is exciting to work with entrepreneurs and inventors.


Sally plans to carry out more testing on the product to prove to


the insulation industry that insulating your chimney is as


They look good, don't they? If it was online dating somebody would be


happy with their match, wouldn't they?! You have been reading this.


Very good. Middlesbrough should be happy


with last night's draw for the fourth round of the FA Cup


after being handed Aitor Karanka's side will play


League Two Accrington Stanley at the Riverside after beating


Sheffield Wednesday. They could have been paired with


Manchester city. Not bad at all. If Sunderland can overcome Burnley


in next Tuesday's replay at Turf Moor they'll also be


at home, to either Championship club Bristol City or Fleetwood


Town from League One. And a trip to League One Oxford


is Newcastle's prize if they can beat Birmingham City at the second


attempt, a week tomorrow. Well, Newcastle's Cup replay


means their Championship trip to mid-table Brentford has been


switched from next Monday night back to its original


date of this Saturday. The game gives a former United


season ticket holder and statistics graduate another chance to put one


over his boyhood club. For his family back home


on Tyneside, though, it's another Phil Giles is one of those lucky


individuals, who's managed to combine two of his passions


into one near-perfect job. But even he, a third generation


Newcastle season ticket holder for 25 years,


can't have imagined that a first-class honours degree


in maths and statistics, followed by a PHD, would lead


to the boardroom of a Championship football club owned by a man


he first met in I know a lot of football clubs use


their date of the scouting and how people are playing. I guess the


difference I try and bring to that is being a statistician I can use


the skills I have built up over the years to draw as much information


out of the date as possible. Especially when it comes to buying


and selling players. We need to use every possible tool in the box to


try and compete with clubs like Newcastle who obviously are


financially way ahead of where we are, almost bottom of the table in


terms of budget, and we do not have many commercial facilities. We


struggle to bring in any money. We have to generate that money through


player cells and other means. -- sales. Any champ chip company must


think we have a fair wind up making the play-offs. -- championship


company. As Brentford, a club who on paper


should be fighting relegation, did the season before last -


losing their semi-final against Middlesbrough before


finishing 9th back in May. But did Phil's mum predict


his current career? I always thought mathematics would


be his main theme. That was his main interest at university and school.


Football was a hobby. To get into this job he has now at Brentford is


wonderful, that he has managed to do this.


At least Phil knows what to expect at Griffin Park after the first


meeting between the two clubs at St James's.


It was a bit odd. Different seat in the ground what I am used -- used


to. It was an interesting experience. And again I am looking


forward to the game as well, which will be another interesting and


hopefully better outcome this time. A man who clearly enjoys his work.


Now, the case of the lost dentures has sent social media into a frenzy,


after they were found on the floor of a shop in the North


The half-set of false teeth has seen thousands of people take


to Twitter and Facebook, all keen to reunite the dentures


Staff at the outdoor shop where they were found say


the forgetful owner can only be eating soup at the moment!


We sent Phil Chapman in search of the tooth.


We have all lost something out shopping.


Not many of us would've left a body part behind, plastic or not.


Unlike false teeth social media is gripped by the tail of the


I went round to the front of the counter.


I thought they were probably sweets, like


When we looked down it was a proper pair of top teeth.


We went on Facebook, Helmsley in business, and it's just


I would imagine they are just going to be


having soup and soft food at the moment and no steak!


Taking a closer and even scientific look at these


forgotten dentures, we can see at the front of the plate


there is a single solitary tooth hanging down.


Are we looking for somebody with a gap


Like a slightly unsavoury version of Cinderella and


the slipper we carried out a thorough search across Helmsley


We are on the hunt for the mouth that fits these teeth.


Excuse me, I don't mean to be rude but do you


We ended the search there but rest assured the shop will hang on


to the teeth until the slightly gummy owner comes back


That is taking public service to the extreme, isn't it. I feel a bit


queasy. Can we quickly change extreme, isn't it. I feel a bit


queasy. Can we quickly change the tone with the weather? I do not


think it will make you feel much better. Think of it as the calm


before the storm. Clouds like this. This is the pick of the bunch. Alto


comeliness formed by atmospheric instability, just in case you were


wondering. Spectacular looking cloud. The calm before the storm as


I say with things set to turn very windy tomorrow and turn colder in


the next couple of days, increasing the wintry showers later in the


week. There is some cloud around tonight but it is the wind we need


to keep a watch out for. Really picking up tonight. The black arrows


indicate gust strength. Cloud and rain of moving from the North West.


Blustery showers later in the night. These values, 40, 50 mph could well


be exceeded tomorrow morning. It is a tricky rush-hour tomorrow.


Temperatures for what they are worth down to four or five Celsius


overnight. It stays very windy, especially in the morning. Blowing


right across the main roads and tricky travelling conditions


tomorrow morning, especially for the high sided vehicles. And in Trans


Pennine routes, especially difficult. It is a day of sunny


spells and scattered showers, turning increasingly wintry over the


hills will stop many places will have a dry and bright day but


temperatures peaking at seven Celsius and at the effect of the


wind and it will feel raw tomorrow. Heading to tomorrow evening and into


the night the showers continue, increasingly wintry and increasingly


a risk of snow settling and blowing and drifting around with the wind


staying very strong. Noticeably colder tomorrow night. Dan Richards


down to around freezing. Some icy patches may be to watch out for as


well. -- temperatures down to around freezing. Widespread showers come


with a warning as we head into Thursday and Friday. The wind stays


very strong, turning north-westerly and as we go to the latter part of


the week, it starts to come straight down from the Arctic with a straight


northerly wind for Friday. The balance between the showers in the


next couple of days I think, Thursday will be quite widespread,


especially over higher ground, that is where you are more likely to see


snow settling. Coming to lower levels at times. A change in the


wind direction on Friday, eastern areas more exposed and bitterly cold


adding the wind and it will really feel raw. Stay tuned for the latest


forecast. You know what that is, perfect weather for a box set! Or


the BBCi player. That is it from us tonight. Goodbye.


It's back... Let's get ready to grumble. ..with more belligerence...


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the man you are today is your memory of Eurus.