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The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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Hello, and welcome to Wednesday's Look North.


A teenager appears in court charged with the murder


A trail of debris left by high winds in the North East -


there's more severe weather forecast.


A family's campaign after a Sunderland woman dies


from cervical cancer at the age of 25.


And Claudia's law - The father of the missing chef


wins his battle to help relatives like him, left to cope.


who'll come out on top tonight as South Shields and Morpeth Town


replay their abandoned FA Vase match?


And we count down to the Eagles' BBL Cup final with Fab and Co!


A teenager's appeared in court charged in connection with the death


Katie Rough was found with life threatening injuries on Monday


A 15-year-old girl was today remanded into secure accommodation,


charged with her murder and with possession


The family of Katie Rough at court this morning.


The first sorrowful duty of life without the seven-year-old.


Katie seemingly had so much of her life still ahead


She died here on Alness Drive, in the Woodthorpe area of York.


The court heard today that she'd suffered significant lacerations


Police investigations continued at the scene,


with a metal detector used to search nearby undergrowth.


Meanwhile, the pile of floral tributes grows.


Four miles from the scene, the teenage girl accused of killing


Katie appeared in court for the first time.


The accused, who is 15 years old, nodded to show that she understood


Members of Katie's family were also in court and some were visibly upset


The teenager is charged with murdering Katie Rough


on Alness Drive in York on Monday, and also


with possession of a weapon - namely a knife.


Outside Katie's School, the feeling remains one of shock.


One of my good friend is really friends her mum,


and she's taken it really hard, and so have her daughters,


Tributes were paid here in York, and also in the House of Commons.


I'm sure the whole house will join heartfelt condolences for the family


and friends of the tragic death of seven-year-old Katie Rough


I also join the right honourable gentleman in expressing condolences


to the family and friends of little Katie, who died so tragically.


A fundraising page to support Katie's family has been set


up by York resident, Maggie Jackson.


She didn't know the family, but says she wanted to help.


It's in the heads and hearts of so many people.


There's so much love for the family right now,


Katie's family weren't speaking today.


They already know the pain of what they've lost, but not why.


An American company that manufactures valves for the oil


and gas industry in Gateshead is threatening to make


140 workers redundant, blaming the slump in the oil price.


NOV Mission Products on the Team Valley Trading Estate


made 180 redundancies in November, and has now said it will cease


manufacturing altogether later this year, putting a further 140 people


Northumberland County Council says it's disappointed the government has


rejected plans for a school merger and a new academy in


The council wanted to merge Haydon Bridge High


and Hexham's Queen Elizabeth Academy into a newly built


The rejection of the plan makes it more likely that academy sponsor


Bright Tribe will take over Haydon Bridge High, despite


the council expressing doubts about Bright Tribe's credentials.


A clear up is continuing tonight after 70mph winds


Thousands were left without power and buildings


And it's not over yet - forecasters say more gales


The winds had been enough to keep people awake,


The cars parked beside the gable end were buried beneath the rubble.


We've been awake nearly all night with the wind.


With it being fenced, I can't get in to have a look and see


This happened at Pelton in County Durham.


In Newcastle city centre, there was disruption after damage


to a roof had scattered debris across a Nougat Street,


And at their peak, the gusts had hit 75 mph.


In the control room at Northern Power Grid near Sunderland,


they battled to restore electricity to homes across the North.


Over the course of the day, the staff here have dealt with more


than 40,000 customers who have been without power.


Gradually they whittled that number down so they've now restored


all but more than a couple of thousand of them


Now the work goes on to make sure everybody else get


We have to ramp up significantly for events like this.


We're well versed and well practised in terms of the impact


that the weather has on our power network across our region.


But, yes, extra resources deployed across the entire organisation.


And many people working outside of their private roles to support


those customers getting back on supply.


On the west coast near Whitehaven, huge waves could be seen


And at County Durham, a sign of just how bad things have been.


A turbine unable to cope with the power of the wind.


A Sunderland man is calling for smear tests to be made


available for the under-25s following the death of his sister.


Josh Cliff says Amber asked to be screened,


She was eventually diagnosed with cervical cancer


You have a normal Christmas, everything was really nice. So


happy, just laughing, making jokes. It was, it was amazing. Two weeks


later, she had passed. And then, like I say... You've either got to


do something about it, or... You've just got to sit and grieve, and she


died for nothing. Amber Cliff died just a few days


ago. The 25-year-old had cervical cancer, which spread to her lungs


and throat. Her brother said she had had the symptoms for two years


before she was diagnosed, the doctors had blamed it on other


health issues. She'd also requested may test to rule out cancer, but


despite repeated visits to the doctor she had been told she was too


young. -- she'd also requested smear test. Eventually private tests


revealed she had a tumour. Now her family are campaigning for smears to


be available for anyone who asks. The problem is, there are no


guidelines. Every GP is different. Unfortunately, her GP did not give


her a smear test because of her symptoms. We need a law right across


the board so that if somebody is coming in they can have a smear


test. Public Health England said the


reason why women under 25 aren't routinely screened is because


changes in their bodies often give false test results, and back in the


two procedures which do them more harm than good. Josh has started an


online petition to get the subject debated in Parliament. But he says


the publicity around his campaign has already made other women looking


to get screened. The amount of people commenting on


Facebook who say, you know what, I'm 30 and I've never had a smear. I'm


booked in because of amber. They don't like the idea of going for


one, they think it's very invasive. But that 30 seconds or however long


it takes, it can save your life and stop your family going through this.


And they didn't have that choice. That's what I'm trying to get


across, if you have a choice, take it.


And there's much more on this story on BBC Newcastle tomorrow morning


Elsewhere, plans for a new ?10 million cancer centre


in North Yorkshire have gone on display.


It would mean that more people could be treated


at Northallerton's Friarage Hospital, avoiding the journey


to Middlesbrough's James Cook for appointments.


The building would be named after Sir Robert Ogden,


the North Yorkshire philanthropist, who's jointly funding the project


This is what the new ?10 million cancer centre would look like.


It would treat up to 35 patients a day, offering


John Wynne's been diagnosed with cancer twice.


He's helped design the new centre, and says the look of the building


When you think of what you're going through, and the psychological


effects of all the things you've been in, dull rooms, waiting


for scans and things like that, to try and get a facility that's got


as much going as this has, to make you feel better...


It's not going to change what's happening, but it can make you feel


Currently the cancer treatment at the Friarage is split


The wards can be cramped, old and outdated.


The new centre, which will be built at the front of the hospital


where the car park is now, will put everything under one roof.


They come to have their treatment, and they're anxious,


and they're stressed and they're perhaps upset.


Having a cancer diagnosis is devastating.


So actually if you're asking patients to periodically move


to a new department, that heightens their anxiety.


Having them in one department allows for continuity which we know


The money for the ?10 million centre is coming


from the philanthropist Sir Robert Ogden, and


It's fair to say that the facilities are currently


So this new centre provides a real opportunity to provide high-quality


excellent cancer services for patients, but also


If the plans are approved, building work could start


this summer and the centre could open by the summer of 2018.


The father of Claudia Lawrence has won his battle to allow families


of people who've gone missing, to deal with their financial affairs


Claudia, who was 35 and was from York, vanished in March 2009.


Today, a bill championed by Peter Lawrence,


was given the go-ahead in Parliament without opposition.


For nearly eight years, Peter Lawrence has suffered the pain


of not knowing what became of his vanished daughter, Claudia.


The pain compounded by laws which have prevented him


from dealing with the crucial problem of her outstanding


But today in the Commons, Kevin Hollinrake, on behalf


on the North Yorkshire MPs, won the first critical stage


The creation of a new status of guardian of the property


and affairs of a missing person will fill this void.


And provide a sensible, helpful solution to the practical


and financial difficulties faced by families and others


Claudia Lawrence vanished without trace from her home


in Heworth Road in York early on the morning of March the 18th


Two major police investigations have failed to solve the mystery.


Peter Lawrence quickly discovered he could do nothing


But now a change he's championed in the law should give families


legal status of guardian of the property and


It would mean that everybody can deal with their missing


loved one's mortgage, their direct debits,


their investments, their insurances, just like we all day-to-day


Kevin Hollinrake's bill now goes to its next hearing in February.


Without any Parliamentary opposition, it should


We've just about got to the stage that we've won.


You got to remember, it's 22 months ago that the government


And it's taken a private member, Kevin Hollinrake, one of our local


MPs for Thirsk and Malton, to bring it forward himself.


At least we know it's got government support now.


For Peter Lawrence, at least, a legal triumph in the midst


of the continuing anguish of the family of missing


Coming up next on tonight's programme...


The noisy generator causing a headache. Northumberland residents.


Picture perfect, a photo exhibition with a difference in West Cumbria.


The next few days and see further gales, sleet, snow,


Join me shortly for the full midweek forecast.


They say they've had weeks of sleepless nights.


Residents in one part of Morpeth claim they're being plagued by noise


People living in homes on the estate at Stobhill get their electricity


from a generator because the mains supply isn't connected yet.


But their neighbours say they've had enough.


Here's our News Correspondent, Mark Denten.


This is Pauline, and for the last six weeks she's been


fixated with one thing - the impact of power.


Now, don't worry, Pauline isn't planning anything


That power is the thing that she's focusing on, morning,


Power coming from a generator which is opposite her home.


A generator that generates more than electricity.


The generator's providing power for a new housing estate opposite


Pauline's home after a delay in connecting to the National Grid.


But the noise from it has been so loud in her bedroom but Pauline's


I thought maybe is it a bomb going to explode?


Once the noise starts, you just can't get it out of your head.


I mean, there was one night that I even went out and sat


in the outhouse to get away from the noise.


After the intervention of the Northumberland Council's


Environmental Health Team, Barratt Developments put a fence


around the development, but the noise has continued.


And Northern Power grid say the generator is provided by...


I believe the delay now is down to the electricity companies,


so we're really hoping that they can get this sorted out as soon


as possible and put an end to this situation.


I gather there's some good news tonight.


Some good news for Pauline and the other residents will stop shigella


we have news this afternoon that the mains power has been connected, that


means the humming generator has been switched off and taken away by


contractors. What we should say is that it's very much a work in


progress. Not everybody has moved into the estate. But also adds


context a lot of local people were opposed to development in the first


place, so it is a double whammy for them. They didn't want the houses,


but now they also have the home for six weeks. Let's hope that after all


that time pulling and get off her couch and have a nice rest.


Absolutely. Mark, thank you. A Cumbrian gallery is inviting


visitors to stimulate their eyes Sound and Vision pairs pictures


taken in West Cumbria with music It's the work of a group which helps


disabled adults enjoy new hobbies. Megan Paterson has been to meet


the some of the photographers. I just love taking


photos, absolutely. Because it's one of the things


I can manage to do. A lot of things aren't accessible


for disabled people, but this is something that we can do


and get a lot of enjoyment out of. These pictures, accompanied by music


chosen by the photographers, give a different perspective


on Cumbrian life. The group behind the exhibit


is proud of the results. It's the best exhibition


that we've got so far. The photography project is run


by Copeland Occupational and Social Centre, it focuses


on teaching new skills and building It doesn't matter


what problems you have. Vision and Sound is the result


of months of work pulled together I looked at them, and then


they're my inspiration, if you like, And they'll want to go further


and pushed themselves. Whatever barriers there are,


they overcome them. And it's hoped that work's


appreciated by the Beacons visitors. This is a vibrant exhibition that


would be worth seeing in any It's pictures themselves


that are visually really interesting, of the local area


and telling a story. So, yeah, I've been


really impressed by it. The exhibition will run


from tomorrow until the Terrific. Now we have sport, and win


a starting with football, are we? Know, for a change. Although


hopefully there will be good memories made.


We start with basketball and the countdown to another big cup


On Sunday - the Eagles take on Glasgow Rocks at Birmingham Arena


in their sixth straight BBL Cup final.


But as Fab and co know only too well, they havent


As cup final press conferences go, this had to rank as one


The Eagles choosing to share their imminent BBL showdown


with over 500 schoolchildren in the Sports Central Arena.


All the children were taking part in the club's highly successful


Hoops For Health Challenge - where the Eagles players and coaches


go into local schools to offer not just basketball coaching,


but encouragement and support with all kinds of healthy living.


And you're teaching kids about a healthy lifestyle,


and to communicate with one another and get along with each other,


Come Sunday, though, and it'll be back to the deadly


Fletch, the Eagles' popular Point Guard,


On Sunday he could become the first player to win


the Most Valuable Player Award in three consecutive finals.


I didn't think about the last two, it just sort of happened.


I woke up with the gold ball in my hand.


I mean, if we get a trophy, we get it.


I just want to play the best we possibly can.


Having beaten the Rocks earlier in the season


in the Championship, the Eagles tip off


I don't care what our chances are, whether favourable or unfavourable.


We're going to show up and if we're good enough,


And if we're not, then we know what we have two aim


You get a real feeling that the clock is ticking


as the excitement mounts, as the Eagles head for that


date with destiny in Birmingham on Sunday.


And only then will we find out if Fab can pick up


this famous trophy again for the third consecutive time.


And that game will be live on the BBC Sport


Emergency repair work has been completed at South Shields' ground


Mariners Park in time for tonight's FA Vase rematch with Morpeth Town.


The original tie was abandoned, eight minutes from time,


Morpeth were 4-2 ahead against their Northern League rivals -


Shields say the fault was beyond their control,


and that they've been subject to "scurrilous attacks


A new generator's been connected - kick off is at 7:30.


Made the best team win. Now it's time for the weather. It's quite


lively at the moment. Some proper winter weather. The


winds have made all the headlines over the last 24 hours or so.


Through the early hours of this morning, that is when the winds seem


to be. Many places experiencing gusts in excess of 60 mph. The winds


are only part of the story because snow and ice also feature over the


next few days. We keep this cold weather as we head towards the


weekend at least. There are several Met Office be aware of warnings for


snow over the next few days. First of all, for Cumbria. Then for the


north-east as we head into the weekend. As we head with this


evening and overnight, close bars scattered blustery showers. Some


have sleet and snow in amongst them. They will give a fair covering as we


head with the night. They won't affect everywhere, they're very hit


and miss with clear spells in between. Temperatures will dip down


to about freezing in between shower clouds. As well as a covering of


snow, we will see IC structures forming in others. It stays fairly


windy. Not as windy as it has been through the day, but fully gusty


westerly wind. Gale force at first this evening, slightly by tomorrow


morning. -- but still a gusty westerly wind. Fairly frequent sleet


and snow showers, especially in western and northern areas through


the morning. The afternoon sees the Shah was all but died away. Most


places Brighton and dry up the afternoon. -- most places brighten


up. Still a brisk west to north-westerly winds are nothing


near strong as they have been recently. We are keeping an eye on


the change in wind direction because tomorrow night we start to pick up a


northerly wind and that will spread the risk of sleet and snow showers


down to eastern areas as we head into Friday. That continues into


Saturday before high-pressure tries to build. A frontal system comes in


over the top on Sunday and messes things up again weather-wise with a


mixed picture for the weekend itself. As we had towards the


weekend, Friday we will see some sleet and snow showers in eastern


areas. A cold north - north-westerly wind. Temperatures at best 3-


Celsius. A similar picture for Saturday. That cold north to


north-westerly wind. Showers few and far between and with many places dry


and bright. Dane Coles - you'll be lucky if you see five Celsius. --


staying cold, you'll be lucky if you see five Celsius. More cloud on


Sunday with the risk of rain and elsewhere amongst it. Temperatures


slowly start to recover as we head recently. You can keep up to date


with the latest forecast using the website and the BBC weather app.


I know you are saying I should be paying attention, but Friday is


worse than... It depends where you are and how exposed you are. Thanks,


I'll watch tomorrow. Don't forget our late bulletin is at


10:30. Bye-bye. I think my political beliefs are


really quite straightforward. I believe that our country needs to


work for everyone. Not just for the rich,


not just for the privileged, not just for those who know


the right people or who've got the loudest voices, but a country


that really works for everyone, has the opportunity to be


who they want to be. In order to make sure that the


country works for everyone,