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Tonight... and on BBC One we now join the BBC's


Storm surges hit communities along the North East coast,


and bring flooding to this tourist town in North Yorkshire.


I've lived here 40 years and I don't think I've seen


Placed on extended leave - the man who's been in charge


of Newcastle's hospitals for 40 years.


How a town came together to help a family whose home


And Jeremy Corbyn talks about the forthcoming Copeland


by-election and says a crisis in the Health Service


In sport - a football club saddled with debt,


but the Sunderland boss insists he does hope to hang


And gone but not forgotten - why Boro fans said it with flowers


following a striker's departure in the January sales.


It's been a waiting game for communities up and down


Forecasters had predicted storm surges overnight.


They didn't materialise - but disruption was again feared


at high tide this afternoon when 11 flood warnings were in


They ran from Seahouses in the North, down to Scarborough


As you can see, the wintry weather has produced some


spectacular scenes - and some flooding.


Adrian Pitches is live for us now at Roker in Sunderland.


Yes, there have been spectacular scenes here today as the storm surge


came down the North Sea. We had this spectacular high tide, a spring


tide, coupled with these very strong north-westerly winds producing


surging tides. People out in strength taking pictures marvelling


at this free natural spectacle, great entertainment on a Friday


afternoon. I talked to a number of people who were completely bowled


over by the spectacle and this is what they had to tell me.


Lived in Sunderland for a very long time, and fantastic


Have you been taking lots of pictures?


Unfortunately my iPhone has now gone flat.


I was born here, and I used to sit on those steps.


I won't today, but this is wonderful.


It beats California, beats everywhere.


I've lived here 40 years, and I don't think I've seen


the sea as big as this, and I'm down here twice today.


Overseeing the flood prevention operation has of course been the


Environment Agency. With me if John Shelby from the agency. How do you


feel it has gone today? I think it has gone very well today. We put out


the right number of double odds and warnings so people could be aware of


the risks and be prepared. Particularly down on the quayside in


Newcastle, we had predicted that the incoming tide might break out of the


quayside there. We had that temporary defences in place. They


were tested at high tide around 4pm, DC did break out of the lowest part


of the quayside round the Spring bread. That is where the defences


were and they worked and they held up the water. The flooding. Along


the coast what is the flood risk or the effect of this storm surge? We


do have the ability still in place of along the coast. The conditions


are still quite dangerous. There is an onshore wind. The tide is still


high and we would urge people to exercise extreme caution and resist


the temptation to go sightseeing and put themselves at any risk. Thank


you for that. As John says, happily there have been very few incidents


of danger to life or a limb but people do need to be careful. It is,


after all, Friday the 13th, be careful.


Meanwhile there's been flooding further down


These pictures were taken on Pier Road just before high tide.


Businesses and people living in the area and are being warned


to be vigilant, and to stay away from the waves.


Further inland - in the area around the station -


water came over the harbour wall, making New Quay Road


And it was a similar picture in Scarborough


Phil Bodmer was there for us and sent this


I think it is safe to saying now perhaps the worst of the storm surge


is over. I water was a couple of hours ago. Seas are still heavy and


they are overlapping and you can see the road there, what were still


coming up. The book pretty spectacular earlier on and because


of the waves that came up, knocked these heavy objects like bends over.


It looked more spectacular than it was a thinker. In a sense it hasn't


caused any damage to property. They have been protected by those steel


barriers and sandbagging which was carried out yesterday. At the spa


complex all over the side of the harbour here in Scarborough there


was some damage. That will be assessed when it is said to do so.


Other than that it seems that Scarborough this time as God of


micro-relatively lightly in comparison to the damage that was


done in 2013 when the estimated cost of repair is in Scarborough was


estimated over ?1 million. The foreshore road remained sealed off


tonight and the clear up is expected over the weekend.


A court's heard how a man - accused of strangling a grandmother


with an electrical cable - was prepared to do whatever it took


33-year-old Gareth Dack is accused of murdering 79-year-old Norma Bell


at her home in Hartlepool last April.


Stuart Whincup reports from Teesside Crown Court.


The prosecution claimed Gareth Dack was guilty of the brutal


murder of Norma Bell, and that he strangled her


with an electrical cable at her home in Hartlepool.


He then stole and sold the television and searched


the property for money or anything valuable which he could sell.


In the early hours of the morning, as his victim lay close by,


the court was told that Gareth Dack used Norma Bell's telephone


Now the prosecution say that when Dack decided to leave


Norma Bell's house one final time, he decided to cover his tracks


He turned the gas on at the hob, hoping the gas would ignite,


causing an explosion, destroying any scientific evidence


Dack's DNA was found on a number of items


He later told the police that was because


He also told officers he was not guilty of the murder


and that she was a friend of his mother's.


The prosecution say Gareth Dack's motivation was financial.


He needed cash and was going to do whatever it took to get


33-year-old Gareth Dack from Hartlepool denies murder and arson.


Sir Leonard Fenwick - the country's longest-serving


NHS chief executive - has been placed on "extended leave."


He's been in charge of Newcastle Hospitals since 1977,


and helped put them on the world map with its transplant,


But Look North's learned he's now being held to account


by his board "on behalf of patients and taxpayers."


Our Health Reporter Sharon Barbour joins me now.


Sharon, firstly - Sir Len a huge name in the NHS.


For 40 years has managed Newcastle Hospitals.


In the early days Newcastle General and the Freeman. He has seen a huge


number of challenges and changes in the health service and he has put


Newcastle on the map. He created the great North Children's Hospital and


brought in robotic surgery, major trauma unit saw the Bobby Robson


Cancer centre developed. But perhaps most notably his work around


transplant in the building of the Institute of transplantation.


Newcastle perform the first single and transplant in Europe. The


world's breasts of baby had transplant, Kaylee Davidson who is


30 this year and cheap pays tribute to his work. I would say thank you


for his vision to become reality coming you have saved not only my


life but other transplants from around the region and we will be


forever grateful. During the National review he fought for


Newcastle to carry on with tiled heart transplants before the


decision was overturned. He was always in a bottle of some kind.


That one meant a lot to him -- battle. Initially Newcastle was


given the right to carry on the transplant.


Big thank you to everyone in the north-east, but also


from throughout the country and abroad who have


supported Newcastle upon Tyne in all that we do.


Another achievement for Sir Len was the CQC rating the trust as


outstanding. A long list of achievements but what has happened


today? We don't know exactly. In a statement Newcastle hospitals


confirmed that... NHS Improvement is currently headed


by Jim Mackey from the nearby Northumbria trust. He is heading up


the National institution but he has toured as he removed himself from


any involvement in these affairs. We haven't been able to contact Sir Len


for comment. I have spoken to a number of staff and they all said


they can't comment. One described the situation as locked down but


they are very shocked. Interesting. More to come on that for sure. Thank


you. A 15-year-old girl -


accused of murdering a seven-year-old girl in York -


has appeared before a judge Katie Rough was found


with severe injuries on Monday The 15-year-old girl, who can't be


identified for legal reasons, is also accused of the possession


of a knife as an offensive weapon. She was remanded into youth


detention accommodation. Police are appealing for information


after a family home in County Durham was badly vandalised


while the occupants were out. It happened in Petterson Dale


in Coxhoe on Tuesday. Those responsible had


thrown paint around, poured cleaning products over walls


and furniture, ransacked cupboards and drawers and poured


bleach into the kettle. Now, we all know how people


in the region pull together And this next story proves


that community spirit Just before Christmas,


Steph Lang's house in Hartlepool But, as Phil Connell reports,


a campaign on social media has seen I think it could be


clothes or bedwear. It's a side of Hartlepool that


doesn't always make headlines. A kind and generous side that makes


this community strong. Just before Christmas,


this house in the town Steph Lang who lived


here with her two children had no Everything was just


black from smoke. They had no clothes apart


from what they were stood in. On hearing of the family's


plight, Tony and Leslie They launched a social


media campaign asking And the response from Hartlepool


has been overwhelming. Chips are down,


everybody pulls together. So, what is it about


Hartlepool people you think? Today more clothes and furniture


were being delivered. Acts of kindness for


which the family says Yeah, it is overwhelming,


to be honest, because there are that many bad stories about people


that they have done brilliant. I feel sorry for the


family, I really do, Chips are down, we pull together


no matter what it is. The town's support has got this


family now back on its feet. A story to make people


here proud of where they live. The Labour leader has said a crisis


in the region's health service will be a key issue in the upcoming


Copeland by-election. Jeremy Corbyn has also denied


claims his previous opposition to nuclear power will lose votes


for his party in the The contest has been


triggered by the resignation of the sitting Labour MP,


Jamie Reed. Our Political Correspondent Luke


Walton asked Mr Corbyn if his criticism of the nuclear


industry was Labour's Achilles heel. And it would be very helpful


if they treated their pensioners properly and treated the pension


fund properly as well. And those workers in Sellafield


deserve a fair deal just like everybody else and we will be


working with them on that. But you are actually on Conservative


leaflets and your comments about decommissioning by power


stations is already making hay It is very odd that that


Conservative leaflet, so well funded, so beautifully


produced and so expensive, didn't find even that amount


of space to say something about the National Health Service,


about the crisis in the NHS in the region, so I suggest


to Conservatives, they are in government,


the NHS is their responsibility, So, as Prime Minister,


would you approve a plan for a new nuclear power station next


to Sellafield which Well, we are not sure


when that is going to come up. That may well have happened before


a General Election takes place. I want to see an energy


mix in Britain. I want to see a wider


needs of renewable... I don't know what the circumstances


will be at that time. You are against nuclear


power, aren't you? I have obviously been very concerned


about nuclear safety, as indeed has everybody else


for a very long time. I also want to see a strong energy


mix in Britain, which other So you don't rule out approving


a new nuclear power station? Let's look at the issue


when it comes up. Would you be going to Sellafield


during the campaign I will be all over Cumbria


in the election campaign. There's more from Jeremy Corbyn


on Sunday Politics. That's this Sunday morning


at 11am, here on BBC One. Now, as you can imagine,


water companies like to keep But now Northumbrian Water has


agreed to lower levels at its Kielder reservoir at certain


times of the year. It's hoped it could play a part


in preventing a repeat of the horrendous flooding


many of our communities have faced. Our Political Editor Richard Moss


reports on how it'll work. Kielder - the main source of water


for much of our region. But also now playing a part


in preventing floods. This is a controlled release


of water from the reservoir - something that has been happening


at Kielder for a few months now. It means at key times


of the year Kielder can be kept below full capacity,


allowing it to retain floodwater rather than see it flow over the top


of the dam and into rivers Because of the sheer size


of Kielder, we have done the modelling and we can afford


to keep it at a lower And this lower level gives us some


capacity to absorb more of the water And that stops it going


into the Tyne and maybe causing The decision to lower levels


here is part of an agreement But is this really a substitute


for spending money There is no question


we need to do that. But the single biggest thing to stop


flooding is to retain the water before it gets down to the villages


and towns below. Behind me you've got


the best thing to do that. And relatively speaking this


doesn't cost any money. This is a deal which will be


watched closely elsewhere. Locals living near Thirlmere


in Cumbria have been pressing their local water company -


United Utilties - I would urge other organisations


like United Utilities and others to come to the table and do


a similar thing. I think Northumbria Water


deserve great credit, It's not rocket science,


but it does require some effort. And other organisations should


take their part as well This is no panacea -


the authorities say if something like 2015's Storm Desmond hit again,


it wouldn't prevent Time for sport. A celebrity


supporter... Yes. It's a case of fantasy


football for Middlesbrough The popular TV and stage actor has


been back in the region to promote a newly-adapted play in which he'll


star as the manager of a fictitious A busy schedule won't stop him


keeping a watchful eye, though, on his beloved Boro's latest attempt


to move away from One of Boro's most famous fans


is starring in a dressing room drama called the Red Lion in April -


part of the Spring Season Played a football manager before?


Never. I was a player once in the manageress for people who can


remember that far back, a Channel 4 drama series where we auditioned for


the football before the acting. And there was plenty


of badge-kissing in the stands for Stockton-born Stephen


and a packed Riverside last May when the Teessiders


ended their 7-year exile Absolutely delighted. Especially for


Steve Gibson. The fact that Jack Charlton was there at the end and


had a little tear in his eye. It was lovely. It is great for the area. We


have been in the wilderness for too long and I think they have won a lot


of fans this year with the way they have been playing and hopefully


we'll be there for many more seasons to come.


Middlesbrough fans won't be seeing much of David Nugent


for a while after he signed for Steve McClaren's Derby County.


Greeting the Boro promotion hero on his arrival,


a bouquet of flowers from fans on Teesside.


Thank you very much. A good connection. I always sign autographs


after the game. I always got on with them. Always there to talk to them


and they are the ones who pay your wages. It is important to give


something back. But as Boro prepare for the away day


at Watford, will the likes of winger Stewart Downing be following Nugent


out of the Riverside this month? He is an important player for this


team and this group. If Stewart wants to leave, everybody is happy,


of course. Now, if Sunderland fans were in any


doubt about the state of the club's finances halfway through the January


transfer window, have a look at these figures showing the European


clubs with the biggest debts. Some of the figures are more


than a year old, and 11th placed Sunderland are reported to have


reduced their net debt from ?180 million to around ?140 million,


but money's still too David Moyes has had at least one arm


tied behind his back of all sorts of reasons all season. He admits the


Uefa of the table makes sobering reading. It is different view on


Manchester United with their turnover. I don't think it is a good


in position to be in Sunderland and I think that is what the Chief


Executive alluded to do when he told everyone about the financial


situation. I think it's just tells everybody how many years Sunderland


have had a lot of money spent in the past. It is probably not going to be


that so much in the future. While playing down the prospect of many if


any January signings, David Moyes is bullish about the players attracting


interest such month. Confirming that Crystal Palace have been rebuffed in


the attempts to sign Patrick Van Anhalt. We have had quite a few bits


because we have some good players here. A beef people think we will be


easy pickings but I want to keep my good players and I want us to build


and add to our group rather than lose players. But Sunderland and


Stoke have had their defence struggled this season so perhaps a


goalless draw is the least likely prediction.


Newcastle play Brentford in the Championship tomorrow


after the match was rescheduled because of the Magpies FA Cup


And United need to regain some form after falling back


After being beaten 3-1 by Newcastle at St James' Park,


Brentford were looking forward to getting a bit of revenge


in front of the cameras at Griffin Park on Monday night.


The rescheduling of the game means Brentford lose out


on ?100,000 of TV money, and Rafa Benitez has some sympathy


for the travelling Magpies fans who've had to change their plans.


I feel sorry for the fans sometimes, because it is not easy if you have a


job and then you have to ask for a day off on Monday because you want


to go to the game and then you don't have the game, so what happens?


Captain Jamaal Lascelles makes his 50th appearance tomorrow


and isn't unduly worried about their dip in


There is nothing to panic about. Halfway through the season, we are


still playing good football. It is not like we are getting battered and


teams are making us look silly. Against Blackburn the game was so


one way and it was unfortunate to lose, but it is not the end of the


world. The injury to striker


Aleksander Mitrovic isn t as bad as first thought,


and he should be fit again in three weeks,


but it looks like Chieck Tiote may Elsewhere, Carlisle have signed


ex-Hartlepool midfielder BBC Radio Cumbria will have


commentary of the Blues' BBC Tees DAB will have the whole


of Pools at Crawley. And Berwick Rangers


are at second-placed Arbroath - The pitch covers come off


at 9am tomorrow morning. Gateshead's FA Trophy tie


against Lincoln is subject to a pitch inspection at around


the same time. Newcastle Eagles will lift


their third consecutive BBL Cup this weekend if they beat Glasgow Rocks


in Sunday's final in Birmingham. The game is a repeat


of the 2015 showpiece when the Eagles beat the Rocks,


and player-coach Fab Flournoy says the fear of failing is a major


motivation for the country's most You know, there is no guarantee


you're going to win anything and that is the beauty of it. That is


the fear being unsuccessful, the fear of being disappointed. The fear


of the bottom line is that any time we don't win something, it is


always, oh, what went wrong and it is doom and gloom. The Eagles are


what they were before. When we turn up on Sunday there is no guarantee


we are going to win, absolutely. That is the difference for us.


Finally, good luck to tournament favourite Glen Durrant


from Middlesbrough this evening in the quarter-finals


of the BDO World Darts Championship at Frimley Green.


I know you are a big darts fan. Time for the weather. The most important


part of the programme! It is a really busy day. Snow this morning


and this afternoon. All above the storm surge. You have been sending


in your pictures. This from Whitley Bay is showing the waves lapping up


against the sea wall. The next one from Whitby. This looks like snow


but it is actually the sea foam that was whipped up by the winds. Finally


this picture, it looks really beautiful but the waves are really


powerful. For the weekend, things are set to change. It is going to


stay bitterly cold. We gradually lose the winds through the weekend.


Some sunshine tomorrow but by the time we get to Sunday things are


turning milder but they will be wet once again. The first thing to note


through the night tonight is a Met Office Yellow warning for ice. Where


we have had showers today and the temperatures fall tonight that could


be a problem tomorrow morning. Generally a dry night. As you


showers in parts of Cumbria and later there might be a few along the


north-east coast. In general dry but very cold. Temperatures in around


minus one four minus two. Rural spots could be minus four or minus


five Celsius. Bitterly cold start to Saturday morning. Watch out for the


highest first thing but plenty of crisp winter sunshine through the


morning. Still a nagging north-westerly breeze so it will


accentuate that cold feel. My three o'clock in the afternoon the


temperatures across Cumbria are just starting to creep up and that is a


sign of things to come for the weekend. Here through the afternoon


temperatures will reach around six Celsius. Through the north-east into


North Yorkshire highs only two or three Celsius. Adding the strength


of the wind it will feel very cold. This is the pressure Chart through


Saturday night into Sunday. They were the front moving in and that


will bring some outbreaks of rain. On the leading edge it good for must


know for a time. This is how Saturday night books. Starting


bright but it won't last long. The weather front bringing some rain. A


lot of hill fog as well. Some low cloud. Temperatures dropping to


around two Celsius. We stay above freezing for Sunday morning but a


bit of a murky start. Very great, outbreaks of rain. On and off by the


afternoon so not completely wet but it will feel dull and overcast. Much


milder. Tamara's temperatures around six, Sunday looking at around 10


Celsius. It will feel significantly milder. Through Monday it is another


fairly grey day. Lots of low cloud. We keep that through next week.


Thank you, I was going to go for a walk at the weekend but it sounds


like I should sit in front of the fire. Whatever you are doing have


great weekend.


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