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Hello and welcome to Monday's Look North.


A coroner condemns a health trust as 'shambolic' after a basic


tube-feeding error kills a patient at both of its hospitals.


Her school friends mark what would have been


her eighth birthday, the week after she


A day in the life of a GP on the front line.


And what a weekend for sport in the region.


Three champions bringing home the silverware.


Batter the Newcastle Eagles at the champions.


Our top golfer storms his way to success in South Africa.


And the Teessider who's on top of the darts world.


They are words which should leave any manager reeling.


A coroner has seriously criticised the 'shambolic implementation'


of policy and the 'total absence of leadership' at the North Cumbria


hospitals trust where two patients died after neglect


Michael Parke from Cockermouth died at the West Cumberland Hospital


in 2012, and Amanda Coulthard from Penrith died in


Both suffered pneumonia after naso-gastric feeding tubes


were inserted into their lungs instead of their stomachs.


Megan Paterson was at Cockermouth Coroner's Court for us today.


Megan, some very serious criticism of the North Cumbria


Explain the procedure these deaths were linked to.


Michael Parke and Amanda Coulthard both died after a what should have


been a routine medical procedure went wrong.


In the simplest terms, naso-gastric tubes are used to get


The tubes are fed via a patient's nose and into their stomach.


Bur in both of these cases, the tubes were incorrectly inserted


into the patient's lungs, which meant the feeding mix collected


there and, as a consequence, Michael and Amanda contracted pneumonia


And the coroner said the trust was "asleep at the wheel"?


Following a death in Carlisle in 2005 and guidance from the NHS


in 2011, the trust was supposed to implement new policy, but this


In the lead-up to Michael Parke's death, there were many email


exchanges about extra training for staff, improved guidelines,


but there was little action from senior directors.


As a result, staff were not clear on procedures and Michael's doctor


failed to detect that his feeding tube had been placed in his stomach


Today the coroner said 'directors and managers were so distracted


by the potential merger and acquisition by Northumbria


Health Care Trust that day-to-day governance fell by the wayside.


The coroner said Michael Parke died as a result of systemic neglect.


Amanda Coulthard died three years later.


The coroner today said some improvements had been made in terms


of training and procedures after Michael's death, but Amanda


was still failed by staff who didn't follow those procedures correctly.


The coroner said Amanda died as a result of individual neglect


Today the trust which runs the hospitals said it was unable


to answer direct questions about the inquest verdicts,


but Chief Executive Stephen Eames did read this statement:


And deeply followed but I wish to offer our sympathies to the


families. The trust fully takes on board the conclusions of HM senior


Roberts. Patient safety means of paramount importance to the trust,


and we expect high standards of patient care at all times. These


were not met for Michael or Amanda. We sincerely apologise for this. The


coroner was very clear in paying tribute to the families. He said


they had conducted themselves with great dignity to what has been a


difficult process. The inquest into the deaths


of the British tourists killed in a terrorist attack in Tunisia has


heard the police delayed 66-year-old Lisa Burbidge,


from Gateshead, was among those The court heard one guard did


shoot, but the attacker Described as beautiful,


a woman of dignity and style, Lisa Burbidge was among 30 British


victims of a lone gunman. A widow and mother of two


and with four grandchildren, she'd been on holiday at the resort


of Port El Kantaoui near Sousse when the attack began


on a beach and at a hotel. Today, families of the dead


were at London's Royal Courts of Justice, where the circumstances


leading up to the deaths of each of the victims will be examined over


the course of the hearing. It seems the enforcement units delay


their arrival and they have been criticised for waiting time. The


court had an account of how 1 beach guard had opened fire but was hit by


a grenade thrown by the attacker. A member of the public picked up the


gun and found he was unable to work it. 1 aspect that will emerge in the


claims of some families that travel companies had assured their


relatives that it was safe despite previous terror attacks in Tunisia.


The inquests are likely to last seven weeks.


Hundreds of people gathered to release balloons near the school


that Katie Rough went to in York on what would have been


Katie died after being found with serious injuries


A fifteen-year-old girl has been charged with her murder.


Her family wanted every colour of the rainbow to represent the


exuberance of their little Katie, and balloons to mark what would have


An invitation on Facebook for anyone to


attend brought hundreds of people who waited quietly in Westfield Park


to write a balloon message for Katie,


with thoughts and prayers, or sign a book, not for condolences


I was asked if I would consider supplying, fulfilling


200 balloons, and I immediately said yes, I would.


I have never stopped thinking about the family and the


situation, and I was moved by it, and I just wanted to help.


I think it is nice how the community have come together.


Everybody needs to show support in circumstances like this and just


Especially with her being a young lass from our area, you don't expect


stuff like that to happen in your own area.


I've got a son who is a year older and it just makes you think.


Katie was found with knife wounds near a playing field in New York


Just two days later, her family had the terrible ordeal of


seeing a 15-year-old girl charged with Katie's murder.


At the spot where she died, hundreds of flowers


have been laid in an expression of the concern of the wider York


community who supported the family again today.


Katie's parents, Alison and Paul Rough, are comforted


by the Archbishop of York who accompanied them.


As hundreds of balloons were let go, it made a


spectacle of extreme poignancy, expressing so much more than words


As budgets tighten and patient numbers rocket, GPs are under


increasing pressure to cut the cost of care.


What's it like for a doctor fighting financial pressure?


Tonight, in a special programme, Inside Out follows a Tyneside GP


to find out first-hand how he and his patients are coping.


Mike Scott has been a GP at Newburn Surgery in Newcastle


Doctors like Mike make daily decisions about health spending.


It got to the stage where I didn't want to be here.


Donna Duffy has back problems and suffers from depression.


When they said I was useless, I thought, what is the point?


The drug that works for Donna is being rationed,


We're being strongly encouraged by the people in the health service


I think the plan for the next four weeks is I keep


If I get struck off, it's going to take me a few years.


I'm going to retire soon anyway, so I don't need to worry about it.


Newburn has five part-time GPs, earning less than


I've had it especially refrigerated to give you a thrill.


The Commissioning Group that funds hospital services recently began


paying GPs to reduce the number of referrals to specialists.


Inevitably, some people who should have been referred


I think more pernicious is the message that,


if your practice has signed up for that, don't trust


Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group said


in a statement the aim was to improve quality,


get the best service, and make best use of resources.


There are other schemes in other areas where,


after you've made a referral, another doctor, who doesn't know


the patient, looks at your referral letter and says,


On an average day, Mike sees more than 30 patients,


Yeah, you're sounding like a bag of weasels here.


I think you've got your vest tucked into your socks or something.


Home visits save money by keeping patients out of hospital.


The cost is often borne by the doctor.


I give myself a day off each week, as well as the weekend,


otherwise I couldn't cope with this, I'd crack up.


I'm going to go home, and I may pour for myself a glass


You can see how Mike uses his expertise, and humour,


to deal with the pressure in Inside Out, tonight


Members of an anti-fracking group in North Yorkshire have set up


a protest camp close to the site where permission has been given


When work starts, probably in late summer,


the protestors plan to walk slowly in front of lorries


The camp is on private land but has attracted well over


Our business correspondent Ian Reeve reports.


They call it a protection camp and they call themselves protectors.


What they want to do is try and prevent fracking in this


part of North Yorkshire, but after exactly a month here,


the claim is that the camp has been welcomed locally and further afield,


with 1,300 visitors coming to hear their message.


We always knew that a camp would have some opposition, I mean,


it is a scary thing to suddenly find a new community on your doorstep,


but we are hoping that the people who still might have concerns


will come and visit us, see that we are normal people,


we just want the same thing as them, and we are called the Kirby


Misperton Protection Camp because we are here to protect them.


How kind, thank you, Roger, I'm Tracy.


Locals have donated clothes and food to the camp.


I just felt that I could not, in all conscience, sit at home


with my family in a lovely warm house having my Christmas dinner


without at least giving them a semblance of some


There is then undoubtedly a degree of local goodwill towards this camp


of so-called protectors, but are there any local


None, albeit in an unscientific way, that I could find.


Wilf Hodge has lived close by for 47 years.


I feel sorry for them fighting a losing battle, I think,


Of course, in the villages around, there will be people


who object to the camp, but its inhabitants say


Their best bet is that the test fracking could start in September.


Eight long months then in which to garner more support,


deflect criticism and plot a way to thwart the perceived enemy.


Ian Reeve, BBC Look North, Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire.


Well, Third Energy - the company planning to frack


at Kirby Misperton - has previously said it respects


people's right to lawful and peaceful protest.


But it added that it hopes those who object to its plans


respect its rights - and those of Ryedale residents -


to go about their business lawfully and peacefully.


Jeff and Steve have Team Talk with a lot of trophy winners.


Should there be a museum celebrating the region's new gin distilleries?


I don't know full be set until reading the weather this week. Don't


be late for the full forecast. With so many great stories,


it's hard to know where to begin. We're going to put the football


on the backburner for a few minutes, Steve, because the region has


a new world champion! He's 46-year-old Glen


"Duzza" Durrant, from He won the BDO title


at the Lakeside in Frimley Green, beating Dutchman Danny Noppert


in the final. And you're a bit of


a darts fan, Steve? That is correct, I used to playing a


lot when I was at Newcastle. Sounds good.


It's ten years since Hartlepool golfer Graeme Storm won


his only major title - the French Open.


And when his earnings last year saw him fall 100 euros


short of his target, he was told he wouldn't qualify


But he got back in on a technicality, and yesterday beat


the great Rory McIlroy in a play-off to win the South African


I have, yes, I have met him a few times, I played at Muirfield with


them. What a great victory for him, especially to beat Rory McIlroy.


Yes, it looked like his career was going nowhere. To win an award like


that. That is a trophy! Pretty good. And just to prove good


things happen in threes, Newcastle Eagles yesterday won


basketball's BBL trophy They held off a late


challenge from Glasgow Rocks And that's an astonishing 25


trophies the Eagles have won under Absolutely incredible. I interviewed


him recently, and inspirational man. Sets notoriously high standards.


That reflects in the continued success. 43 years of age, a lesson


there for all of us, still going strong.


I've got to give the guys a lot of credit, you know,


going out there and fulfilling the game plan with what we wanted


to play and how we wanted to execute throughout tonight and so far,


during the course of the season, this just really helps us,


this is a great confidence boost for us and a great


I would just like to say thank you to the BBC for showcasing


I did not tell them to say that, very kind of them, however!


Now, it's time for football, and Newcastle are back on top


of the Championship after they beat Brentford and Brighton slipped up


Rafa Benitez will be worried about the number


of injuries they picked up, including top scorer Dwight Gayle,


who went off with a hamstring problem, but not before he'd scored


How much will be Mr Whyte deal? 20 goals, a huge mess. He might have to


go back into the market. Vernon Anita and Isaac Aiden, they are also


injured, they might have to do business in January. Yes, just to


ensure that the kick on and get back in the Premier League. Talking about


transfers, they would not have previously bought 33-year-old Darryl


Moffat, they used to always by younger players, but goal. Great


victory overall. Yes, you mentioned the transfer strategy, Mike Ashley


talking about possible changes, I would be surprise given how well it


worked the summer. He will no doubt be casting his eye over that one.


More misery for Sunderland, and a point, but not


much entertainment for Middlesbrough fans.


The most memorable part of their game at Watford


was the pre-match tribute to the home side's former


Have you ever come across, Steve? No, but very well thought of in


football. Really put Watford on the map in the Premier League. There is


talk that Middlesbrough will bring back Patrick Bamford, they need


goals. Yes, they are solid, they are hard to beat, they could add more


firepower, that could be just what they need. They are getting the


drawers, that is easing them out of trouble. They have had some big


point away from home but if they could add more goals I am sure there


will be fine, given how hard they are to beat.


Sunderland are short of players and quality, talk of bringing in Robbie


Brady from Norwich. That would be a fantastic signing. Arnautovic get a


little bit of luck but nothing lucky about this, greatly from Stoke City


but it is too easy from Sunderland. Nobody tracks the runner, awful


start to the game. This to be symptomatic of the way Sunderland


have been playing. Yes, Peter Crouch get a running jump, he is a sitting


duck therefore crouch. We would Sunderland be without Jermain Defoe?


The one ray of hope. Yes, cool and calm, clinical, he always looks like


he has so much time. That was a huge opportunity on the stroke of the


hour. Not the way that you want to end the game, players arguing


amongst themselves, that tells you everything about the game on


Saturday. Well, the players need to take


responsibility, they need to stop You know, I didn't think the overall


performance was that bad, but by the time they got the three


goals, it made the game Disappointing as well,


I'm sure, to see fans leaving so early on,


can you blame them? Well, they leave early


because there is only one road out of here,


not just because of the result. They actually leave earlly when


we're winning as well sometimes. Sadly, we had a managerial


casualty this weekend. Hartlepool United parted


company with Craig Hignett following their defeat away


at Crawley and on social media this afternoon,


suggestions that a certain I have been linked with it before,


it is probably the family that have started at one! He had only been


there less than one year. Seems like an impossible job. They seem to have


an unusually high turnover of managers at Hartlepool, you have to


feel for him. He lost his number two Matt a few weeks ago, talk of him


trying to replace players, did not work out. Now he has left. Caused by


this defeat on Saturday. They did not play ball on Saturday, you look


at the manner of the goals conceded, free header, they shot themselves in


the foot. Carlisle, still having a bit of a wobble. Well-placed. Good


play away from home from Morecambe. The point might not be a bad result


for Carlisle in the end. This struck the goalkeeper on the face, that


surely must hurt? It hurts more than you think! Great header here. If you


do not win, do not close, very well-placed, Carlisle. -- do not


lose. Back to winners, before we go -


and our first chance to say congratulations on your award


from the North East Football Writers' Association -


Personality of the Year... Yes, charity work is a very


important part of the wall, it is great that it has been recognised.


Steve, thank you very much, that is the spot.


A gin producer from Gateshead wants to open a national visitor


attraction in the area based on the drink.


Charlie Gibbs runs Steampunk Gin less than a mile from the Angel


of the North, and says gin is becoming as popular in England


Dry January's possibly not the best time to be talking about gin,


but Charlie Gibbs will talk about it any time, any place, anywhere


and before the festive season, these empty warehouse shelves


were full of his Steampunk Gin and now Charlie wants to create


a national museum to reflect the new passion for the tipple.


I think England is developing a gin culture in the same way that


Scotland has its whisky culture, but there is a distinct lack


of visitor experience for gin lovers, which is why,


this week, I have launched a Crowdfunder campaign to help get


the national gin museum brought to the Newcastle-Gateshead area.


There have been a number of new producers sprung up


over the last few years, Masons in Yorkshire springs to mind,


Poetic License out in Sunderland, Hepple Gin in Northumbria,


This area, the whole of the North is becoming a gin hotspot.


And plenty of Charlie's gin heads down the A1 to Lewis and Cooper,


a specialist food and wine store in Northallerton.


But they recognise a new drinking trend when they see one.


The explosion in gin started a few years ago when regulation changed


and licences started to be given to just people who wanted


So in the olden days, 1800 hectolitre sized


You went into a factory, pretty much you pressed a button


Back up the A1 and plans are well underway for


Newcastle gets 17 million visitors each year, so there is clearly


a market for a new visitor attraction in the town and this one


perhaps is more orientated towards adults than the existing


If the right venue comes up soon, Charlie plans to have the gin museum


up and running by the end of the year.


Phil Chapman, BBC Look North, Gateshead.


Are you thirsty? The weather is a little bit quieter?


That is correct, you can see that from the weather pitch tonight. A


calm but cloudy look on the Northumberland coast. Thank you to


our viewer for that picture. For the next few days high pressure is in


charge so it will be much quieter than it has been. But there will be


a lot of cloud around, some patchy rain at times as well. Things will


be milder, we should Steve frost free overnight as we head through


the coming week. Cloud around tonight, that will thicken up as we


head through the evening and it is beginning wet with widespread rain


across Northumberland, further South and East it will remain dry but


cloudy and misty everywhere. A lot of low cloud and poor visibility


over higher ground. The rain will be drizzly and light, it should not


cause too many problems and the blanket of cloud keeps the frost at


bay. Tomorrow it is another cloudy day for many, there will be some


further been at times, not especially the early morning, the


rain becomes more intermittent for the afternoon. Again, most of that


ring will be light and drizzly, Eastern areas will tend to be drier,


just the odd spot of rain for the East Pennines and it will be a


reasonably mild day, temperatures will not into double figures, 10


Celsius and Keswick tomorrow afternoon. Light winds from the


South or Southwest. High pressure is in charge, that whether front line


through the middle of the High pressure, that lingers for one or


two before it sinks southwards as the high establishes itself right


over the top of us there as we head through the latter part of the week.


So over the next few days, a lot of cloud around, certainly tomorrow,


Wednesday, you might see that cloud become a little bit more broken,


especially in Eastern areas, when exposed to the South westerly wind


it will remain fairly grey. Temperatures reaching nine or 10


Celsius on Wednesday afternoon, again, a few breaks in the cloud to


come on Thursday, a mostly dry picture, perhaps just a shade


cooler, eight or nine Celsius the Haifa Bizley. Similar for Friday,


cloudy skies, the odd spot of rain and temperatures approaching double


figures in one or two sports. That is how it looks as we head through


the rest of the working week. We will have the closer look at the


weather on elite Look North tonight around 10:30pm on BBC One. You can


keep updated with the full forecast using the BBC weather app. Carol.


Thank you for that, Paul. Do not forget the late news,


10:30pm. Join us then. Goodbye. Let me see them hands up.


Let's do this. Glastonbury!


Make some noise! How you doing, Big Weekend?


Get ready. Go solo, Hyde Park.


Don't believe you. Secure your place at


the 500 Words Final,


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