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she wanted a stronger Britain, in charge of its own laws


Hello and welcome to Tuesday's Look North.


The search for missing chef Claudia Lawrence is scaled down


At the end of the day, the biggest problem is Claudia is not hear and


nobody knows anything about Weir shares, what she's doing, whether


she is alive or dead, of these things. -- way she is.


Two men are arrested after a shotgun is fired


The owners of a family butchers at the centre of an E-coli


outbreak deny breaching food safety regulations.


We meet the North East documentary maker celebrating the life


of the last man on the moon Gene Cernan - who's died aged 82.


And why business is booming for the barber on the bus


In sport, we'll look ahead to Sunderland's FA


And there's a hero's welcome for Teesside's


newest world champion - darts ace Glen "Duzza" Durrant -


back at work, with his championship trophy.


First tonight, the search for the missing York


chef Claudia Lawrence is to be scaled back.


The announcement's been made following a three year review


of the investigation into her disappearance


Her father Peter says he's hugely disappointed and depressed


Mr Lawrence praised the police but said new information


from the public was needed if his daughter is to be found.


Phil Chapman's outside Claudia's home in York now for us.


Good evening. The last sighting of Claudia was in March 2009 when she


walked back home here to her small terraced house near the centre of


York after their shift at work at the University of York. She went


inside and spoke briefly to her mother on the telephone. That was


the last that anyone heard of her. The whole family today is deeply


disappointed, her father said he is deeply depressed at the announcement


by the police that the review is to be scaled down. He spoke this


afternoon on behalf of of Claudia's father.


At the end of the day the biggest problem


is Claudia is not hear and


nobody knows where she is, what's she doing, whether


Despite the best effort of the police, it feels


have lots of information but they still


need that other bit of information which is going to bring


The police have been explaining their decision to scale down the


investigation, what did they say? They said they exhausted every


single line of inquiry over the nine years and over the last three years


of this police review. There are also deeply frustrated and


sympathise with the Lawrence family. They believe somebody out there


knows exactly what happened to Claudia on that evening or night


when she did not come to work following day. Somebody knows


exactly what happened to Claudia according to the police but they


have failed come forward. This has been an investigation


of great magnitude, of massive lines of inquiry from CCTV


to looking at Claudia's financial affairs, telephone records,


new witnesses who came forward. We have applied new


forensic techniques. Numerous house searches,


ground searches. We have thrown everything at this


investigation which we possibly can. The key challenge we have had


is we have never been able to identify that


primarily crime scene. That was the biggest


challenge to the police, we have never been able


to achieve that breakthrough. Where do things go from year? That


is one final line of inquiry the police told me about, it is a DNA


profile which will take a further six weeks to investigate and then


the investigation will enter what is called a reactive phase when they


will just wait for information to come in rather than be proactive as


they have been. The assistant cheek and told to me they will never close


this case and he believes there is always the possibility they will


crack this case. -- the assistant chief constable. Thank you.


The police say staff at a Sunderland post office had a terrifying


experience when a shotgun was fired during an attempted armed robbery.


It happened at the Ford Post Office on Hylton Road.


Here's our News Correspondent Mark Denten.


Hylton Road, Sunderland, last night and police


hunting for two men, one who fired a


shotgun and tried to rob the post office.


About ten to five yesterday afternoon, two men walked into the


post office and one was carrying a shotgun.


They demanded the staff behind a security screen hand over


They refused and one of the men fired a shotgun.


The staff were inside the premises behind the


Can I take the opportunity to thank the staff for how bravely they


They remained calm and contacted the police immediately


which allowed us to attend the scene as quickly as we could.


We have the two in custody now and recovered the


Early this morning, two men one aged 31 and one


aged 45 were arrested on suspicion of robbery.


Police say the use of a gun in the area is very rare.


I would like to point out that offences of this nature are


extremely rare and we have to go back many years when we had a


live firearm exchange in something of this nature in Sunderland.


No one was hurt in the incident and police are still


The owners of a family butchers at the centre of an E-coli outbreak


have denied breaching food safety rules.


Janet Bell and Trevor Robinson appeared at Teesside


Stuart Whincup was in court and sent us this report.


15 people became infected with E.Coli back in July 2015.


Of those people, ten needed hospital treatment and seven suffered


Today at Teesside Magistrate Court, the


owners of the butchers in Billingham, Janet Bell


and Trevor Robinson, appeared in court.


They face charges of selling various items, including


cooked ham, pork, turkey and egg quiche which was unsafe for human


consumption by reason of contamination with pathogenic


Both pleaded not guilty to the charges.


The case was transferred to Teesside Crown Court


The court heard this was a detailed case and will hear detailed evidence


from many people including experts. where the pair will next


appear on February 14. An inquest's heard how a prisoner


who demanded to be sent to a psychiatric hospital was found


hanging in her cell. 47-year old Maggie Atkinson,


from Northallerton, died nine days after being discovered unconscious


at Low Newton prison An inquest at Crook was told she had


previously placed ligatures around her neck but wasn't


considered to be intending The court heard she was held


on remand for assault - her first time inside -


and had seen prison psychiatrists They're designed to modernise


the region's NHS - and make huge financial savings


in the process. But so-called Sustainability


and Transformation Plans are proving controversial -


with some fearing they'll lead to the downgrading


of local hospitals. Now a survey of doctors


in the North East seen exclusively by Look North suggests many feel


they haven't been consulted about the process of


drawing up the proposals. Our political correspondent


Luke Walton joins me. Each area of England has to come up


with a sustainability and transformation plan -


to make better use of NHS resources and better coordinate services


to improve care across this region. There are three plans being drawn up


- and the first drafts because they also have to bridge


a big financial gap in the NHS - more than a billion pounds


a year in our region. A North East leader says it's


crucial his colleagues We're hearing about the problems in


National Health service, the problems in accident and emergency


almost everyday. We have to look at the long-term solution and this plan


is part of that with the delivery of five years but we have to get the


funding rights and the clinicians involved. We have to do this with


the doctors who work in the National Health service.


We've had exclusive access to a survey of GPs


And a pretty stark message came back.


Around three quarters said they hadn't been told


enough about the plans to understand their impact.


With roughly two out of three calling the NHS exercise "top down".


Around six out of ten felt they'd not been consulted


What's been the response to that criticism?


NHS England makes the point that local GPs


commissioning groups or CCGs which are helping to draw up


It also talks of engaging the public and NHS staff to finalise


The Newcastle Gateshead CCG also insists doctors still have


plenty of opportunity to have their say.


consultations, written submissions, discussions with their colleagues


and others, clinicians are able to contribute very clearly to the


is this further evidence of tensions within the service?


There has certainly been a lot of headlines about pressures on


hospitals and general practice. These plans are about alleviating


the pressure managers would say that the problem is if they cannot win


round family doctors, what hope we have winning round the public? Thank


you. A fourth man's been unsuccessful


in his bid to sue the catholic church, over alleged historical


abuse at a Yorkshire of Middlesbrough and the day


La Salle order over allegations of decades of abuse


at the St William's children's Of the five test cases


for compensation only one has been successful -


receiving a ?14,000 payout. The final decision on the future


of Darlington's historic Crown Street Library is expected


to be made this evening. Campaigners have vowed


to continue their fight against the planned closure


of the library which the council wants to move into the nearby


Dolphin Centre as part The Council says the number


of library visitors is falling dramatically, while it needs


to save millions of pounds. In May the first Tees Valley Mayor


will be elected, and handed new money and powers form


Westminister. He or she will preside over an area


covering Darlington, Hartlepool, Stockton,


Middlesbrough and Redcar. But just how can one person bring


all those areas together? David Macmillan's been


trying to find out. The Tees Valley is home to 670,000


people across five council areas, stretching from the North Sea


to North Yorkshire - the new mayor's challenge


is to deliver prosperity across this Some parties already


believe they've found Yarm councillor Ben Houchen


is the Conservative candidate. There is a Canon -- commented that


it comes to business and transport infrastructure. Coming from the


area, I have a good understanding how that all fits together.


and Cleveland Council leader Sue Jeffrey is Labour's candidate.


She says the closure of SSI UK showed how interlinked the regions


It affected all five local authority areas so it is not about fighting


each other but working together, being pragmatic and working to


deliver the goals we have for the Tees Valley Youth Choir twos around


growing jobs and the economy. is the parties prospective


mayoral candidate. He has ambitious


plans for transport. We're looking at the possibility of


bringing back the Tees Valley Metro system which was shelved a few years


ago. It will cost a lot of money and we will have to find that money.


of the North Party is also focused on helping people get around


We need to have an ambitious transport scheme for the future


which spread prosperity across the whole area.


David Macmillan, BBC Look North, Teesside.


And you can find out more on BBC Sunday Politics with Richard Moss,


You're watching Tuesday's Look North.


Jeff Brown joins us with tonight's sports news shortly.


Cutting it in countryside - the barber sweeping the floor


Drizzly weather might make your hairdo Thursday but there is more to


come short -- join me for the region's forecasts shortly.


A North-East film-maker's been speaking about his hero,


the astronaut Gene Cernan, who's died aged 82.


Commander Cernan was the last man to walk on the moon,


and director Mark Craig, from Croft near Darlington,


formed a deep bond with him during the making of a film


which documented his life and achievements.


He's been speaking to our reporter Damian O'Neil.


I really wanted to reach out, put it in my hand and stick it in my space


suit and bring it home and show it to everybody.


The first time I met Gene in London in 2007,


e-mailed him to discuss the possibility of making a film.


I was given a very narrow slot with him


over breakfast for about one hour to discuss possibilities.


What was it like for him being the last man


on the Moon as opposed to being the first man?


I think at the time, all of them would've loved


there's no question about that, they were very competitive and


For all those men who walked on the moon, it does


not matter if you were the third, seventh or 12th, it was a mind


blowing experience so he was very happy to be walking on the moon at


When you first meet one of those mythological, Silver suited


astronauts, especially one of the 12 that


walked on the moon, it is an


awesome experience but as a film-maker,


You need to look at him with a much more objective eye so certainly I


had to ask rather more difficult personal questions, like about how


the fact that so many of his friends were killed and how he overcame


How he struggled with balancing a home life and tunnel


vision focus of reaching this incredible goal that JFK had set out


So yes, he would be the first to admit that he got


It's not even 24 hours since I heard the news.


Gene was one of those guys who just seem to be


There was probably a period of his life


when he thought he was indestructible and invincible as


I know he was loved by people all the world over, from fans of


space to people who just met him and had some time with them.


I'm hugely privileged to have spent the amount


of time I did with him, sharing so many of his


adventures in space and


also just his personal life on Earth today.


I will treasure those until my time comes.


Now, a Northumberland hairdresser is taking her business out


to the villages around Hexham in her Barber Bus.


Susan Wray says her business is booming because her male clients


don't have to go to town - or visit a women's salon!


We sent Sharon BARBOUR out to meet her -


Parked up and open for business in Northumberland.


It is not long before customers start to arrive at


Susan Wray used to work at a barbershop


in Hexham and many clients were making long journeys from the


So many people come from rural villages and some struggled so


I thought why not go out to them and set up


I do run a four weekly so I go different places every day.


I come from home, walk along here and it's here.


What would you have to do if you didn't have the


Dead handy to have it out in the sticks.


Saw a white van parked in the square which had my name on it which is


She said what do you want, I said a haircut!


It is nice to have a barber cut your hair instead of a lady


It has been a busy and hairy morning but now it is time to clean up


before the lady in the van sets off once again to tidy


the heads of the men at her next village location.


The Monday blues, you might have heard that. She gave my little boy


his first haircut and a sweetie. Great story.


Now he might have become a World Champion at the weekend


but this morning it was back to the day job for darts


supremo Glen Durrant from Middlesbrough who lifted


the BDO World Championship trophy on Sunday night.


And - as you might expect - the 46-year-old returned


to a hero's welcome, as Dawn Thewlis reports.


It was a return to work like no other -


crowds of tenants and colleagues at the Grangetown Housing office


where Glen has worked for thirty years lined the road to pay tribute


to their very own World Champion - who was quite overwhelmed!


I thought I had reached the pinnacle, I thought I had reached my


highest moment when I reach that winning double, turning round the


road to city stuff I had worked with for 30 years all outside was a


pretty special moments. I don't think anything will top that.


attention since his victory Glen or Duzza as he's known has decided


to put darts on the back burner and concentrate on work


It is what I want. I need normality back in my life and I need it


quickly. I am going to take a little break from darts. I don't know how


long, my body and my mind will tend me went to get back to the dart


board. I want to focus on work and I was looking for some normality today


but I do not think I am going to get that.


As the party continued inside the speculation


mounted over Glen's possible participation in the PDC where darts


superstars play but right now that's the furthest thing


That is definitely not going to happen. If I were to go to the PDC,


I have to go to the qualifying school that I am not ready to look


at the dart board for a long time now. I want to enjoy the moment and


have people shared this trophy with me for now.


Boro fans during half time at the Riverside on Saturday.


On to football, and Sunderland are in FA Cup action tonight.


They take on Burnley in a third round replay at Turf Moor -


where they were beaten 4-1 in the Premier League just


But even that - and their recent form -


won't stop around 1400 fans making the trip to Lancashire.


We've seen this sort of thing before - Sunderland's defence falling apart


with alarming ease - and hundreds of fans


deciding they'd had enough, with the game effectively


But the diehards were back at the Stadium of Light this


afternoon, to catch the bus for the two and a half


Keane or potentially certifiable, one of the two. You never know.


Of course, the youngsters HAVEN'T been given much


of a go in recent weeks - despite the club's long injury list.


In the weekend shocker against Stoke, manager David Moyes


And was a shambles. He has young lads on the bench who are brilliant,


bring them on, give them a chance. Was 13 do you hope you will play?


Hopefully a strong team that will win. How can we play well against


Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and when we play the


mediocre team we cannot play football. I just want to say before


I pop my clocks are good season. It is not his fault. We haven't got the


money, we haven't got the players, they are all injured. He cannot help


it, it is not his fault. Yes. A bit greedy for many. The BBC


weather watchers have been out and about with their cameras. You


concede a fog, a little better on the coast. Over the Pennines, cloud


up above and cloud sinking into the valleys as well. That's because of


the high-pressure holding everything tight, nothing has a chance to


escape. The low cloud is being held down and it will remain for the next


few days. Nothing changing quickly, a lot closer in tonight and a lot of


low cloud so poor visibility, especially over high ground. The odd


spot of drizzly rain. The temperatures remain male twitchers


the upside of the situation. Temperature is now lower than six


Celsius. It is agree and misty start for many of us tomorrow. We will


start to say a few Greeks appearing in Northumberland, stretching to the


Pennines. -- a few breaks. They will be short-lived. We should seek


temperatures like today. Around 10 Celsius. Winds remain light from the


south for Southwest tomorrow. High-pressure firmly in charge of


the weather and it is going nowhere fast. This weather front is stuck


underneath, helping to keep the cloud. High-pressure maintains its


grip on the things towards the end of the week and the first part of


the weekend. I don't say anything changes -- anything changing as we


head to the next few days. Largely dry tomorrow, a few bright patches


towards the end of the afternoon. Temperatures as shade cooler. Eight


or nine Celsius you are high. A similar picture on Friday, if


anything turning cooler towards the weekend. An increasing risk of a


touch of frost as we head into the weekend. It remains largely dry as


we head to Saturday, Sunday met C one or two showers. That's how it


looks for the next few days. We will keep you up-to-date on your local


BBC Radio stations and on the BBC weather at. If you would like to


become a weather watcher, you can find out how to do that online.


Preferably with no silly names! That's it from us this evening.


Don't forget the late bulletin at 10:30pm. Goodbye.


That I will faithfully execute the Office...


And will to the best of my ability...


The Constitution of the United States...


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