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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me,


Hello and welcome to Wednesday's Look North.


A call for longer prison sentences for people found guilty


The people who do these kinds of acts have no place


in our community and it's really important we send that message out,


The clamp-down on drivers with no vehicle tax.


The DVLA launches a blitz to catch those evading


Winter warmer - the free weekly meals for elderly


and vulnerable people to stop them becoming undernourished.


The weather might be relatively mild at the minute but we have still


managed to find you some icy conditions.


In sport, Middlesbrough announce their second signing


Newcastle hope to join Boro in the fourth round of the FA Cup.


Whatever happens Sunderland have missed out on a home tie


with Bristol City after slumping to another defeat at


They say their officers deal with unimaginable cruelty.


Animals being scalded with boiling water, stabbed, shot and poisoned.


Now the RSPCA says a new study reveals eight out of ten people


in the North East want to see longer prison sentences for people guilty


The current maximum sentence is just six months.


The findings have been welcomed by one MP, who next month tables


a private Members' Bill in Parliament calling


We must warn you, you may find the content at the beginning of


Filmed on a mobile phone, this footage sparked outrage.


Too horrific to broadcast, it shows the Frankish brothers


repeatedly throwing their dog down the stairs and stamping on it.


The dog later died but, remarkably, the brothers avoided jail.


This shocking case led the Redcar MP Anna Turley


She wants longer prison sentences for those guilty of animal cruelty.


I think it is about sending a message that this is abhorrent


and society as a whole rejects this, and they say people who do these


kinds of acts have no place in our community and it is really


important that we send that message out, and that deterrent.


The current maximum sentence in England for animal cruelty is six


months in prison and a fine of up to ?20,000.


Now a survey commissioned by the RSPCA shows eight out of ten


people in the North East want to see the Government introduce longer


prison sentences for the most serious animal cruelty offences.


And 59% of those questioned wanted to see sentences in excess of two


Last October, RSPCA officers discovered a small dog that had been


buried alive at Kirkleathem woods near Redcar.


It had a five-inch nail hammered through its head.


While shocking, officers say such cruelty is not uncommon.


I dealt with a horrible case where some young men


were setting their dogs on badgers and deer and foxes,


like wildlife in the local area, and they were filming it


while they were doing it and I had to obviously review all of that


footage and it is just unimaginable cruelty that those animals


Every day the RSPCA says its officers deal with animals


who have been stabbed, shot and poisoned.


Now the charity says it's time those guilty of such horrendous


cruelty were punished with longer prison sentences.


A Hartlepool man who killed three members of the same family


in the 1980s has lost a human rights challenge against his


Arthur Hutchinson was jailed in 1984.


He broke into the home of Basil and Avril Laitner in Sheffield hours


after their daughter's wedding and murdered them


He also raped a teenage girl at the scene.


The European Court of Human Rights dismissed Hutchinson's claim


that the punishment amounted to inhuman and degrading treatment.


Three people who were convicted over the death of a Newcastle man


with learning difficulties are to have their sentences reviewed


James Wheatley was jailed for life in December last year


But prosecutors argued that the sentences handed


to Wheatley's girlfriend, her mother, and another man,


Nicola Lawrence was jailed for four years, Julie Mills eight years


and Barry Imray three years for their parts in Lee's murder.


There'll be a hearing at the Court of Appeal in March.


A desperate plea for new information has been made by the family


of an 83-year-old man who was killed in a hit-and-run accident


as he walked home from visiting his daughter's grave 25 years ago.


Charles Trueman died in hospital from his injuries after being hit


by a car on Station Road in his hometown of Hexham


His Children say they've never got over the tragedy and hope this


New Year will bring them the closure and answers they need.


Demolition work's due to start this week on a row of houses


on a North Tyneside estate after they were affected


by subsidence thought to be caused by former mine works.


Five houses in Bayfield, on West Allotment, are being knocked


down after cracks started to show and the buildings shifted.


Home owners affected have been given the market value for their homes


by the Coal Authority and most people moved out by


More houses are suffering from subsidence, although


The authority says it's been working closely with those affected.


More than 100 cars have been clamped on Tyneside over the past two days


as the DVLA mounts a blitz on people who haven't paid their vehicle tax.


And people who've failed to pay for the clamp to be removed


within 24 hours have seen their cars removed from the street.


If they're not reclaimed, they'll be sold or scrapped.


Adrian Pitches has been out on patrol with the DVLA hit squad.


This car is not where its owner left it.


Now the car has been seized and the owner will have to pay


Obviously, most people are disgruntled.


A lot of people realise that they should have


It isn't the first course of action, it's the very last course of action.


They will have had these reminders, so the message is that it is very


important that you keep DVLA up to date with your current


address so they don't find themselves in this position.


The DVLA enforcement vans are on our streets


year-round but they've brought in reinforcements for


The vans are equipped with automatic number plate recognition cameras.


Attention! Attention!


If a vehicle has not been taxed, the van driver is alerted


Last year, more than 10,000 motorists in the North East


were issued with penalties for nonpayment of vehicle tax.


A further 1,700 vehicles were clamped or seized.


The majority of vehicles that actually come into this pound,


they are not collected by their keepers.


So that's a good story for road safety because many of them


But we dispose of them in three ways.


If the vehicles are capable of going back on the road,


Otherwise, they are dismantled and sold for parts or they're scrapped.


So it's all good for the environment.


There was a predictable spike in nonpayment of vehicle tax


after paper tax discs were abolished two years ago.


But the DVLA says the payment rate has now returned


to the normal level and in 2017, 80% of people pay their car tax


online rather than at the Post Office.


Unemployment in the north east fell by 1,000 between September


The fall takes the number of those without a job to 87,000,


Meanwhile in Cumbria, 4,430 people claimed Jobseekers'


Allowance in December, a very slight rise


However, North Yorkshire saw a larger rise of about 240,


to stand at 4,235 people claiming Jobseekers' Allowance.


The North East still has the highest rate of unemployment in the country.


A Government minister visiting Tyneside today says they're


focussing on helping the region's young people into work.


Of course we recognise we always have to do more,


and so here in this region, particularly with young people,


we've been working closely with schools, piloting having


Job Centre Plus advisers, our work coaches actually


going into schools so, before young people leave school,


making sure, if people are unemployed in the early days


when they leave school, they're getting all the support


to get work experience placements, and we'll be working


closely with businesses, particularly the Tees Valley


for example, to encourage more businesses to get those places,


what we call set to based work academies were businesses themselves


are running training courses and showcasing,


if you like, their industry to young people to make sure


For Labour, Middlesbrough MP Andy McDonald says the Conservatives


have given tax breaks to millionaires and slashed


corporation tax while neglecting the steel industry and failing


to invest in the jobs, skills and infrastructure


He said Middlesbrough needed a government prepared to implement


an industrial strategy and invest to grow key industries and create


a high skill, high wage economy, something only Labour could deliver.


Yorkshire Air Ambulance has unveiled its second


The ?6 million aircraft will be based at RAF Topcliffe near Thirsk.


The charity's other new helicopter came into operation in September


last year and is based in West Yorkshire.


You're watching Wednesday's Look North.


Plenty still to come tonight including the latest


We've also news of a royal visit to the region.


Keeping warm and well nourished this winter -


the scheme in Darlington to help elderly and vulnerable people.


And join me out and about on the ice, albeit man-made ice, for your


full regional forecast later. The demands facing the National


Health Service over the winter months are rarely out


of the headlines at the moment. But now a scheme launched


in Darlington might just help Age UK and the local health trust


are giving vulnerable older people a free weekly meal to try to keep


them well and stop them Peter Harris has been to see


the scheme in action It's a square meal but the nutrition


served up here might just help the NHS as well as the older people


who come for the weekly free lunch served up


at Darlington Fire Station, as part of an effort to keep


the elderly fed and well. By bringing people here,


we are trying to get people to be more socially engaging


and interacting as well as providing a nutritious meal and monitoring


their weight and trying It's believed there are thousands


in Darlington alone who are undernourished,


and the health trust is trying to identify them to make sure


they take advantage of this service. Now, what they're running


here isn't directly connected Are you finished


with your food, there? But as well as bringing


people in here, giving them something to eat,


making sure they get well fed, while they're here, they can also


check on their weight and that can be referred back to their GP and it


might make a contribution in keeping some older people out


of the hospital wards. The main priority for everybody


who works in health and social care is to keep people in their own homes


with their own families If we can do that, it prevents some


of the pressures on our NHS and particularly our A departments


which are rather If you can just take yourself


onto the scales for me. The weekly sessions also mean weight


can be monitored week by week. Undernutrition is a big problem


in the UK and it's often overlooked and it's a problem for our most


vulnerable patients, so often people who are older,


who potentially have got other illnesses happening,


and it is often seen as growing old, you lose weight because you're


getting older, and it Actually, if you are losing weight,


that can have a big implication on your health and your


quality of life. And, for the old folk, of course,


clubs like this are a chance to get You must be about 15 stone


and now after all that. Yeah, I put on a bit


today, so it's good. A warning's been issued for people


to only use mobile phone chargers issued with their devices


after a house caught The mobile phone caught


fire within 20 minutes of being put on to charge


with an incompatible lead. The warning is being given by Tyne


and Wear Fire Service The phone and charger were tested


by Gateshed Council which found the phone caught fire


after overheating and melted Fortunately no-one


was hurt in the fire. Prince Andrew paid a visit


to Sunderland this afternoon as it hosted a regional heat of The Duke


of York's Pitch at The scheme founded by The Duke


supports Entrepreneurs across the UK and helps develop their business


ideas by putting them in contact with potential


supporters and investors. The three winners from today


will now compete to win the chance of pitching their idea to judges


at St James's Palace. We want to raise awareness


about entrepreneurs and start-up businesses around the UK


so we will be conducting, we are conducting Pitch tours


around the countryside, about 6-8 per year,


and it's very important to the North East gets,


as it were, its profile raised and that businesses


from here are shown and showcased. A Cumbrian charity is hoping locally


brewed beer can help raise enough Eden Mencap currently rents


a building in Penrith but it can't make improvements to the facilities


unless it owns So the group's taken


to the brew house to try This is the start of a hoppy IPA,


crafted and brewed by Eden Mencap. It is a beer that aims to be more


than just refreshing. Vanya Yam is the name of our beer


and in Cumbrian dialect, We're almost home because we're


buying our own building, so it's the key link


to having that home. So every time you buy our beer,


you are contributing to the longevity of people


with learning For 30 years, Eden Mencap has been


helping people learn new skills, make friends


and build independent lives. The charity specialises


in empowering people Having a permanent home


for its members will Having that building means that


we've always got a home, we've always got something we can


use, we've always got a permanent base that guys come


to recognise where they are. It means we can establish


lots more things there, we don't have to worry about moving


in the next three years And we can start evolving projects


that meet the community needs much more because we have our own home


and we know we are always So far, a third of the ?200,000


asking price has been raised. The idea of making more money


from beer came from Mencap staff who have helped members


get stuck in. We've been out a few times before


Christmas and we've learnt about the process and it means


when we've been back at the building we've been able to put some photos


up and actually go through the whole process so the guys are learning


the whole brewing process and that It means that it's a totally


new activity for the guys as well As well as the learning, there's


been plenty of bar room banter too. We're a small brewery and often


times it's just me here on my own, so to have company is nice


and they're so full of joy and enthusiasm


for the project, it's been great. Vanya Yam will have its first


official supping in March, when raising a glass will hopefully


raise enough money to buy Now it is time for sport. You have


breaking news. Let's start with Middlesbrough's


second signing of the January transfer window and,


looking at early postings on social Boro have tonight signed striker


Patrick Bamford from Chelsea for an undisclosed fee


on a 4.5-year deal. The 23-year-old returns to Teesside


after impressing during a loan spell two seasons ago,


when he scored 19 goals and helped Aitor Karanka's side reach


the Championship play-Off final. Emilio Nsue has left Boro


for Birmingham by the way. Newcastle can join Middlesbrough


in the fourth round of the FA Cup with victory this evening


in a third-round replay. Sunderland, though, have missed out


on a home tie against Bristol City. The Black Cats crashed out


of the competition last night after suffering a hugely


disappointing 2-0 defeat at Burnley. Burnley and Sunderland know each


other pretty well now. This was their third meeting


in less than three weeks. Ex-Newcastle midfielder Joey Barton


was back at Turf Moor on a night when the visitors' boss rested star


striker Jermain Defoe. It was nearly all Burnley


in the first half, as it had been during the 4-1 victory on New Year's


Eve. Sunderland keeper Vito


Mannone had to be alert But he was beaten on the stroke


of half-time by this glancing In the second half, Sunderland


tried to up their game - Seb Larsson sensing a half-chance


to catch the keeper off his line. But in truth, Sunderland's


experimental back five didn't look comfortable all night and it was no


surprise when their nemesis This free kick from Seb Larsson


nearly provided the Black Cats with a consolation they probably


didn't deserve after a tame With all his injuries


and despite a minimal budget, David Moyes desperately needs some


new faces in this month's transfer window for his threadbare squad


to have any decent chance So Sunderland are out but,


as I mentioned, Newcastle have a great chance to join


Middlesbrough in round four. Tonight the Magpies are at home


to Birmingham City in a third-round replay, looking to earn themselves


a trip to Oxford United. However the focus of the manager's


press conference was not on the match but on his transfer


policy, and his relationship with the club's owner,


as Jeff Brown reports. If there were fans,


and others around the club, who questioned the summer signing


of 33-year-old Daryl Murphy, the Irishman has given his


answer in recent weeks. First the goal which ultimately


earned United their second And then the weekend


winner at Brentford, which took Newcastle back to the top


of the Championship. The suggestion is that Rafa Benitez


has managed to soften a policy which saw the club only signing


players with a sell-on value. People think that I like to sign


old players and it's not the case. Our team is one of the youngest,


or in the middle in terms of average age, in the division


so I like to sign young players to develop them, to improve them,


and at the same time to sign So you need a player like Murphy,


he can make a difference, so he has to be an important player


for us during the season, so we will try to do the same


and I am confident we can sign Benitez hopes to bring


in a couple of new faces before But the reappearance of owner


Mike Ashley at recent games has prompted the question -


who has the final say? It's a cheeky question


that the final say is simple to say so what I need is to be sure


we have the list of players I would like to sign


and after it is yes or no, it depends on a lot of things,


but it is not a problem. The question now is we are working


very hard, I am confident we will do well and we will sign what we need


and hope fully before the end of the window you will ask me


about the new signing or whatever. So the message is -


watch this space. And if you're not going to the game,


you can see highlights of tonight's replay on a special FA Cup Match


of the Day, here on BBC One, straight after our late


news bulletin, at 10.45. City of York Council has defeated


a legal challenge that it's claimed could have further delayed


York's Community Stadium project. A planning judge at London's High


Court dismissed a challenge brought by rival cinema operator Vue


Entertainment. Vue was contesting the authority's


decision to approve plans for a larger cinema on the stadium


site at Monks Cross There's still no timescale


on when the new complex Finally from me, the cricket world


is mourning the death, at the age of 76, of Yorkshire


bowler Peter Kippax. The leg-spinner played


for his native county for 14 years, But for 15 years he played


for Durham, in their Minor Counties heyday, before moving


across to join neighbours I am hoping that we can get through


the weather forecast because you are on an ice rink.


If you are hoping for some Torvill and Dean moves then you will be


disappointed. The Brownies from Chester-le-Street will be throwing


some fancy shapes. Things are relatively mild January as things


stand. I felt slightly milder weather might because in problems


with the ice rink but apparently they have special chillers. One


thing about this plank of -- blanket of cloud is it means the


temperatures are pretty flat. An awful lot of cloud tonight, maybe


the odd spot of drizzle, poor visibility on high ground


especially. But we should be frost free. Only the odd break in the


cloud. South-westerly breeze. A bit of a grey and murky and misty start


tomorrow. Should be mostly dry and we should see some breaks in the


cloud, the exception not the rule. Temperatures tomorrow around 8-9. We


maintain that very light south-westerly breeze. The pressure


sequence, the breezes coming round to the high-pressure anticyclone


which is keeping things settled. It looks like the high-pressure will


start to decline but it will hang on through the weekend probably to keep


things settled and keep the Atlantic weather fronts at bay. For the next


few days, Thursday and Friday, a lot of cloud, generally dry and


temperatures in single figures. For the weekend, a subtle change takes


place, the cloud will become more broken underneath the centre of the


high-pressure so we should see a little more brightness through the


day but clearer skies overnight could allow the temperatures to drop


cold enough for a touch of frost. Brighter skies for many on Saturday


and Sunday but paying the price with colder overnight temperatures. You


can keep up-to-date with the BBC weather app and the BBC local radio


station. Sorry, no fancy moves tonight but lots of people are


enjoying the ice rink here. I can't believe he didn't even trip


up once. We were all looking for it.


It spoiled the fun bit! Hello. I hope you're well.


I really do.


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