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Martin McGuinness is stepping down from politics for


Fire fighters sent home in a row over new fire


A couple get help from a call handler 300 miles away when their


I recall him an angel. That is quite humbling actually, I have never been


described as an angel before. A key component of Sunderland's


new bridge reaches And the public get their say


on artistic ambition In football, there's FA


Cup joy for Newcastle. Middlesbrough bring


back an old favourite, And Hartlepool pin their hopes


on a new boss, with more than 800 An emergency meeting is being held


tonight between unions and fire fighters in North Yorkshire


in a row over new-style On Monday, two fire fighters


were sent home from Scarborough after refusing to operate


the new vehicles, known as TRVs. It meant other equipment was out


of action because there was no Last night, another fire-fighter


was told to go home. Ian White is at the fire service


headquarters in Northallerton. This is the new tactical


response vehicle, Scarborough is the first place


in the country to have one, and it's already the


centre of controversy. The Fire Brigade's Union


say it should be manned by four fire fighters,


but North Yorkshire fire chiefs say they only want three fire


fighters crewing it. When union members refused to staff


it last night and on Monday, bosses sent them home


and locked them out. One of the fire fighters


who refused to crew this tactical response vehicle


was actually the only fire fighter on shift qualified to operate this


aerial ladder platform. That meant this vehicle


was then put out of action, and the nearest aerial ladder


platform was 25 minutes away, and would have


to come from Bridlington. The union claims the new vehicles


are unsafe to use, because they're On Monday, in Scarborough,


we had a situation created by the Chief Fire Officer,


which meant the people and public of Scarborough were down to one fire


engine and didn't have any When our members were at work,


prepared to ride them We're at the point now where,


if staff are unwilling to ride them, they're unfortunately in breach


of contract, and we'll continue to send them home without pay


until they will ride them. If they refuse to ride


the tactical response vehicles, there is no other work


for them to do. The other fire engine


at Scarborough was fully crewed, so it's not like we have another


response vehicle for them to crew. So until they're able


to fulfil their contracts, Tadcaster and Northallerton,


when it's feared the Unions and management


are holding more talks today. And Ian White is live


outside fire brigade headquarters in Northallerton


with an update for us. Good evening, this has been a


dispute brewing for a couple of years but it came to a head this


week when fire fighters were sent home for refusing to operate these


new vehicles. Today, management and unions have been meeting here at


headquarters, that ended a short time ago and I managed a quick word


with the Assistant Chief Fire Officer.


We provided an offer to the union which they will take away and


Hopefully if that is acceptable to them, then we will be


able tomorrow afternoon to resolve that part of the dispute that


relates to tactical response vehicles.


To allow that to happen, we have agreed for night shifts and day


shift tomorrow not sending anyone home.


The FBU is considering its position as there is a new deal on the table.


We don't know the fine detail but it looks as if this is some way of


helping to resolve some parts of this very complicated dispute here


in north Yorkshire. The FB you welcomed the meeting and say they


are in a better position than last time -- this time yesterday.


A couple from Surrey have described a north-east call


handler as "an angel" for talking them through


the delivery of their baby under the stairwell of their home.


The mother had gone into a sudden and complicated labour,


and was trying to get out of the door to a taxi,


for urgent medical help was answered 300 miles away in Newcastle.


Our health reporter Sharon Barbour has this exclusive story.


It was a 111 call Simon Williams in Newcastle had been trained for,


A couple 300 miles away needed urgent medical


He said, the baby is coming. That was it.


From my mouth, it came the same, the baby was coming out.


Simon knew if things went wrong, the lives of both mother


Then an indication of a serious complication.


There is one question he answered yes to which hurried things up a


little bit. It was that the waters were stained brown. That means the


baby is getting stressed. They were in Surrey and N London


Ambulance was on its way. But when a taxi they'd


called earlier arrived... Evidence the baby was also


on its way was all over the dad. When he saw my dress, all the blood,


everything on my shirt because the baby meant blood was all around.


Within a few minutes, the sound of a baby crying.


Oh, she is alive and healthy. Yes, there was a tear in my why --


in my eye. When the baby came out, I didn't


even realise it was male or female. He was asking, do we have a girl or


boy? We said yes.


I looked up and there were all these people standing around me, people


popping up from the cubicles. There was a round of applause.


The family couldn't believe their call was being


But Vocare, based in the north-east, now manage 111 services


It's rare for 111 call handlers to meet their patients.


has travelled come down from the north-east


and is about to arrive to meet the little girl


In the end she had to be delivered here, under the stairs.


Hello! Simon! Thank you.


All in a gay's work. Bless your hard work.


Not even the save one life but the two macrolides -- all in a days


work. That is quite humbling, I have never


been called an angel before. I wonder how you felt seeing him?


It feels really good actually. Dad was a real hero here. I couldn't


have done that in his situation, I would have been crying on the floor.


Cumbria's Ambulance Service "requires improvement",


following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission.


Staff shortages and the treatment of mentally ill patients were


The North West Ambulance Service insists improvements have been made.


It comes as Cumbria's Police And Crime Commissioner warns lives


could be at risk if plans to reorganise the county's health


services place further pressures on police and ambulance services.


The demand placed on Cumbria's emergency services has never


There's concern plans to remove some services from the hospital


in Whitehaven will force hundreds of extra patients to be transferred


to Carlisle every year, placing greater strain not just


on ambulance staff but on the police officers who're


On an almost daily basis, police are being called to support the NHS


It is not a core role for the police.


Whenever that happens, they are taken away


Clearly, my concern is, if this were to get worse,


then the police don't have the resources to do it either.


Based on accident statistics the A595 is one of the most


It's often obsturcted by flooding and can be treacherous in winter.


It's this road and the 40-mile journey between Whitehaven


and Carlisle that's the the main concern for Peter McCall.


In a letter to the Success Regime, the body


oversseing changes to health services here, he says he'd be


failing in his duty to the Cumbrian public if he didn't raise concerns


about increased patient transfers, and the knock-on effect that


would have on his officers already supporting


A worry shared by the Police Federation.


Whilst police officers are waiting for the ambulance, medical staff


to arrive, jobs are backing up, and the public are sitting around


We don't want to blame other people for our non-attendance


but unfortunately as we have said all too often now that is the case


and something really does need to be done.


A dedicated ambulance service is being considered


as a means of easing pressure on existing staff.


But Peter McCall wants reassurances any plans have been properly tested


Ultimately, if we don't get this right, it really does endanger lives


and no one wants to be in that position.


A spokesperson for the Success Regime said all responses


to the consultation are being independently analysed,


and that analysis will be considered when final decisions are made.


Two men from Sunderland have appeared in court


in connection with an attempted Post Office robbery.


It follows an incident on Monday at Ford Post Office


George Tumilty, who's 31, was remanded in custody,


while 45-year-old Kevin Jarvis was released on bail.


They'll appear at Newcastle Crown Court next month.


Millions of pounds of European money designed to help flood-hit areas


?15 million of cash has been allocated from Brussels.


But almost all of it will be used to pay off a fine imposed


by the European Union for mis-spending money


The Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, the MP


for Westmorland and Lonsdale, told the House of


Whoever's fault it was that a fine was incurred,


the fault of communities such as mine in Cumbria.


Will he commit that all of that money coming to those


communities, or at the very least there to be a debate on the matter.


David Lidington, the Leader of the House of Commons,


told Mr Farron that an adjournment debate is probably the best way


forward, and he will look into the matter of the European


A new boat to help in flooding and rescue situations has been


Cannons were fired by members of Pickering Rotary Club


which helped to raise the funds needed for the new raft.


It can carry eight people and is ideal to help rescue people


These guys cover 15 rivers in North Yorkshire so it's a super


We're obviously very grateful to the people of Rydale


and York in particular who have donated money.


This boat allows us to carry four people both into properties


if we need to apply care to people trapped in the property,


but to evacuate people and paddle rather than wade,


A significant milestone in the construction of a new bridge


over the River Wear at Sunderland has been reached today.


The centrepiece of the bridge, a 100-metre-tall pylon,


was brought up the river by barge to the construction site.


The pylon's now being prepared ahead of it being lifted into position


Our business correspondent Ian Reeve reports.


And the barge carrying the centrepiece of the new Wear


From port to site, a journey of three miles,


Time though to savour what will be a new landmark,


And after a journey that started across the North Sea,


in a Belgian fabrication yard two weeks ago, the bridge


The weather's been brilliant, lovely, calm weather.


And we've had the rising tide with us as well,


as we came up the river, we had the tide to help us along.


We are where we expected to be, still on target


And today is a big milestone along that programme,


and working towards achieving that completion date.


The claim is that the new bridge between Pallion and Castletown


will bring developments that could create 6,000 jobs.


Local engineer Amy has already benefited.


I went over to Belgium to see it, and didn't fully


appreciate the scale when it was in the factory.


But now I can actually see it, where it is, I think it's really


But the next thing to watch out for is when the pylon


That should happen either at the end of this month


And when the pylon is in place, it'll be over 100 metres


tall, twice the height of Gateshead's Millennium Bridge,


no doubt a very important statistic for Wearside to boast about.


Ian Reeve, BBC Look North, Sunderland.


Plenty more to come in tonight's Look North.


Later in sport, we hear from the new man


While on the coast, an artistic ambition


Weather-wise, high pressure remains in charge.


So no dramatic changes over the next few days.


The Gateshead Angel, the Newbiggin Couple,


All of them are monumental works of public art that have raised


Now Hartlepool Council is planning a sculpture for the seafront


in Seaton Carew that it's hoped will become a major


tourist attraction, and local people are being urged


Some of them do reflect the town itself like a fish.


We were a fishing port. Fish, fishermen, blowing snow globe, what


would be your choice for the signature cult -- sculpture?


They tried to reflect what Hartlepool means. One of them is


like a fish. Now, some people might like that. I


would encourage local people, anybody else, to actually look at


them and vote which they would prefer to see in this area.


That is better by a country mile. I like that one.


Excellent. Without a shadow of a doubt. Hartley


called. Why is that? It says Hartlepool,


fishing based. It is Alan nickname.


It looks the biggest. So, when you are driving past, strangers into


Seaton. My brother-in-law is a fisherman. I


like that. It would bring back a little bit of the fishing side to


the town. I agree with that.


I think that one might stand out a bit more.


I think we are going for the fish. The fish.


So, the fish it is. It is funny, hands down.


I think some would be scared coming down here and seeing that.


It's a bit creepy. I like that one. Simple.


That is like an illuminated globe. I like the fish.


That is the best one. I like the fish and the ships.


In recent years, Seaton Carew has been in the headlines because of the


activities of one back from the dead canoeist John Darwin. One cheeky


suggestion for a sculpture in Seaton Carew might be an upended canoe.


One of them looks like a canoe but it actually looks like a leaf with a


belt on. We need to get away from that. That is cheeky.


We are where we are. And where we are is Seaton Carew, gateway to


Hartlepool. If you have a favourite amongst these choices of sculpture,


go to the Hartlepool Council website and boat.


It is a good debate already. And Adrian joins us


now from Seaton Carew. Adrian, who's paying for this


sculpture, and what's Council tax payers can rest assured


there is a bid into the Coastal Communities Fund the ?600,000 by


Hartlepool Council for various improvements between here and


Hartlepool town centre. Another sculpture in Hartlepool. This


signature sculpture on Seaton Carew seafront. The only sculpture at


present is this plinth behind me which commemorates the opening of


the Esplanade by his worship the Met in 1905. They want something more


spectacular. People can vote on the Council website, we have the address


up their fear now. -- For you now. It could be up to 20 feet high. And


from that poll of nine people in my report! Six were going for the fish.


Two thirds of the electorate... I'm not sure the councillor was that


infused. We will see. Voting closes on January 30.


Just a few days after parting company with Craig Hignett,


there's a new man at the helm of Hartlepool United.


Dave Jones is a highly-experienced manager.


Now he's been given the task of steering Pools away


With a managerial career spanning more than 800 matches,


A CV including Cardiff, Wolverhampton, Southampton,


Stockport and most recently in 2013 Sheffield Wednesday.


Why put his reputation on the line now?


It's a good club, it's got a good feelgood factor around it.


Are you scratching an itch to get back management?


Doesn't matter whether I am 21, 51 or 61, it's always been there.


My passion for football is the same as it was when I first started.


Jones, 60, has been appointed days after


With Hartlepool hovering just above the relegation zone,


in a difficult financial climate, and urgently needing a pick me up


We are in better shape than what the position


But, yes, to come in to a League Two club with a Premier League


experience is a fantastic effort by everyone at the club.


Just because he's been out as a manager for years, he hasn't


But he brings a whole wealth of experience on top of a modern day


philosophy he will introduce into the club.


Dave Jones is pretty happy with his managerial CV so far.


He doesn't want to spoil it by not succeeding at Hartlepool.


But he knows better than anyone that in the lower reaches of League Two,


He will formally take the reins on Monday after Pool's


Newcastle United have joined Middlesbrough in the fourth


League Two Accrington, the Magpies have a trickier tie


That's their reward for easing past Championship rivals


Birmingham City in last night's third round replay


Maybe it wasn't a full-strength team, but the return


of Jonjo Shelvey was something for Newcastle to get excited about.


And it didn't take long for the midfielder to show


them what they've missed during his five-match ban.


An inch-perfect through ball for Yoan Gouffran, and


Matt Ritchie did what was required, and the Magpies were on their way.


And Shelvey's free-kick led to Newcastle doubling


Manager Rafa Benitez gave debuts to young defender Stuart Findlay,


midfielder Dan Barlaser and winger Yasin Ben Al-Mahnni,


against a team thumped 4-0 on their last visit just


This time, Birmingham put up a bit more of a fight.


David Cotterill making it 2-1, with just under 20 minutes to go.


But, as City pressed for an equaliser, Shelvey


was once again the main man, setting up Ritchie


Obviously, you have too many games but it is always good to win.


The main thing is to be sure we have as many players as we can ready.


And hopefully for the next game we will have a couple


Middlesbrough's new signing Patrick Bamford is sure to be given


a warm reception if he makes the squad for Saturday's


The 23-year-old completed the move from Chelsea last night,


thought to be worth an initial ?6 million.


Bamford was Championship Player Of The Year a couple of seasons ago,


when his goals helped take Boro to the play-off final.


The head coach believes the youngster will adapt well.


He can be a good player in Premiership.


Again, he has goals in his head, he's always trying to score.


That mentality is the mentality we need at the moment.


A full weekend preview tomorrow. Paul has said there's not much


happening in the weather! Some people have referred to the


weather as being boring. It suits the weather picture


providers find with the quiet weather. Here are the boats on the


Northumberland coast. And some natural brightness coming through


here. Those breaks in the cloud have given one or two bright intervals


through the day and overnight it could cause some issues. Tonight,


mostly dry, mostly cloudy. Mostly frost free. Where there is little


gaps appear in the cloud there could be a touch of frost in a fuse box.


Mostly a cloudy picture through the night, thick enough for drizzle.


Nothing much more than that. Most places will stay frost free.


Temperatures no colder than four Celsis, watch out for localised


pockets of Frost in outlying areas of the north-east. Tomorrow, mostly


dry but mostly cloudy. Breaks in the cloud will be few and far between,


the exception rather than the rule. Most places should have a dry day.


Very light winds, temperatures up to eight Celsius in afternoon. High


pressure has been dominating over the last few days and continues as


we head into the weekend. That will probably hold on well into next week


keepy uppies @ tic fronts to the west, keeping things quiet --


keeping things quiet on the weather front. At the weekend, a subtle


change, slightly less cloud, and increased chance of blue sky in the


day. It will turn the corner, daytime temperatures six Celsis on


Saturday, overnight under clear skies, a risk of Frost. That


somewhat brighter weather continues into Sunday, dry again, temperatures


cooler, five Celsius. Watch out for those overnight frosts returning. We


will keep you up-to-date on your BBC local radio station.


Join us again after the Ten O'Clock News.


When unlocking the secrets of your past...


..you never know what the future holds.


It's such a rush of history and walking back in time.


How incredible, to have something like this?


I feel he was the kind of guy I could have got on with.


I can't tell you how much he looks like my dad.


Seeing how these things all fit together.


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