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Claims there aren't enough fire fighters


Carlisle had only five full-time firefighters on duty.


They're allegations the fire service refutes.


A warning about fracking from the owner


of one of the region's most prestigious tourist attractions.


Leading politicians are among many paying their respects,


at the funeral of former MP John Cummings.


The sound of the Last Night of the Proms arrives in Cumbria.


And can Newcastle lose 100,000 pounds?


We're joined by TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall,


In sport, we look ahead to another weekend of struggle


for our Premier League clubs as the battle continues


And can Newcastle keep the fans smiling and follow up


their FA Cup win with victory over bottom club Rotherham


has been left without enough firefighters to keep people safe.


The fire brigades' union says, only recently,


just five full-time firefighters were on duty in the city,


potentially putting residents at risk.


But fire service managers say the union is being "alarmist".


Our correspondent, Mark Denten, is in Carlisle tonight.


It basically depends on you are talking to. Are you talking to the


fire service management income area or are you talking to the Fire


Brigade union? Let's take a look at what the FBU in Carlisle are saying.


They are particularly concerned about Christmas Day, at the back end


of last year. Christmas Day night specifically, when they saved there


were just four or five full-time firefighters and UD in the entire


city of Carlisle. They say that situation was unsafe for people in


the city, and they don't wince the -- don't mince their words on this,


they say the situation was really dire. That is the response from the


union? What other management saying? They


accepted those figures of just four or five full-time crews and UD on


Christmas Day. They say that back-up crews could be brought in and the


instances have fallen by 30% over the last ten years. Was it a dire


situation? He was the deputy chief fire officer.


That's absolutely ludicrous to suggest we're in a dire situation.


Over the Christmas period, we would have, on average,


Yes, the union are right to say that,


there was only one of the two fire engines available,


but what I can say is there is adequate


from the nearby retained fire stations, such as Longtown,


So what is the minimum number of firefighters needed for a city like


Carlisle? The simple answer is there isn't a


minimum figure. That is defined by local decisions in the fire service.


There is not a national figure. So a question for the deputy chief fire


officer from me. Is the line one firefighter


on an engine, say? But a lot of services


across the country are now looking at reduced crews to low-level


incidents, such as rubbish fires, and that is something


that we will look at income breath. I think I will go back to my earlier


point that, you know, we've got to remember that we got


38 fire stations across the county, Every fire engine


that is dispatched, does have back-up crews


at the same time. Cumbria Fire and rescue service so


they are recruiting. In fact, 12 new full-time firefighters. Their


training next month, and they will start work on a shift in June of


this year. It's already deeply controversial,


and divides opinion. And now the owner of one


of North Yorkshire's largest tourist attractions says he's worried


about the negative impact fracking Nicholas Howard -


from Castle Howard, near Malton - says it's taken a long time


to change perceptions He fears people could now think


twice about paying a visit. Places like Castle Howard are


the reason people come to Yorkshire. Last summer, record numbers


flocked to the region. But here there's a growing concern


that plans to frack for gas could have a detrimental


impact on the economy. And there is the whole


business of the air quality. And the perceived effect,


even if it's not as great as we expect it might be,


the perception of it will be great. While Rydale is known as one


of the most beautiful places in the country,


people are going to flock to it. But if it's known a place


where there are endless gas fields, At the moment, only one site


in the region has planning permission


to carry out the controversial


drilling technique. But it's thought shale gas


is located under much of Yorkshire. The industry insists existing


conventional gas sites and going forward disruption


will be temporary. There has certainly been a lot


of protest activity, a lot of noise


made around our industry. But I do think that gives us


a responsibility to show to people that we can produce this


in a sensitive way that doesn't have too much


of an impact on local people. And that's up to us


as an industry to demonstrate. At the moment,


much of the noise referred to This one is directly on the route


of this year's Tour de Yorkshire. But protesters say they wouldn't


be here if the industry wasn't. For the organisation responsible


for selling the region's image, Every day, regionally,


nationally and internationally But, you know, at


Welcome to Yorkshire, we are the brand guardians


for the Yorkshire brand, and we will work hard or even harder


to make sure that that brand grows Tourism has always been a massive


part of Yorkshire's economy, but since the Tour de France,


things have really picked up, and no-one wants to see


that progress backpedal. It had she has confirmed it is


bidding for the HST trains. The company's factory


in Newton Aycliffe, in County Durham, is currently


assembling Intercity Express trains. The HS2 contract


is worth ?2.75 billion. And the Copeland by-election


in West Cumbria will take place The contest was announced


after the sitting MP, Jamie Reed - announced his resignation


earlier this month. And MPs from our region are calling


for a new Government strategy It follows claims


that funding cuts to improve their


qualifications and skills. They've written to ministers


after suggestions the number of over-25s returning to education


has been falling. But ministers say they've increased


support for apprenticeships, and introduced loans


to support older students. Our political correspondent,


Luke Walton, has more. They're back to class, even though


they left school years ago. Adult education has seen funding


and participation fall, but these two say they're


improving their future Now she's learning to weld to help


her become a sculptor of metalwork. Alan was made redundant


from his job as a steelworker. He hopes this access course


will lead to university and a chance


to study social work. Both see the experience


as life changing. It opens up a new world,


there's a new world If you are made redundant,


it's not the end of the world. The standards are very high,


so that sense of satisfaction, of achieving, getting your pass


and your exam pieces and your practical pieces


is a fantastic feeling. Here at Hartlepool College,


all ages take part in academic But government austerity


has had an impact. Fewer students,


there's fewer courses. About ten years ago, we were quite


vibrant four nights a week. We've cut that down out


of three nights a week. But, again, we've got a lot on offer


for the adults of Hartlepool, but it's getting more and more


difficult to do that with the funding regime


that's in place. In a letter to ministers,


Labour MPs warn the cuts to adult education are worsening


a shortage of skills But the Government's


supporters are more positive. We've also got the apprenticeship


levy, which will deliver around 3 billion a year by the end


of the Parliament, from large employers, to help fund


the apprenticeship system. So there is


a better financial envelope that should


support local education. Never too late to learn,


but in a fast-changing world, the challenge is to equip


all generations to change with it. More on this on Sunday Politics


from 11am this Sunday. The funeral's taken


place of John Cummings, He represented the County Durham


constituency for 13 years, Among the mourners today


were many current Labour MPs from the North East,


as Ian Reeve reports. The last journey


of the last of a kind. John Cummings was a fifth-generation


miner, down the pit at 15. as well as being Easington's


Labour MP for 23 years. There's nowhere else


in the British coalfield All the pits in the space


of five or six miles. John had a lot of problems


with the pit closure programme. But he also had a very clear


commitment, not just to the Labour Party and socialism,


but also to this community. He was also good fun,


and he had a wicked sense of humour which was something that brought


a human touch to politics But John certainly had that,


and cared about people. Mr Cummings was interred


in the churchyard Around him, scores of miners killed


underground through the years. A surely fitting final resting place


for this MP, for this miner. and you're watching


Friday's Look North. Dawn looks ahead to


the weekend's sport. Plus, "from Ibiza to


the Norfolk Broads". The one man play about


David Bowie's North Yorkshire roots. And it's looking mostly dry through


this weekend. Some sunshine to be had, but it will be feeling cold.


Join me later for the full forecast. Now, he's one of classical music's


most famous conductors, known for his performances


at the annual Proms concerts, Sir Andrew Davis conducts pieces


from three composers for the BBC Philharmonic


at the city's Sands Centre. He's been speaking


to Mark McAlindon. Sir Andrew Davis splits his time


between his home in Chicago and life on the road in Britain


and Australia, leading some Today, however, he's back


in the land of his birth This evening, his first visit


to the border city of Carlisle. This afternoon, he led rehearsals


ahead of tonight's performance. I think it's immensely important


that the smaller centres are exposed to great


live orchestral music. It's terribly important,


because you can listen to music on all sorts of media now but,


actually, there is no substitute for the experience of


a symphony orchestra live. I mean, this is a sports hall,


not one of the great halls, if you like, but you think you can


create the right atmosphere for those who are coming


to the concert tonight? I imagine the acoustic


is drier than some places, but I'm sure it will bring


lots of clarity. And I'm told the audience here


is very enthusiastic and receptive. Still on a musical theme -


you might, possibly, associate a couple of music legends


with North Yorkshire, but David Bowie probably


isn't one of them. Well, just over a year


after his death, a one-man play based on the icon


is about to tour our region. It's called From Ibiza


To The Norfolk Broads - a classic line from


the song Life On Mars. A bit closer to home, our reporter,


Phil Chapman, has been discovering Bowie's


many Yorkshire connections. Since David Bowie died,


his life and music have been But it's possibly just die-hard fans


who will be aware of and his 104-year-old auntie


recently passed away in York. And the man himself was deeply proud


of his Yorkshire roots. I've got to tell you,


my father was from Yorkshire. Yeah, well, somewhere between


Tadcaster, Doncaster and York. So he's from there and my mother's


family were from Lancashire. So when I hear someone


with your accent, By heck, I've supped


some stuff tonight. And Yorkshire fans everywhere


can always raise a pint in return Well, we all know about his


countless guises and personas over the decades, and a poignant


play about David Bowie features just one actor onstage,


playing nine different characters. And it's about to start touring


across North Yorkshire The main character in the story


is trying to find his dad Obviously, that's got


quite a strong connection who came from the North


Yorkshire region. David always wanted to come back


here and wanted to perform here, and it was always something


that he had a passion for. That's why it's


such a fantastic experience to be able to perform


in North Yorkshire. Alex is about to bring his one-man


play to York, Richmond, Sunderland and Hartlepool and,


after rave reviews in London, it starts in North Yorkshire at the


Helmsley Arts Centre on Saturday. Middlesbrough hope to edge a little


closer to Premier League safety when they host a revitalised


West Ham at the Riverside tomorrow. Second-bottom Sunderland,


following their midweek cup exit, face another tough away test,


this time at West Brom. either due to injury


or the Africa Cup of Nations - 11 players, at least half


of whom would command a place David Moyes has had a few


bitter pills to swallow The limited funds for January


transfers and an injury list contining several long-term


absentees to name just two. One player on the verge


of a comeback is striker Victor Anichebe, who's physical


presence is desperately needed. We really missed Victor,


because we're limited in how we can If we play really good football


and pass it through the lines and through the midfield


and into the forward players, then we're limited on how we can get


to the front line quickly. Moyes, who revealed that another


free agent, Joleon Lescott, has been training with the club,


admits he always knew the start of the year could prove to be


the toughest part of the season. January was going to be difficult


for us, with us losing three players We have already discussed the


injuries. So it was always going


to make it a tough month With the club already saying


they would be a limited budget to spend in January,


it meant that, for us, But we should be getting boys back


from the African Nations in the next couple of weeks,


and one or two more Hopefully that will help


push what we've got. Meanwhile, Aitor Karanka,


who this week added ex on-loan forward Patrick Bamford


to his squad, could be hoping another striker isn't available


to West Ham this weekend Andy Carroll is capable


of the spectacular but isn't the only threat to


the Boro back four. With players like them,


we'll have problems. But then we'll have to


figure it out ourselves, We're playing at home,


so we have to try and play our best and try to stop him,


stop them getting the ball to him. But behind him is Antonio,


there's a lot of players. It's top versus bottom


in the Championship when Newcastle take


on Rotherham tomorrow, unless Brighton regain


the number one spot tonight. And this Korean fan snapped


by a supporter at the FA Cup game on Wednesday has travelled


5,500 miles to watch it. League positions suggest it should


be plain sailing for the Magpies, but The Millers forced the leaders


to grind out a victory Christian Atsu scored Newcastle's


winner back in the Autumn but Rotherham didn't give them


an easy ride. Interim boss Paul Warne


says his side will go down as legends if they beat


Newcastle at St James' Park, much as Iceland did when they beat


England in the Euros. To be fair, it's something


that we have seen during the whole season, so we play against teams


that give almost everything you watch the games before


and after, and there's a big difference in terms


of their approach. But if you are in the top


five of the division, So I'm happy because that means


they consider us very strong. But, at the same time,


we also have to give a little Jonjo Shelvey's performance


in the Magpies midweek FA Cup win showed just how much he's been


missed during his five-game ban and the players


are delighted to have him back. He can do things that other players


in the team can't do. If we had 11 Jonjo Shelveys,


then the team wouldn't work. If we had 11 Isaac Haydens,


the team wouldn't work. So it's about getting the balance


right and, obviously, he brings that certain balance


to the team and it was good to see him play so well


on Wednesday night and hopefully Benitez is remaining tight-lipped


over speculation linking Andros Townsend with a return


to Newcastle but says there's no truth in the rumour that goalkeepers


Rob Elliot may be loaned out and Tim Krul may return


from a loan spell at Ajax. In League Two, Carlisle


are at Accrington Stanley tomorrow, looking to end a run of three


games without a win. And Hartlepool take on Stevenage


with new manager-to-be Dave Jones Sam Collins will be in charge,


before Jones officially steps back into management on Monday,


after a three-year break. Well, I haven't been


out of football. I've been in football in some


capacity, but I just haven't been in the dressing


room, as such. But everything else that surrounds


it, I thought it might be something I wanted to do,


but the lure of being in the dugout and hopefully doing what I do best


is what brought me back. In basketball, Newcastle Eagles


are back in league action tonight - after lifting the BBL Trophy last


week, for the third year running. They'll be parading


the trophy ahead of the game against Worcester Wolves


at Sport Central, and that's a match you can see,


live, on the BBC Sport website, Player coach Fab Flournoy will be


hoping his side can avoid a repeat of last year's defeat by Wolves that


followed the Eagles' Cup victory. Newcastle are still top of the


table, but rivals Leicester Riders are just two points behind them


with a game in hand. Now, he's already led


a war on food waste, and called for more


compassion in farming. Well, the celebrity chef


Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is launching


a new social experiment, and it's being launched


in Newcastle. And I'm delighted to say Hugh


has come all the way from River Cottage to be with us,


here in the studio, to tell us more. What is it all about? Well, it is a


fantastic opportunity for a whole city to come together and tackle


something that we know is a serious problem in this country, and it's


the problem of people being overweight, the obesity crisis is


talked about all the time. But we're not making much progress. Within the


next ten years, Britain, if it carries on this trajectory, will be


the fattest country in Europe. So we need to take action, and there are


no easy answers. What I am hoping is that a great city like Newcastle,


coming together, the community spirit, the city that brought the


Great North Run to Britain, I think Newcastle can do something


remarkable. It is about people supporting each other and trying to


get past that taboo of talking about weight. Is it a very unhealthy city?


It is not exceptionally unhealthy, but it is in line with those


national trends. Nearly two thirds of us now are overweight, roughly


30% classed as obese. This is the point at which your weight becomes a


threat to your health. So if we do this coming Newcastle could become a


healthier city. I have a little money to put into the pot. You will


have two start tomorrow. I have some emotional material for the campaign.


If you sign up for the website here in Newcastle, you are taking part,


and we will be here, I will be coming back to Newcastle regularly


throughout the day, and we will see if this city, in the course of the


next year, can lose 100,000 to won in weight. How


much is that? It could be 10,000 people losing ten lbs in weight. If


we get there, we will be making an impact on the health of the city. We


will get statistics we can measure and improvements. It is a problem


for GPs all over Britain. We need to get it out in the open and get


people brave enough to get people to take action and support each other


while they are doing it. Is it that all sugar -- is it that all sugar,


which is worse? The short answer is probably sugar. It is about changing


habits, and that is where your friendship and support group comes


in. We will be in touch with some of the big employers in the city,


trying to get their employees involved. It is great to be out in


the city, meeting people. If any city in the UK can do it, it is


Newcastle. Great stuff. We will be following it with interest.


Someone else who keeps fit with the London Marathon, Jennifer has the


weather. We have had a lot of cloud this


week, but as we can see from this picture, the sunshine was starting


to break through. We will see some decent spells of sunshine this


weekend. It will be mostly dry, but it is going to be feeling cold.


Let's take a look at these things this evening and overnight. We have


had a bearing that a cloud which is moving northwards. Clear skies


overnight, leading to a widespread frost. They might be some patchy


mist and fog as well. Temperatures in town about freezing, but in rural


spots, -2 minus three degrees. A crisp start to Saturday morning.


Beautiful blue sunshine. But we will see the cloud pushing in through the


afternoon. For parts of North Yorkshire, by 3pm, we will start to


see some outbreaks of light rain or drizzle. As we come to North


Northumberland, it will still be quite bright, and Cumbria has


sparkling blue sunshine through the afternoon. Temperatures around four


or five Celsius. The cloud spreads to or parts overnight. They might be


some patches of drizzle, falling as snow over a higher grounds, and


temperatures down to freezing or just above. Another cold start to


Sunday morning. Mostly dry, with some cloud around, but that will


break through the afternoon. Again, the swells of sunshine. Cooler


again, for five the maximum. The high pressure that has been keeping


everything settled stays in place. It is not until the middle part of


the week that we start to see some more weather fronts pushing in from


the Atlantic, and things turned breezy. As we go through Monday and


Tuesday, we looking at things staying settled. The high pressure


is still in place. Monday is another crisp, cold day, with Bagheera


spells of sunshine. It looks lovely, dry and settled. Again, dry on


Tuesday but with more cloud. Temperatures are starting to creep


up. Just before we go, if you want to


join Hugh's campaign, he will be in Newcastle. Goodbye.


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