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Hello, and welcome to Monday's Look North.


Jailed, the fake builders who cheated elderly


Meanwhile, police hunt three men who attacked a pensioner


and stole his life savings in a quiet County Durham village.


How one in five children in the north-east is brought up


in a home struggling to pay energy bills.


Why plans to re-introduce a wild cat into the countryside


In sport, we'll round-up all the weekend's football


And we'll bring you winners from around the world,


both with a pretty strong Cumbrian connection!


A judge called them despicable, a gang of fake builders who targeted


elderly people in our region, conning them out of


Another, an 87-year-widow, was pushed to the ground


In most cases, the gang took money without doing any work at all.


Tonight, three of them are in prison.


Well, our news correspondent Mark Denten is outside


The judge here today called it a despicable case of criminal conduct,


a gang of men who operated throughout our region targeting


deliberately vulnerable people, especially pensioners, and then


effectively robbing then, in some cases, of their life savings.


Far from being ashamed, they had celebrated, taking photos of one of


their victims to zest money, filming themselves celebrating.


The judge said they had a warped sense of achievement. Tonight, three


of them are locked up. Sunderland's suburbs,


many of the elderly One criminal gang called


it an opportunity. These men were part of it,


they posed as builders pressurising vulnerable


people into handing over thousands of pounds


for work that wasn't needed


and rarely carried out. Often using this red van,


they targeted pensioners including a former miner,


75-year-old George Metcalfe who, over a period of weeks,


withdrew ?30,000 from his bank account,


his The gang turned up here


on Newlands Avenue in Sunderland at the home


of Joan was knocked over


and fractured her hip A neighbour found her


but it was ten hours later. She had lain in this little


kitchen for ten hours screaming for help, and it was only


by chance somebody overheard her She died three months


later in hospital. Today, three members of the gang


were sent to prison, Lee Davidson for five years,


Philip Orton for three years and nine months,


The judge said the three men could not be held


criminally responsible for Mrs Barnett's death.


Another man, Levi Gales, 44, was charged with her


A statement by one of the neighbours with read out by a police officer


We've visited her in hospital but she seemed to have lost all interest


in life. One member of the gang is still on


the run, the judge adjourned his sentencing until he is recaptured.


Well, meanwhile, Durham Police are hunting three men who attacked


a pensioner and stole his life savings over the weekend.


It happened in the village of Coronation near Bishop Auckland.


Alison Freeman joins us from there now.


Police are calling this a horrific and terrifying attack on an elderly


man in his own home. Police were called after 8:30pm on


Saturday, the 77-year-old had gone to his coal shed when three men with


face coverings tackled him. They hit him over the head with a coal


shovel, dragged him inside, and searched his belongings.


They left with his life savings. The man did need hospital treatment but


fortunately his injuries were not serious.


We spoke to one of the victims's relatives who lives in the same


street and he described how quickly it all happened.


He said he didn't know, he said they were over the wall


The man is 77 years old with three young lads on top of him,


They took him to hospital and he stayed overnight.


I've lived here al lmy life and used to know every one in every house.


Do we know how much money was stolen?


Durham Police won't give the exact figure but say it is substantial,


his life savings, and are warning people not to keep large sums of


cash in their home. The officer in charge told us the impact it had had


on the victim. He is alone in his own


home, the one place you're supposed to feel safe


and comfortable in and this type of He's too old to put up much


of a fight and there were So, it's an absolutely


terrifying ordeal and something which no one


should have to go through. I've spoken to him every day


since this has taken place, several times, and he is just


devastated at the moment. He is just really struggling


to come to terms with it. He has a great family


behind him, though. The police say they need as much


information as possible to catch the three men responsible.


Back to you. A woman's died following a crash


involving a coach and a car It happened just off


the northbound side of the A19 The woman was taken


to the James Cook Hospital The driver of the coach,


which was empty at the time, You've probably heard of food banks,


but what about fuel banks? One-off payments are now being given


to families struggling One in five children


in the north-east is brought up in a home struggling


with fuel poverty. Kirsten O'Brien has been looking


at the problem for tonight's Jacqui and Michael Turnbull


live in Sacriston. Michael works as a security guard


at Durham University, and Jacqui is a student


and full time mum. Because you're trying


to provide for your family, and it just gets to the stage


where you just can't do it. How aware do you think


the kids are about it? Yes, my little girl definitely


does, my little boy I mean the first thing she says


to me in a morning is, Mummy, can we have toast today or do


we have to have cereal A four-year old shouldn't know


about that, they shouldn't 100,000 children are living in


the fuel poverty in the north-east. That's one in five of our children,


it's totally unacceptable. Fuel poverty is the inability to pay


for your fuel bills and having It's closely linked to general


poverty, but additionally there is inequality in the way


people are asked to In, Durham there is now a fuel bank


organised through the county's ?49 in the winter and ?30


in the summer is available for people on pre-


payment meters who've run out It came about because we found that


people who were coming to the food bank weren't just in crisis


for food, they also In some cases, couldn't even cook


the food that we gave them We are able to put them forward


for a voucher so they've got fuel to heat and cook the food


that we give them. When they turned around and said,


we can give you ?49 for your electricity,


I cried and said, how do I pay it And they explained and they said,


no, it's a gift, you don't But in our region, the scheme just


operates in County Durham, That's because only one


energy supplier, NPower, is prepared to fund the vouchers,


leaving thousands of Kirsten O'Brien, BBC


Look North, Durham. And you can hear from Energy UK,


the organisation representing energy suppliers, on whether or not it's


prepared to roll out the scheme nationally,


on tonight's Inside out A leisure centre closed by council


cuts in the deprived West End of Newcastle could re-open


this summer and be run The Friends Of Elswick Pool have


presented a business plan to the city council and hope


to become a successful trust. It's only been closed for 15 months,


but green algae already clouds However, a community group plans


to clean up the pool and re-open it by the end of the summer,


if the city council There is so much about the pool


that was really great before. So, we had the steam room, sauna,


swimming lessons, women only, but there is so much more


that the building could be. When we did community consultation,


people overwhelmingly said that they wanted things


like a soft-play area, So, we are really listening


to the community, and we want to be In an area with few


amenities, the pool and gym are hugely important for local


people's health and well-being. My son has had


swimming lessons here. I'd love my daughter


to have swimming lessons. It is not feasible to


get to any other pool. For people with disabilities,


it is a good pool. For young people with young


families, excellent. That is why I feel it is a great


loss to the community if we can't The man who has helped community


groups in both Jesmond and Fenham to run their own pools is now


advising the Elswick group. And he sees a bright


future for the site. It's a very, very good


building, Elswick Pool. And if I think of the ones I have


looked at around the country, It's a modern pool, has


fantastic facilities, but it needs a little bit of work


to get it back, before we can open Newcastle City Council says it's


worked with the Friends for a year now, and is committed to the pool's


reopening, but only when a long-term Adrian Pitches, BBC


Look North, Elswick. An MP wants a plan to re-introduce


a wild cat into Northumberland to be scrapped, because he says local


people don't want it to happen. Hexham's Guy Opperman says a survey


he carried out suggests nine in ten people in the Kielder area


are opposed to the lynx But those behind the plan insist it


does have local backing. Here's our political


editor Richard Moss. For solitude, a winter's day


in Kielder is ideal. How about shareing these forests


with the Eurasian lynx? It has been extinct in Britain


since the Middle Ages but a wildlife group wants to release at least ten


of them here. If I was to encounter


a lynx now, number one, What I'd be seeing is a cat 70


centimetres high to its shoulders, one metre in length,


weighing in at 20-40 kilos, a quarter to a half


of my body weight. Lynx Trust UK which is behind


the plans say the cats will control Local farmers feel they might


also fancy a nibble I cannot see the fact that they will


live entirely on deer. If there is a lamb a little bit slow


getting up onto its feet, You can't tell me that they aren't


going to say, I'm not It's a hard enough job eking


a living out of this landscape without the added problem


of another predator. The trust's stats suggest


only a handful of lambs will be taken each year,


and compensation is promised. A local MP says a survey he has done


shows the lynx will not be welcome. I went to the 400 residents


of the villages of the local area, and had a response from 96 houses,


a 25% response is actually very good Out of 96, 93 were


unequivocally against. There are enthusiasts, Michael Brown


runs Kielder's only pub. He said the lynx effect is something


the businesses desperately need. It is a dying area,


it's time for change. It will bring tourists


into rural areas with Curiosity will get the best


of people and will want to see them. I promise I didn't set this up,


propping up the bar is someone who has seen the lynx's


North American cousin. Canadian forester Zachary


is in Kielder to plant trees. To see one is rare, six


years back in Canada, and this past summer,


I've seen one. Not this dangerous and wild


creature, that would be the wolf. If you introduced wolves,


I'd be more worried. Those behind the plans insist


they are winning support well beyond the odd Canadian,


especially among the businesses. I have seen the survey done by Guy


and it is farcical, highly biased, the preamble is factually


inaccurate and misleading. Guy is in danger of damaging local


businesses and employment The lynx are a huge driver


for ecotourism, almost every business we spoke to in Kielder


is massively supportive Guy Opperman stands by his survey


but the trust hopes to get a license After more than 1,000 years away,


there are still divisions over whether this a cat Northumberland


wants to welcome back. Richard Morse, BBC


Look North, Kielder. Now, it was built in 1770 to produce


flour for families in York. Now, 247 years later,


Yorkshire's only working windmill And the team of people


who've restored the mill But they need more volunteers,


as Phil Connell reports. It was once one of hundreds of mills


in Yorkshire but today it is the only one left


that is working, found in the middle of Windmill Rise,


a residential street in York. Lots of orders this week,


we will have to do some milling. For a small team of volunteers,


the windmill has become Before they arrived,


it was derelict. In 2012 it was restored


to its former glory thanks to ten There were times we thought


we would never get that work done Yes, there were some real


heart in mouth periods. The mill now makes and sells around


30 bags of flour a week. To secure its long-term future


an appeal is being made A chance to learn skills that


have been passed down We have done the hard work


by getting the mill restored, but it is almost harder to keep it


in a decent condition. It is one thing getting the money


to do it in the first place but continuing the income is crucial


and volunteers are key. We would love anybody who has


the time and physical energy. It is quite a physical


job, to get involved. And take over from us old ones


who are beginning to see the end For anyone interested


in volunteering, there are two open days at the mill this weekend,


a chance to learn something Newcastle back on top


of the Championship, a win for Hartlepool's caretaker


boss, but more misery for our two As if they weren't short of enough


players, Sunderland defender Papy Djilobodji is facing


a four-match ban, having today been charged with violent


conduct for swiping out the referee had a good view, it was


an aggressive shove, I still think he will be banned.


He has already been sent off this season.


Victor Annatjie be has picked up a knee injury. Just back from another


injury. Opening that ligament, that will be


if you weeks. And this one as well.


A direct hit, not happy. Even before kick-off,


the Black Cats were back at the foot of the table


following Swansea's any great


response at the Hawthorns. And there was some pretty awful


defending for both goals. 11 players back here. Any set piece,


you have to look to win the first context.


Third, fourth, back in the net. What about this from the left back,


forcing a throw in. Good pressure, then you need to


react but he is facing the wrong place, ball still in play. West Brom


attacked the space left. A good ball into the box. They are unfortunate,


2-0 after 36 minutes, a mountain to climb.


David Moyes was not impressed. We are doing everything


we can to eradicate it but it is a disease


at the moment. I take responsibility


for that, I pick the That is what we have to tackle


at this moment in time. We have to hope that


our turn for results Well, like Sunderland, Middlesbrough


are in a bit of a rut right now, without a Premier League win


since before Christmas. And the home defeat to West Ham saw


head coach Aitor Karanka criticising fans as they urged the team


to attack more in the later stages. Always dangerous to have a go


at your own supporters, Steve? Newly promoted side, four points


clear of the relegation sign -- so, but the fans are unhappy with their


style of play. Andy Carroll getting a couple of


goals. You can't give him a run and leave him unmarked. Middlesbrough


got themselves back in the game, a good goal.


They have success in wide areas. But not getting on the end of it.


Apparently, we have heard this. And the Northern Echo reporting


chairman Steve Gibson has turned down a ?50 million offer


from a Chinese consortium The money he has put in, I think he


is entitled to more than that, and with his emotional attachment.


Patrick Bamford came on. But the manager wasn't happy after the game.


The last minutes, we weren't in the way that the crowd demanded.


Even last season, there were moments, we didn't score,


we didn't create one chance playing in that style.


Because we must decide to win more games.


A bit of leapfrogging going on in the Championship.


Brighton reclaiming top spot on Friday night,


before Newcastle beat bottom club Rotherham to retake


And, while it turned into a bit of a rout,


the Millers didn't make it easy for the Magpies, particularly


They nearly took the lead here, fortunate with that.


Clark came in and made an incredible save, straight off the training


ground. Darren Murphy is the man of the


moment. Great vision. Very difficult to turn with your back to goal.


After that, Newcastle ran away with it. They have had if you wobble is,


but they are strong enough to get through.


There was in a lot of consistency from the packs to catch them.


Shelvey dictating the plate, finding space. Good run from Ritchie.


A comfortable win. Brighton go back to the top of the championship if


they beat Cardiff. In League Two, caretaker boss


Sam Collins guided Hartlepool to victory over Stevenage,


as new boss Dave Jones Is Jones the right man


for the Pools job, Steve? I worked for Dave Jones at Scott


Port, a good appointment -- at Stockport. He is a good appointment.


Jason Kennedy here. It is not happening for Carlisle.


Two points from four games. Thank youth that can see you again


next week. -- thanking you for that. And Durham have signed South African


batsman Stephen Cook for the first But Ben Stokes was once again


England's hero as they beat India And he laid some demons


to rest in the process. Stokes hit an unbeaten 57 off just


39 balls and took three wickets, including key man Virat Kohli,


in a man of the match performance. A contrast to his nightmare


at Eden Gardens nine months ago, when Carlos Brathwaite hit him


for four successive sixes in the final over,


as the West Indies beat England There was a bit of banter


flying around leading up Yes, it's nice to come back


here and get rid of any of the bad It was another game


of cricket to focus on, In basketball, Newcastle Eagles


have been knocked off Ahead of the home game


with Worcester Wolves, they paraded the BBL Cup they'd won


five days earlier. But in a repeat of last


year's result, Worcester spoiled the party with a shock win


by 112 points to 103, as Leicester Riders pushed


the Eagles into second place. But we'll end with a winner,


because M Sport, run by Malcolm Wilson and based


in Cockermouth, yesterday won the world famous Monte Carlo Rally,


in the snow with Sebastien Ogier A huge achievement


for the Cumbrian team. And M Sport's first


World Rally win since 2012. Fantastic stuff, a bit of snow


there. We've heard the warning for really


severe cold. There is scope for some optimism.


Some optimistic weather pictures. A bit of frost in the Lake District


but sunshine as well the second picture, will leave Spaniel


delighted to see the sun rising. And a bit of optimism in the third


picture, as the snowdrops begin to appear in North Yorkshire.


It will get colder. A cold night tonight but not everywhere will see


a frost. Some cloud drifting in from the North west overnight. The


further south and east, the cold and you will be with dense and freezing


fog patches. Temperatures by the end of the night, subzero in those


colder clearer areas, just above freezing further north and west


where the breeze picks up as well. Tomorrow morning, that early frost


and fog will slowly lift and clear to be replaced by these cloudy


skies. Not as much blue sky as today, the classic enough in the


north and west Apache and light rain. Further east, the drier it


will stay. A range of textures after a frosty start. Only tomorrow


afternoon -- a range of temperatures. Eight Celsius in


Carlisle. The winds, a noticeable southerly breeze tomorrow. The winds


will be a feature of the weather. You can see the lines tightening up,


fairly windy conditions through the middle part of the week. Thursday,


we picked up a South easterly from the continent bringing in some


really cold air, bitterly cold. By the end of the week, the winds


swinging background to a south-westerly. -- Swinging back


around. Wednesday, temperatures up to eight Celsius but cooler in the


breeze. Thursday, temperatures much cooler in the east.


Wrap up warm. I was just checking, those pictures of that rally, it was


Monte Carlo in the snow! It is topsy-turvy.


Join us again just after the Ten O'Clock News.


To break someone physically... Agh! ..is not a problem.


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