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In tonight's headlines: so it's goodbye from me


A Conservative councillor and hunt master resigns after making


Pioneering treatment - a County Durham biker who's


paralysed from the waist down is learning to walk again.


I want to run again. I was very keen sportsman, extremely fit, I've done


the Great North Run so my ultimate goal is to do the Great North Run


again. Forget about dry January,


how about this dry bar? Opening tonight, it's


for people who want a night And child's play -


clown doctors celebrate their tenth birthday after last year's killer


clown craze put paid to their party. In football, Middlesbrough's head


coach stands by his criticism And one of Sunderland's injured


stars takes the first step North Yorkshire Police is


investigating after a confrontation First to the story of a man who's


making medical history. Andrew Bell was the first person


from the UK to undergo treatment that he hopes


will help him walk again. Andrew, who's from County Durham,


was left paralysed after a motorbike Doctors told him he


would never walk again. But, he's determined


to prove them wrong, and has just returned from a second


trip to Thailand where, doctors say, he's moving towards a point


where he will become the first patient with complete spinal


injury to be able to walk. Our health reporter Sharon Barbour


has this exclusive report. Standing is a remarkable


achievement for Andrew Bell. Indescribable to look at myself


in the mirror pretty The County Durham man


was paralysed from the waist down after a motorbike incident and told


he would never walk, But Andrew, a former fighter,


wasn't ever going to give up trying. He went out to Bangkok where doctors


injected millions of embryonic chord stem cells and an electrical


stimulator was fitted For the last three months he's


been back in Thailand And here he's been


learning to walk again. And for his mother, a birthday


message, delivered standing up. Hi mum, have a fantastic birthday,


sorry I can't be there but Having been told 18 months ago


that Andrew would never, he was paralysed, unable to stand


or walk again, and then to see on my birthday there is Andrew


in Thailand standing, Yes, I couldn't wish


for anything more. When we last filmed Andrew


he was starting to move his feet His progress, according


to a stem cell professor Phenomenal to say the least,


the fact he can stand for an hour with relatively little aid,


little support after such What we think is going


on is that the injected stem cells were capable of providing


what we call growth factors and other chemicals that induced


the stem cells which already exist in Andrew's body to


regenerate themselves. The doctors in Thailand believe


he may become the first patient with complete spinal chord injury


to be able to walk again. Andrew hopes for even


more than that. I want to run again,


I was a keen sportsman, extremely fit and I've done


the Great North Run so my ultimate goal is to do


the Great North Run again. And Andrew joins us live


here in the studio tonight. You were told you'd never walk again


- but you refused to accept that? Yet, I think I'm not that type of


person who was just going to lay down but as soon as I was told, my


initial reaction was to think, what can I do to prove to myself but


prove to anyone who will tell me I will never want for the rest of my


life, I am my own destiny and not somebody else telling me that. Do


you hope doing what you were doing will inspire others? Absolutely, I


know what my family and friends and is when I'm think mice can inspire


and give a bit of hope and let people know that our things


happening out there, you don't have to believe in what you are told. It


is a global world, you have been to Thailand twice now for treatment.


Where do you go from there? This time, now I have got back, I have a


good treatment programme I will do at home but ultimately I was like to


continue and do some rehab with the help of a physiotherapist either at


home but if not I may go out there for a longer period and do some


really intense rehab, but ideally if I could do would at home that would


be my number one priority. I guess money is a priority to fund this.


The treatment I have done out there has come out quite a cost but it's a


drop in the ocean considering I was told I would never wriggle a token


to be able to stand for an hour now, so absolutely. You have an amazing


outlook. I look forward to seeing you in the Great North Run. That is


my goal. Best of luck. A court's heard claims that a man


would rather be convicted of a horrendous murder


than reveal details Gareth Dack, who's 33,


is accused of strangling 79-year-old Norma Bell before setting fire


to her house in Dack denies murdering the pensioner


and today he told the court he couldn't be convicted


of something he didn't do. Gareth Dack described Norma Bell


as a wonderful woman who he knew well but at a cross-examination


by the prosecution he was today accused of trying to hoodwink


the court, telling lies and bending the truth as he tried to account


for his movements before her death. The night before Norma Bell's body


was discovered at her home in Hartlepool, Gareth Dack said


he had been selling drugs In the witness box the prosecution


said it was crucial to Gareth Dack's credibility that he said


who he sold cocaine to. He replied he could not give those


names because some of the people he sold drugs to were solicitors


and police community The prosecution said those people


could provide him with an alibi and he would rather be convicted


of this horrendous murder To that he replied he


could not be convicted Gareth Dack said he visited


Norma Bell to fix her gate the night before her body was discovered


and he said she was He said his DNA was found


in the pensioner's house North Yorkshire Police is


investigating after a confrontation between a huntsman and a protestor


at the Middleton Hunt Charles Carter, from Birdsall


near York, was caught on camera making sexual comments


to Linda Hoggard, when she He has now resigned his position


as a Conservative district councillor in Norfolk


where he previously lived. Excuse me, did you know hunting was


banned? The moment when Linda Hoggard approached Charles Carter to


tell him fox hunting was illegal. The protester challenges him and he


starts filming her. I would quite like to... I will tell my husband


that, shall I? Charles Carter has been a district councillor in


Norfolk but he resigned after the revelations of his conduct. His


council leader said he was appalled. In 2015 Charles Carter was


interviewed about the ban on fox hunting. Having to look over one's


shoulder all the time in fear of breaching bad law is not what the


country should be about. Charles Carter has now moved to itself and


the Middleton Hunt is now described as one of the most historic in north


Yorkshire. Now Charles Carter's comments have bought controversy to


the hunt. I don't know if it has been blown out of proportion, he has


definitely stepped over the line. He has made sexual comments to her.


That's not relevant to the situation, sad but there we are. It


is now understood that Mr Carter has found Linda Hoggard to apologise for


his behaviour. We hear of people who are abused and intimidated, this


problem is getting out of control, one of the problems is that the hunt


lobby association has refused to apologise for these incidents and


they are getting worse. You are pretty. Yet, whatever. So are foxes.


North Yorkshire Police have confirmed that they are


investigating Monday's incident. The Conservatives have


revealed their candidate Last week Labour named Gillian


Troughton and Ukip named Fiona Mills Rebecca Hanson is contesting


the seat for the Liberal Democrats. The by-election, caused


by the resignation of Labour's Jamie Reed,


will take place on February 23rd. You can see a full list of


candidates on the BBC News website. Two men have been charged


with aggravated burglary following an incident


in County Durham when a pensioner's life savings were stolen


in a raid on his home. It is alleged the 77-year-old


from Coronation near Bishop Auckland was attacked with a coal shovel


and robbed on Saturday. He was taken to Darlington Memorial


Hospital where he was treated Cumbria police has been told


by a Government watchdog it must improve the way the force deals


with children at risk of abuse. A report by Her Majesty's


Inspectorate of Constabulary found there was insufficient understanding


of sexual exploitation and inconsistent protection for


children who regularly go missing. Keeping children safe puts huge


pressures on the police. Getting it wrong can have


tragic consequences. This latest assessment of Cumbria's


performance has found much the force does well,


but areas where it must improve. This isn't a grade inspection


so there were no ratings of good, There were some instances


they highlighted where we could and should have done better


and we are putting a comprehensive action plan in place to make sure


in similar cases in the future we react quicker or better


or have a better response. This inspection comes in the wake


of the case of Poppi Worthington, a Cumbrian toddler who died


after she may have been Evidence was lost in that case


and no-one has been prosecuted. The Poppi Worthington case


was extremely tragic but the justified criticism


of the constabulary in that case was about the response


to the investigation This is about our ability to protect


children and prevent Few areas of crime reflect the way


police work has changed more Police officers must now show that


not only can they investigate a crime but they can also prevent


children from sliding into danger. That is why every officer must now


be able to spot the signs If I could wave a magic wand


and double the number of officers things would improve but that is not


reality, we have to work with what we have, and we will be


looking at this over the next few weeks to see if we need


to prioritise it even more. The force insists it is making


the changes required, The only bar in Teesside


which caters for people who don't The owners claim it will offer


a night out with a difference, serving food and soft drinks,


whilst supporting people Phil Chapman joins us live


from Middlesbrough. It looks busy. It is very busy in


here. Dried January, for most of us it is about detoxing after the


festive season but Bar Zero is party here to help those with more serious


alcohol problems. Not everybody in here, I don't want to describe


everyone like that but Jonathan joins me from public health and


well-being. You look a bit like Del boy there. Quite a dry bar for


Teesside? It is another exciting venue for the town and another


high-quality venue for Middlesbrough but the unique selling point is the


fact we don't sell alcohol, coffee shops are popular in Middlesbrough


but they tend to shut when the shops do so this is no alternative for


anybody who doesn't want to drink, wants to watch the football and have


nice food, please come to Bar Zero. What sparked the idea? Has Teesside


got a problem? Teesside has high levels of alcohol abuse and there


are one in five adults in the country know who choose not to drink


alcohol, so it caters for a broad range of people. There are health


benefits we want to tap into but hopefully it will appeal to a


cross-section of the town. They hear, you could well become a


regular here. Just fill us in on your background. You had a struggle


with drink and drugs. I was addicted to drugs for 20 years, I lost my


leg, burnt my hands but I'd turned everything around. 15 years drugs


free, I have my own production company and I have come to Bar Zero,


so it's fantastic for people to come together. Bar Zero is launching


tonight but it will be open every Friday and Saturday evening from


tomorrow. That looks very smart, Phil. Thank you.


They say laughter is the best medicine -


and for the last ten years a group of clowns who dress up as doctors


has been entertaining seriously ill children at Newcastle's hospitals.


The Clown Doctors, who are all performers,


were due to mark their birthday in October but had to postpone


the event after the co-called killer clown craze.


Well, today they had the last laugh, with a special celebration


at the Great North Children's Hospital.


Celebrating ten years of raising a smile during


One-year-old Ross recently had a bone marrow transplant.


He sees different people, but he doesn't have normal


interactions that he would at 18 months if he was going to nursery.


So the Clown Doctors coming in and just giving him a better


one-to-one entertainment when he really enjoys


seeing a different face, and it is really nice just


to give him something different rather than looking


The Clown Doctors dress up and, well, clown around to help


make hospital less scary for the children.


Being hospitalised can be a traumatic and frightening


experience for children and for their families,


so we are here to work using play, very child learnt,


so we are here to work using play, very child led,


Celebrations to mark their anniversary had


to be postponed last year because of the so-called


We were gutted, absolutely frustrated, that the children


knew we were coming, they were expecting us that day,


So today is a really special day for us to come


back and go, actually, we are, if you like,


The work they do with the youngsters here is part of the therapeutic


And over 10 years they have worked with more than 30,000 children.


There are claims tonight that Northumberland Council has cut down


a tree at its Morpeth headquarters planted by the Queen


Conservative councillors say the tree has been removed


as the council prepares to move its base to Ashington.


But the council says it's not sure it ever had a royal


Our news correspondent Mark Denten takes up the story.


April 9th 1979, the late Queen Mother on a visit


to Northumberland, Corbridge just one of the stops on a busy schedule.


And on that April day the Queen Mother also came


here to Morpeth at the very beginning of work on the


She also had an avenue named after her here.


Things have changed in 38 years and more recently,


just look at this, County Hall 18 months ago and today.


The council says they have been cut down because they were overgrown


and blocking daylight but this opposition councillor says a tree


planted here giving that royal visit in 1979 has been given the chop too.


The Queen Mother was invited to Northumberland to dedicate this


site in 1979 and she planted a tree in honour not just of this


new building but in honour of the people of Northumberland


and angry, councillors are angry, the people of Morpeth are angry


and residents across the county should be angry that part


This comes in the middle of a row over the council's plans to sell


this land for 200 homes, a retail park and their school moved


Opponents say it will actually cost more.


And the royal tree - the council says although there


is a foundation stone dedicated by the Queen Mother,


Either way a row over local government has taken


Have to get Special Branch in. Now, sport... Some lively debate.


But no jokes like that, fortunately. The Middlesbrough head coach


Aitor Karanka remains unrepentant over his post-match comments


following last weekend's He'd described the atmosphere


at the Riverside Stadium as "awful" with some fans late


on urging his team to "attack, attack, attack"


and others leaving early. The Boro boss also had plenty to say


about possible incomings and outgoings before Tuesday's


transfer deadline. Aitor Karanka was annoyed some


sections of the home crowd felt the team ought to play long balls


in the closing stages of last Saturday's game


to try and salvage a draw. He insists that his comments


were intended not to offend supporters but to protect his squad


who deserved respect for mostly trying to play the style of football


the Spaniard feels has served The last ten minutes was them best


example, so we concede a goal, we didn't create one chance, last


season we scored I don't know how many goals in the last minute


because we played in the same style and that style has been successful


for us. Boro are hoping to convince


Paris St Germain's ex Real Madrid forward Jese Rodriguez,


who Karanka knows from his time Karanka confirmed that Boro have had


a bid for Hull's Robert Snodgrass rejected with Burnley and West Ham


also interested in the So could being a relegation rival


put a block on any deal? You do need to go to university to


know that, so I think it is obvious that it is a player who we like and


who we are trying to bring here and we will have four or five days to


see what is happening. Meanwhile the Spaniard


was critical of Gaston Ramirez after he submitted a transfer


request with Champions Leicester City having an offer reported to be


around ?12 million rejected. What is more important than anybody


in this team, so at the end if the right offer doesn't arrive, he would


be an important player in this group because everybody knows his


importance. Sunderland manager David Moyes


is still hoping to move players in and out of the Stadium of Light,


in a bid to shake up his squad. And one of the many Black Cats


currently on the sidelines left the treatment room last night,


to make a special presentation. Six weeks after suffering


a serious knee injury, Duncan Watmore was back


in the club's colours. Or, rather, the colours


of the club's charity arm, It's a long way back


for the speedy winger, who's set his sights on a return


to full-time training It's frustrating but I think it's


important with the rehab process to keep a positive mindset. It's a long


injury and there is no point being done about it because you will not


do the rehab well. We try to keep morale up and that is what I can do,


then that is what I will do. The hope is, by the time


he is back on the pitch, the Black Cats will still be


in the Premier League. We have been in this position but we


have also got out of that, so we have to make sure we put that into


the games and plan on the table. This week the England under-21


was at the Seaburn Centre in Sunderland, helping


the Foundation mark ten years of the Premier


League's Kicks programme. With football as a starting point,


the project introduces youngsters to sport and works with various


bodies such as the police, The elder of the Premier League is


massive, young people associate themselves with a football club so


having that that's behind us and having the Premier League was back


by King is massive. It's brilliant watching them reaching their goals


and put warming well, it getting them off the streets, reducing


anti-social behaviour and getting into unemployment. -- getting them


into employment. Cricket finally, and Durham have


signed a second overseas player. New Zealand Test batsman


Tom Latham will cover for South African Steve Cook,


who'll only be available for Latham, who's a 24-year-old


left-hander, has had spells in the North East


with Gateshead Fell, South Shields But some are still seems a long way


off. And no need to tell me it would be


cold because my border has stopped working. Bitterly cold today. There


was some variation in cloud cover, eastern areas hanging onto cloud


cover, it was not warm anywhere. Where the sun came out we saw the


heady heights of four Celsius but many places under the cloud in the


East stuck at freezing and the cold weather will stay with us in the


short term, so a bitterly cold night tonight, blue haze and widespread


frost as temperatures drop sub zero everywhere, even with cloud cover


you will see numbers down two minus three. Some people have asked why


there is no frost, it is because the air from the continent is so bright


that there is not enough moisture to form frost but a bitterly cold start


tomorrow and it will stay cold to the day. There will be some


brightness around in the morning, the cloud will tend to fill in


through the afternoon, a dull second half to the day, most places stayed


dry, just the odd wintry flurry and everywhere should pass freezing


point tomorrow, highs of four or five Celsius. Southerly winds, maybe


not as brisk as today, so that is the picture tomorrow, these weather


fronts come in from the West in the next few days and that will change


the change in wind direction to a milder form, so tomorrow mostly dry


but cold again with a bit of brightness you might see


temperatures a couple of degrees up on today and then at the weekend


things turn milder, more unsettled, maybe one or two showers in the west


on Saturday but that south-west westerly wind starts to pick the


temperatures up. On Sunday most places start the day dry and bright,


we need to keep an eye on that frontal system in the South which


may bring some thicker cloud and patchy rain but temperatures through


the weekend recovering to eight Celsius at best and we will keep you


up to date on the forecast on your local BBC Radio station and the BBC


weather app, and remember to keep your weather pictures coming, you


can e-mail them to us. Thank you, Paul. I am so happy to see that


frost. We have burnt a forest already trying to keep warm. That


Einstein replaced Newton's theory of universal gravitation


with a more accurate theory - general relativity.


So, why's my apple falling? Well, it's not.


It is the ground that accelerates up to meet the apple.


So that's why the chair that I'm sitting on now


that actually feels as if it's accelerating up


It's really changed my relationship with this chair. Mm-hm.


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