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In the headlines tonight: No school today.


Teachers strike in protest at the running of their academy.


This upmarket arcade company says it'll pull out,


if new shops are built on the edge of town.


It's Ant and Dec OBE, but who was first in line


And Dome Sweet Dome - work at Spanish City is well


underway on the long-awaited redevelopment.


In sport, Boro and Newcastle hope to avoid a big cup upset -


something the mighty Glasgow Rangers couldn't manage at


To come here and get beat, that has got to be the biggest shock ever in


Scottish football. Teachers at a troubled school


in west Cumbria have It's in protest at the


actions of its sponsor, Staff at the Whitehaven Academy say


the Trust has led the school into special measures,


and is failing the pupils there. But Bright Tribe insists


it IS improving standards. Later we'll be examining the wider


implications of the dispute. But first, Mark McAlindon


has this report. This is the second day


of strike action this week involving three trade unions,


teachers here fulfilling a threat first made before Christmas to use


industrial action to force changes. I think it's a massive decision,


particularly for ATL, this is the first strike


we've ever had locally, we've only had two strikes


in 125 years. We've had local ones in other areas


but this is the first in Cumbria. Staff say the Bright Tribe Trust


has broken its promises to improve the school,


has left buildings to decay and allowed it to drift


into special measures. The teachers here don't


want to go on strike. We recognise that it can be


inconvenient for some people, but we do need to see progress here,


because actually, one day, if we see substantial


improvement in the school, The Bright Tribe Trust told us


they didn't have anyone available for interview but did


provide a statement. It said Bright Tribe is fully


committed to working with all staff and trade unions in order to improve


standards and provide a good level of education for students


at the Whitehaven Academy. Some parents too have joined


in, trying to increase We've collected over


1,000 signatures from for the teachers and what they're


doing, they actually have taken, cos a lot of the parents feel very


strongly about what's been happening the school


and we want to show our Well, I'm joined now


by our political And you've uncovered


new evidence of the strength of local feeling about Whitehaven


Academy. I have obtained a copy of a scathing


letter from the MP to the Bright Tribe Trust. He stood down as MP on


Monday but this is a letter he sent last month and in it, he describes


Bright Tribe Trust as distrusted and heated in the local community. He


says it is in the best interests to pull out of the school. Strong


words. Who will make the final decision? It is a central Government


and not the local council that has the power to intervene in feeling


academies but the processors and straightforward. I've been finding


out more about how academies work. Introduced by Labour, academies have


proliferated under the Conservatives and there are no more than 300


across the region, more than half our secondaries, one in eight


primaries. Academies are independent of council control, but taxpayer


funded. They are run by education charity is known as Academy trusts.


Supporters say their freedom in areas like the curriculum improves


results for pupils, but that's disputed by critics, who say bright


-- Bright Tribe Trust is just a number of trusts facing problems.


The school also has buildings in Stockport, Manchester Essex and


Suffolk. There is the power to put any different sponsor instead but


Bright Tribe Trust have already lined up to take over other schools


in Northumberland and Sunderland saw such a move would be embarrassing.


There's also a shortage of Academy sponsors across the regions of


finding an alternative backer at Whitehaven could proved difficult.


And the Government said tonight it is working with Bright Tribe Trust


to address underperformance at Whitehaven Academy. It added that if


it wasn't satisfied with the improvements, further action will be


taken. And there is another school in trouble in our region.


Newcastle's largest school, Heaton Manor, with more than a hundred


pupils, and Whitehaven Academy has been placed in special measures and


judged inadequate by Ofsted in terms of leading, teaching and behaviour.


The trust insists improvements under way but because it is a local


authority school under Government rules, they say it faces being


forced to become an academy to raise standards but as the Whitehaven


experience shows, becoming an academy doesn't always mean an end


to your troubles. It's created 500 jobs and invested


?35 million in Morpeth. But the property company


which developed the Sanderson Arcade shopping centre could sell up


and leave the town. It objects to a planned


new retail park on the site of the old County Hall,


claiming it'll take shoppers away Our business correspondent


Ian Reeve reports. Morpeth's Sanderson Arcade,


a shopping centre that is created 500 jobs since opening in 2006,


but its property company owner to be -- could be on the verge


of selling up, dismayed on the edge of town,


and Hannah, running a baking business in the arcade,


doesn't like the idea either. If it does go ahead,


it's going to ruin some of the hustle and bustle of Morpeth,


it's got quite a nice reputation as a market town,


it would be a shame to see it go. The retail park would be


here on the current site of Northumberland County Council's


County Hall after it sells the land. A new school would be built


as well as 200 homes. Joan and Ken have many


concerns over the scheme, but claim the county


council won't discuss them. They have refused repeatedly


to come and talk to us. We have a forum where we're supposed


to be talking to the county council We have specifically invited them


again just before Christmas The town has got a fantastic


functioning town centre and for the last 30 years,


up and down the country, towns have been really hit hard


by out-of-town retailing and we just feel that this is a wrong


proposal for Morpeth. Monday is the last day for people


to have their say on the scheme and the county council said it can't


say anything at the planning A spokesman did however add that


in the interests of impartiality, I should stay that Monday


is the last day for public consultation, rather


than the last day for objections. In case people want to make


supportive comments. Well, currently, 1,065


people have objected. The new Ukip leader Paul Nuttall


was in West Cumbria to support his party's candidate in next month's


Copeland by-election. Mr Nuttall, who's a North West MEP,


is himself standing in the Stoke by-election, but he denied that


Copeland was a lower As part of the first


test of my leadership. We are campaigning very


hard in the constituency and we are confident that we'll put


over a good result and will improve The Government's new industrial


strategy is promising investment for our region,


with ?13 million going to Cumbria, 22 million to the Tees Valley


and just under 50 million But will any of the benefits be felt


in other parts of the area, which are struggling to cope


with the loss of traditional, David Macmillan has been


to East Cleveland to investigate. Ironstone mined in the hills


here powered Teesside's In the villages of East Cleveland


there are signs that it was prosperous once,


but not so prosperous now. So can the Government's industrial


strategy really have an impact There's a lot of diverse people


around here with good ideas, We want to see Loftus pickup


because it's a good place with a lot of good people,


hard-working people, but it's like everybody is down,


worried about jobs. Hundreds of jobs have been lost


here at Boulby in recent years, but the pot ash mine remains


a big employer. The boss here believes


the industrial strategy can help them move on,


with a local focus on technology. East Cleveland's got


a long history of strong, industrial support of the country


and with the right funding and the right focus,


we can continue to build When the steelworks closed in nearby


Redcar the lack of a clear strategy on steel was of the reasons blamed


for its collapse. The steel industry survives


in Skinningrove and new owners have But union reps say they


need practical support from the Government,


like using British steel for big We can make the steel,


we can make the product, which they seem to want


to buy from abroad. There's a general consensus that


developing an industrial strategy But some the Government has work


to do to convince some here that it does enough to make


a real difference. And there's more on that


and all the week's political That's this Sunday morning,


here on BBC One, at 11 o'clock. Just two days after the National


Television Awards named them Best TV Presenters for the 16th year


running, Ant and Dec were at Buckingham Palace


this morning to collect For once they appeared separately -


with Dec going first - to receive their OBEs


from the Prince of Wales. The Newcastle pair, who met as young


actors on the children's TV show Byker Grove,


were each given the honour for "services to entertainment


and broadcasting." Still to come, Dawn has


all the weekend sport including Plus: Sister Act -


the two sisters who helped scores of Jewish refugees


by hoodwinking the Nazis. It is going to be cold this weekend.


I'll have the full weather forecast. It's an iconic seaside landmark -


a place where thousands of people But in recent years,


Whitley Bay's Spanish City has hit hard times, and plans to revive it


have fallen by the wayside. Now, though, work's begun


to restore its famous dome and it's hoped this will bring visitors back


to one of our great coastal resorts. These were the days,


long before the holiday crowds disappeared, of course,


and Tyneside's Spanish Now though the builders


are in and the revival starts here. We've taken out the intermediate


supporting steelwork and intermediate flooring


and the building you see now is what it was originally


constructed to be like in 1910 Is it quite intricate in terms


of what you've got to do to restore It is, it's a listed building,


it's very complicated, it needs a lot of time spent


in the planning stage to get everything right


because there's a number of legal You could get married


here in due course as well. Today Whitley Bay residents got


a chance to see the work under way. It's really impressive, it's good


to see back in this condition. We've been watching what they've


been doing, willing them We want to use this,


it's a great idea. You do get a sense of the faded


glory on this building site. The heyday of seaside towns


like Whitley Bay are long gone, but this project is part of not just


restoring this building, but making the whole of this


coastline more attractive in the future, which many people


feel is long overdue. His grandma said to me,


when are you going to do When I was little, I used to come


with my mum and my grandma and it was a fantastic day,


and you go there now and there's nothing,


so I know she will be pleased. The building team as well know this


is a special kind of job. I used to come down here as a child


and to be standing here working Down the years refurbishment


plans here have come This time, Spanish City looks


finally set to face the future. Sunderland have lost


two more players, Dawn. Yes, one temporarily and one


permanently and he's So you'd hope David Moyes has got


a replacement up his sleeve. Sunderland will be without


Papy Djilobodji for the next four games after his appeal against an FA


charge for violent The 28-year-old had denied


the charge following this incident involving


West Brom's Darren Fletcher in Sunderland's 2-0 defeat


on Saturday but was found guilty And goal-scoring defender Patrick


van Aanholt is set to be reunited with former Black Cats boss


Sam Allardyce at Crystal Palace He's had a medical today


after the clubs agreed a deal that It was a major saviour


in our run last season. I think his contribution in terms


of assists and goals was massive. When it came to defending,


he got better with me and listened to what we told him


about whether the weaker side of his game was and he took that


on board and made stronger so we got a very good player with great


energy and I look forward Middlesbrough and Newcastle


are our only teams left in the FA Cup and both will be hoping not


to fall victim to a giant killing After beating Championship side


Sheffield Wednesday in the last round Premier League Middlesbrough


take on League Two Accrington Stanley at the Riverside


with new signings Patrick Bamford And it's a game boss Aitor Karanka


isn't taking lightly. For me, the game is going to be


the same importance, because I know how important this


trophy is in this country and for every single club


here and I will try to win the game. We are better than them


and we can win the game, but if we go to the pitch thinking


we are facing a team which is down the table in the league,


we're making a big mistake. Newcastle United are no strangers


to FA Cup upsets and they haven't not gone beyond the fourth


round of the competition since the 2005-06 season


in which manager Rafa Benitez won He's keen to progress


with careful squad rotation and without jeopardising


the Magpies' promotion campaign. Rafa Benitez still hopes


to strengthen his squad well before But he again wouldn't be drawn


on possible transfer targets, including ex-Magpie Andros Townsend,


who won't be joining any club on loan according


to the Crystal Palace boss Sam They like him but at the moment, no


news. We're happy with the squad but at the same time, we have to try to


find something that can give us balance and improve the team if


possible. Regarding tomorrow's


League One hosts Oxford, who knocked out Championship


strugglers Rotherham in the third round, Benitez,


who could welcome back striker Aleksander Mitrovic from injury,


is understandably wary. A team like this in the middle of


the table, for them, it is a massive game to play against Newcastle


United. The way they will approach the game, I'm quite worried about


that, but at the same time I have confidence in my team and we can


win, but I expect a very tough game. In League Two Carlisle


are still looking for their first win of the new year when they face


play-off chasing Barnet And Dave Jones takes charge


of his first game as new Hartlepool boss away at bottom club Newport


County. Former Newcastle and Sunderland


striker Michael Chopra who played under Jones at Cardiff has been


training with Hartlepool but only to regain his fitness before


returning to play in India. Jones's focus is on building on last


week's win to take his side further We'll be doing everything


in our power to make sure that we move up the table and take


that feeling away, We're trying to get out of it


and we have to start again on Saturday and try and get


the points as we did last Saturday. It was the classic David


versus Goliath cup tie. A team of part-time footballers -


including a builder, joiner, plumber, electrician,


mining engineer, civil servants and a council administrator -


up against one of the best Still the biggest cup upset


in Scottish football history and, 50 years on, players from both sides


got back together in Berwick for a reunion dinner


to mark the anniversary. OLD VOICE-OVER:


Scottish Cup first round. Together again on the same ground


where underdogs Berwick Rangers beat the mighty Glasgow Rangers to send


shockwaves around The only goal scored by the late


Sammy Reid in a first round cup tie which one player on the losing side


failed to finish. The first time I've been back in 50


years and I broke my ankle. I was lying in the hospital


and it was just one bad day. I kept asking the score


and the nurse came in me it was 1-0 for Rangers,


and And she said no, it's not,


it's Berwick Rangers! And I played in the European final


and Cup Winners Final in Nuremberg and we also got beat 1-0


there so 1967 wasn't... Actually, it was a good year,


because my daughter was born that year and that made up


for the disappointment. Jock Wallace said to me


because I was the youngest in the team, stand in the tunnel,


wait for the Rangers players to come in, rub


shoulders with them, You can imagine 13,500 people


impacting your wee ground like that, Given that it was probably as great


as the population of the town European soccer was the top


of the world so obviously Rangers within the top ten in the world


so come to England, the North of England and get defeated


by part-time players from Berwick Rangers,


that's the way it goes! It was in the papers,


everybody was ringing me up, It was just huge in the town,


especially for me And 50 years on, everybody


is still talking about it. Everybody is still talking about it


and everybody comes up to me We spoke about what a year


that was in '67 when Celtic won the European Cup and Scotland beat


the 1967 World Cup team and from what I gather,


the whole of the Berwick Rangers team went down to watch that game


at Wembley and stayed at some dodgy And if you've been


missing your rugby league, Newcastle Thunder host Whitehaven


in a pre-season friendly Now, across the world,


events have been taking place to mark Holocaust Memorial Day,


the anniversary of the liberation And on Wearside, the day's


been remembered with Yes, a special blue plaque has been


unveiled in Sunderland to honour the Cook sisters who were born


in the city. In the run-up to World War Two,


the women helped rescue The cook sisters's a stormy efforts


to help dues from Nasa Germany are still remembered.


-- Nazi Germany. I am very proud of the local heroes and it is good to


remember these two ladies who did tremendous things. their visits to


Germany began in 1937, a dangerous time for Jewish people who lived


there. Under the noses of the Nazis, the sisters are smuggled out


valuable possessions for Jewish families like diamonds and furs. It


allowed them to afford immigration papers and buy their way to freedom.


In 1860 -- 1967 she told Radio 4 that... People die because they had


complicated stories. Our story was we were nervous British spinsters


who didn't trust our family at home as we went -- when we went abroad we


took all our agility. It was a disguise that proved effective, with


their nieces and nephews today travelling to Sunderland to remember


their acts of heroism. It was the right thing to do. These people in


trouble and they did what they could do to help them. The fact that they


were Jewish did not enter into it. a feature film about the story is


being considered. Their courage is today being recognised in their home


city. Time for the weather forecast. It


has been freezing lately. It was another cold day today. Some


temperatures haven't got above freezing today, Durham and Morpeth


were at 0 Celsius. Other parts are around one or two Celsius but it is


company that has fared the best with temperatures around four to six


Celsius and Cumbria sees the first of the milder weather through the


weekend. Things are set to change. It is going to be less cold. It's by


no means a mild weekend but less colder than it has been. They will


be outbreaks of rain at a time, starting through this evening and


then there will be some sunny spells to be had as well, mostly Saturday


afternoon and Sunday morning. This is the map tonight. We start off


with a lot of cloud, some mist and murk Andy weather front will bring


outbreaks of rain through the night and over the hills and higher


ground, we could see a touch of sleet and snow. An early frost by


5am and dentures will be down to one or two Celsius. For Saturday, --


temperatures will be down. For Saturday, cold and heavy rain but


through the afternoon it will start to dry up in places but a few


showers will be left behind. Brightness into east and Cumbria by


the afternoon but where we get the showers, it could be following as


sleet over the tops of the Pennines, temperatures across the northeast


around five or six Celsius so it will still feel cold but much less


cold than it has been today. As we head through Saturday night and into


Sunday, we'll have a frost once again. A few showers here and there


but by and large it's a dry night to come with dentures dropping down to


one or two Celsius -- temperatures. This weather front will bring


outbreaks of rain on Sunday. There is uncertainty as to how far north


as weather front is going to move and if it moves across as it will


bring rain. Our current thinking on Sunday, it starts off dry and


bright. Some lovely spells of sunshine through the morning but by


Sunday afternoon we think the cloud will move in and there will be


outbreaks of rain, temperatures at a high of five or six Celsius but


under the cloud and rain, part of Cumbria could get up to seven


Celsius. We will keep you updated over the next few days about exactly


how far that rain is going to come. As we head into the start of next


week, we continue to move into the milder air and it will be quite


unsettled so expect some cloud and rain at times and temperatures will


get up to 11 Celsius. Have a great weekend. We'll see you


on Monday.


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