20/04/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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Hello, welcome to Thursday's Look North.


Tonight: Forced to live in bare and unfurnished houses.


16 months after Storm Desmond tore through parts of Cumbria -


more than 300 families still have nowhere to call home.


I sometimes go to the swimming baths so I can get a shower, or go to


someone else's house for dinner, sometimes I get paid. -- I get a


bed. Town centre traders who refused


to pay a business levy because they claim it


doesn't help them. How a bid to see the largest number


of people dancing at one time, Brendan Foster announces his


retirement after nearly 40 years Staying with sport, I've been


with the Boro head coach Steve Agnew ahead of two of the biggest games


of the season. And we ask a former Premier League


boss whether he can prevent another of the region's clubs dropping out


of the Football League They're the images many people


in Cumbria will never forget. And almost a year and a half


after the floods of Storm Desmond, nearly 300 householders


in the county are still Others have been forced to return


to bare and unfurnished property because insurance companies will no


longer pay for temporary Some say it's left them


feeling stressed and ill. Cold, bare houses with the comforts


of home stripped out were a common sight in the weeks


after Storm Desmond...except this is Debbie Kirsopp's Carlisle terrace


in April 2017, 16 months on. But I needed to get home, because my


rent that the insurance was paying has stopped, and I couldn't afford


to pay a mortgage and rent as well, so I have had to come home and make


the best of a bad job. Debbie tells me she's struggled


with constant headaches, high blood pressure,


the frustration of not knowing when she'll stop living


rough in her own home. I sometimes go to the swimming baths


so I can get a shower in the morning. Apple will maybe go to


somebody's house for IT, my brother or my mother, anyone that will have


me that has got a shower. Sometimes I will get eight read there as well,


so it's a bit more comfortable. Cases like Debbie's leave some


to fear the real numbers of those still out of their homes after storm


desmond are higher We are seeing unbelievable problems


with people trying to manage that sort of experience on top of being


flooded originally, so at the moment they are not coping well at all.


Entre expedients, we're looking at probably a minimum of two years


before they agree to be home. Tash before and they will be home.


Another is Ann Hume, who's riverside cottage


After floods 12--years ago, her insurance leapt to ?1,000


She's now relying on the goodwill of friends.


At which point it will be well overrated even have since you were


flooded. I thought I'd be back within six or seven months, but it's


been over a year now, so we've got to fight on and see what I can do


myself. returned home after the latest


floods is better than in the past - but that's little consolation


to those still waiting. And Mark is in our Carlisle


newsroom tonight. Is there one single,


biggest reason why some people There are a number of reasons, I


don't think there's one you could point out and say the single biggest


cause. In many cases, work has not been completed and people's homes,


which kicks away. Some may have got better accommodation as a result of


the floods and may prefer to stay there. Some do have problems with


insurance and and conflict with builders. Then the raised this


question and you have praised tonight that some insurance payments


for rents have stopped and that has forced people back into homes that


have not been finished. The Association Of British Insurers


denies that is a widespread problem and wants to see the figures on


that. We're not saying it's a lot of people, but the problem is there.


The bottom line is that some people are likely to face a wait of two


years before they are back in their homes.


Tough times ahead. Thanks very much for that.


A soldier - accused of the murder of his ex-girlfriend -


has told a court that a knife slit her throat as he tried


Lance Corporal Trimaan Dhillon told Newcastle Crown Court he'd gone


to Alice Ruggles' flat in Gateshead in October last year,


She'd ended their relationship after discovering he was cheating on her.


Lance corporal Trimaan Dhillon told the court he had gone to see Alice


Ruggles the day she died, because he wanted to get his belongings back.


But he told the court that after searching for his things, he went to


leave her flat in Gateshead, but found Alice holding a carving knife.


Trimaan Dhillon described a struggle in which Abbas lost consciousness


and dropped the knife. The defendant said that when Alice came he told


her she was -- he was going to meet another woman that night. He said


this infuriated Alice and she grabbed the knife and came towards


him. He said he tried to defend himself with his arm and this sent


the knife across her throat. Alice fell to the floor and the defendant


said he had to remove the knife from her neck. He said, this was the


point where I held the knife on my chest and the initial thought was to


stab myself. Trimaan Dhillon said panic stopped him for bringing the


help. He told the court that Alice had been violent to him and accused


him of looking at other women, ending the relationship went she


found out he had been unfaithful. The prosecution alleged that Trimaan


Dhillon had been stalking Alice Ruggles, but he told the court he


had turned up at her house and unannounced just weeks before her


death because he thought she was testing him. The defendant admitted


hacking Alice Ruggles's Facebook account to find out if she was


seeing other people, because that would be the last role for their


relationship. Tomorrow, he will be cross examined by the prosecution.


The MP for Blaydon, Dave Anderson, is the latest to announce he'll NOT


be standing as a Labour candidate in the General Election.


He's served in Parliament for 12 years but says he's "reluctantly"


decided to stand down for reasons of health, age and his


He says he'll be campaigning hard with the new candidate,


and the policy platform put forward by Jeremy Corbyn.


Plans to sell off Northumberland County Council headquarters


for housing have collapsed after the developer -


Police have named the victim of a fire as Teresa Boreham.


Plans to sell off Northumberland County Council headquarters


for housing have collapsed after the developer -


The council had approved proposals for shops,


a school and two hundred houses on its County Hall site.


A council spokesman said it: "remained committed to progressing


The John Lewis store is to close its distribution centre in Carlisle.


The depot in the city's Kingmoor Park Industrial estate


The firm blamed "changing shopping habits" for the decision,


which will see around 30 jobs being lost.


A group of Hexham traders have been fined by magistrates after refusing


The Hexham Business Improvement District is designed to boost


the town's economy - it's paid for by charging traders


But more than a hundred firms have refused to pay it -


saying the new scheme won't help them.


And today Northumberland Council took them to court.


Our Correspondent Mark Denten is in Hexham tonight.


Listing two lives, that the objective of this business


improvement district. But it's been controversial in this town. It's


divided traders and today, it all ended up in court.


All small business owners from Hexham.


Today, they were heading for a courtroom instead,


because they have all refused to pay a new business charge in the town.


They say it simply won't help them, so today, they were summoned


It feels like a bullying tactic, actually.


I don't really want to be here and away from my


At the heart of this row, Hexham's Business Improvement District -


it's a scheme to boost the economy and the town.


But it's also an extra charge for businesses on top


Northumberland Council says 89% of it has been paid


by other traders in Hexham, but not these ones.


There was then an extraordinary stand-off for an hour and a half.


The usher of the court wanted the traders come


They refused unless they could come in all together.


Eventually, the traders were allowed into the courtroom together.


They were each given liability orders of ?185 for the original


Basically, what it means is that the council insist we owe


them the money and they sent a liability order off,


which gives us a certain amount of time to pay the liability order.


And if that's not the case, they will send debt collectors in.


So you are prepared to see debt collectors come round, are you?


If that's how far the council want to take it, then I'm afraid so.


Northumberland Council says it has taken the traders


to court with regret, but the Business Improvement


District in Hexham has already generated ?102,000 to boost


Now, it's not just any waltz - it's a Teesside waltz.


The traders have 14 days to pay the fines, but one footnote to this,


some of those traders in court today have invoiced the council themselves


by the time they say they have lost attending court today and PCB will


pursue their claims as vigorously as the council has pursued bears. We'll


follow that with interest. This might get you up on your feet.


Now, it's not just any waltz - it's a Teesside waltz.


And now volunteers are being asked to help set a world record


for the largest number of people up and dancing at the same time.


To make history, the organisers need more than 3,000


people to step forward in Saltburn next month.


But, as Peter Harris found, it has a more serious purpose as well.


In a rehearsal room in Middlesbrough, they are preparing


to waltz their way into the record books.


Organised by Age UK Teesside, it's about more than just dancing.


We wanted to raise the issue about loneliness and isolation


It's not just at Christmas, it's all year round.


And taking the first step to engage in the community can be difficult


for a lot of people, so using the waltz was taking


The current waltzing record was set in Bosnia in 2010.


Saltburn's attempt to smash it has attracted the backing


We're going to take the world-record back from Bosnia, back to the Boro.


Now, in order to beat the world record, they will


need 1,510 couples - that's obviously more


than 3,000 people - to do this for five minutes


I'm finding this harder than it looks.


Those signed up for the seafront plans include 96-year-old war


veteran Eddie Straight and then there 87-year-old Netta.


How does it make you feel when you dance?


I don't think age has anything to do with it.


Age UK's world record waltz attempt takes place in Saltburn on May 19th.


Plenty more to come on Thursday's Look North.


And Harrogate Flower Show gets underway, with visitors asked


Will the weather impress? Tomorrow looks mostly cloudy. Join me later


for the full forecast. Just ahead of the sport with Mark -


news that Brendan Foster is to leave his post as the BBC's


athletics commentator One of the best-known voices


on the box, Brendan - the founder, of course,


of the Great North Run - turned to TV when his own career


on the track ended, back in 1980. I caught up with him


before he headed off to cover his final London Marathon,


this weekend. Leaving the BBC commentary box


after the World Athletics Championships will be a bit


of a wrench, but actually, You sometimes have to know


when the time is before they bump you off and say,


that's no good, wait till you make some error in the commentary,


which I have done many, many times. How did you become


a commentator, then? Was it something you thought


about while you were running? I was running in 1980


in the Olympics, my last Olympics, And I was disappointed


with my performance And then Alan Hart, head


of BBC Sport said to me, would you like to stay on and come


into the commentary box? So I then was in Moscow with


the British Olympics Association, and I said, the BBC have asked me


to stay on and do And they said, "Oh,


that's fantastic." They said, "You are here with


the British Olympic Association. You now go home to London and get


on a plane and come back I said, no, I'll just go across,


they'll pay my accommodation, But I was told, you have


to go home first. So I got on an aeroplane and then


and promised Alan Hart that when I got to London,


I'd ring him and tell him what I was going to do,


and I rang back and said, So my first commentary would have


been the Coe/Ovett 1980 Olympic You also shared the commentary


box with Steve Cram. He retired and we joined together


in the commentary box. And we often have a little comment


or two about Newcastle and Sunderland, which has been


in his favour for the last couple of years, but I might give a little


mention in my last London Marathon Your last Great North Run as well,


you'll be commentating on. A couple of years ago, they had


Mo Farah, Haile Gebrselassie And at one point, I was commentating


and they were running past Gateshead Stadium,


and I thought, I never thought I'd see the day when three


of the greatest distance runners of all time are running together


in a race we conceived many years ago, next to the stadium


where my own athletic career was. So I probably should


have resigned that day, So is there anything


left in your career that When Newcastle get promoted,


maybe I should come on Team Talk and give you my proper analysis


of the match, with bias. You should be careful what you wish


for, Brendan. As one for the boss. Was he misty eyed? No. Some football


news. The Middlesbrough head coach


Steve Agnew has confirmed that midfielder Grant Leadbitter


and goalkeeper Victor Valdes will be side-lined for Saturday's crucial


Premier League game at Bournemouth due to hamstring and rib injuries


respectively, although defender Agnew's been given the task


of making the Teessiders a more potent attacking force but,


although they're creating more chances they still haven't won


a league game this year. It's difficult to actually put your


finger on why it has not gone in. I think what we can do is continue to


put the ball into dangerous areas, work on numbers into the box, work


on various different ways of scoring a goal. That final touch is


something that we'd like to see more frequent.


No Middlesbrough OR Sunderland players in the PFA Premier


But promotion-chasing Newcastle do have three members of their first


team squad in the Championship team voted for by the Professional


No surprise that striker Dwight Gayle and midfielder


Also included - despite recent criticism about his form -


defender and captain Jamal Lascelles.


The Magpies take on Preston at St James's on Monday.


And Carlisle midfielder Nicky Adams is named in the League Two team.


Now at the wrong end of League Two, Hartlepool United are scrapping


against relegation for the FIFTH season in a row.


Pools are just one point above the drop zone


And do Pools have enough to save themselves from dropping out


It wasn't just the result but the manner of the defeat.


Three days ago, Pools lost 2-1 at rock bottom Leyton Orient.


This is a dogfight. How much do you want it? How much are you wanting to


make sure we stay in this division and we then can go on and build? I'm


not used to it, I don't like it, because if it doesn't, there are no


good to you. What we did on Monday as to hurt us.


They've three games to give relegation the brush off -


starting with Barnet at home on Saturday.


Admission prices for the match have been slashed.


None of the players want to be in this situation, with all fighting to


get out of it. None of the fans want to be in it either. We it in our


hands to make our fans happy and make sure things are done right on


the pitch, because we have let yourself down for quite a bit of the


season. Since


they fell out of League One in 2013, Hartlepool have found themselves


in a seemingly perpetual Why does this keep happening at


Hartlepool? If I had that answer from the start, I it from day one.


You have to look at it, work at it, change it. We're trying to change


that culture. Keep all the good things, make sure you keep them and


develop them and grow them and add the things that are hopefully not


going to get you to where -- are hopefully going to get you to where


you want to be. And still in the Football League


next season would be a good start. The former Newcastle United player,


the late Gary Speed, has been inducted into


the National Football The ex-Wales captain and manager,


who died six years ago, receives the award posthumously


for his dedication to the game. He made 285 appearances for


the Magpies between 1998 and 2004. Before the weather -


thousands of people have been heading to North Yorkshire


for the first day of Yes, they've been treated


to eye-popping displays And if there's a plant


you fancy, chances are There is only one phrase for it,


blooming marvellous. The Harrogate Spring Flower Show


really cocks a snook at the winter with a gorgeous


celebration of what is to come on They say florals are in fashion,


so how about these leafy waistcoats? And specially for this show,


these amazing floral costumes Some of them take about


three months to make. I had to do this one in a hurry,


because this is actually meant to be the York Rose,


and I was actually doing the stamens at about four o'clock the night


before we left. This was one of the short garden


plots last week, just look at It is to be a memorial garden


for the Royal Logistic Corps. The military wives


choir was on hand to fill this can template


of space with music. The forestry


displays are inspiring. Thousands have enjoyed


them today and will Time for the weather now. I heard we


had some nice weather somewhere in Northumberland today.


Yes, some unexpected sunshine today, but there was a real split, as


displayed by our viewers. This was the Cumbrian coast, but the


Northumberland coast that are plenty of blue sky and sunshine and 18


Celsius this afternoon. Tomorrow, I don't it will be quite as much


sunshine. Cloudy skies and a few spots of rain, breezy as well. In


routine now and then, we have some bright spells, but the cloud will be


thick enough for light patchy rain and drizzle, especially in the West.


Temperatures will not drop any lower than about eight or nine Celsius


during the night. Tomorrow, a little brightness and eastern areas, but


that will tend to feed through the day as the weather fronts sink


slowly southwards. The temperature is just a bit cooler than they were


today, picking tomorrow at about 14 Celsius, maybe 15 in somewhere like


Whitby. The breeze could be quite brisk at times. Things will turn


cleaner and cold out tomorrow night. Into Saturday, high pressure starts


to build again, so we should have the fine, dry day for most of us on


Saturday. This weather front will bring thicker cloud and patchy rain


in and a breezy feel for Sunday. Temperatures mid-teens at best.


Quite a breezy day on Friday. After a cold night tomorrow night,


Saturday looks essentially dry and bright, but a bit cooler. It will


still feel quite warm when you add in the sunshine. Another cold night,


and then a fine, dry start. Clouding over during the day, some rain at


times, that westerly breeze picking up again. Overnight at the weekend,


temperatures will be cold enough for some frost in places. Chilly over


the night-time. Frost? I've just put new plants in!


We'll be back at half past ten, join us then.


In two weeks' time, voters will be choosing the first directly elected


Later tonight from Middlesbrough on BBC One, we'll be hearing


from the four candidates who want this job.


And they'll be facing questions from an audience of local people


from across the area that they are seeking to represent.


Now, public awareness of this job is probably pretty


limited at the moment, because it's new.


But they will have millions upon millions of pounds to spend


on a series of powers, over the likes of housing,


So, if you want to find out what impact that person might have


on your life and who you might want to do the job, then join me


me Richard Moss later tonight after Late Look North at 10.45


on BBC One, as we debate who should be the first mayor