04/01/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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Unions say a firm making over two hundred cable workers redundant has


It's emerged AEI Cables of Birtley wants to use a legal procedure


The Company Voluntary Arrangement would mean taxpayers


But as our News Correspondent Mark Denten reports,


After over 170 years of producing cables for everyone


from the Royal Navy to Manchester Airport,


the vast majority of AEI Cables workers here, nearly 200 people,


will be out of a job by the end of this week.


Most of the rest will follow in March.


Over 120 workers at AEI Cables had turned up for work and found


One of the sacked workers, Bill Doyle, summed up the mood.


Nobody can explain to them from the company why or how


they have been finished or the criteria used.


Back then, AEI used a legal process to


dismiss those workers, but one which meant


fraction of their redundancy payments, money which ended up


Six years on and AEI wants to do the same thing.


It's called a Company Voluntary Arrangement.


It's used where a company is in financial difficulties


and is an agreement between a company and its creditors


But the redundancy letter to staff at AEI Cables obtained by Look North


confirms AEI Cables wants to follow the same process again.


a CVA because of the significant losses which it continues to incur.


In circumstances where a CVA is proposed, employers made


redundant as part of the CVA process are directed to the Redundancy


Payments Office to make a claim for statutory redundancy pay."


The arrangement was put there in able for the government to help


people out, it was made in the teeth of the recession.


This company are using this as a ruse to get out of


How in God's name can we have the same thing


happening all over again, the same procedures and methods of getting


For Bill Doyle, it's all bringing back bad memories.


After he lost his job, he fought a four-year legal


battle with AEI Cables to try to get his


Six years ago we'd tried to go to Parliament,


Now what we have is exactly the same again, because companies are just


Well, earlier I spoke to our News Correspondent Mark Denten


and asked him what AEI Cables is saying about the


They did not want to be interviewed but they said they are certainly not


They have issued a new statement tonight.


They say the reason they have gone down this


company voluntary arrangement route is that it is flexible and allows


That will be confirmed at a creditors' meeting which we don't


have a date for but the bulk of those workers, going on to 200, will


be out of a job at the end of this week, so it raises the question


One other detail from the letter to staff is


that there were actually two offers for the factory and the company says


neither was suitable and they can't give details because they are


Cumbria Police want to speak to four boys after a 15-year-old girl


reported she'd been raped in West Cumbria.


The attack is said to have happened at around 7.30pm last


night on a grassed area near the Cloffocks car


Hundreds of people gathered in the Lake District to mark


the 50th anniversary of the death of Donald Campbell.


Mr Campbell died when his jet powered boat Bluebird crashed


as he tried to break the world water speed record on Coniston water.


NEWSREEL: It was soon after dawn that Bluebird was got ready


There was little wind, the water was smooth.


The evening before, Donald Campbell drew the ace and queen of spades.


The deadly shadow of remorseless fate.


The shadows of daybreak that day on Coniston may


have been portentous, as Bluebird soared and then


Donald Campbell's instant death was to trigger an endless tale


This morning his daughter sailed to that very spot and dropped


I know it's 50 years and we use these anniversaries as a milestone,


but every year I'm reminded, every day I'm reminded


about what a great man my father was, and why me?


Why am I so lucky to be his daughter?


Over time the names Coniston and Campbell have become


For a long time I think the village people were reluctant to sort


of make anything of it because they felt that they didn't


want to sort of impinge on what was a tragedy.


We're actually keeping the name and the legacy alive and I'm sure


The landscape here at Coniston remains pretty much unchanged


from that day back in 1967, and so it seems does the memory


of Donald Campbell too, and the stories that have


Perhaps that's why so many were here today to continue


First, a moment of solemnity at the memorial in the middle


It is a measure of the man that I know as we're all gathered


here today to pay our respects to him and preserve his legacy


that he would wish us to remember all those brave and courageous men


and women who went before him and have followed since.


What he did he did for Britain and for his own achievement,


but he also did it to prove to the wider world what could be


done, what man can do, and what here we can in England


provide the best engineering and the fastest boats


and the fastest cars and the best aeroplanes, so he


NEWSREEL: This epic age, which soon will know man's


conquest of the moon, must count its losses, too.


Great Britain mourns the loss of a great man, Donald Campbell.


Now, if you're worried, anxious or upset who do you talk to?


A friend, family member or maybe your doctor?


A partnership between Cumbrian GPs and local vicars is giving


The Listening Ear project offers people the chance


to share their worries in confidence, while


freeing up much-needed doctors' appointments.


face in the Eden Valley, relied upon by her parishioners


for advice and guidance - she also has another role in this


small rural community, one where she simply listens.


Listening Ear is listening to somebody, giving them time for them


to tell you or talk to you about something


that's on their mind, whatever that might be, doesn't


People in need of a confidential chat - whether church-goers or not -


can be referred to Sarah by the local GPs.


The surgery here has half the doctors it had five years ago,


Sometimes people just need somebody to talk to,


they don't necessarily need more expert input from the


mental health service or the other counselling services available.


As GPs we are incredibly pressurised the Times


service that we used to offer and now Sarah is able to offer that.


If Sarah feels a patient needs medical advice she immediately


It took the Temple Sowerby team around seven years to get this


scheme safely up and running but now the project is expanding


There are now 12 Listening Ear volunteers in Cumbria,


each playing a small part in easing NHS pressures, as well as curing


the isolation that's often found in this rural landscape.


Now - you may not have felt it, but there was an earthquake


off the North Yorkshire coast last night.


It was detected 100 miles to the east of Scarborough


The British Geological Survey said it had a magnitude of 3.8.


Time for the weather now, and also time for the winter


Yes, a proper frosty night ahead. Yes, overnight tonight, a widespread


frost under clear skies. One or two showers still affecting North


Yorkshire and the coast. That is where the main ice risk is.


Temperatures down as low as minus Temperatures down as low as minus


three Celsius. We could easily see minus five Celsius. So a bitterly


cold start tomorrow. A widespread frost early on. After that, a fine,


dry and largely sunny day. We will also see something, high cloud


coming from the west later on. Most places set for a fine winter's.


Temperatures struggle after that frosty start. Five Celsius if you


are very lucky. But the winds will stay very light tomorrow. We are


under high pressure at the minute. That is what is allowing that frosty


night. It will be sent out of the way tomorrow by this frontal system


before high pressure starts to build again on Friday as we head into the


weekend. So for a Friday, it is all change. More cloud, outbreaks of


rain. Some of that rain heavily for a time, especially in the West. Much


milder as well. Temperatures should reach double figures. 10 Celsius.


The weekend stays mostly dry. A lot of cloud around, especially in the


West. Maybe the odd spot of rain, but generally dry. Cloud becoming


more broken by Sunday. We have the national forecast