09/01/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)


The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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Good evening. for the news where you are.


Northumbria Police say they haven't ruled out further arrests -


following the armed siege in Jarrow last night, in which four


hostages were held by a man, armed with a sawn-off shotgun.


It happened at Coral bookmakers in Grange Road.


The standoff lasted three hours, before armed police ended the siege.


Officers say they used a "non-lethal weapon" in the incident


A 39-year-old man's been arrested and he's been questioned


They watched and they waited, local people beyond the police


cordon trying to understand what was happening right


Because inside the Coral bookmakers last night - a siege.


Police were called shortly after a quarter to six to reports


that a man carrying a firearm had gone inside.


Imagine what it was like if you knew someone inside there.


20-year-old Nicholas Mcullough was working


His mum was absolutely traumatised when she found out.


That's when she called me and we got cut off.


I came straight down because I thought, oh,


I want to hear about it, shot gun, goodness me.


We were just having our tea in the pub.


Her son works in the bookies and was being held hostage.


Nicholas and two other hostages were released


At 8.45 another hostage was also released.


And then, five minutes later, this...


was a less lethal weapon they used but look carefully, you can see one


of the officers calmly picking up what looks like a shotgun and place


The police say this was a textbook operation.


It was quickly apparent that there were three customers


inside and one member of staff and the man had


entered with what appeared to be a sawn-off shotgun.


That is now being examined by specialist people.


We don't yet know if it was a real weapon or


We are pleased with how it went last night.


The Coral bookmakers remained closed today


while police continued their inquiries.


Meanwhile, a 39-year-old man was arrested at the scene


and a firearm was seized by officers.


A man's appeared in court charged with murder after the body of a man


was found in a house in West Cumbria on Saturday morning.


29-year-old Daniel McMullen died at the property in Workington.


Calvin Patrickson, who's 22 and from Workington,


appeared before magistrates this morning and was


The Great North Air Ambulance has submitted plans


for a new multimillion pound operational base.


The charity has agreed a deal in principle for the site


at Urlay Nook near Stockton and has put a planning application


This is despite the service being given less money than it had


anticipated towards the cost, by the government.


It's been part of the Scarborough coastline since 1921,


but today councillors narrowly voted to demolish the Futurist Theatre -


Getting rid of the theatre has been described as leaving Scarborough


And today there were lots of angry people in the council meeting,


In its heyday the Futurist played host to some of the biggest names


Shirley Bassey, the Beatles and Ken Dodd have all


Today councillors voted to demolish the iconic building, which


has been part of the Scarborough seafront since the 1920s.


More than 100 campaigners marched through the


One heckling protester had to be removed


When Scarborough Borough councillors voted in favour of demolition,


it came as a bitter blow to those who fought to save it.


Did you expect it could have been saved?


It will cost ?4 million to knock the Futurist down and shore


The land will be made available for redevelopment, which some


It's been going on for 20 years, people have been coming forward with


ideas, but in my opinion they have not back them up with a proper


business case to show after any refurbishment had been done and


reconfiguration had been carried out that it would provide a sustainable


theatre to operate and make money throughout the year.


The Futurist once played host to a huge part in


the Scarborough summer season, attracting thousands of visitors.


In recent years audiences have dwindled


Campaigners have fought long and hard to keep it


open but today its fate was sealed and the curtain has finally


The biggest food bank in the UK says it's running out of basic supplies -


following a 25% increase in demand the week before Christmas.


The Newcastle West End Foodbank usually needs 10 trolleys


full of food every day to manage its demand.


And tonight a lorry will be heading to Epsom in Surrey


and Harrow in Middlesex to collect surplus food.


This is the warehouse of the biggest foodbank in the UK.


And 1,000 people rely on donations from here every week.


Stocks may look fairly healthy, but balancing the mix of donations


We have 14 pallets of tinned vegetables.


That could last one month or maybe a little bit more.


But we cannot make up a lot of boxes with just vegetables.


We need other food to build up a parcel as well.


In the week before Christmas 25% more people were


given food and so some essential supplies are running low.


This week the food bank will hand out


days but we'll run out by the end of the week.


What does that mean for people coming here?


We need to substitute for things we have plenty


of, which means the dietary balance goes out.


Tonight volunteers are again going outside the region


to pick up surplus food from warehouses in the south of England.


We can ask them, we're very short of this, and they'll try their best.


But we're basically clearing out the back of their warehouse.


We tend to get the things they have got the most of.


And funnily enough it tends to be what


It's hoped these fresh supplies will keep them


Sports news, and the draw for the fourth round of the FA Cup


Middlesbrough have been awarded another home tie,


this time against League Two side Accrington Stanley, while Sunderland


will also be at home if they win their replay at Burnley,


to Oxford United if they overcome Birmingham City in their replay


The matches are to be played between January 27th and the 30th.


Meanwhile Middlesbrough have tonight sold striker David Nugent


to Championship club Derby County, managed by former Boro


boss Steve McClaren, for an undisclosed fee.


Time for the week's weather prospects


and I hear some snow may finally be on the way.


Some snow but what were in for is a cold blast of air from the north


which may bring snow showers for some of us but not just yet. Tonight


any showers will be of rain. More widespread in the West and the East.


Some clear spells in between. Temperatures will hold at roundabout


four or five Celsius because of the breeze and cloud coming and going as


well. Tomorrow the showers continue on and off. More widespread in the


west and East. Eastern areas hang on to the best dry and bright weather


through the day. Highs of roundabout turn Celsius, 50 Fahrenheit.


Westerly winds will be quite brisk at times tomorrow. The showers


continue tomorrow evening and into the night. A lot of cloud on the


whole. Further outbreaks of rain, especially in the West again. The


temperature is holed up with a brisk and gusty westerly winds tomorrow


night. Around about five Celsius again. Heading through the day on


Wednesday, we will start to see some signs of change to colder weather.


Showers turning wintry over high ground especially. We could see a


covering may be on the North Pennines by the end of Wednesday.


Any snow will blow about as well in the gusty north-westerly wind.


Temperatures dipping as well, even at lower levels, seven or eight


Celsius at best on Wednesday afternoon. Looking at the pressure


sequence in the middle and latter part of the working week, strong


wind, north-westerly, and more of a northerly on Thursday and into


Friday. That is bringing cold air and encouraging showers to turn


increasingly into sleet and snow as we had through Thursday and Friday.


Very windy day on Thursday. Westerly, turning north-westerly,


some showers, some sleet and snow among them. But there will be some


brightness in between as well. Temperatures cooler at four and five


Celsius at best on Thursday. Wintry showers continues on Friday and


again temperatures, you will be lucky if you see five Celsius on


Friday afternoon. That is how it is looking towards the weekend. We will


keep you updated on your local radio station. The