10/01/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)


The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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Good evening. for the news where you are.


Police are continuing to question a 15-year-old girl over the death


The younger girl was found by police with life-threatening injuries


in the Woodthorpe area of the city yesterday afternoon.


She was taken to hospital but died a short time later.


Tonight, North Yorkshire Police have named the young victim


as Katie Rough, a pupil at a nearby primary school.


Her family are said to be devastated.


Enquiries into the circumstances surrounding her death continue.


Alness Drive is normally a quiet residential road.


Today, though, it was far from that, as police teams investigated


Katie Rough, a pupil at Westfield Primary School


A woman ran up the street, it was obviously the mother


of the daughter, she was shouting, "Help, call for an ambulance!"


So I put my shoes on and went up the alleyway, about halfway up,


and I could see a body lying in the field.


But the police were already there, attending.


Police were called here yesterday afternoon and found the little girl


on the footpath that leads to a playing field.


Since then, a 15-year-old girl has been arrested and is now


Specially trained officers are supporting the victim's family


at this extremely difficult time for them.


Clearly, the circumstances require the investigation to be conducted


For most of the day, a police tent has covered the area


where Katie was found, with the investigation


at one stage moving to an address half a mile away.


One local councillor says support will be given


I spoke to the local vicar this morning and he will see what he can


organise to have the church open for a couple of days,


to make sure there is somewhere local for local people to go


and just have a cup of tea or have a chat, and just somewhere


if they've got any problems or anything they want to talk


about, they can get it off their chest privately.


Throughout the day, meanwhile, friends and local residents have


She was a very close friend to my daughter,


and she was a unique, beautiful little girl.


Respect the family. Beautiful family.


Both involved are so young, and it's such a shame,


because she's not even started her life, has she?


The community has been badly shaken by the death of this little girl,


described today as a "darling princess" by her grandparents.


It was an awful accident in which a man's body remained


undiscovered in a car in the middle of a busy roundabout for seven days.


It happened last August at junction 58 off the A1


Today an inquest into Darren Stephenson-Bennett's death


Husband and father Darren Stephenson-Bennett was last seen


at a party on Saturday the 27th of August last year.


He was reported missing the following Tuesday.


His body was discovered in his car on


this roundabout seven days after his disappearance.


Darren's vehicle had crashed into a tree and remained


CCTV footage from passing buses was examined.


It showed just before 10pm, there were ten


of these black and white chevrons and after 11pm


there were eight, so the crash happened in that hour.


Then it raised the grim question, had he been


conscious for any length of time after the accident?


Witnesses had seen Darren drink Jack Daniel's and beer


The coroner said there is a high probability he was over


the drink-drive limit at the time of the crash.


He suffered a serious brain injury as a result of the collision.


The coroner said he died in the hour soon after or possibly straightaway


A verdict of accidental death was given.


Back in August, the police faced criticism at the time for not


It has been quite a difficult investigation


The car was almost perfectly concealed inside


the motorway interchange inside the junction.


It was very difficult for us to discover it.


And if Darren Stephenson-Bennett had been reported missing


a little bit earlier, we potentially might have found


the vehicle and his body a little bit sooner.


But I don't necessarily think that would have affected the outcome.


At the end of the inquest, Darren's family thanked the police


Darren Stephenson-Bennett leaves behind three children.


A man's appeared in court accused of holding four people hostage


at the Coral bookmakers in Jarrow on Sunday night.


Alistair Gallow, who's 39 and from Jarrow, appeared before


South Tyneside magistrates charged with nine offences, including false


imprisonment and possession of a firearm with intent


He was remanded in custody and will appear at Crown Court next month.


Police in Cumbria are investigating suspicions that a small number


of saline bags were tampered with


at the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle.


The NHS Trust says security measures have been increased.


Our health reporter Sharon Barbour sent this report from the hospital.


Yes, it was the 4th of January, just under a week ago,


that a member of staff here at the Cumberland Infirmary


in Carlisle suspected that a saline bag or some saline bags


They immediately contacted their senior clinical managers,


who contacted the trust management, who contacted the police


We understand that no patient has been adversely affected,


although they continue to be monitored.


Security measures here have been strengthened and all medicines


The Hospital Trust say any patients with any concerns can contact them


on a telephone number which is on the trust's website.


Well, it is a watery, salty, sugary solution, harmless,


which is used to hydrate or rehydrate patients,


but it can also be used to mix medicines, to give those


The police are saying very little, they say the investigation


We don't know how many saline bags may have been affected,


but the police say they are working closely with the Hospital Trust.


The majority of lessons at a high profile Cumbrian academy


were cancelled today as teachers took industrial action.


Members of the NASUWT went on strike at Whitehaven Academy,


a school placed in special measures by Ofsted, where teachers


and parents continue to raise concerns about the charitable trust


Unhappy union members in front of a near-empty school building.


A building they say is not up to scratch.


You go into a classroom, is it fully resourced?


Is it going to be the sort of place where you can


carry out a lesson where kids will be attentive from the beginning?


If they're's cold, if it's not well lit and not well resourced,


their learning is not going to be the best.


This dispute is not just about the teaching environment.


Staff and parents say they are frustrated by years


of mismanagement and bad communication from


the BrightTribe trust which runs the school.


In November last year 70 staff members signed a letter


calling on the Government to remove the trust.


Three teaching unions have balloted on strike action


and today's picket is not expected to be the last.


Only year 11s are being taught in school today,


meaning all other pupils have had an extra day off, meaning extra


No striking teachers wanted to speak to us


directly today but the union representatives


I think the whole community, the parents, the politicians even


have spoken up about the conditions in this school.


In response, BrightTribe said it was disappointed


by the industrial action, but determined to continue


At Whitehaven Academy, the students are amazing,


and that school has underperformed for years and years,


Now, under BrightTribe's watch, things haven't improved yet,


although certainly, in the knowledge of Ofsted, there are lots of green


shoots now finally, and sometimes these things do take 18 months


Teaching unions and the trust are expected to meet for further


Megan Paterson, BBC Look North, Whitehaven.


The Ken Loach film I Daniel Blake, shot largely on Tyneside,


has picked up five BAFTA nominations.


Ken Loach himself has been nominated for Director,


Outstanding British Film, Original Screenplay


and Supporting Actress for Hayley Squires.


Time for a look at the weather now with Paul Mooney.


Paul, the big question, will we get snow?


There will be snow for some of us, but the drop in temperatures and


strength of wind is probably just as important. A weather front crossing


the region tonight, that will bring some rain. As that clears way, it


leaves behind clear spells and some blustery showers. Very gusty wind.


As the winds down from Weston North West, we could see gusts of around


60 mph, blowing right across what of the main roads, very blustery


conditions on trans-Pennine routes. If you're out tomorrow morning


especially, some difficult travelling conditions with those


very gusty winds. It will only very slowly and slightly ease as we had


through the days. Sunny intervals and scattered showers, passing


through quickly, some of those will start to turn wintry over the high


ground as the day draws on. At lower levels, temperatures peaking around


seven Celsius. You can see the wind is still very gusty, even by the end


of the day. The wind stays strong as we had through tomorrow night. And


into Thursday as well. North-westerly. Then by Freddie, a


strict northerly coming down from the Arctic. There will be variations


on where the risk of any snow showers will fall over the next few


days, there are a couple of Mac office warnings for Cumbria on


Thursday and for Cumbria and the North East on Friday. So Thursday


will have a bottle showers, turn increasingly wintry, perhaps


settling down in lower levels, still a very cold wind as well. Friday


will see the wood tree showers becoming more confined to eastern


areas. I will leave you of the week, and to start the


weekend as well. For more on that snow situation, over to Jay Wynne


now. Quite a lot going on over the next


few days. The strong north-westerly wind will drag some really cold


Arctic air across our shores full stop that will be with us for the


next few days. And there will be some wintry weather and it will be a


cold end to the week. In the short-term, the strong winds pushing


the rain away from Scotland. The winds really picking up in the north


and west with frequent showers following into Scotland and Northern


Ireland, some of them wintry over the higher ground. It will be


particularly cold in the wind, which will be a key feature of things


tomorrow. Travel disruption is certainly possible across the


northern half of the UK, with winds up to