11/01/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)


The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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A teenager has appeared in court


charged with the murder of a seven-year-old girl in York.


Katie Rough was found with fatal injuries


on a playing field on Monday and died later in hospital.


A 15-year-old girl was today remanded into secure accommodation,


and with possession of an offensive weapon.


The family of Katie Rough at court this morning.


The first sorrow filled duty of life without the seven-year-old.


Katie seemingly had so much of her life still ahead


She died here on Alness Drive, in the Woodthorpe area of York.


The court heard today that she'd suffered significant lacerations


Police investigations continued at the scene,


with a metal detector used to search nearby undergrowth.


Meanwhile, the pile of floral tributes grows.


Four miles from the scene, the teenage girl accused


of killing Katie appeared in court for the first time.


The accused, who is 15 years old, nodded to show that she understood


Members of Katie's family were also in court and some were visibly upset


The teenager is charged with murdering Katie Rough


on Alness Drive in York on Monday, and also


with possession of a weapon - namely a knife.


Outside Katie's School, the feeling remains one of shock.


One of my good friend is really friends her mum,


and she's taken it really hard, and so have her daughters,


Tributes were paid here in York, and also in the House of Commons.


I'm sure the whole house will join in


heartfelt condolences for the family and friends of the tragic death


of seven-year-old Katie Rough in York earlier this week.


I also join the right honourable gentleman in expressing condolences


to the family and friends of little Katie, who died so tragically.


A fundraising page to support Katie's family has been set


She didn't know the family, but says she wanted to help.


It isn't just me. People all over are UK donating.


It's in the heads and hearts of so many people.


There's so much love for the family right now,


Katie's family weren't speaking today.


They already know the pain of what they've lost, but not why.


A clear-up is continuing tonight after 70mph winds


Thousands were left without power


and buildings were damaged by the gales.


Forecasters say more gales and snow are on the way.


The winds had been enough to keep people awake,


The cars parked beside the gable end were buried beneath the rubble.


We've been awake nearly all night with the wind.


With it being fenced, I can't get in to have a look and see


This happened at Pelton in County Durham.


In Newcastle city centre, there was disruption after damage


to a roof had scattered debris across a street,


And at their peak, the gusts had hit 75 mph.


In the control room at Northern Power Grid near Sunderland,


they battled to restore electricity to homes across the North.


Over the course of the day, the staff here have dealt with


more than 40,000 customers who have been without power.


Gradually they whittled that number down so they've now restored


all but more than a couple of thousand of them


Now the work goes on to make sure everybody else gets


We have to ramp up significantly for events like this.


We're well versed and well practised in terms of the impact


that the weather has on our power network across our region.


But, yes, extra resources deployed across the entire organisation.


And many people working outside of their primary roles to support


those customers getting back on supply.


On the west coast near Whitehaven, huge waves could be seen


And at County Durham, a sign of just how bad things have been.


A turbine unable to cope with the power of the wind.


And we'll have a full weather forecast with Paul shortly.


An American company that manufactures valves for


the oil and gas industry in Gateshead is threatening


to make 140 workers redundant, blaming the slump in the oil price.


NOV Mission Products on the Team Valley Trading Estate


made 180 redundancies in November and has now said it will cease


manufacturing altogether later this year,


putting a further 140 people out of work.


The father of Claudia Lawrence has won his battle to allow families


of people who have gone missing, to deal with their financial affairs


Claudia, who was 35 and was from York,


The bill was championed by Claudia's father, Peter.


Dubbed Claudia's Law, it was given the go-ahead


in Parliament today, without opposition.


We've just about got to the stage that we're at.


You've got to remember, it's 22 months ago that the government


committed to this bill, and it's taken a private member,


Kevin Hollinrake, one of our local MPs,


for Thirsk and Malton, to bring it forward himself.


And as we know, it's got government support now.


A Sunderland man is calling for smear tests to be made


available for the under-25s following the death of his sister.


Josh Cliff says Amber asked to be screened,


She was eventually diagnosed with cervical cancer


You have a normal Christmas, everything was really nice.


So happy, just laughing, making jokes.


You've either got to do something about it, or...


You've just got to sit and grieve,


Amber Cliff died just a few days ago.


which spread to her lungs and throat.


Her brother said she had had the symptoms for two years


But doctors had blamed it on other health issues.


She'd also requested a smera test to rule out cancer,


--smear test, but despite repeated visits to the doctor


she had been told she was too young.


Eventually private tests revealed she had a tumour.


Now her family are campaigning for smears to


The problem is, there are no guidelines.


The GPs who have said I would have given a smear test.


Unfortunately, her GP did not give her a smear test


We need a law right across the board so that if somebody


is coming in with certain symptoms they can have a smear test.


Public Health England said the reason why women under 25


aren't routinely screened is because changes in their bodies often give


false test results, and that can lead to procedures


Josh has started an online petition to get the subject


But he says the publicity around his campaign


has already made other women look to get screened.


The amount of people commenting on Facebook


They don't like the idea of going for one.


But that 30 seconds or however long it takes,


and stop your family going through this.


That's what I'm trying to get across,


Well, elsewhere, plans for a new ?10 million cancer centre


in North Yorkshire have gone on display.


It would mean that more people could be treated


at Northallerton's Friarage hospital, avoiding the journey


to Middlesbrough's James Cook for appointments.


The building would be named after Sir Robert Ogden,


who's jointly funding the project with Macmillan Cancer Care.


When you think of what you're going through, the psychological effects


of all the things, you've been in dull rooms,


waiting for results and waiting for scans


and things like that, to try to get a facility


that's got as much going as this has,


to make you feel a lot better about, you know...


It's not going to change what's happening


but it can make you feel a lot more positive.


We saw what the gales did last night.


Those disrupt their wings have eased slightly but there are still win,


ice and snow to add that the problems over the next couple of


days -- Bosz disruptive wins. We have a severe weather warning for


Cumbria and the North East for the risk of snow over the next few days.


There's a covering of snow in places. Especially across parts of


Cumbria, the uplands of Northumberland and County Durham.


Temperatures close to freezing leading to icy patches. Not as windy


as it was but still a brisk westerly. Sunshine and showers


tomorrow. Sleet and snow and amongst those bringing a further covering in


some places. But those showers become fewer and further between as


we head through the afternoon. Temperatures struggling up four


Celsius at the very best. And a brisk westerly wind feeling cold.


Starting tomorrow evening dry, then we have this area of cloud coming


from the north, possibly bringing further snow to parts of the


north-east and Yorkshire as we head through the night tomorrow night.


Temperatures again hovering round about just below freezing, so some


icy stretches to watch out for as we head Friday. The game, the odd sleet


or snow shower in eastern areas, things becoming a little bit milder


as we head into Sunday. I'll leave you with the


potentially leading us into a chilly start to the weekend. Time for the


national weather prospects if you are on the move.


Good evening, a lot going on with the weather in the next few days,


numerous weather warnings in for so buried in mind if you have travel


plans. Lots of isobars on the chart overnight which means it will be


windy for all. The strongest winds in Scotland, lots of wintry showers


with snow getting down to increasingly low levels and some


wintry showers in Northern Ireland and northern England. A cold night


for Northern England, particularly in more rural spots, frosty and I


see for some and some of the snow really blowing around over higher


ground in Scotland. Strong wind and further snow to take us into


tomorrow. It may