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Here on BBC One it's time for the news where you are.


The search for the missing York chef Claudia Lawrence is to be scaled


back after North Yorkshire Police carried out a three year review


of the investigation into her disappearance.


Her father Peter says he's hugely disappointed


He praised the police but said new information from the public


was needed if his daughter was to be found.


Phil Chapman sent this report from outside Claudia's home.


The last sighting of Claudia was in March 2009 when she


walked back home here to her small terraced


York after her shift at work as a chef at the University of York.


She went inside and spoke briefly to her


That was the last that anyone heard of her.


The whole family today is deeply disappointed,


A friend spoke this afternoon on behalf of of Claudia's


At the end of the day the biggest problem


is Claudia is not hear and


nobody knows where she is, what's she doing, whether


Despite the best effort of the police, it feels


have lots of information but they still


need that other bit of information which is going to bring


The police said they exhausted every single line of inquiry over the nine


years of the investigation and over the last three years


There are also deeply frustrated and sympathise


They believe somebody out there knows exactly what happened to


Claudia on that evening but they have failed to come


There is one line of inquiry left, it is a DNA profile that


Yorkshire police have yet to investigate.


It will take a further six weeks but after that the


investigation will cease and enter a reactive phase.


This has been an investigation of great magnitude, of massive


lines of inquiry from CCTV to looking at Claudia's financial


affairs, telephone records, speaking to new witnesses who came forward.


We have applied new forensic techniques as well.


Numerous house searches, ground searches.


We have thrown everything at this investigation which we possibly can.


The key challenge we have had is we have never been


able to identify that primarily crime scene.


That was the biggest challenge to the police,


we have never been able to achieve that breakthrough.


The Assistant Chief Constable, Paul Kennedy, told us


today they will never close


this case and he believes there is always the possibility they will


Two men have been arrested after a gun was fired in a Sunderland


It happened at the Ford Post Office on Hylton Road -


where two men walked in and demanded cash.


Here's our News Correspondent Mark Denten.


Hylton Road, Sunderland, last night and police


hunting for two men, one who fired a


shotgun and tried to rob the post office.


About ten to five yesterday afternoon, two men walked into the


post office and one was carrying a shotgun.


They demanded the staff behind a security screen hand over


They refused and one of the men fired a shotgun.


The staff were inside the premises behind the


Can I take the opportunity to thank the staff for how bravely they


They remained calm and contacted the police immediately


which allowed us to attend the scene as quickly as we could.


We have two in custody now and recovered the


Early this morning, two men one aged 31 and one


aged 45 were arrested on suspicion of robbery.


Police say the use of a gun in the area is very rare.


I would like to point out that offences of this nature are


extremely rare and we have to go back many years when we had a


live firearm discharged in something of this nature in Sunderland.


No one was hurt in the incident and police are still


A Hartlepool man who killed three members of the same family


in the 1980s has lost a human rights challenge against his whole


Arthur Hutchinson was jailed in 1984.


He broke into the home of Basil and Avril Laitner in Sheffield,


hours after their daughter's wedding.


He murdered them and their son Richard.


The European Court of Human Rights dismissed Hutchinson's claim


that the punishment amounted to inhuman and degrading treatment.


North East baker Greggs has reported good sales again for the last year.


Total sales rose 7% - thanks partly to its wider range


of healthy eating options like salads and yoghurts.


famed for its sausage rolls and pasties -


is about to add vanilla latte, green tea and peppermint tea to its menus.


In May, the first Tees Valley Mayor will be elected, and handed


new money and powers form Westminister.


He or she will preside over an area covering Darlington,


Hartlepool, Stockton, Middlesbrough and Redcar.


But just how can one person bring all those areas together?


David Macmillan's been trying to find out.


The Tees Valley is home to 670,000 people across five council areas,


stretching from the North Sea to North Yorkshire -


the new mayor's challenge is to deliver prosperity across this


Some parties already believe they've found


Yarm councillor Ben Houchen is the Conservative candidate.


it comes down to business and transport


Coming from the area, I have a good understanding


and Cleveland Council leader Sue Jeffrey is Labour's candidate.


She says the closure of SSI UK showed how interlinked the regions


It affected all five local authority


areas so it is not about fighting each other but working together,


being pragmatic and working to deliver the goals we have for the


Tees Valley area and around growing jobs and the economy.


UKIP's group leader in Hartlepool John Tennant


is the party's prospective mayoral candidate.


He has ambitious plans for transport.


We're looking at the possibility of


bringing back the Tees Valley Metro


system which was shelved a few years ago.


It will cost a lot of money and


John Tait of the North Party is also focused


on helping people get around the region more easily.


We need to have an ambitious transport scheme for the future


which will spread prosperity across the whole area.


David Macmillan, BBC Look North, Teesside.


The owners of a family butchers at the centre of an E-coli outbreak


have denied breaching food safety rules.


Janet Bell and Trevor Robinson appeared at Teesside


Stuart Whincup was in court and sent us this report.


15 people became infected with E.Coli back in July 2015.


Of those people, ten needed hospital treatment and seven suffered


Today at Teesside Magistrate Court, the


owners of the butchers in Billingham, Janet Bell


and Trevor Robinson, appeared in court.


They face charges of selling various items, including


cooked ham, pork, turkey and egg quiche which was unsafe for human


consumption by reason of contamination with pathogenic


Both pleaded not guilty to the charges.


The court heard this was a detailed case and will hear detailed evidence


where the pair will next appear on February 14.


A charity shop on South Tyneside's taken extreme measures


The window of the YMCA shop in South Shields features


To give a stark message that clouds donations are down.


Football, and Sunderland are out of the FA Cup.


They lost 2-0 to Burnley tonight in their third round replay


at Turf Moor in front of a crowd of just 12,000.


That's it from me this evening - time for a look at the weather


Another frost free night tonight. This blanket of Cloud is the reason


for that. It remains tonight, very low as well which resulted in a lot


of mist and fog across the North East and Cumbria. Perhaps some light


rain in the south but temperatures will hold up, temperatures around


six Celsius. The winds daylight. A murky and grey start tomorrow. We


should stay the cloud lift and break in places. A few sunny interval for


some of us as we head through the day. It should state dry for most of


us. Temperatures similar to today, double figures, ten centigrade the


high. The winds will be light from the south south-west. High pressure


in charge over the last couple of days and it maintains its grip over


the weather in the next few days. It holds everything in place so nothing


is changing quickly as we head towards the end of the week and the


weekend. But and Friday, a lot cloud around, generally dry but the cloud


is thick enough to produce the odd spot of rain. Many places dry, is


cloudy. Temperatures is tailing off towards the end of the week and by


Friday afternoon between six and eight Celsius but we should remain


frost the through the night. Keep up-to-date with the forecast a new


BBC local radio stations and the BBC weather app. I will leave you


from time to time. Staying settled still. Nick has the national


forecast this evening. Hello. If you are watching the


football earlier it turned out to be an evening for football fans in


Lincolnshire. This is how it looked at the start of the day. No idea


whether this weather watcher is a football fan, it's a fan of weather


that matters here. All sorts of weather, from 13 in Aberdeenshire to


two, despite the sunshine in Kent. I wonder if this six in the cloud


across the Midlands into northern England and parts of Wales felt


colder, particularly in these misty and foggy conditions in this weather


watcher view. Some drizzly rain around at times still from the


thicker cloud into parts of England and Wales overnight,


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