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Good evening. on BBC Two.


Eight out of ten people here in the North want to see longer


prison sentences for animal cruelty, according to the RSPCA.


The current maximum sentence is just six months.


The findings have been welcomed by one MP who's


You may find the content at the beginning of Stuart Whincup's


Filmed on a mobile phone - this footage sparked outrage.


Too horrific to broadcast - it shows the Frankish brothers


repeatedly throwing their dog down the stairs and stamping on it.


The dog later died - but remarkably the brothers avoided jail.


This shocking case led the Redcar MP Anna Turley


She wants longer prison sentences for those guilty of animal cruelty.


I think it's about sending a message that this is abhorrent and society


as a whole rejects this and that they say people who do these kinds


of acts have no place in our community and it's important that we


send a message out as a deterrent. The current maximum sentence


in England for animal cruelty is six months in prison and a fine


of up to ?20,000. Now a survey commissioned


by the RSPCA shows 8 out of 10 people in the North East want to see


the Government introduce longer prison sentences -


for the most serious And 59% of those questioned wanted


to see sentences in excess of two Last October RSPCA officers


discovered a small dog that had been buried alive at Kirkleathem


woods near Redcar. It had a five inch nail


hammered through its head. While shocking, officers say -


such cruelty is not uncommon. Clare Wilson's an officer


with the RSPCA. I dealt with a horrible case were


some young men were setting and their dogs on badges and dear and


foxes in the local area. And they were filming it while they were


doing it and I had to review all of that footage and it's unimaginable


cruelty that those animals were going through.


Everyday the RSPCA says it's oifficers deal with animals


who have been stabbed, shot and poisoned.


Some dogs are forced to fight to the death.


Now the charity wants those guilty of such horendous


cruelty to be punished with longer prison sentences.


More than 100 cars have been clamped on Tyneside over the past two days


as the DVLA runs a special operation targeting rogue drivers who haven't


And people who've failed to pay for the clamp to be removed


within 24 hours have seen their cars removed from the street.


If they're not reclaimed, they'll be sold or scrapped.


This car is not where its owner left it.


Clamping hasn't worked - now the car has been seized


and the owner will have to pay two hundred pounds to get it back.


Obviously most people are disgruntled, a lot of people realise


that they should have taxed their vehicle. It isn't the first course


of action, it's the very last course of action. They will have had these


reminders so the message is very important that you keep DVLA


up-to-date with your current address so that they don't find themselves


in this position. The DVLA enforcement


vans are on our streets year round but they've brought


in reinforcements for The vans are equipped with Automatic


Number Plate Recognition cameras. If a vehicle has not been


taxed, the van driver is alerted Last year more than 10,000 motorists


in the North East were issued with penalties for non-payment


of vehicle tax. A further 1,700 vehicles


were clamped or seized. There


was a predictable spike in non-payment of vehicle tax


after paper tax discs But the DVLA says the payment rate


has now returned to the normal level and in 2017 80% of people


pay their car tax online rather Three people who were convicted over


the death of a Newcastle man with learning difficulties


are to have their sentences reviewed James Wheatley was jailed for life


in December last year But prosecutors argued


that the sentences handed to Wheatley's girlfriend,


her mother - and another man - Nicola Lawrence was jailed for 4


years, Julie Mills 8 years and Barry Imray 3 years -


for their parts in Lee's murder. A desperate plea for new information


has been made by the family of an 83-year-old man who was killed


in a hit and run accident as he walked home from visiting


his daughter's grave - Charles Trueman died in hospital


from his injuries after being hit by a car on Station Road


in his hometown of Hexham A Cumbrian charity is hoping locally


brewed beer can help raise enough Eden Mencap currently rents


a building in Penrith but it can't make improvements to the facilities


unless it owns So the group's taken


to the brew house to try This is the start of a Hoppy craft


beer, the creation of Eden Mencap it's an ale that aims to be more


than just refreshing: Vanya Yam is the name of the pier


and in our dialect it means almost home. We are almost home because we


are buying our own building so it is the key link to having the home.


Every time you buy our beer you're contributing to the longevity of


people with learning disabilities in the area.


For 30 years Eden Mencap has been helping


people learn new skills, make friends and build independent lives.


The charity specialises in empowering people


with learning disabilities - having a permanent base for it's


members will make a big difference: Jacqui clip two So far a third


It means we always have a home and we always have a permanent base that


people come to recognise. It means we can establish lots of more things


about moving in the next few years about moving in the next few years


and we can evolve projects that meet the impunity needs -- the community


needs because we know we have our own home.


of the ?200,000 pound asking price has been raised,


the idea of making more money from beer came from Mencap staff


who've helped members get stuck into the brewing process.


We've been out a few times before Christmas and we've learnt about the


back at the building with unable to back at the building with unable to


put some photos up and go through the whole process. That'll carry on


whilst we are brewing, it means that is a totally no activity for the


guys as well and they are learning new skills.


As well as the learning there's been plenty


We are a small brewery and to have company it is nice in a -- and they


are full of joy so it is great to have them around.


will be have it's first official supping in March -


when raising a glass will hopefully raise enough money to buy


Megan Paterson BBC Look North Appleby Brewery.


Unemployment in the north east fell by a thousand between September


Meanwhile in Cumbria, 4,430 people claimed job seekers'


allowance in December, a very slight rise


However, North Yorkshire saw a larger rise of about 240,


to stand at 4,235 people claiming jobs seekers' allowance.


Football now - and a special FA Cup Match of the Day here on BBC One


follows this bulletin,- so if you don't want to know


Matt Ritchie's double helped Newcastle ease into the FA Cup


fourth round with victory over Championship rivals Birmingham City


The Magpies 3-1 win means they'll have a trip to Oxford United.


And you can see all the action in Look North tomorrow night.


Well Birmingham City have tonight signed Emilio Nsue


The news came shortly after Boro confirmed they'd


made their former loanee, Chelsea striker Patrick Bamford,


And Hartlepool United have this evening appointed the hugely


experienced Dave Jones as manager, replacing Craig Hignett


who left the struggling League 2 club on Sunday.


That's all the news and sport from me tonight -


time now for the weather with Paul Mooney.


Quiet but cloudy weather continuing, we have had a blanket of cloud


across most parts of the region over the last couple of days and that


continues as we head to the coming night. A lot of clouds with poor


visibility in places and the odd spot of light rain or drizzle but


most places drive. Another frost free nights, temperatures no lower


than five or six. High pressure continues to dominate the weather


tomorrow so be another misty start for many of us. 12 breaks and the


northern parts towards Berwick will see a bit of brightness. Most places


drive but pretty cloudy through the day. Temperatures will peak around


eight or nine. The winds will remain lights coming mostly from that


south-westerly direction. High pressures in charge and will stay in


charge over the next couple of days. It looks as though the high will


start to shift away to move towards the weekend. It will hang on enough


to keep weather fronts to the West through the course of the weekend.


We head into Friday and it is very little change. A cloudy day, mostly


dry, a shade by Friday afternoon, temperatures typically around seven.


A subtle change as we head into the weekend and we see the cloud become


a bit more broken. We start to see a bit more in the way of brightness


developing throughout the day but overnight those gaps will allow a


touch of frost. Bright of the School of the weekend. The summary for


tomorrow and the full National next few days, no great changes over


the next few days, more sunshine on the way.


Despite high-pressure sitting across the country so only slow changes in


the weather, we have had a variety of different weathers, for example


this beautiful sunset in Southampton which was shared by a Weather


Watcher, but grey and misty in Derby thanks to an awful lot of cloud


around and very little deviation by day or night from the rather grey


routine. That is because we have a weather


front, albeit very weak and very


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