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The American surgeon who pioneered a treatment to destroy brain tumours


has told a Teesside family the operation could change


Five-year-old Finley Ingles travelled to Houston


after his family raised ?200,000 from well-wishers to fund the trip.


Stuart Whincup sent this report from Texas.


It's home to America's biggest Children's Hospital.


Ground-breaking brain surgery is performed here,


and this is why Finley desperately needs it.


He's laughing, but feels discomfort and is left confused.


The seizure happened as Finley's family were meeting the man


who pioneered the surgery that he'll undergo.


The treatment is called laser ablation surgery.


A tiny hole is made in the skull, the size of the tip of a pen.


And using MRI for guidence, a laser is directed where the tumour is,


When we are considering our skill at treating this type of haematoma,


even in open operations that would incur lots of side effects,


it's only about 50%, that were getting better.


Even away from the hospital in Houston, Finley's keen to show


I'm not allowed to get in here because I'm a doctor.


For Finley's family, today's appointment did offer reassurance.


It filled us with positivity, really.


It filled us with a lot of confidence, knowing that he feels


the operation will be such a success.


Nothing can quite prepare you for your child to have surgery.


And with the best will in the world, for all the googling


and everything that we've done, actually meeting the man himself has


After the years of hospital appointments, tests and scans,


Finley is now just 24 hours away from the operation that


He'll be admitted to Texas Children's Hospital in the early


His family say this is Finley's last hope.


His last chance for a happy childhood, free from


The 15 year-old girl accused of the murder of seven-year-old


Katie Rough in York in January has today pleaded not guilty.


John Cundy was at Leeds Crown Court, and sent us this report.


Katie Rough's family arriving at Leeds Crown Court today. They sat in


the jury area of a court to follow the legal proceedings. Katie was


attacked on playing fields and the Woodfield area of York in January.


She died soon afterwards as an arrest was made in the community.


Earlier this week crowds gathered outside York Minster where the


funeral was held. A 15-year-old girl accused of the murder of Katie Rough


made a 20 minute appearance by video link here at Leeds Crown Court. She


can't be named for legal reasons. Her solicitor sitting beside her


said the girl was pleading not guilty to the murder of Katie on


January nine. The judge explained the proceedings of the court to the


girl and told she would stand trial in July. The community was united in


grief at the death of Katie Rough. The trial of the girl accused of her


killing is expected to last between two and three weeks.


A wealthy Tyneside businessman, accused of sexually abusing boys,


has told a court he's the victim of a "police witch hunt."


75 year-old Colin Gregg, from Newcastle, was giving evidence


in his defence against nine counts of indecent assault.


Here's our correspondent, Peter Harris.


Colin Gregg, the court has heard, has said


Today, he spoke directly to the jury.


Under cross-examination, he was asked, is it


of these components is either mistaken or lying?


He said that those making false allegations are doing


He accepted that while he's a wealthy man, none


of the complainant has made a claim of compensation,


give any reason why any of them would choose to lie.


The jury has been told of Colin Gregg's background.


That he'd helped develop the family's bakery business,


is a former head teacher, and had driven forward the Yellow


He denies nine counts of indecent assault on four boys.


He was asked by his own barrister, it did yet any stage


Now, for many smokers, kicking the habit can be


But it's one of the best things you can do for your health -


and if you're pregnant, it's vital for the


Now, Newcastle University researchers have


are almost twice as likely to quit smoking if they're tested


with a carbon monoxide monitor at their first midwife appointment.


Here's our health reporter, Sharon Barbour.


When Melanie fell pregnant with her little girl, Faith,


she had been a heavy smoker for years.


I started smoking when I was about 16, so yes, a school you smoke, try


to impress the boys, and it was the fashion in them days. Then I smoked


until I was 40. She'd smoked through all four


previous pregnancies - I never ever thought, it was just


like, I'll carry on like I did, and people have healthy babies and smoke


before, my parents both smoked. But something different happened


with this pregnancy - that changed her: The amount


of carbon monoxide in a non-smoker They checked the amount of carbon


monoxide in my breath. Event light came on and she demonstrated what it


does to your baby once you smoke. It is basically just strangling you,


and you actually trying to reach for breath, and I'm thinking that is


kind of frightening, and that is the first time I actually literally, in


my head, visualised what it must be for a little person inside,


basically you are just constantly strangling that child.


It's this test and the chat from a midwife - that


Newcastle University have found does hugely help pregnant mums to quit


What we found is that this test, and then put in touch to stop smoking,


nearly doubled quit rates in pregnancy. There is very clear


evidence that smoking in pregnancy can lead to a lighter birth weight,


which can lead to a lot of problems also on in their lives. The


The team studied 40,000 mothers-to-be at maternity units


across the North East, including 10,500 who smoked.


The programme's called "BabyClear" - and for mums like Melanie,


it clearly works, and there are now calls for the approach to be used


On to football, and the Premier League's leading referee


is quitting his job to take up a post in Saudi Arabia.


Mark Clattenburg from County Durham was unveiled on the Saudi


FA's live Twitter page as their new head of referees.


The 41 year old - who's widely considered to be one


of the world's top officials - could even leave the UK


before the next round of Premier League fixtures.


Last year, he officiated the finals of Euro 2016,


Clattenburg was in charge at the Emirates on Saturday,


in Arsenal's 2-0 win Premier League over Hull City.


I know it's been mild, but I'm not sure we can quite


ever the optimist, it is mild but not quite that mild. It stays with


us over the next few days, western areas generally cloudy and misty,


mostly dry. East of the Pennines tend to have clearer skies and with


light winds we could set the temperature is maybe outlying parts


from Northumberland as low as two or three Celsius, perhaps just called


in a fight ground frost, elsewhere between five and 7 degrees


overnight. The East-West split continues, eastern Area C the best


of the sunshine, always a bit more clout in the West, some low cloud as


well, so poor visibility over the higher ground but most places dry


through the day. The temperatures will reach about 10 Celsius at best


and the wins will be pretty light tomorrow. A little ridge of high


pressure over us tomorrow, it gets shunted away as we head to the


weekend. Weather fronts coming in from the west. But the weather


fronts have been fairly weak affairs, some patchy rain on them


although little lines on the chart, so fairly breezy at times through


the weekend. Saturday, fairly cloudy skies, thick enough just rain at


times, especially in the West. The temperatures again into double


figures, ten or 11 at best, although it will be fairly breezy with it in


the south-westerly wind. Some rain for many of us on Saturday night,


and then Sunday again, a fair amount of cloud around. The best of any


you with a summary for tomorrow. you with a summary for tomorrow.


forthcoming weekend. Here is Nick Miller with a resume of the National


weather picture. Hello, rain for some of us today


although it won't make much of a dent in the dry winter so far across


much of the UK. A few threatening clouds in Cumbria but more than a


threat of rain across the pond for Friday. The wettest weather system


of the season is over heading into California, and there have been a


few, with copious amounts of rain and lots of mountain snow.


Record-breaking wet winter so far in parts of California. In Los Angeles