25/01/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)


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And he's not much of a looker - but will somebody love Fester?


First this lunch time, a court's heard two Northumbria University


students suffered "life threatening reactions" during an experiment.


The sports science students were given caffeine in March,


2015, to test its impact on exercise.


But Newcastle Crown Court has heard they were given 100 times


One student was in hospital for a week with the other spending


The University has admitted failing to ensure their safety and will be


A man accused of strangling a Hartlepool pensioner and then


setting fire to her home has been giving evidence in his own defence.


Gareth Dack is accused of killing Norma Bell in April of last year.


Jonathan Swingler is live at Teesside Crown Court.


Jonathan, what's been said this morning?


This trial has heard how 79-year-old Norma Bell, a mother of three and


foster carer to over 50 children during her lifetime, was murdered in


her own home. Gareth Dack was accused of strengthening with a


piece of electrical cable in April last year and is accused of setting


several fires and turning on a gas hob in an attempt to cause an


explosion which never happened. The heard how he used her phone to call


a soft porn TV channel and then stole her TV. Today, Gareth Dack


spoke in his defence. He had grown up in Hartlepool and gone to a


number of schools and had ADHD. He described himself as having


dyslexia. We had about his previous jobs, working in pubs, a hospital


porter, how he had become a thermal insulation engineer and described


being depressed and taking cocaine on a regular basis. We had about a


drug deal he was involved in that he denied being a major drug dealer. A


Bell's foster carer. She described Bell's foster carer. She described


-- he described as a wonderful woman. He said she would always ask


after his children. We heard that he had gone to her home to borrow ?10


and how that came about and how he paid the money back. We heard about


odd jobs he had done around her home. The trial continues. Thank


you. Police have released CCTV footage


of the moments an arson attack caused a fire to rip through a pub


in Newcastle while the landlord and his family, including his young


children, slept upstairs. The two men smashed a window


of The Jubilee in Fawdon in the early hours of Sunday


morning, poured accelerant The blaze spread quickly


causing serious damage. Emergency Services said


it was a miracle no one was hurt. Two men have been arrested


after a pensioner's life savings were stolen in a raid on his home


in Bishop Auckland. It is alleged he was attacked


with a coal shovel and later The 77-year-old was taken


to Darlington Memorial Hospital where he was treated and later


released. He has features best


described as quirky - Fester the boxer was abandoned


and found wandering the streets. But staff at the Dogs Trust,


near Darlington, fear his unusual looks mean he'll never get fixed up


with a loving owner. Well, here I am at the Dogs Trust


near Sadberge in Darlington. I've come to me the star


of the show, which is Fester. And Francesca, you've been


looking after Fester. Why are you having problems


finding him a new home? We think he's really handsome


but beauty being in the eye of the beholder, no one seems


to have picked him yet. I mean, some might say


he's a little bit ugly. Do you think that


might be the problem? We wouldn't say, we wouldn't use


that word particularly. He's different, he's not a designer


cockapoo or labradoodle. Maybe not trendy but he


has a heart of gold. Tell us about his personality.


What's he like? He's exuberant, he loves life,


he loves his food, he loves people, he loves cuddles.


What kind of home would suit him? Who would make a good


owner for Fester? We are looking for a family


with older-age teenagers. And for him to be the only pet


in the home because he does And he would actually


prefer to be like that. And possibly someone who's used


to a bouncy natured dog. What should people do if they think,


"Oh, I like Fester, let's phone up the Dogs Trust,


I want to give him a home"? Yeah, phone us up, have a chat,


pop down to see him. We can take your details


and go from there. Well, Fester, I think you're


incredibly handsome. And I hope that someone


somewhere out there thinks And I hope everyone back


at the studio agrees too! The boss says we cannot adopt him as


an office dog! It's a club staffed entirely


by volunteers, with all its active But the Hetton Hawks Cycling Club


has beaten off national competition to stage one of the region's biggest


sporting events of 2018. As Jeff Brown reports,


it'll bring thousands of spectators to a former colliery site in County


Durham. It was a big enough coup that


back in November that Hetton Lyons Country Park should be


the venue for round three of the But the course and the hosts


made a huge impression. And it gave the Hawks


a taste for the big time. So, in January next year,


they'll stage the sports's For a small Go-Ride club


in the north-east, running the national championship,


it's just, it's not There will probably be around 5,000


people at the weekend who will come You will have two days of racing


spread over 18 different categories. Go-Ride clubs are for youngsters


from the age of 5 to 18, designed to offer an introduction


to cycling, which could lead When you get going,


just keep pedalling. And hold your hands


nearer to the centre. Is the aim to turn out


champions or is that just For me as a coach, I just


want to see bums on seats. I want to see people riding,


they might drop it and come We all know the health


benefits of cycling. But essentially, if we do find


somebody who is talented, and maybe the ones who are very


talented, we can nurture them, and that's the difference


with this type of club. Through the winter, Tony,


his coaches and an army of volunteers host weekly indoor


sessions, which look It's like running on a


treadmill, for a runner. It allows you to control


your environment. So, they're not out on the road


in the dark, they're not And you can repeat


any of the efforts. On to the weather,


with Abbie Dewhurst. Most places now seeing plenty


of sunshine and nice blue skies. It will turn cloudy,


cloud building from the south and it A pretty decent picture


with plenty of sunshine. Still some southern fog affecting


the Vale of York but this afternoon, a southerly breeze will lift


and clear that. Most places should


see some sunshine. Highs of about nine degrees,


that's 48 Fahrenheit. This evening and overnight,


some cloud will creep up towards the North.


With it, some cold air. Quite a strong and southerly breeze


bringing up cold air from the near continent,


from Europe. Temperatures will be right down


in the minus figures. A risk of frost and ice tomorrow,


so take things nice and steady first thing.


Allow time to defrost the car. The cloud will thin through the day


and brighter skies will develop. A quick look at the temperatures,


this is what we will see but factoring in the wind,


my goodness, it will feel cold. Temperatures feeling like -6.


Definitely time for the winter coat. Friday, turning gradually less cold,


albeit unsettled, and we will have wet weather into Friday


and overnight into Saturday. Saturday, heavy showers but Sunday


looking dry and settled. Not just colder, but much, much


colder! We're back with the


evening news at 6:30pm. Should've seen Hillary's face.


She was stood there with Bill. Because she's going to an


event to celebrate a job that she didn't get and the


person closest to her, to reassure her, to tell her it's


going to be OK, is a person who's already had


that job. Yeah. She must be thinking,


"Where can I go?"


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