26/01/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)


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In the headlines this Thursday lunchtime:


The Conservative councillor and hunt master who's stepped down


after making offensive comments to a protester.


And the Clown Doctors are celebrating a landmark -


after being forced to postpone by last year's killer clown craze.


A huntsman has resigned from his position as a Conservative district


councillor after being caught on a video camera making lewd


comments to a protestor during a meet of the Middleton Hunt


Charles Carter was heard making the improper comments


He's been condemned by the Conservative party in Norfolk,


where he lived before moving recently to York.


John Cundy has the story - and we must warn you,


you might find some of the language in his piece offensive.


The moment when Linda Hoggard fox hunting is illegal. The processor


challenges Mr Carter, and I I will tell you something I will tell my


Charles councillor has been a district councillor in Norfolk out


after revelations about his conduct. The council leader said he was


appalled, as there were the residents of the Norfolk village he


had represented. A -- should know so much better anyway, and a woman


should not be spoken to like that by anyone.


He should not be representing anybody. But if he


Charles Carter is now living near York.


The hunt with which he rises described as one of the most


historic and North Yorkshire, dating back more than 200 years. In June


2015, Charles Carter was master of the West Norfolk foxhounds, and was


interviewed about the ban on fox hunting. Having to look over 1's


shoulder all the time for is not what North Yorkshire Police say they


were alerted to what they call Charles Carter and Linda Hoggard on


Monday. A motorcyclist from County Durham


who was paralysed from the waist down in a road accident is making


progress in his bid to walk again. 30-year-old Andrew Bell,


from Chester Le Street, almost died in the crash


nearly two years ago, spend the rest of his life


as a wheelchair user. But now, following pioneering stem


cell treatment in Thailand, he's been able to stand and take


steps using a walking frame. We'll be hearing from Andrew


in tonight's Look North. Cumbria Constabulary needs


to improve its protection of children who are at risk


of abuse, according to a new report. HM Inspectorate of Constabulary,


which carried out the report, concluded that the force


is committed to improving its services and that they responded


quickly, but found a lack of understanding of the extent


of child sexual exploitation and an inconsistent response


to the problem They also found that some serious


cases were allocated to non-specialist teams which lacked


the necessary skills. The force says it is already


addressing any shortfalls. the report highlighted the fact that


not every officer had access to computerised information.


That has now been done. We have improved the amount of intelligence


by 750% on vulnerable children, and the force are analysing that now.


That is another recommendation that is complete. There are many more,


but there is still some more work to be done.


Two men have been charged with aggravated burglary


following an incident in County Durham when a pensioner's


life savings were stolen in a raid on his home.


It is alleged the 77-year-old from Coronation near Bishop Auckland


was attacked with a coal shovel and robbed on Saturday.


He was taken to Darlington Memorial Hospital where he was treated


Two men are due before magistrates today.


The Conservatives have revealed their candidate


for the Copeland by-election. She's Trudy Harrison.


Last week Labour named Gillian Troughton and UKIP named Fiona Mills


Rebecca Hanson is contesting the seat for the Liberal Democrats.


The by-election, caused by the resignation of


Labour's Jamie Reed, will take place on February 23rd.


You can see a full list of candidates on the BBC News website.


Now - they say laughter is the best medicine -


and for the last decade a group of clowns who dress up


as doctors have been entertaining sick children


at the Great North Children's Hospital in Newcastle.


The Clown Doctors were due to celebrate their birthday


in October but had to postpone their celebrations after


the so-called "killer clown" craze. Steph Cleasby reports.


Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. Celebrating ten years of raising a


smile during the toughest of times. One-year-old Ross recently had a


bone marrow transplant. He sees different people, but he


doesn't have normal interaction that he would at 18 months, if he was


going to nursery. So the Clown Doctors coming in and just giving


him a better one-to-one entertainment when he really enjoys


seeing a different face, and it is really nice just to give him


something different rather than looking at my face everyday! Like he


normally does. The Clown Doctors dress up and,


well, clown around to help make hospital less scary for the


children. Being hospitalised can be a


traumatic and frightening experience for children and for their families,


so we are here to work using play, very child learnt, or use


improvisation, we use singing, we use puppetry. But we is listening,


really. We listen. Celebrations to mark the anniversary


had to be postponed last year because of the so-called killer


clown greys. We were gutted, absolutely


first-rate, but the children knew we were coming, they were expecting us


that day, and we had to turn it down. So today is a really special


day for us to come back and go, actually, we are, if you like, we


beat the killer clown greys. We are stronger than that.


The work they do with the youngsters here is part of the therapeutic


treatment they received. And over the 10-year that they have


worked with more than 30,000 children. -- over ten years.


I think Steph was enjoying herself! The only bar in Teesside


which caters for people who don't drink alcohol opens tonight,


and the owners claim it will offer a night out with a difference


whilst supporting people Bar Zero will serve food and soft


drinks, and it's claimed it will provide all the fun of a night


out without the hangover It's part of a charity-run social


enterprise which includes the Fork In the Road restaurant,


which offers training Volunteers are being sought


for this year's Kynren with a session taking


place at Flatts Farm Anyone who signs up can take part -


last year over a thousand volunteers made up the cast and crew


over 15 evenings. This year the organisers


want to put on 17 shows, and they say they'll welcome


applications from anyone Now for the weather forecast -


here's Abbie Dewhurst. Hello again. Good at it. A very


chilly morning and quite cloudy as well. There is some sunshine


starting to make an appearance, but a bitterly cold wind pulled up some


very cold air from a near continent, really adding a big, big wind-chill.


You can see on the isobars as it moves up from the south. It really


affects coasts and hills, bitterly cold if you get caught in a big cost


of wind. But quite cloudy picture, and that hasn't really changed from


the blue colour we saw overnight last night. Some sunshine for part


of Cumbria, and it will feel a touch less cold. Temperatures up to 3-4,


but not feeling like it if you factor in that southerly breeze.


Feeling more like minus one. Elsewhere, where temperatures hover


around zero, it is looking more like -4 or minus five. Tonight, similar


story. Here we could cease patches of mist and fog and some freezing


fog over higher ground as well. Elsewhere, clearer skies, but for


everyone, widespread frost and temperatures down in the minus


figures. Still sticking with a southerly breeze, so feeling even


colder. A cold, cloudy start tomorrow. Temperatures a little less


cold, but there is still this southerly breeze, so still a


wind-chill, feeling more like 2-3 C, and where they are 2-3, more like


minus one. Through into the weekend, unsettled on Saturday, the risk of


some potentially heavy, wintry showers, but things calm down. They.


So if you are stepping out tonight, but on a thicker T-shirt. That is it


from the lunchtime team. Have a good afternoon. We would be back at 6:30


p.m.. Until then, goodbye. TV: He's not your father.


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