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In the headlines this Friday lunchtime:


More strike action by teachers protesting at the sponsors of this


And we've the latest on the redevelopment


of Whitley Bay's iconic Spanish City.


Teachers at a troubled school in West Cumbria have again been out


on strike today in protest at the actions of its sponsor,


Staff at the Whitehaven Academy say the Trust has led the school


into special measures and is failing pupils' education.


This is the second day of strike action this week involving


three trade unions - teachers here fulfilling a threat


first made before Christmas to use industrial action to force changes.


I think it's a massive decision and particularly for the ATL,


this is the first strike we've had in Cumbria, a local strike.


ATL has only ever had two strikes in its 125-year history nationally.


Staff say the Bright Tribe Trust has broken its promises


to improve the school, has left buildings to decay


and allowed it to drift into special measures.


The teachers here don't want to go on strike.


We recognise that it can be inconvenient for some people,


but we do need to see progress here, because actually, you know, one day,


if we see sustained and substantial improvements in this


The Bright Tribe trust told us they didn't have anyone available


for interview but they did provide a statement.


It said, Bright Tribe is fully committed to working with all staff


and trade unions in order to improve standards and provide a good level


of education for students at the Whitehaven academy.


Some parents too have joined in, trying to increase


We've collected over 1000 signatures from the community,


showing support for the teachers and what we're doing at the school,


the action that they are taking, because a lot of the parents feel


very strongly about what's been happening in the school.


We want to show our support for the teachers.


Mark McAlindon BBC Look North, Whitehaven.


Another of the region's secondary schools has been placed in special


measures after being judged inadequate by Ofsted.


Heaton Manor, which is Newcastle's largest school, was found


by inspectors to suffer "weak leadership, behaviour problems and


In a statement, the governors said they were disappointed


but would ensure pupils taking exams this summer would receive


The Government has the power to force local authority schools


rated as "failing" to become academies.


The deadline for public consultation over a controversial housing,


school and shopping development in Morpeth runs out on Monday.


The scheme would be built on the existing site


of Northumberland County Council's headquarters, with a new county hall


However, it has attracted criticism, with more than 1,000 objections -


including claims the retail park on the edge of town would harm


The town has got a fantastic functioning town centre


and for the last 30 years, up and down the country,


towns have been really hit hard by out-of-town retailing and we just


feel that this is a wrong proposal for Morpeth.


In our own county, Berwick and Blyth have had their towns hit really hard


Morpeth's town council also has concerns about the 200 homes


that the development would bring, but claims the County Council


They have refused repeatedly to come and talk to us.


We have a forum where we're supposed to be talking to the County Council


We have specifically invited them again just before Christmas


Northumberland County Council said that it isn't able


to comment as the planning applications are active.


We'll have more on this in tonight's Look North.


Just two days after the National Television Awards named them Best TV


Presenters for the 16th year running, Ant and Dec


were at Buckingham Palace this morning to collect


For once they appeared separately, with Dec going first,


to receive their OBEs from the Prince of Wales.


The Newcastle pair, who met as young actors on the children's


TV show Byker Grove, were each given the honour


for services to entertainment and broadcasting.


It's an iconic seaside building that fallen on hard times. Spanish city


in Brittany bay called in thousand and since then, numerous schemes


have been put forward is to revive it. Work is finally under way to


restore its famous dome. When you come inside here, you get a sense of


the grand year that this building once had. There's a lot of work


already been done, which means it's probably not that familiar to people


in recent years although much of the worst -- work has been about taking


it back to what it was when it was first opened in 1910. Chris is the


operations manager. That's right, isn't it? You've been restoring it


to what it was. What you see now is the building back in its original


1910 formation. It would be a restaurant when it will become? A


restaurant, bars, wedding venue, conference facilities. It must be


fantastic to work on something like an iconic building. It is. This is


probably the most iconic project that I've worked on. I'm loco, North


Tyneside born and bred and to work on the Dome is a fantastic


opportunity. Thanks very much. We've got some local people here. What you


think? It's really good to see it back in this condition. We've been


watching the building, watching what they've been doing. Willing them on


to get it finished. We want to use this. It's a great idea. Thanks very


much for joining us. The work is under way here. The public if there


are invited, getting a chance to look around today and the idea is,


this dome on the Spanish city will be done back to its original state


by the summer of next year. Peter Harris, BBC look North, Whitley Bay.


Peter Harris, BBC look North, Whitley Bay.


In football, Sunderland defender Patrick van Aanholt is set to link


up with his old Black Cats boss Sam Allardyce at Crystal Palace.


The Dutchman is currently in London undergoing a medical,


ahead of a deal which could be worth up to ?14 million.


And centre-back Papy Djilobodji will serve a four-match ban,


having lost his appeal against a charge


Staying in Sunderland, a blue plaque has been unveiled


in the city this morning to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.


It's in honour of two Wearside sisters who helped Jewish people


Ida and Louise Cook used their love of opera to travel to Germany


and smuggle goods out in the 1930s, raising funds for Jews hoping


The plaque was unveiled at their childhood home


in Croft Avenue, and their nephew said his aunts were simply


Their motives, and I'm often asked and my cousins are often asked,


They saw people who they perceived as being in trouble and they did


That they were Jews didn't enter into it.


Now for a look at the weekend weather forecast.


A very chilly start this morning as low as minus five degrees,


still some pockets of frost around here and there but a bit


of sunshine as well, especially out towards the West.


The cloud, though, for all of us will start to thicken up as this


frontal system out towards the West starts to push its way in,


trying to introduce something a little bit milder as well


but its slow progress, so through the rest


of the afternoon, it will continue to feel really rather quite chilly.


But the best of any sunshine really out towards the north


and west, that cloud, though, trying to push on later.


The temperature struggling through the afternoon,


particularly out towards the eastern side of the Pennines.


We've done a bit better towards Cumbria.


Watch what happens throughout this evening and overnight,


that rain starts pushing, potentially transitory,


a little bit wintry in the nature of the higher ground as it pushes


in but actually, as that rain continues to pump them, overnight,


to all parts of the region, it is bringing with it some milder


air, so the temperature is actually should hold up largely just


above freezing as we head towards the start of your Saturday.


But as you can see, it is a wet start to the weekend.


That's rain will continue to track off towards the north and east,


so an improving picture throughout the morning into the afternoon.


A lot of dry weather, save for some showers potentially


just coming in behind and again, over higher ground, you can see


a little bit wintry, but temperatures have recovered


We'll continue to see a trend towards something a little


bit milder into Sunday although there will be some later


rain and then on Monday, back to double figures.


Looks like a chilly weekend. That said Friday lunchtime. I be back in


look North at 6:30pm tonight. Bye-bye.


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