14/01/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)


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Businesses in Scarborough and Whitby have spent the day clearing up


after a tidal surge hit the East Coast yesterday.


North Yorkshire escaped the worst, but a number


As the clean-up started, shopkeepers as part of Whitby said


conditions last night were the worst they'd seen.


As the clean-up started, shopkeepers in this part of Whitby said


conditions last night were the worst they'd seen.


The waves were coming up the slipway and straight


along Pier Road here, and every time, seemed to go


The tidal surge last night was expected,


though at one stage, a crashing wave -


not caught on camera - hit spectators and carried them


I think that was the same wave that hit the Trillos' ice cream hut,


I think the lady got bowled over and dragged along with the flow down


And these were the scenes in Scarborough last night.


The high tides and strong winds damaging part of the sea wall here.


Today, Foreshore Road was left under piles of sand.


It's been closed for most of the day.


When we closed the pier early last night, I went


down to the next arcade, that got hit really bad.


Yeah, I could've cried, to be quite honest, with the amount


After the tidal surge in 2013, it seems this time our coastal


Today, a collective sigh of relief here as things begin


A merchant seaman suffering a suspected heart attack has been


winched off a ship off the coast of Sunderland.


A Tynemouth lifeboat crew tried to treat the Chief Engineer on board


But as the weather conditions worsened, a Coastguard rescue


helicopter was called to winch the casualty to hospital.


The police in Cumbria are going to recruit extra staff


to tackle an unprecedented rise in the number of historical


High profile prosecutions have led to a huge increase in the number


of people reporting abuse - as Mark McAlindon reports.


Arthur Warwick got away with abusing children for 40 years,


until some of his victims found the courage to come forward.


This appalling case is an example, though, of a rising trend.


We've had about a 25% increase in sexual offences over the last


year, and in the previous year before that, we had another 25%


increase, so it's a huge increase, a huge burden for us,


but what it does show is that people have the confidence to come


So we've always known that the levels of sexual offending


were higher than that reported to us, but now we're


narrowing that gap and more people are coming forward,


Andy Slattery says all allegations are investigated, but that it has


One of the cases brought before Carlisle Crown Court last year


was that of former Scout leader Ian Beeby.


He was jailed for five years for a series of historic offences


against four young boys back in the 1980s.


But while these investigations can be costly and time-consuming,


police say they are prepared to throw extra resources


We are in the process of recruiting police staff investigators,


CID trained retired officers or other people, and they are going


to come in and they are going to work specifically


on the non-recent allegations in the major investigations.


Sport now and in the Premier League, it was nil-nil


But Sunderland were beaten 3-1 in their match against Stoke,


leaving the Black Cats embedded in the relegation zone.


Meanwhile Newcastle are top of the league after their 2-1


In League 2, Carlisle United and Morecambe drew 1-1.


Hartlepool lost their match against Crawley1-0.


Gateshead are out of the FA Trophy having lost 3-1 to Lincoln City.


But York won their match against Harlow 2 -1.


And in Scottish League Two, Arbroath beat Berwick Rangers 4-1.


Now let's see what the weather has in store for us,


Well, clear skies overnight initially, so we'll see some


frost forming once again, before a band of rain tracks


Some snow on the leading edge, but it will turn to rain


So this will mean things will turn less cold.


We will still see temperatures overnight, though, dropping


to around freezing, but it will be a bit of a miserable start


Very cloudy, outbreaks A a of rain on and off throughout the day.


Very heavy at first, but we'll see a few drier interludes,


A much milder day to come, though, with highs of about 9 degrees.


There's all the region's political news on Sunday Politics -


that's tomorrow morning on BBC One at 11.


And our next bulletin will be tomorrow evening at 6.20.


Getting the detail of this cold snap is proving to be challenging and


will continue to be so over the next 24 hours. Ice around across eastern


parts after the earlier showers then rain pushing in from Northern


Ireland across Scotland and a period of snow across eastern Scotland


temporarily. It will extend into northern Wales and England too. A


chilly night


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