28/01/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)


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A ban on visiting patients at the Cumberland Infirmary


in Carlisle's been extended throughout this weekend


as staff manage a serious outbreak of norovirus.


They say 60 patients are affected and have banned


The first indications that an outbreak of the norovirus might


be imminent came early in the week and then the situation


rapidly deteriorated, causing the hospital


on Wednesday to reluctantly ban all but essential visits.


A couple of reasons. One is the dignity of the patients. We have


patients in there with diarrhoea and vomiting. It is not nice to be


around people when they have this. There is also the protection of the


patients because visitors may contribute to the spread of


infection probably unwittingly. They did have a similar


norovirus outbreak at the Infirmary two years ago


but this time, touch wood, the hospital staff feel they have


got on top of the situation quicker. It is less severe than a couple of


years ago. We had under 60 patients in affected areas at the moment and


it has been falling over the last couple of days since we introduced


this measure. We will review everything on Monday and hopefully


we will make a decision about whether we can ease restrictions in


place currently. Police have launched a murder


investigation in Hexham. They were called to the Studio Sport


Bar on Priest-popple. A 32-year-old man was found


with head injuries. A 25-year-old man's been arrested -


on suspicion of murder. There's major disruption this


weekend for motorists in Hartlepool. The eastbound carriageway


of the A689 into the town will be closed until early tomorrow


morning for re-surfacing. You can get to the village


of Newton Bewley but all Hartlepool-bound


traffic's being diverted. Celebrations have been taking place


to mark Chinese New Year Events were held at


Sunderland and Durham with Newcastle preparing to host


the biggest celebration In Sunderland, the year


of the rooster was marked by celebrations at the Library


and Winter Gardens, with demonstrations of martial arts,


arts and craft displays and dances featuring traditional


animal costumes. We are doing a Lion dance today


which is one of them major celebration dances. Where did these


come from and how do they feed into the celebrations? The Lion dances


from southern China but that dragon dances from the whole of China. In


our traditional celebrations, we have the lion. We have the dragon


team and the unicorn team. We all come out to celebrate that


everyone's fortune and wealth. Chinese New Year is like a brand-new


beginning. We have a good ear and good health.


It was a similar story in Durham, where another lion dance


That is a flavour of some of the celebrations but in Newcastle,


preparations are underway for the celebrations tomorrow.


On to the football now - starting with the action from the FA


Cup, where there was a shock exit for Newcastle.


The Toon humbled by a 3-0 defeat at League One strugglers Oxford.


At the Riverside though - Middlesbrough proved too strong


for lowly Accrington Stanley running out winners by 1-0.


In League Two - Carlisle conceded a late equaliser to draw one each


Hartlepool were beaten 3-1 at Newport County.


In the National League - York played out a goalless


But Gateshead were beaten 2-1 at Torquay And in


the Scottish League Two - Berwick went down 2-1 at Montrose.


Let us get the weather prospects now. Good evening.


We have variable amounts of cloud overnight and some showers and some


of those can be heavy and wintry. Clever spells and that will enable


frost to enable ice to form. Surface water hanging around. Temperatures


tomorrow morning, we have variable tomorrow morning, we have variable


amounts of cloud. We will see some rain.


That's it, we're back tomorrow night, and all the region's


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