29/01/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)


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Good evening. for the news where you are.


Northumbria Police have charged a man with murder,


after 32-year-old Michael Thompson was found dying from head injuries


It follows an incident in the early hours of Saturday morning,


outside the Studio Sports Bar on Priestpopple.


Mr Thompson, who lives in Hexham, was found lying in the street.


This afternoon, 25-year-old Archie Henderson,


of Redesmouth Court in Bellingham, was charged with murder.


He'll appear before Northumberland magistrates tomorrow.


Extra police officers have been patrolling the area in Hexham


The Labour Party is claiming the Government's new industrial


strategy is a clear admission that they failed to save


Shadow Cabinet Minister and Middlesbrough MP


Andy McDonald told BBC's Sunday Politics that the Government


obviously didn't have a clear strategy for steel


This is a stark admission that the Government didn't respond


The Italian government did, German and French governments


stepped in and didn't breach state aid rules.


Those jobs could have been saved and there could have been a much


But the Conservative peer Martin Callanan said it


wasn't viable to bail out the steel industry.


And he said the Government's new industrial strategy


offered a way forward for areas like Teesside.


Most think the strategy is based on steel.


There are many other industries, areas that will benefit from this.


?20 million has been allocated to a local enterprise


It will be up to them to decide how they are going to spend it.


The body of a Gateshead man, who'd been missing


for several months, has been found in a lake.


36-year-old Kevin Woods first went went missing from his home


in October last year, prompting a big police search.


His body was finally discovered yesterday


in a lake at the Quarry in Crawcrook.


The police believe no-one else was involved in his death.


Cumbria needs to rethink the way it bids for Government funding,


according to one of the team responsible


The county was recently awarded just 7.5%


of the 165 million it asked for under the Government's


That included proposals for 25 million to


The Government says the county has already received many millions


of pounds for defences through other schemes.


The Local Enterprise Partnership says it's disappointed.


This is not small change. They shipped the figures that would make


differences to Cumbria and its economic opportunities in the


future. Thousands of people gathered


in Newcastle's Chinatown today to The crowds enjoyed


traditional Dragon Dances and firecracker displays to mark


the Year of the Rooster, The weather was kind to today's


celebrations and it perhaps helped to bring out a healthy sized crowd


to watch the parade. The Chinese New Year


is a very different affair to our own one night of drinking,


singing Auld Lang Syne In China there are 12


animals for each year. It's like a sign for each year,


which is just like the Zodiac This year is the Year


of the Rooster. Wakes up early in the morning


and to wake all the people up But the mix of people watching


went far beyond those We've had a Chinese party


in their school this week, but of course it was nothing


like this in Carlisle, so we've come I liked the dragon and


the second lion dance. One sports result tonight -


in rugby, where Newcastle Falcons were in action down in Newport


in the first round of the Anglo Welsh Cup


against Newport Gwent Dragons. The Falcons coming out on top


at Rodney Parade by 18 points to 6. The weather now - and it looks


like we're heading for a bit I think most of us saw some sunshine


today, but things are more unsettled in the new week. An area of low


pressure will feed in some quite energetic weather fronts over the


next few days. We end the day on a decent note. A bit of patchy


drizzle. This will make its way out quite readily. The further north you


go, you could see clear spells and Frost and ice first thing tomorrow.


Overnight temperatures to one or 2 degrees. A cloudy, murky, misty


start to the new week. The hill fog world drift as we had through the


day and left with a lot of low cloud. A largely dry day with highs


of eight Celsius. The outlook is looking rather settled -- unsettled.


I'm back with the late news just after 10.20pm.


There was some sunny and cheerful weather across the UK today.


Scotland and the far north of England, but further south, a rainy,




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