12/03/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)


The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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Now on BBC one it's time for the news where you are.


Commuters are being urged to plan tomorrow, as a rail strike threatens


to cause delays on roads and public transport.


The RMT union is in dispute with Northern Rail over


plans to introduce more driver-only-operated trains.


It was business as usual today on the region's rail network


but tomorrow thousands of passengers are facing delays and disruption.


The strike's over plans by Northern to bring in driver-only


operated trains with no guards to open or close doors.


Rail bosses say training will be given but unions believe


We believe that having a second person on all trains provides


assurances to the travelling public and it's an additional safety


measure in the event that the driver becomes incapacitated.


We put safety at the heart of everything we do.


The independent rail regulator has indicated that this is as safe


This isn't about who opens or closes doors.


This is about giving our customers what they want, which is access


to our people at times that matter to them.


The 24-hour rail strike starts at midnight with unions predicting


To ease problems, around 300 replacement buses


Today at Thornaby station, passengers


Buses take longer than trains to get from one station


to another, so there will be a lot of disruption.


I think it's good to have a conductor on the trains


coming up and down, especially when you've got a young daughter.


Northern say a revised timetable will operate tomorrow


but they have advised passengers to plan their journeys carefully.


To lessen disruption they say those with a valid ticket


There are regular travel updates on your BBC local radio station


in the morning, and we'll have the latest


here in our breakfast bulletins from 7:25am.


Police say a woman's been sexually assaulted in Washington


It happened around 2am this morning when she was approached by a man


in the Avebury Drive/Glebe Crescent area of Washington Village.


Police are looking for a man in a hoodie after 60 cars


The police say the vehicles, which were parked in


the Springwell and Grindon areas, were all scratched with a key


Extra patrols are being carried out in the area.


?2 billion extra for social care in the Budget isn't enough to


deal with the problem of looking after the elderly in our region,


Ministers say they're providing resources to help ease


pressure on the NHS - they've also allowed


councils to raise more money from council tax.


But one Tyneside MP told BBC's Sunday Politics


The scale of the problem is much larger than the general


I'm not sure what the distribution arrangements will be for that money


but the need for social care and the local government tax base


which will have to bear the brunt of this are not evenly spread


and so for authorities like urban ones in the north-east of England,


they will end up with more to do and not the money to do it.


There clearly is an issue with social care in this country.


Over a million people rely on it and I think the move the government


have made to put in ?2 billion is a start.


A radar gun's been bought for volunteers to use,


to catch speeding drivers in Brampton in Cumbria.


It's been paid for by the county's Police and Crime Commissioner.


The Brampton Speedwatch group says it's now better able to tackle


Right, how will the new week begin for us?


Jen Bartram has the region's weather forecast.


A much colder night in store than we've had in recent nights,


clear skies across the board mean the temperature will fall quite


sharply, so in town and cities down to 4 or 5 degrees but in sheltered


rural spots we could see a touch of frost come Monday morning,


so it will be quite a chilly start first thing tomorrow, some good


brightness for the north-east, a little rain across Cumbria


for a time but by the afternoon brighter spells across the board.


We will see the sunshine coming through and in the sunshine


temperatures will get up to around 14 degrees, feeling quite pleasant


Through the rest of the week it stays fairly mild,


a fairly cloudy day on Tuesday but some brighter spells


Colin Briggs is back with breakfast updates from first


But from all of us here, have a good night.


Good evening. For many places it was a fairly cloudy day on suspend but


there was sunshine for western areas during the afternoon, and here are


the clear skies at sunset in Northern Ireland. Thanks to weather


watcher Robin for this picture, those clear skies have been making


their way further east ward. Temperatures are dropping away, we


have seen temperatures of freezing in parts of Northern Ireland. More


cloud rolling in during the latter part of the night but towns and


cities down the five and six m the countryside many of us will see the


temperatures a degree or so above freezing, so a slight touch of