18/03/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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Good evening. late news at 10pm.


Four men have been arrested after a man was found dead


Northumbria Police were called to Bermuda Guesthouse,


on North Parade, in Whitley Bay, yesterday at around 5pm.


A man in his 30s, found with injuries, was pronounced dead


A postmortem examination is being carried out on the victim.


Labour says it'll spend almost ?1.5 billion on the region's railways.


The pledge has come from Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell,


who was speaking in Newcastle this afternoon.


Enter the man who would run the Treasury.


John McDonnell, here to tell the party faithful that a


Labour Government would spend big on transport in the North.


Whilst London receives half of all transport investment,


The Shadow Chancellor promised new trains


He wants to reopen two rail lines and spend hundreds of


John McDonnell's message was bound to be well-received


But outside there will be those asking just how will


What we are arguing with the Government for is to follow the


German model, and actually a model that's right the way across Europe,


which is to have a national investment bank, where in that


national investment bank you put in ?100 billion -


you borrow that of course - that will lever in


fairly conservative, ?215 billion from the private sector.


The Labour Party, the current state it's in,


stands no chance of enacting any of this.


I would argue very clearly that there is a real appetite, and


you see this is sold out, there is a real appetite for change,


and this Government is not producing it.


Andrew Hartley, BBC Look North, Newcastle.


Hundreds of people have made the annual pilgrimage


to Durham Cathedral today, to celebrate St Cuthbert's day.


St Cuthbert - one of the most important saints


of the medieval period - is buried in Durham and is closely


Today his banner was carried into the city from Chester le Street.


St Cuthbert is central to any true understanding


The history of Holy Island, the northern saints, St Cuthbert,


St Bede, is wrapped up in the identity of the north-east,


and of course it is astonishing that he is buried here in Durham


Cathedral - it is unique in the country.


Football, and great news for both our non-league teams


After extra-time, York City drew the second leg of their FA Trophy


semifinal at Lincoln, to give them a 3-2 aggregate victory.


And, in the FA Vase, South Shields are also on their way.


Jeff Brown watched their semifinal at Mariners Park.


And yet in team is to Wembley. This time it is Sarah Shields after a


record-breaking 24th win in a row. Two up from the first leg of their


semifinal, the captain's to refix shot just before half-time put the


Mariners firmly in control. Midway through the second half they made it


2-0 and eventually 4-0 on the day, 6-1 on aggregate.


Elsewhere, Sunderland could only manage a draw at home to Burnley -


a result that leaves them seven points from safety, at the bottom


In the Championship, Newcastle's match at Birmingham


It was a bad day for our two League Two sides.


Hartlepool went down 2-0 at home to Wycombe,


and Carlisle lost by the same scoreline at Mansfield.


In the National League, Gateshead's promotion push continued


And in Scottish League Two, Berwick lost 2-0 at home to Arbroath.


Now let's see what's happening with the weather -


Hi, everyone - hope you had a lovely Saturday.


Bit of an east-west divide in our weather actually.


It was cloudier with outbreaks of rain across Cumbria, a


That rain does transfer its way across towards


eastern parts overnight with strengthening winds,


lows of around eight or nine Celsius so not that cold, at least.


A cloudy, breezy start to the day tomorrow.


We will see further outbreaks of rain, especially further west.


It tends to fizzle out to the east with some brightness.


Still blustery, though, with strong winds.


Outbreaks of rain on Monday, turning colder on Tuesday.


That's if from me, our next bulletin is at the same time tomorrow.