19/03/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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Hello, good evening. Jose Mourinho jumping for joy --


Police investigating the death of a man in Whitley Bay


have arrested five people on suspicion of murder.


Matthew Davis, who was 39, was found with injuries


at the Bermuda guesthouse on North Parade on Friday evening.


Five men, aged between 26 and 65, are currently in custody helping


The Government's been urged to do more to tackle discrimination


against pregnant women in the workplace.


Wearside MP and Shadow Minister for Public Health, Sharon Hodgson,


told BBC's Sunday Politics that more than 50,000 women are forced


out of their jobs each year because of being a mother


The Government said it was committed to removing barriers,


and was offering greater access to free child care.


You would not think so in this day and age,


100 years after women getting the vote, but 54,000 women


last year alone lost their jobs through feeling they were being


That is one in nine women in the workforce.


Now, if that was in Parliament that would be 21 of us.


There's a warning that more young blood donors need


to come forward to protect the blood transfusion service.


The BBC's Inside Out programme's been told that


unless numbers increase, future demand may not be met.


Farah Smith's life was saved by donated blood.


At 21 months she had surgery to remove


Without them in her operation she would never


Blood supply at present is adequate, but donors are getting older.


year to March more than half blood donors in the north-east were aged


Over the last decade we have seen a 40% fall in the number


of new donors coming forward to donate for the first time.


We need those new donors, otherwise we won't


be able to meet the demands of hospitals in the future.


To do that they need to recruit 200,000 new


Like Laura, whose blood is


Only 7% of the population have O negative, and that can be


So it is used in emergencies and things like


that, if they don't have time to find out people's blood type.


from donors who gave blood in Peterlee,


about their experience of


And Inside Out is on 7.30 tomorrow evening here on BBC1.


Judges have spent two weeks tasting 3,000 entries at the annual


marmalade festival at Dalemain House near Penrith in Cumbria.


The event began 12 years ago with just 60 entries.


It's now grown to include entries from around the world,


including Japan and Australia, with this year's winner a farmer's


Organisers say the festival is helping to save


In that 3000 you have so much variety, so many diverse


It is an exciting time for marmalade because rather than going downhill


and not being eaten, contrary to the suggestion,


actually it is becoming more and more popular and being used


in so many interesting and unusual ways.


Football, and Middlesbrough were in action today for the


first time since manager Aitor Karanka left the club.


So how did caretaker Steve Agnew's first game in charge end?


Easy start to life as a Premier League manager, Steve?


The rookie's mission - pit your wits against one


Early signs were good, but you need to defend better


A Jesse Lingard screamer doubled the lead half way


Middlesbrough hadn't scored in the Premier League since January -


The softest of goals to gift-wrap three points.


Mourinho not hanging around to shake hands with his rival at the end.


Both sets of players involved in ugly scenes


Middlesbrough remain next to bottom and are now five points from safety.


So it's been breezy, but you might have felt the warmth


Let's see what's coming next with Owain Wyn Evans.


We have seen some pretty heavy rain today across Cumbria,


and a weather warning in force up until recently.


Tomorrow we will see the rain clearing, turning


Wherever we are we will really notice that chill.


Overnight, a few fleeting showers, still quite breezy, actually.


There will be a lot of dry weather around, cetainly drier


across western parts, with lows of six Celsius


A blusterly start tomorrow, further outbreaks of rain push


across towards the south-east and behind this we're into this


cooler air with temperatures probably reaching 10 Celsius,


still blustery but turning colder later with the risk


Feeling pretty chilly, then, on Tuesday and Wednesday.


And that's our summary so far this Sunday.


I'll have an update here at around 22.20.


Hello. For most of March so far it has felt quite mild and springlike


but we are in for a bit of a shock next week as we will have a blast of


Arctic air across the UK making it feel much cooler than it has of late


with wintry showers and a return to overnight frosts for a while. The


pressure chart shows more weather fronts pushing into many central and


southern parts of the country this evening and overnight it will turn


quite wet across parts of