19/03/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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Hello, good evening. stories on the BBC News Channel.


Police investigating the death of a man in Whitley Bay have


arrested five people on suspicion of his murder.


Matthew Davis, who was 39, was found with fatal injuries


at the Bermuda Guesthouse on North Parade late


Five men, aged between 26 and 65, are currently in custody.


The Government's been urged to do more to tackle discrimination


against pregnant women in the workplace.


Wearside MP and Shadow Minister for Public Health, Sharon Hodgson,


than 50,000 women are forced out of their jobs each year


because of being a mother or becoming pregnant.


The Government said it was committed to removing barriers


and was offering greater access to free child care.


You would not think so in this day and age,


100 years after women getting the vote, but 54,000 women


last year alone lost their jobs through feeling they were being


That's one in nine women in the workforce.


Now, if that was in Parliament, that would be 21 of us.


There's a warning that more young blood donors need


to come forward to protect the blood transfusion service.


The BBC's Inside Out programme's been told that


unless numbers increase, future demand may not be met.


Farah Smith's life was saved by donated blood.


At 21 months she had surgery to remove


She had 40 blood and platelet transfusions.


Without them in her operation, she would never


Blood supply at present is adequate, but donors are getting older.


In the year to March, more than half the


donors in the north-east were aged 45 and over.


Over the last decade, we have seen a 40% fall in the number


of new donors coming forward to donate for the first time.


We need those new donors, otherwise we won't


be able to meet the demands of hospitals in the future.


To do that they need to recruit 200,000 new


Like Laura, whose blood is particularly valuable.


Only 7% of the population have O negative, and that can be


So it is used in emergencies and things like


that, if they don't have time to find out people's blood type.


And in tomorrow's Inside Out, we hear from donors who gave


blood in Peterlee, about their experience


And Inside Out is on at 7.30 tomorrow evening here on BBC1.


Thousands of people have attended BBC Radio Three's annual


Free Thinking Festival at the Sage Gateshead this weekend.


The station's been broadcasting music and debate during events


featuring 100 speakers, including poet, Ian McMillan,


and former hostage, now author, Terry Waite.


It's a wonderful thing that BBC Radio Three will get out,


meet ordinary people, give ordinary people


a chance to question, and bring a different


It's music, drama, speech, and we've been making our small


contribution to the speech on Radio Three.


Judges have spent two weeks tasting 3,000 entries at the annual


marmalade festival at Dalemain House near Penrith in Cumbria.


The event began 12 years ago with just 60 entries.


It's now grown to include competitors from around the world,


including Japan and Australia, with this year's winner a farmer's


Football, highlights from Middlesbrough's game at home


to Manchester United are on Match of the Day in a few minutes,


so quick with the remote if you don't want to know the score.


Time for the region's weather. What's this wind blowing in for us?


Hope you've had a good weekend, despite the weather being pretty


OK, let's have a look at tonight, then.


It is a drier story, especially across Cumbria.


Yes, we will still see some of those showers drifting


Still blustery, temperatures down to six or seven Celsius.


Tomorrow morning, we see another band of rain make its way


Now, the air behind this is a lot colder, it's also clearer.


So brightening up, but feeling colder.


I think temperatures lower than that by the end of the day.


This is the air mass chart for Tuesday.


You can see these lovely blue colours flooding


So that's colder air, which will stick around on Tuesday


and on Wednesday with the risk of some wintry showers.


Regular news and weather updates, on your BBC


And here with Colin Briggs from early doors tomorrow.


From the late team, have a peaceful night.


Good evening. There is some rain coming into the southern half of the


UK as we speak. I think by the end of the night it will have got into


the Midlands and much of East Anglia as well. A bit of a breeze here as


well. Some gusty winds and snow on the hills of Scotland. With all of


that going on, it is not particularly cold overnight.


Southern areas will hang on to double figures in many towns and


cities. A bit of a messy picture for the start of the new week. The rain


moves quickly eastwards across Scotland. For Northern England,


Wales, the Midlands and South West it is a miserable start to the day.


Brighter skies do follow along behind but with some showers. Wintry


showers across the hills of