02/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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Good afternoon. for the news where you are.


First this lunchtime, a warning of "self-selected apartheid" at some


The author of a Government report has told Look North that racial


segregation is holding back children's progress.


Sir Nick Weller says schools should consider changing their admissions


codes to bring in a more diverse mix of pupils.


It's known as monoculturalism - one school where almost


all the children are white and another, perhaps just down


the road, where almost all are from ethnic minorities.


Sir Nick Weller runs an Academy Trust in Bradford,


He has written a report for the Government on how to improve


education across the North of England, and he says there's


a problem with parents choosing schools that


Very often, you get a situation where families choose


not to send their child to their closest school.


If it doesn't predominantly serve the community where they come from,


they will often drive past it or walk past it or bus past


it to a school that's slightly further away.


Parents have a right to choose, I'm not trying to circumvent that,


but I think we should do what we can to encourage a greater mix,


because that kind of self-selected apartheid is not a healthy position


for any town or city to find itself in.


This school admits children from across the whole of Bradford


and uses randomised selection to try to create a more


Firstly, I think it prepares them better


for their later life, because, you know, we share


the same city and, you know, we should be educated together


as well as live and work together later.


It also means that children come into contact with different


cultures, different levels of aspiration, different ambitions,


and I think that kind of mix is very, very healthy,


because it rubs off on all children from all backgrounds.


Reducing monoculturalism is just one of Sir Nick's 27 recommendations


Making it happen will require plenty of hard work.


A man who was found murdered in a house in Scarborough last week


has been named by North Yorkshire Police.


Shaun Atkinson who was forty nine was found in his home


in St John's Avenue early in the morning on December the 27th.


Paramedics say he was dead at the scene.


Two men appeared in court on the 29th charged with his murder.


Investigations are continuing to identify the body of a man found


Police were called by a member of the public to Holly Terrace opposite


Officers are trying to find out how he came to be in the river.


One of Sheffield's original campaigning Women of Steel has died.


Dorothy Slingsby was one of the four women behind the city's campaign


to get official recognition for the women who kept


the steelworks running and producing during the wars.


She passed away on Christmas Eve, aged 95.


The team behind Hull's year as City of Culture say it's going to welcome


Thousands of people watched the opening event last night


and more than 80,000 are expected from across Yorkshire and the UK


to watch the week-long light and sound spectacular.


Our culture correspondent Anne-Marie Tasker reports.


It took 500 hours to plan, but just 12 minutes to perform -


the firework show that City of Culture promised would be bigger


25,000 people packed in to see Hull start its year in the spotlight.


It's like being in a completely different city, like a foreign city,


you know, we were just saying, it's really nice, everyone's


We've come all the way from South Africa to see


the fireworks, to visit, and it's such an amazing place.


And the fireworks have been spectacular.


After more than three years of planning, City


of Culture is finally here, and with 15,000 fireworks


exploding above the Humber, it really is starting with a bang.


It feels great, when you're in my game, you love the planning bit,


but you love when you start the show and the team have worked really hard


and the city council have planned so hard and got this stage ready


for us, so it's always great to just take up the curtain and open.


And this was the curtain-raiser - the week-long opening event Made


in Hull, a look back at a century of the city's history,


light and sound recreating moments like the Blitz,


the annual Hull Fair and Hull City's Premier League promotion.


3.5 tonnes of fireworks helped City of Culture get off


The year's organisers promised 364 more unforgettable days.


There's been a busy afternoon of football, including a Yorkshire


derby between Leeds and Rotherham at Elland Road.


After a goalless first half, Leeds took control to win it three nil,


Conor Hourihane grabbed a late winner for Barnsley


Sheffield Wednesday drew 0-0 with Wolves,


while Huddersfield remain fourth, Nakhi Wells getting


Sheffield United had to come from behind at Bury,


but in the end won comfortably 3-1 to stay top of league one.


Chesterfield drew 0-0 with MK Dons and after a host of draws,


Bradford City got back to winning ways.


And in league two, an own goal gave Doncaster Rovers


the win over Stevenage, and that takes them back


It was icy this morning and I nearly fell over!


It looks like tomorrow will be a cloudier affair. It will be windy


tomorrow and then this cold front introduces clearer air from the


northwest and Wednesday sees a return to clear, blue skies.


Thursday looks fine, Friday will see rain from the west and we see how


much clear weather we've had but there is more cloud heading our way.


Temperatures fell like we've already got a frost on the ground as the


night goes on. Thicker cloud into the west with the spot of rain and


the wide slight frost and rural temperatures down to -1 or minus two


Celsius. The sun rises at age 20 4am -- 8:24am. More cloud across the


Pennines and the odd spot of drizzle and it will filter eastwards through


the course of the day so the best of the brightness in the afternoon,


still cloudy in the east and dampness over the Pennines.


Temperatures will be higher tomorrow but when you factor in the fresh


westerly wind, it will feel fairly chilly, top temperatures around


seven Celsius, that's around four or seven Celsius, that's around four or


five degrees Fahrenheit. Wednesday sees a return to clear blue skies,


fine on Thursday and lose the Campbelltown wet on Friday -- it


looks like it will turn wet. We're back at 10:20pm later.


Bye-bye. Good evening. It has been turning


colder and clearer and our weather watchers have been capturing the


sunshine. Here is the scene in Derbyshire and where we have had the


clear skies by day, we are in for a cold night tonight. Temperatures


already plummeting, particularly towards the south with some icy


stretches across parts of central and southern England, and into


Wales. For the north-west, not as cold, as we have the cloud building.


But to the south we could see temperatures down to minus four or


five first thing Tuesday morning. If you have a commute back to work,


bear in mind you will have to scrape the car and there could be the odd


patch of mist and freezing fog. But many of us staying dry. More cloud


in the north and west. Some rain