03/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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some of the policemen told the ambulance to get down as quickly as


possible to the incident took place. It looked like somebody needed


urgent help. He's been named as 27-year-old


Yasser Yaqub, who came from the Crossland Moor


area of Huddersfield. Police say the incident was linked


to possession of an illegal firearm. We look at the gun crime figures


and ask, how dangerous is Yorkshire? And in other news: The Government


says South Yorkshire's delayed tram train project is taking too long


to deliver - it won't be And all the sports news


on the day the Bradford Bulls Plus we'll hear from the man who


guided the Leeds Diving Olympians to victory as he heads off


to a new challenge down under. After an overcast day, hopefully


some sunshine on offer tomorrow and Thursday. I'll be back with the


weather forecast. Tonight, we're live


from Huddersfield where a man has been shot dead by police


in what they called It was just behind me


here on the M62. Both sides of the roads have


j been closed all day The shooting happened yesterday


evening when police stopped a car Around the same time,


two further arrests were made when a vehicle was stopped


in the Chain Bar area near Bradford, Police say the operations followed


information relating to criminal Witnesses described the sight


of officers "swarming" around a group of vehicles,


as Phil Bodmer reports. The slip road weary weight Audi was


forced to stop by police last night -- were a white Audi. You can see


bullet holes on the windscreen. Today, forensics teams and


investigators were working behind screens on the carriageway which was


shut for 24 hours. When I looked over, everything had stood still, it


was like surreal. I didn't hear the shooting and didn't see the


shooting, but I did the car boxed in and then I saw some big policemen


and some police with black outfits. The man who died is 28-year-old


Yassar Yaqub, a father of two from Huddersfield. This afternoon,


flowers were taken to the family home by relatives and friends who


asked for their privacy to be respected. One witness caught up in


the drama last night described what he saw. There were rapid response


vehicles pulling up then a couple of ambulances. As soon as the


ambulances turned up, some of the policemen told them to get down as


quickly to the incident had taken place. It looked like somebody


needed urgent medical help. Three people were arrested at the scene of


the incident. Two more were detained at chain bar near Bradford.


Information received about a criminal possession of a firearm has


been updated to the Chief Constable. Well fatal shootings are rear, there


have been 22 in England and Wales over the last decade and this is the


first involving West Yorkshire Police since 2010. With the


investigation in the hands of the Independent Police Complaints


Commission, West Yorkshire Police say it would be inappropriate to


make any further comment at this time.


Yassar Yaqub is a 28-day-old father from Huddersfield. Friends have been


paying tribute on social media, describing him as a diamond, the


life and soul of the party. One people wrote comedy were no angel,


but you still of the good guys. But we also know that yesterday Yassar


Yaqub appeared in court in 2010 on two charges of attempted murder and


one of possessing a fireman -- firearm with intent to endanger


life. He was found not guilty on all counts. A statement through the


family lawyer, they say they are in shock and ask the media to respect


their privacy at what they describe as the very difficult time. Whenever


a firearm is discharged by the police, there is an automatic


investigation but there has been one important development this


afternoon. In the last hour, the Independent police completes


commission have said, a nonpolice issue firearm was discovered in a


vehicle in which Yassar Yaqub was travelling and that is now being


examined, subject to further investigation, and we know that a


postmortem is due to take place tomorrow. you mentioned in your


report the use of firearms by police.


Well, in the last eight years there have been 40 incidents


where police have fired weapons at people.


The police maintain it's always a last resort and they only shoot


when they believe they or other members of the public


Our reporter Spencer Stokes has been speaking to a former firearms


Police firing at and killing members of the public is something that


The armed officers involved in last night's events will have attended


many such incidents that have ended peacefully.


Their job is to protect the detectives and the general public.


The decision to fire last night would have been made


Nick Rothwell is a former firearms commander with West Yorkshire Police


and knows the pressures the highly trained officers are under.


How quickly do decisions have to be made?


A set of circumstances will present themselves,


where and when to stop a vehicle, and something will then can


-- occur and the officers probably have about half a second to make


a decision as to whether to fire a weapon or not.


It's the first time since 2010 that West Yorkshire Police have shot


Come to the door and speak to the officers,


Alistair Bell was fatally injured after he fired at police


from his home in Kirkheaton in December 2010, and in 2009,


Bartholomew Buckley was shot by the force in Brickhouse.


Across England and Wales in the last eight years,


police forces have used firearms on 40 separate occasions,


that's five shootings every year on average.


At its most extreme, it is possibly who pulls the trigger


Quick decisions have to be made and these are reflected over a long


period of time but the officers have probably less than a second to make


to make these life-changing and perhaps career-changing decisions.


Last night's incident was related to desertion of a firearm and gun


crime across West Yorkshire is the fourth highest


In 2014 and 15, there were 221 gun related offences.


That's a 12% fall over the previous five years.


Yasser Yaqoub now joins a list of 22 other fatal police shooting is over


the last decade in England and Wales, a shooting that


for the officers involved is always a last resort.


More information will be revealed over the next few hours. Behind me,


feel -- vehicle recovery vehicles have arrived. There is speculation


as to when this junction will open by the investigation will continue


and we will let you know that as soon as we possibly can. For the


moment, back to the studio. Well, in other news,


the pioneering Tram Train project in South Yorkshire won't be up


and running until the summer of 2018 They say they're having to create


new ways of powering the vehicles. Last year we revealed how


a series of hold-ups meant the service wouldn't begin this


month as planned. And now the transport minister


Andrew Jones says the pilot has Tom Ingall has this


exclusive report. By the light of the winter sun,


a transport revolution is taking shape, albeit much


slower than expected. At the terminus, just like elsewhere


along this new line, The platform is half-built,


the rails have been laid but by now I should be able to step off a tram


train and head to the shopping centre over there but I can't


because there have been delays. They've been caused by problems


with how to build the overhead line These masts will carry


the power lines. The trams work at one voltage


but if one day mainline electric trains need to run here,


their power requirements To avoid spending money on something


that could become redundant, new ideas are being tried out


and that's what's taking time. There's a pilot and solutions that


are needed for this project. That's why we've got a view to come


up with new solutions and we have a plan to implement it


over the next few months and years. The new vehicles for the project


were built in Spain and have now There are seven in total


and they will supplement the existing tram fleet but the tram


trains will mean, for the many first time, this service can


break out of Sheffield. They will run on conventional tram


tracks and switch to train mode It promises what is called


the seamless commute with other It has taken far too long to deliver


and I'm extremely frustrated by it. We have seen a lot of new vehicles


arrive and are being tested now and Network Rail are busy building


the infrastructure but we have been talking about this project


in Yorkshire for a long time and I'm looking forward for when it finally


opens and we get people Proving the concept of trams


and trains sharing tracks It will only be a short extension


but the possibilities are clear - first, though, Network Rail need


to overcome repeated The good Samaritan who abandoned his


Everest attempt to save another climber's life gets another go.


Police have named the man whose body was found in the River Ouse


He's been identified as 42-year-old Craig Batters, who was from York.


Detectives are now trying to piece together his last movements before


he was found by a member of the public in the river


A help line for people affected by domestic abuse in South Yorkshire


More than 2,000 people called Sheffield Domestic Abuse last year.


It's funded by Sheffield City Council.


It'll now be open from eight in the morning until eight


We don't know yet whether or not we need to go to 24 hours,


that's why we're doing it a bit at a time, so hopefully


by making the service, extending the hours,


it will mean that more people feel able to contact us.


An aristocrat has denied dangerous driving following a crash at a busy


76-year-old Lady Susan Zetland, of Aske Hall near Richmond,


appeared at Teesside Crown Court for a brief hearing.


She was charged after her 4x4 was involved in a collision


on the A66 at the Melsonby crossroads in July.


Well, onto sport, and the Bradford Bulls have been put into liquidation


after administrators failed to find a new buyer.


All the staff and players have been made redundant.


However, the four-time Super League champions can still compete


in the championship if a new owner can be found.


The club has been an administration for 50 days and there have been a


number of interested parties and a couple of deals that we thought


could get over the line. A real shock shock to everybody involved


that the deal didn't go through and players were called in and told that


the club was folding and ceased to exist. One of the problem is not


just the debts but the debts they think will be coming. It is a huge


shortfall in the projected profits in terms of spending too much money


already saw one of the things they can do is cut back on staff but also


trimmed the playing squad. In a lot of players have already joined new


clubs. The general manager says they haven't been living within their


means. It's very disappointing. We thought


after last time it was going to take the club forward and we could choose


the deemed to promotion. Another previous owner didn't invest enough


and the club has suffered and not winning the million pound game a


couple of years ago was probably the last nail in the coffin.


That is very little money coming in to funds but most people in rugby


league want to see funding coming in.


Better news for Yorkshire's football clubs, though -


could 2017 be a very big year for them?


After yesterday's games, both Sheffield United


and Doncaster Rovers are top of their respective divisions,


while four of our other teams are in the playoff places.


We haven't had a Premier League side in the region for ten years now,


but fans are daring to dream that might be about to change.


The gloom of going down - this was Sheffield United's


delegation from the Premier League in 2007.


Now though, almost all of Yorkshire's football clubs find


themselves at the right end of the table.


Huddersfield are the highest, fourth in the championship


after Nakhi Wells scored the only goal of the game at Wigan yesterday.


In sixth, Sheffield Wednesday who escaped Wolves'


Mounting an unlikely play-off challenge for Barnsley,


In the Yorkshire derby, Leeds had a 3-0 win over Rotherham.


One coach in bullish mood about the transfer window,


the other still watching the car park.


We're here to keep all our players and to build something,


It will only be incoming as no one will be leaving in this window.


The chairman has asked me to keep going, and that could be ten


years or ten minutes, but there's no exciting news that


Ron Atkinson is pulling into the car park or anything.


I always check for cars on my way to work every day.


That leaves Leeds fifth, in the middle of a Yorkshire


Wembley looks a good place to be in May.


Hoping to avoid the play-offs is Sheffield United,


top of league one after a 3-1 win at Bury.


There was an own goal and a late tap in.


Bradford grabbed a first win in five.


His cross was finished off as the Bantams beat


It's looking good at the top, the Blades now ten to one to go up,


less so at the bottom after Chesterfield's


And Doncaster dominated against Stevenage and a late


own goal was enough for the three points.


It could well be a very happy New Year.


Adrian Hinchliffe is the coach who guided Jack Laugher


and Chris Mears to win Great Britain's first


Working for the council, he's been key to making


performance centre in the country, but after 24 years he's leaving.


Despite what he's achieved he's only been employed


as a consultant by British Diving, so he's heading to Australia's


We'll hear from him shortly, but first here's some of those


He has taken me from a boy with a lot of teams to a man able to


achieve his dreams with his dedication, his organisation and


professionalism. Easy Macbeth" and a great person to have in my career.


We've got the Olympic medallists in Great Britain, Junior champions,


World Cup champions, the success is just unbelievable and that all


started from his vision. It is a massive shame from the bottom of my


heart to say he is leaving us. He has his reasons and to be honest,


he's been forced to leave. The hard work he's put in and what he has


sacrificed to create a brilliant training environment with amazing


divers who have achieved more than anyone has ever achieved in


Britain, it feels like an insult to his legacy. I think the performance


director have overlooked how much of a key role he plays. I wish his


family the best but it's just a fact that he's going... I can't get used


to it. What's it like listening to that?


That's pretty heartbreaking. That's the side of it that has made the


decision very difficult for me. I've made some great friends in those


athletes and coaches and it's hard to look at. It has been quite


sudden. It has taken new 24 years to get there and they talk about your


legacy. We're working very hard at the moment behind the scenes to make


sure that divers like Jack and those guys use our training, Tucker. It's


important to me. -- those guys are looked after. there were strong


words from them about why you're leaving, that he had been forced


out. It's not necessarily what you want to do. I don't think anyone


wants to leave anything that they do, especially something I've been


so proud of. I loved -- I've loved being heard in Leeds. I came to


university here years ago and it's always been good to me -- here in


Leeds. There are personalities in the division at the moment that


didn't match and a very passing -- I'm very passionate about my sport


and I want to go to the next place. I've got a family and looking after


them is very important so it's been a big decision but isn't -- there is


another opportunity on the table and I have to take it. British diving


and giving you -- they are begging you to stay. It is something I have


always been passionate about. I'm a little confused but I'm not one of


those people that is going to hang on. People make decisions and they


have to make those decisions and that is why they are paid. I would


love to stay here but unfortunately this time it's not going to happen.


We're going to miss you! Well done for everything.


A former soldier from Rotherham who abandoned climbing to the very


top of Everest to help save the life of a stranger says he's


Leslie Binns was only 500 metres from the summit


when he helped Sunita Hazra, an Indian woman who'd


Now Leslie says he plans to return to Nepal in April


He said he wouldn't attempted again but 42-year-old Leslie is preparing


to climb Everest for a second time. He had to abandon the challenge last


year when he helped a woman who was close to death. She survived. Now


Leslie has decided to return and reach the summit. I decided to get


back down the mountain. There was another guy I try to rescue as well


but I can rescue them both. It makes me so proud I managed to save a life


but being so close would be on my mind for the rest of my life. The


ex-serviceman was to use the challenge to raise money for the


soldiers charity. He needs to raise ?50,000 in sponsorship first. Some


local businesses are helping out. Personal trainer Nick life is


helping out to get him fit for free. Is the ultimate challenge really. We


try to replicate positive physical and mental attributes. Also the


mental side of things as well. We put him under tests and challenges,


test how well he can make decisions while tired. Fiancee Lindsey and a


two-year-old daughter Emma are preparing for an anxious few months


back home. It's worrying but I have confidence he will do it and


hopefully he will be one of the first up. To stand on top of that


mountain is going to affect me big-time. I'll probably be in tears.


Duly big softy really -- you're a big softy, really! He hopes to start


his adventure in April. You can follow his progress on his Facebook


page. Freezing last night -


more of the same? There will be no snow. It will be as


chilly as last night. I'll put some of the pictures on the Facebook page


in the next hour. It has been a dreary day. Tomorrow is brighter


with plenty of sunshine around but it will be winding along the coast


so it will feel more here and high pressure dominates into Thursday, a


very frosty start to the day on Thursday with clear skies,


temperatures a few degrees below freezing so Thursday will feel


chilly indeed. Temperatures creeping up on Friday but that means cloud


and rain. The cloud at the moment, you can see the best of the breaks


will be in the east and you can also see the progression that cloud is


making down from the northwest, with it slightly milder air through this


evening and overnight, so no problems with frost is coming night.


There may be showers around part of South Yorkshire and eastern parts as


well and that breeze will pick up along the coast, becoming strong and


gusty later with temperatures falling to around three or four


Celsius. The sun will rise at 8:24am and settle just before 4pm and high


water over the next half hour. There may be some patchy cloud to start


the day, the odd shower but plenty of sunshine quickly spreads from the


north. Most of us tomorrow will see sunshine and the cold crisp winter's


day, if you shower was being blown in on the cost -- a few showers


being blown in on the gust and temperatures around 56 Celsius but


it will feel cooler in the wind. Inland, the breeze is like. Still a


chilly day at 56 Celsius. -- five or six Celsius.


Magical new drama... The Worst Witch.


Something like this could change my life.