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That's all from the BBC News at Six - so it's goodbye from me -


Good evening. On Look North tonight:


Calls for calm - protestors attack a police car


and block roads after armed officers shot dead a man in Huddersfield.


We'll be talking to MP Naz Shah, who says tensions are running high.


Also tonight: Why Sheffield council plans to chop down trees planted


Paralympic gold medallist Kadeena Cox has her funding


suspended while she takes part in a controversial TV show.


Grabbing centre stage, the two entrepreneurs


helping you find the best - and cheapest - seats in the house.


A widespread frost to come tonight, sunny tomorrow,


but big changes as we head into Friday.


Footage has emerged of a group of men surrounding and attacking


It happened during a protest about the death of Yassar Yaqub,


who was shot by police on a slip road off the M62 near


Tonight a vigil is planned at the scene of the shooting at Ainley Top.


Bradford city centre last night - a police car is surrounded.


Banners are draped over the windscreen as protesters film


Kicks are aimed at the side of the car.


For several hours, people blocked routes and waved signs


carrying phrases including "police, don't murder".


No-one was injured or arrested during the protest.


It was a reaction to the death of Yassar Yaqub, shot dead by police


on Monday evening at J24 of the M62 in what they have called


The Independent Police Complaints Commission says a gun


A postmortem examination on Mr Yaqub's body was due


Yesterday, police were at the family home in Huddersfield,


where up to ten CCTV cameras dot the walls, perhaps in response


to an incident in 2015 when a shotgun was fired


Yassar Yaqub's father Mohammed didn't want to speak on camera


today, but he told us that the death of his son


was like something that would have happened in America.


He said he couldn't believe that Yassar would have pulled a gun


on someone or even have had one in his possession.


Inside the house, you could hear the sound of crying up the stairs.


Yassar's father Mohammed said he himself had no


Yassar Yaqub was a fan of fast cars like this yellow Lamborghini.


His dad bought them for his only son, who he admits he spoiled.


In 2010, Yassar Yaqub was cleared of attempted murder


and a firearms offence because of insufficient evidence.


What happened in the moments before he was shot dead on Monday


night at Ainley Top, we don't yet know.


Where there is a person who has actually lost a life, you know,


that has had an impact on the family, community,


irrespective of what other people think.


And the point is there has got to be a line of accountability,


and what the people want now is the police force to actually


be up for it in terms of what's happened.


In an attempt to improve transparency, West Yorkshire Police


has been introducing body-worn cameras, but none of the firearms


officers involved in the shooting was wearing them.


Firearms officers need a bespoke solution for body-worn video.


The current cameras that are available to the general police


officer are not suitable for firearms usage,


and that is purely down to where they are worn on the body


and the blocked views that they get because of


the nature of the equipment, the firearms carried.


Three men remain in police custody tonight while another


All five or arrested on suspicion of having a firearm.


The IPCC's own probe into West Yorkshire Police's actions


Alistair Gill, BBC Look North, Huddersfield.


Well, our reporter Ian White joins us now live from the scene


Good evening. This is a place familiar to you because you were


here last night, but I am at this road from the M62 up to the Ainley


Top area where the incident happened 48 hours ago. It is hard to imagine


what it was like 48 hours ago when the shooting took place. The road


has been reopened. It has been business as usual. The traffic is


flowing and there is not much to tell you what happened here apart


from some flowers left at roadside in tribute. Other tributes on social


media and Facebook, various pages paying respects to the dead man.


They want to know what happened exactly, asking West Yorkshire


Police to explain what happened and what were the circumstances to


Yassar Yaqub's death? We expect a gathering there are


later this evening. Tell us about that.


Through social media, there has been a momentum gathering throughout the


day, saying that people want to get together to pay their respects. It


is believed that later this evening a group of family and friends will


gather here at Ainley Top, at the spot where Yassar was killed on the


night. They will gather here to pay respects and there is talk of


balloons being let off as a mark of respect. That is likely to happen


later this evening and we will bring you more on our latest news at


10:30pm. Naz Shah is the MP


for Bradford West. She's called for calm


following those protests last night, It was supposed to be a peaceful


protest last night. No, we had a small number of


individuals who decided to take it upon themselves to attack police


cars and brought traffic to a standstill. That has been condemned


by the community and it... I condemn that kind of behaviour and I would


like to see the police make some arrests and make sure there is no


place for that behaviour. We saw masked men vandalising a


police car in the footage. The police... When I spoke to a


Chief Superintendent, on numerous occasions yesterday, and I spoke to


them today, and they said it was a relatively peaceful protest. We must


take the lead from the police because they are experts on policing


these demonstrations. Racial Justice campaign group Just


Yorkshire said they do not want another situation where a protest


escalated into a riot. Is that a concern?


It is not a concern because the police complaints commission are


investigating. That tragedy then leads to questions... Rightly so,


because people need reassurance. But the police cannot issue a statement


while the high PCC are investigating, but the police must


maintain strong links with the committee. That creates the


suspicion of police not being transparent, but actually what then


it is the responsibility of people like me, committee leaders to step


up and have conversations with communities to say, actually, the


purpose of my statement was to appeal for calm because there is an


investigation ongoing and we will see what transpires and pans out.


What are your main concerns? I am pleased that following


yesterday, having spoken to people in Liverpool and Bradford, tensions


have simmered down. Things have moved on and progressed and the IPCC


have released a statement and that has gone a long wait in reassuring


the committee. The police commission says that


confidence in West Yorkshire Police is good. Do you endorse this?


I have confidence in West Yorkshire Police but we must address the


concerns. This does not abdicate our responsibility to hold police to


account but in this instance we must respect the process. It must take


its course and that is what I would like to see.


When community leaders have to take responsibility and MPs as well, is


that something you are happy to embrace?


It is what we are elected to do. We must hold the police to account and


services to account. And we must go to communities and offer


reassurance, it is part of what we do.


Thank you. And we'll have more on our


late programme as part Next tonight - controversy


in Sheffield over plans to chop down 23 trees planted as a memorial


to soldiers killed in World War One. A large crowd of protesters held


a rally outside the Town Hall before the issue was debated by the City


Council. As our correspondent John Cundy


reports, the campaign on just one historic road in Sheffield is part


of a city-wide row involving Objectors say Sheffield


councillors can't see More than 5,000 campaigners


have signed a petition to save the special trees on one


street in the Crookes district. All the trees here on Western Road


are a registered war memorial, in honour of the 400 pupils who went


from the school here to fight Now the council save 23 of these


trees must come down, because they are considered


dangerous. 100 years on, they remember


their war heroes here. It's about to come after


the centenary of the dedication. This is highly inappropriate that


nearly half of them would be taken down and replaced


with shrubs, basically. The trees have got another


100 years left in them. The City Council have awarded


the ?2 billion contract to the construction firm Amey


to prepare Sheffield's roads and pavements,


and look after roadside trees. The root of the problem -


trees deemed dangerous or decayed. Across the city, 4000 trees have


already been felled, 3000 new ones planted,


and plans for 50,000 more But already in November


there was community outrage when contractors moved in at 5am


in the morning. They felled trees at Rustlings Road


in the Endcliffe area of the city. And so, to the town hall this


afternoon for the big debate. I can certainly tell


you what I am hoping for, and that is that the council see


sense and are big enough to admit they have got this


one very badly wrong. The councillor at the head


of the controversy says he does Now he wants to work with them


to find solutions that can preserve the memories


of the First World War heroes. What we want to do is maintain that


memorial going forward, so we went to replace trees that


have already disappeared and have been felled or have died


and we want to look and bring a sustainable solution for that,


so we have got a war memorial going forward


for the next 100 years. Tonight, there does seem to be


an olive branch between campaigners and council like to remember


properly the young men from Western Road who fought


so bravely for their country. John Cundy,


BBC Look North, Sheffield. Later on Look North: Open wide -


the Leeds dentist helping A coroner looking into the death


of an 11-year-old boy, who drowned in a canal in Rotherham,


has told South Yorkshire Police she needs more information


about their investigation. Subhaan Ali's body was found in


the water near Parkgate last July. His mother told the inquest


she believed he was pushed in, but other witnesses said


he got in himself. The coroner now wants to know why,


given the inconsistencies in the evidence, the investigation


into Subhaan's death A toddler has been killed


after being hit by a car in the Lofthouse area


of Wakefield this afternoon. Emergency services were sent


to the incident at a residential address at 2.15, but the young boy


died at the scene. Police are investigating


the circumstances leading The RMT rail union is to ballot


its members at Arriva Rail North, who run Northern trains,


for strike action. It's over what they say


is an unacceptable pay offer. Northern say they're disappointed


with the news and that employees have been offered a guaranteed,


above inflation pay rise over Nearly 140 people were arrested


by North Yorkshire Police for drink- and drug-driving between one


December and New Year s Day. 93 people were arrested


for drink-driving and 44 for driving That's a 10% increase


on the same period in 2015. In contrast, West Yorkshire Police


charged two fewer people this You may not have felt it,


but there was an earthquake off It was detected just


before 7pm, 150km east The British Geological Survey say it


had a magnitude of 3.8. A dentist from Leeds has been giving


up his time and money to volunteer in war-torn Iraq


in what he describes as the worst Dr Mohammad Mozaffari treats


hundreds of patients, including orphans and widows


of victims of the so-called Islamic State, through the charity


A World Without Barriers. Dr Mohammad Mozaffari is back


in his day job at treating He's been to Iraq for times


in the last 12 months, treating orphans, widows


and the homeless, who, after suffering years


of conflict in their country, have had to prioritise


just getting by. That's rather than things


like going to the dentist. Some of his patients were victims


of the so-called Islamic State, who fled to the city of Najaf


where he volunteers. They had the worst general


health and oral health They were conditions that


would normally be picked up when children are born,


like cleft lip and palate, like having a hole inside the lip


and a hole inside the mouth, which would normally have been


picked up and treated. There were four or five-year-olds


that were still suffering to eat, Outside of work, Mohammad spends


much of his time in the mosque It is his faith which motivates him


to give up his time and spent thousands of pounds a year


travelling to Iraq to volunteer with the charity


A World Without Barriers. What Islam teaches me


is that the other person in society has as much value as I do,


and so by equalising the other in your own I,


you move away from egotism, you move away from monocentrism,


and you move away from being selfish and you move towards a realist


standpoint of caring and loving and compassion,


and ultimately altruism. Mohammed hopes to be back in Iraq


soon, putting a smile on faces Leeds United have confirmed today


that Italian businessman Andrea Radrizzani has bought a 50%


stake in the club. For the time being, Radrizzani


will oversee the club's activities The Italian has pledged


long-term commitment to Leeds United and "stability


through ongoing investment". He added that he won't do


anything that will put The Rugby Football League say


there have already been ten expressions of interest


in re-forming the Bradford Bulls. It follows the club's liquidation


which was announced yesterday - a deadline for prospective


new owners has been Former Bulls Head Coach Francis


Cummins, nowadays in Rugby Union with Doncaster Knights,


has told Look North that whoever does take over the Bulls in future,


needs to learn lessons I think if you're going to buy


a sports club, no matter if it is rugby league,


rugby union or football, I don't think you are there


to turn a massive profit. You're in it for giving a little bit


back to the community, is probably where generally people


come in to help the club... But it's bigger picture -


where do you want Bradford to be? And the timescales, I don't think


it is going to happen Paralympic champion Kadeena Cox


from Leeds has had her funding suspended while she takes part


in the winter sports show The Jump. British Athletics says it will stop


supporting her until she returns A number of celebrities have been


seriously injured while taking part in the Channel 4 programme,


as Dave Edwards reports. She was one of Britain's biggest


sporting stars of 2016 - Kadeena Cox won two golds,


a silver and a bronze at the real Paralympics,


competing in athletics and cycling. She's quickly earned a celebrity


status, taking part in the BBC's Robot Wars over the weekend,


and now she's in Austria, getting The controversial programme sees


celebrities take part in a range of winter sports,


but several competitors have Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington


dislocated her shoulder, while gymnast Beth Tweddle crashed


in training and spent She needed surgery to have two


fractured vertebrae fused together. Channel 4 says there's been


a thorough review of safety procedures before this year's


series, but medical teams from British Athletics


and British Cycling are believed to have advised


Kadeena not to take part. In a statement,


British Athletics says: She'll hope to do that in time


for the World ParaAthletics where she is likely to be


a medal favourite once again. For now, though, she'll see


what happens on the snow. She is more brave than me. All of


that jumping. They say the best ideas


are the most simple, and when our next guests


took their business proposal onto the BBC programme Dragon's Den,


the Dragons couldn't believe no one They've created TickX -


a price comparison website It's now hoped the site will become


as big as Go Compare or Skyscanner. Steve Pearce from Ilkley


and his business partner Sam Coley featured on Dragon's Den


on New Year's Day. They were given offers from three


Dragons but they turned them down. Since then, they've raised ten times


the amount they asked for from private investors including


music company Ministry Of Sound. Steve and Sam join us


in the studio now. Let's see the moment


you turned the Dragons down! Two bids have now been


tendered, both at a much greater equity stake than


the entrepreneurs were offering, which poses a dilemma


for the young businessmen. So thank you, all three


of you, for the offer. The problem is we just


couldn't drop our valuation. I don't know if there's any movement


but we couldn't go to those They do not look happy.


I felt nervous. Were you nervous? It was intense there was an hour and


a half of filming. You are excited to get the offer and then we had to


turn around and say no, so it was nerve-racking.


How long do you get to whisper in Deeside?


We were in the back of the room for about one minute. We have watched


the programme for our whole lives since we were kids.


You sound just like Yorkshire lads. You have accepted the bid from


somebody else and got more money. How much did you get together?


We have raised ?175,000 in our first round of funding. We have just gone


on to raise ?750,000. How did you manage that?


A combination of finding people excited by our vision, working hard,


and trying to find the right type of people to invest.


The vision, as the Dragons said, they could not believe it had not


been done before. Who came up with the idea?


Steve did. The idea came out of spending too


much time going out in Leeds and Manchester and we found out what


events were happening, and when I contacted some of the initial idea,


we were amazed not been one place where event goers could see the


information, so that is how the idea happened.


A perfect combination. Sam, you are an expert at setting up this kind of


thing. I started a software company at 16


years old, and develop skills with that. That is how Steve knew me, and


we use those skills... I bet your conversations are


amazing. What do you talk about when you get home? Do you talk about, I


have a new fantastic idea for a website?


Universe which. I would like to talk to you further


about that. How many people have you got working for you? Has the company


developed? A team of seven but we will grow to


12 people over the next three or four months. Then we are looking to


raise a substantial amount of funding in about one year, and then


we should have 40 or 50 team members.


You are so young. 24 years old. The average age for our team are


also 24 years old like us. There are younger people as well.


I the it rules that out because we are both too old.


How are you making money? It is a great idea because people want the


best and cheapest tickets. How do you get money?


It is free to use for users and the way we make money is receiving a


small commission from ticket marketers to drive force behind


cells. No added these to users and a small reward for driving up sales.


No added fee. Not getting hold of tickets and


sound than at inflated prices... Will you help prevent ticket touts?


We offer transparency in the market so prices include the fees. By


having all the tickets in one place you see the best deal.


The key is to go around and convince people to give you the tickets to


sell in the first place. Erm...


Ticketmaster and see tickets and London theatre director, we have the


major players on board and we are a platform to help them drive


additional sales. They reach a new audience... They are happy to work


with us to sell tickets. The best of luck. We know where to


go when we want cheap tickets. Thank you.


Somebody who likes a cheap ticket... Always.


I do not like a free ticket but I like a free ticket.


Rather than a cheap ticket. These are pictures from Weather Watchers.


Not taking today but a beautiful view up to Castle Hill.


The second picture is clear skies this evening. Look at the wind


turbine. Keep the pictures coming in.


It will be pretty cold over the next 24-hour sanity is all change as wet


weather spreads back from the Atlantic on Friday. Tomorrow is a


frosty start. Mainly sunny skies. Thursday chart... Watch what happens


when the high-pressure gives way and moves the continent and pressure


balls and we end up this weather system coming across. On Friday


morning in particular it could pretty wet with outbreaks of rain.


Eventually, milder air comes in from the Atlantic. The weekend is looking


reasonable. Temperatures could reach double figures. No prizes for seeing


where the wind is coming from, straight down from the north. That


went moves a bit more cloud into coastal areas and the cloud picking


up perhaps for one or two showers. I suspect it is cold enough for


showers to turn wintry, perhaps a slight covering of snow on the


eastern side of the North York Moors, with sleet and hill towards


the coast. In that it is dry and clear. A straightforward forecast. I


am sure the gritters are out already because minus four Celsius is


expected, 25 Fahrenheit in the West. One or two Celsius on the coast and


down to about minus three Celsius in other places. Perhaps a slight


covering of snow. The sun rises at 8:23am and set at 4:01pm. Next I


want times here... -- high water times. Tomorrow, one or two showers


in Whitby, Scarborough and other places. They will fizzle out


elsewhere and a cold and frosty start. Certainly some places will


see frost lingering all day and long. Sunshine should lift


temperatures eventually to about three or four Celsius, so you might


imagine it will feel fairly chilly out of doors. They light and


variable breeze, with three or four Celsius, five Celsius in


Scarborough. Over the cup, settling nearer two Celsius, and a queue


tomorrow evening, that frost really read develops. As we head through


Friday, I think the frost has gone, as cloud and rain spread in from the


West. The wind will strengthen as well. A miserable day on Friday. A


lot of rain coming through Friday morning, heading towards Brady


afternoon. Saturday and Sunday looks rather cloudy and some drizzle over


the Pennines on Saturday morning. Otherwise Saturday is fine. Sunday


not bad, with Brian variable amounts of sunshine with temperatures


ranging nine - 11 Sultan 's. -- nine to 11 Celsius.


A bottle of whiskey at Christmas... How did you get out of the


supermarket with a tag on? That is it from us, back at 10:30pm.


as he explores Naples, Venice and Florence.


It's like we're walking through a giant's armpit.


We can follow the escape route of Michelangelo.