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On the programme tonight: and on BBC One we now join the BBC's


Storm surge as high tides and ferocious winds batter


We'll be live in Scarborough with the latest.


Yorkshire's hospitals under severe pressure.


We reveal how one elderly man has had to spend 11 weeks on a ward


because there wasn't anywhere else to care for him.


With him not being able to get into a care home or a nursing home,


he's had to block a bed here at Scarborough Hospital


where there are so many people needing these beds.


And into the decisive second half of the championship season already,


Leeds United, tonight's Dari and three other Yorkshire teams are in


the top eight. We will discuss all of that tonight outside Elland Road.


The pensioner who ran 75 marathons in 75 days.


We'll hear about his latest fundraising milestone.


And a cold site on the cards with a warning for ice. Saying Chile into


tomorrow but milder for Sunday. I will be back later in the programme


with all the details. it was forecast and this morning


there was a sigh of relief. But now a clean up operation


is under way after a tidal surge left properties flooded


on the east coast. This afternoon's high tide


at around a quarter to five was the one everyone was watching,


including Phil Bodmer, who's been in Scarborough


for the last 24 hours. Phil, can you tell us what happened


this afternoon? Well, I think we can safely say the worst of the weather


is over. The tide is now on the way out, but just have a look at the


devastation. This is simply tossed aside as that storm surge came over


the foreshore Road. You can see the degree and the sand on the


carriageway is here. I think it was more spectacular than it was causing


damage because were not aware of any major property flooding during the


high tide of the storm surge but the waves looked spectacular with lots


of people coming out to watch what was happening. It started around...


Were having a few problems there. Reaching Phil Bodman so let's move


on to our next Tory. Next to a real example of how


the winter pressures on the NHS and the crisis in adult social care


is impacting on the people A pensioner with dementia has


spent nearly three months in hospital in Scarborough


because a place at a care home couldn't be found


even though the funding It comes as latest figures


released by NHS England show that four hospital trusts


in our region declared Leeds Teaching and Mid Yorkshire


Hospitals Trusts said they were operating at a level three


alert every day between January the 3rd and 8th


meaning bed shortages, and emergency departments


becoming unable to cope. In Harrogate and District,


and York Teaching Hospitals, which covers Scarborough,


they too experienced serious problems on three and four


days during that period. This kind of pressure also


impacts on social care and Corinne Wheatley spoke to one


couple who've been stuck We're going to


Bridlington on Monday. Every day for the last


11 weeks, Margaret Lister has been coming here


to Scarborough Hospital He has Parkinson's disease


and was admitted When he was ready to be


discharged, Margaret couldn't find a nursing home that could give


him the right kind of care. Because of him not


being able to get into a care home or a nursing home,


he's had to block a bed here at Scarborough Hospital where there's


so many people needing these beds. I just get so aggravated


with everything at the moment I can't cope with the


situation, it's just out of hand. The trust that runs hospital says it


has to make sure patients are discharged safely and are able


to recover in the right place. The latest figures on bed


blocking sure there were over a thousand patients


waiting in hospital Well, we asked North Yorkshire


County Council about this. That's the authority responsible


for adult social care. They couldn't comment


on the specifics of this case, butt they did say that between 2011


and 2020, they will have to have saved


?174 million from their budget and they also pointed out that they have


tried to protect spending in this area to a greater extent than many


other councils and that they spent They added that without additional


funding for adult social care from the Government, they could see


intense pressure And some in the care


sector warn it's already We've been warning for at least


a decade that pressures are mounting, so if you cut


funding on social care, all that does is build


pressure in the NHS. As things stand, Martin will be


moving to a care home on Monday, nearly 40 miles


away near Bridlington. It's an hour and a half by public


transport, depriving I know it's a terrible thing to say,


but how much longer am I going I married him, for better for worse,


for sickness and in health and those are vows


that I wish to keep. Well, earlier I spoke


to their local MP Robert Goodwill and asked him what he made


of the difficulties they've faced. Well, I mean, this is a sort


of classic case of bed blocking where someone's in hospital


and is in need of discharge and where we couldn't


get a good place in a care home that I thought it was about money,


but the money is there and finally, thank goodness,


we have found a care home in Bridlington which is not perfect


because Mrs Lister does not drive, but I know that we hope we can find


somewhere a little bit closer. It's not an isolated


case though, is it? When you look at the data on


so-called bed blocking in hospitals, the wait for a nursing home


placement appears to be one of the key contributing factors,


so what can be done to tackle it? Well, exactly, that's


why the Government are putting more money into social


care, why we are trying to get more coordination because previously,


the social care sector and the health sector did


not talk to each other but we do need to use the money that


has been made available to ensure that this does not happen


in cases like this. Four hospital trusts in Yorkshire


stated major alert at the beginning of January so surely


they need more cash, don't they? That's why the Government


have announced that there will be another


10 billion per year going into the health service by the end


of this Parliament. I mean, in this case,


the money was available for the care package, it was just that there


was not a suitable place available. We've got some absolutely fantastic


care homes in Scarborough, some fantastic nursing homes,


but the particular needs with Mr Lister did require weren't


actually available at that time. You say it's not about money,


but North Yorkshire County Council have repeatedly expressed concerns


about not having enough money to deal with the pressure


on adult social care. And they've asked the Government


to give more cash, so do you accept that councils need


more money to help Well, the Government have made


available ?900 million over two years and, of course, we've given


councils more flexibility to increase the council tax should


they wish to fund that, so we've given them those tools,


but as I say, in this case, It was that there just wasn't a care


home available, or the nursing home available, with the type of services


that Mr Lister needed. OK, Robert Goodwill,


thank you very much for joining us. Will this get


the customers flocking in? Find out why these sheep could help


a Yorkshire business cope Earlier, we were reporting on the


tidal surge affecting the east coast. We lost sound from Phil but


we can now go back to him hopefully! Fell, you showed us some devastation


that happened there this afternoon. Remind us what the conditions were


like? It looked spectacular. Look at the damage here. This is what the


water throughout. Toss these bins and seafarers are a side. It looked


spectacular but I'm pleased to say that it did not cause any lasting


damage a flood defence is pretty much did their job. We saw sand


bagging yesterday and those metal shutters which are really have


defended properties but lots of people came out to see the


spectacular sight so I think people to knight generally in Scarborough


are breathing a sigh of relief. Some amazing pictures there. Was it


similar to 2013? I don't think it was. I think 2013 was worse than


what we saw a few hours ago. The reason is because this tidal surge


wasn't quite on the same scale. Of course, the surges caused by a storm


which spoils the water into the South Bay a century but it has to


coincide with extremely strong winds, a high spring tide and, of


course, that did not coincide so that is why the surge perhaps was


not as bad as we saw in 2013 when a number of properties were flooded.


And where else was effected this afternoon? Whitby of course. The


pure ropes are some flooding. We know a number of properties in the


harbour area were inundated with water. Not maybe as bad as they


perhaps had feared their cousin Whitby around that part of the town


is a hotspot because generally once again people in Whitby on the pure


road will be breathing a sigh of relief as well. Generally, there is


a general feeling that we perhaps got away with it. OK, fell bottom


live in Scarborough for us today, battling with the elements, thank


you very much. The Shadow Minister in charge


of Labour's national devolution policy has called for a single mayor


to be elected to represent Jon Trickett, who's the MP


for Hemsworth, says unless radical


action is taken now on the tens of millions


of pounds of extra cash But it's causing a massive political


row because some parts of Yorkshire had already agreed


a deal, and the Tories say that having one mayor for the region


would have to be legislated for Our political editor Len Tingle


tries to unravel what's happening. Behind the closed doors of this


trade union centre in Wakefield today, Labour councillors gathered


to hear the party's most influential figure on devolution add his voice


to the pressure to see the whole of Yorkshire form a single


region with just one We all agreed, something


that has to happen. Now, exactly how we do it, I think


we're beginning to get towards a solution and


I've put my idea forward. It a personal idea and I think


it's won people to it. Other people said it


was already their idea and one or two people have said


we need to know more details. Look, we've started


a debate and I want to hear the views of ordinary Yorkshire


folk as well, by the way. Devolution for South


Yorkshire, the Sheffield city region run by an elected mayor


with extra powers and money has already been signed and was due


to be launched in four months' time. But last week, it was postponed


for a year so does I don't think the Sheffield city


region is dead at all. This is about an overarching deal


that can actually bring more It's a Yorkshire voice that we're


talking about here today and therefore we're behind it,


but I'm here for Doncaster, making sure the residents are supported


and businesses because that's how we will continue


growing that economy. Well, the Government


appears to be quite clear. If negotiations start again,


devolution, whatever form it takes in Yorkshire, could be delayed


for years if it happens at all. If they choose to walk


away from this deal, as has happened in the case


of the leaders in the north-east of England, then the Government will be


forced to take that deal off the table and then we have to start


the whole thing from scratch, if indeed we have any appetite to do


that having gone ?1 billion of funding


for South Yorkshire. I say to South Yorkshire leaders,


do not turn your back on that. Food for thought as half a dozen


other newly formed devolved regions across the country prepare


to elect their first executive mayors later this year and to gain


the promised extra cash One in every hole of Yorkshire, will


it happen? Never rule it out but remember it from the Government's


point of view, it's rather unlikely. These are two separate things. A


whole Yorkshire deal, that would be a region that would be politically


very powerful as the previous Labour governments fault when they decided


they wanted to set up regional assemblies. But would it do the


trick in the modern form of devolution? That is meant to be


similar clusters of local councils coming together with similar sorts


of economies that can help each other out and improve their


economies. It whole Yorkshire deal would not do that so it unlikely


that the Government would allow it to go ahead. Thank you. Just to mark


your cart, there'll be more about devolution


in Yorkshire on the Sunday Politics at 11 o'clock on Sunday


morning on BBC1. The teenage girl accused


of murdering seven-year-old Katie Rough in York,


has appeared in Crown Court Katie died after being found


with severe cuts to her neck and chest on a playing


field on Monday. The 15-year-old defendant, who


can't be named for legal reasons, appeared via video link


at Leeds Crown Court. She's due back there


on February the 16th. A man is in hospital with suspected


gun shot wounds after gunfire Police were called


to Scholemoor Avenue A door and window of


a house had been damaged. A 21-year-old man is in hospital


in a stable condition. A Yorkshire bed-making company


is hoping a flock of sheep can help it deal with price pressures


related to Brexit. Harrison Spinks has invested


in a flock of Wensleydales and is intending to use the wool


inside its mattresses. It's just one of the natural fibres


the firm produce themselves, and it means they can source less


from abroad and avoid rising prices. Here's our business


correspondent Danni Hewson. These are Wensleydale sheep,


bred for their fleeces. They first appeared in Yorkshire


in the early 1800s. Ironically, they've become


a rare sight as modern demands


have changed. Well, farmers nowadays are


concentrating on growing their sheep for the meat carcass,


whereas these are a wool breed primarily, so a lot


less farmers want to grow sheep for their wool because there's


not a lot of money But there is money in quality


craftsmanship and bed maker Harrison Spinks has seen demand


for their natural fibre mattresses But with the pound still subdued,


buying materials is Rearing their own sheep is just one


strategy they've brought in to For me, it's about the


confidence of the consumer. In terms of what we can do


as a business ourselves, we can only work with


the issues that we've got. We can tackle those high pressure


price points by doing as much Sourcing locally has also been


a great story for customers. Either we grow them


ourselves, or we buy them from farmers around


that area so the whole story is to do


with the localised filling, so we have everything within ten


miles of the factory. Success with other home-grown


fibres like hemp and flax were the catalysts


for this experiment. If successful, expect this rare


breed to once again become The Championship matches resume this


weekend after the FA Cup break. Surely we're going to get


at least one team promoted There are four of our teams


in the top eight right now. And one of them, Leeds United


is at home tonight in what you might call a


six pointer against Derby. Paul Ogden is there


at Elland Road for us. Yes. You can certainly say that


though there are freezing temperatures here at Elland Road


tonight, the championship play-off race is already hotting up in the


January. Leeds United are really in for. They have 14 of their last


victors but Derby, tonight's opponents, have also turned things


around after a difficult start to the season. Steve McClaren, their


manager, seven wins on the browse through November and December, Derby


up to seventh in the table ahead of what is an intriguing prospect here


tonight. You can see this being a dress rehearsal for a play-off


semifinal and though Garry Monk might deny it, there is a lot at


stake here tonight already. I think we sit here every


week and say, this is We've been saying it for months now,


so they're all big games. Nothing is going to define


the season, but what And an important


three points for both teams, so we have to


fight as hard as we can, put our best football


on the pitch to make sure


that we can be the ones We have that mindset


for every game that we play. He's really turned things around,


Gary Monk. Leeds United against Derbyshire tonight. Huddersfield


town at Sheffield Wednesday tomorrow which is a fascinating prospect to


say nothing of Barnsley's intriguing trip to Fulham. We can look forward


to it all with our guest here tonight which is the chief football


writer of the Yorkshire Post, Richard Sutcliffe, who misses


nothing in Yorkshire football. Briefly, tonight's prospectors


forage are concerned? It is a huge Uber reads. I think Derby are one or


two teams are going to make a huge bridge for the play-off. They would


go very far clear. Leads and Derby already fancying themselves rarely


the play-offs but so are Sheffield Wednesday and Huddersfield town? It


brilliant match look forward to a Telstra. Absently. I'm covering that


game as well and it will be a cracker. It will tell us a lot about


both sides amending both of them can stay in the race for the play-offs


but tomorrow will be a big eyed. Today, very important date worst


Wednesday who have signed Barnsley's striker. He has been a big part of


their success this season and last but what a bargain. They will have


to take some stopping. Do you think Barnsley will break up


now? I hope not. They did not last season and they got the success in


the play-offs through a lot of low needs a survey had to change the


side this summer. They've done a brilliant job at idols who either


can't do it again. You certainly would have devoured all the stops to


keep them going. Richard, thank you. Enjoy the game tonight. Really


positive news I think to finish on as well for the moment and that is


that Paul worn, is going to stay on as caretaker manager to try and get


Rotherham United out of relegation trouble. Let's hope he can between


now and the end of the season. Meanwhile the Rugby Football League


has agreed a deal that will see a new club set up in Bradford


for the start of the season. The old Bradford Bulls


was liquidated earlier this month. Four bids to revive


the club were received The new club will remain


in the Kingstone Press Championship and play at Odsal,


but will start the new season Now the Yorkshire Wolds


are one of the hidden gems of this part of the world


and tonight a much bigger audience will be able to enjoy


the delights of the trail which runs from Hessle


on the Humber Estuary The Yorkshire Wolds Way


is a two-part series presented by Paul Rose,


a man who can be found diving in the world's deepest oceans


or leading expeditions in some but first a taste of


tonight's programme. I'm taking a hike


through one of the least travelled parts of the UK,


a land of big skies This is the Yorkshire Wolds,


a swathe of rolling chalk hills in the eastern part


of God's own county. It's a tranquil corner


of England that's well off But I've heard the Wolds


are full of surprises. Paul, we've just been


watching those images. Why did you choose


the Yorkshire Wolds? Well, I think it's a place


that's often overlooked. It is overlooked by


the Pennines and the Yorkshire moors and this thing


that we all have, we want to go to We forget about these


home-grown treasures so Any standout in particular


that you found? The standout moments for me


was of course crossing the Humber. That's how we started,


in the old way, rolling The Humber Bridge,


who can forget how Moving in a way when you


think of all those men I love all that and then,


of course, the surprises. Around every corner,


there is a surprise. There's a lovely dry valley,


or a vineyard or, you know what? It hard to pick a favourite,


but it has to be I mean, have you ever


ridden a Penny Farthing? Most people just go


to the museum and see them, They don't actually get


on top of the thing. I did, and it was one


of the most gripping things. I mean, here's a man who's


worked in Antarctica, I've dived under the North


Pole, I've done all these challenging things and that


morning, I woke up in the bed and breakfast and I was bolt


upright in the bed going, I'm going to write


a Penny Farthing today! Just take you back to


the Yorkshire Wolds, which obviously is on tonight at 7:30pm,


do you have to be an Uber hiker? You can do the whole thing


in a week or do it slowly and do it in ten days, it's so beautiful


and the joy of it is it's incredibly beautiful for a little bit


of effort, you get massive awards so for me, normally doing all these


big physical and mental challenges things for this was


complete freedom and joy. And you can see the Yorkshire Wolds


Way on BBC One tonight at 7.30pm. How did you celebrate


your last birthday? Well, one Rotherham man marked


turning 75 by running Ray Matthews was aiming


to raise money for charity and today he presented his final


donation to a local special school. After running nearly 2000 miles, Ray


crossed the finish line at Snyman school in September. Today, he is


back to beat the people who inspired his challenge. What I've seen since


I've been involved with the school is just amazing. These children, all


I ever see when I walk in here is joy on your faces. The only thing


that's a bit disappointing as far as I'm concerned is that this amount


isn't ?75,000. They may be disappointed with the total, nearly


?30,000, but no one else is. I don't know how he's done it. I wouldn't be


able to do it. I don't know how he's done it. I really grateful for what


he's done. A big massive thank you. And I just want to... He's like a


big zero. I cannot thank him enough for the money. And I wish I could be


like him. But not doing all those 75 marathons though! The money raised


will help pay for new outdoor play equipment for pupils with


disabilities. Today, Ray seemed overwhelmed by the gratitude and the


attention. It's incredible but what's happening is happening to me.


It's not me, if you know what I mean. I'm just this guy that goes


out and runs marathons. But this is totally in another league, isn't it?


I think Ray is amazing. We can't thank you enough.


Wonderful. You hear to that. You could follow in his footsteps for


sports relief! The surge was right last night. Yes,


and the risk has now moved away. The tides were at their highest this


evening and the storm surge will now move away and of course, the winds


are also easing down at the moment. Living forward with the forecast, we


sadly for cows with a warning of ice. We have seen some coastal


showers today and there is still a little lying snow from last night


and we could get a little fresh milk across the Peak District this coming


night. By Sunday, after a very chilly start, a chilly day tomorrow,


temperatures at two or three degrees, it will become much milder


by Sunday. This moving in from the West Prce apps preceded by an little


bit of snow but that'll be a transient thing and then it will be


milder through Sunday was less cold, should I say! You can say on the


satellite picture the shower clouds pushing down from the north. They


have been affecting the coastline through today and we will see some


more overnight. Otherwise, mostly dry and clear that you will notice a


few sleet and snow shower was making their way across the Peak District


and into part of South Yorkshire. It widespread frost that will quickly


become frosty this evening. By the end of the night, temperatures lower


than this out in the countryside. The sun will rise in the morning at


70 minute pass eight setting again as the only quarter past four in the


afternoon. Here are the high water lights. So tomorrow, a widespread


frost. Icy stretches and we will continue to see some showers being


pushed in a long because. Still a brisk wind though not as windy as


today. Winds lighter elsewhere, plenty of sunshine, if crisp, cold


winters's date that temperature is really struggling. It will still


feel very cold across the causeway. Breezy conditions with temperatures


struggling at three or 4 degrees. Around two, three or 4 degrees in


Llandysul a very cold day too, but fine and dry. There will be a good


deal of sunshine. Apart from perhaps the odd hostels shower. Living


through Saturday evening, clad amounts will increase every Sunday,


our picks of rain and drizzle will increase. It may just be that as


that ring initially approach is from the west, it could bring a little


bit of sleet or snow right to the very highest peaks but it does not


look like a pleasant day on Sunday. Lots of clouds, rain, drizzle, but


it will be less cold. To start next week, it does look like there will


be a lot of cloud and a bit of drizzle on the hills.


And of course a half marathon in Europe on Sundays so I think there


will be some rain. We will update you with the latest in Scarbrough in


our late bulletin. Thank you very much for watching and


have a good weekend.


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