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Good evening, you're watching Monday's Look North.


On the programme tonight - breaking news...


The body of a teenage girl is found on a path near Rotherham -


police believe her death is suspicious.


Operations cancelled and long waiting times -


now claims Yorkshire's hospitals are so overcrowded


United in grief - hundreds join Katie Rough's family in York


to mark what would've been her eighth birthday.


And does body image put people off exercise?


We'll meet the woman speaking out after being mocked at her local gym.


Blue skies like leaves in Kettlewell over the weekend are certainly a


distant memory. A lot of clout and gloom. Join me for that week ahead


forecast. -- a lot of cloud. Good evening, and we start tonight


with some breaking news. Police are investigating


after the death of a teenage Police say they are treating


the death as suspicious because of the nature


of the injuries on her body. The girl's body was


discovered by members of the public on a pathway off


Lordens Hill in the Dinnington area at just before 11


o'clock this morning. Police are deploying extra patrols


in the area to reassure the public. The police say that


the investigation Tom Ingall joins us live


now from the scene. Good evening. This is the alleyway


just as Lordens Hill, quite a busy thoroughfare, over there there is a


supermarket, lots of cars coming and going and lots of police activity.


Further down the Alloway there is a lot of lights and a white forensic


tent. -- down the alleyway. A lot of work going on. I have just come from


the police briefing in Sheffield where we asked the leading detective


for some more details. There was a report of a missing


episode but only 20 minutes prior to the finding of the body, so, yes,


somebody had been reported missing but we have not been able


to formally identify the body and therefore I can't give any details


as to who the person is at this stage, and obviously we implore


and urge anybody who knows anything about this event and anybody who saw


any suspicious behaviour in the area to please come forward


and report it to the police, quoting incident 256


of the 16th of January. Tom, police are keen to reassure the


public tonight? That's right. As you said, there


will be extra police patrols in the area but they also clearly want


information. This is the early stages of the investigation, no


confirmation of the identity of the girl has been released yet but there


are conflicting reports of her age, she maybe 15 or 16. As I arrived


this evening some young girls came to try to lay flowers. Other people


have been driving in the car saying they think they know the person who


has unfortunately died, so news is circulating around Dinnington, which


is not the largest village after all. 20 more details to come and we


will pass them on as they are given to us by South Yorkshire Police. --


plenty more details. Next tonight, there are fears that


high bed-occupancy rates at hospitals across Yorkshire


could be putting Latest figures from NHS England show


that some trusts have been operating at near full


capacity, which has led to many Our health correspondent,


Jamie Coulson, reports. Anna is deaf, registered blind


and struggles with her mobility. The 41-year-old was born with a rare


genetic disorder which means benign Six weeks ago she was due


to have a long-awaited operation at Leeds General Infirmary


on her lower lip to help with her eating and speech


but it was cancelled on the day due While Anna's operation


is important to her, she admits it's not life and death


and, while frustrating, cancelling non-urgent operations


is one of the ways hospitals can The trust has apologised but says


like elsewhere in the NHS they are dealing with unprecedented


levels of demand. Hospitals try not to have bed


occupancy rates above 85%, otherwise research suggests


they can have frequent bed shortages, occasional bed


crises and an increase During the first week


of January hospital trusts in Yorkshire have an annual bed


occupancy rate of more than 94%. At the Teaching Hospital


in Leeds it was over 97%. In Sheffield it was more


than 96% and in York We already know that there


is a huge shortage of many We know that there is around 26,000


vacancies for nurses throughout the UK, therefore we are absolutely


clear that safe patient care cannot be delivered with those kind


of occupancy levels. Many hospitals say an influx


of frail elderly patients, combined with problems discharging


those who are medically fit to leave, is behind the bed


shortages and in turn Hospitals say bed shortages mean


they have to prioritise those patients whose needs


are most urgent. But that means those like Anna


must continue to wait. In a statement, NHS England have


told us it is not uncommon for there to be pressures at this time of year


but it is highly unlikely that bed occupancy levels would remain at


those levels along. Well, joining us now is Mark Dayan


from the health think-tank Is there a crisis in the NHS in


Yorkshire at the moment? Whether or not you call it a crisis it is true


that the NHS is having its usual winter pressures last extra


intensity building up over the last few years. Looking back at NHS


England's statistics, getting on for a third of the trusts in England are


saying that the pressures are impacting on patient flow. Bed


occupancy levels are very high and the performance statistics are not


looking good. Yet this has been a fairly mild winter so far. Heaven


knows what the situation would have been with a heavy one. These things


are affected by different variables, norovirus and blue have been


relatively high this year but nowhere near the all-time highs. --


and blue. -- and influenza. We have an ageing and growing population


meaning that each winter the several years more and more patients are


coming through the door. We heard from Anna, a vulnerable


lady, her operation has been cancelled. At what point do the NHS


say, we have to shelve an operation because we can't cope? That would


usually reflect a serious bed shortage. Nobody would want to make


that decision but winters do see an increase in cancelled operations.


That is often because the bed for the patient to recover in might be


needed for emergency patients coming into A Is this just about finding


a reshuffling things in social care as well? -- funding. It is all of


those things, increasing funding, having enough doctors and keys


specialities, having the funding so that people who leave hospital --


who need to leave hospital can do so and also we need better community


services to keep people out of hospital. It is a knotty problem but


much can be traced back to the NHS having relatively low funding by


European standards in recent years. And there's more on the pressures


facing the NHS in the new series of Inside Out, which starts tonight


on BBC One at 7.30. Next tonight, hundreds of people


gathered to release balloons near the school that Katie Rough


went to in York on what would have Katie died after being


found with serious A 15-year-old girl's been


charged with her murder. Her family wanted every colour


of the rainbow to represent the exuberance of their little Katie


and balloons to mark what would have An invitation on Facebook


for anyone to attend touched hundreds of people,


who waited quietly in Westfield Park to write a balloon message for Katie


with thoughts and prayers or sign a book, not for condolences


but to celebrate her life. I was asked if I would consider


supplying and filling 200 balloons and I immediately said,


yes, I will. I have never stopped


thinking about the family and their situation and,


yes, I was moved by it I think it's nice how


the community have come together. I think we need to...everybody show


support in circumstances like this and just celebrate


Katie's life, really. Especially being a young lass


from our area, you don't expect stuff like that to happen


in your own area. And I've got a son who's a year


older and it just makes you think. Katie was found with knife wounds


near a playing field Just two days later her family had


the terrible ordeal of seeing a 15-year-old girl charged


with Katie's murder. At the spot where she died hundreds


of flowers have been laid in an expression of the empathy


and concern of the wider York community, who supported


the family again today. Katie's parents Alison


and Paul Rough were comforted by the Archbishop of York,


who accompanied them. As hundreds of balloons were let


go it made a spectacle of extreme poignancy,


expressing so much more An inquest has heard that a gunman


who killed 38 tourists on a beach in Tunisia, including


a couple from Yorkshire, could have Sharon and Christopher Bell


from Killingbeck in Leeds were among 30 British holidaymakers who died


in the attack in Sousse in 2015. The inquest, which began in London


today, was told that local security units "deliberately


and unjustifiably" delayed A 78-year-old man has been jailed


for 26 years for historic sex abuse Terence O'Reilly from


South Elmsall pleaded guilty to 17 sexual offences against two


girls, including six of rape. His crimes took place from the late


'60s to the late '90s but it wasn't until 2015 that one


of his victims told police. For many of us a New Year means


a new start, a chance to get fitter, healthier and feel


good about ourselves. But when Sarah Stanley


from Harrogate tried to do just that she got laughed at by two young


men at her local gym. The gym's owner was so shocked


by their reaction he said he would ban them, and he's taken it


upon himself to oversee Well, we'll speak to Sarah


and her gym instructor, But first, do you


remember this advert? trainers and This Girl Can took the


nation by storm. Why haven't attitudes changed? Sarah, what


happened? I went on the Monday, determined but really nervous. I


went in my black jogging bottoms and lack T-shirt, not very bright, and I


had my induction and two guys nudged each other and pointed and laughed


at me. How did that make you feel? After the induction I went out and


nearly started crying, I was mortified. I felt really belittled,


because I am actually going to the gym to do something about my health


and vigour. James, why did it annoy you so much? -- my health and


figure. First of all, this is a very isolated incident.


Sarah's not alone - according to England Athletics


a third of British women have been harassed while out running alone.


I just got talking to Sarah through normal interaction. I was horrified


by what happened, but to see the physical effects of that, the way


she was trembling in her voice, it is something you don't want to see.


If she had never come back I would have been devastated. You have both


put this experience on Facebook and you had quite a response, didn't


you? Huge. What were people saying? It is all positive, we have had no


negative comments at all. James posted something on Facebook and it


got shared over 500 times. 700 times. What have you got lined up


for Sarah? The post got over 2000 likes. We got reaction up and down


the country, from Spain, Australia, comments coming in, but the common


do nominate was that people have a fear of the gym. This is something


we didn't think about, but if you have a fear of intimidation about


your fitness, we train people with all kinds of things, diabetes,


depression and lymphoedema, sciatica, all of these different


things we can treat for. If people are intimidated we need to do


something. You speak very well. Good luck and keep us posted.


Now, a school in Sheffield is setting the pace


Phillimore Primary School has just won a national award after getting


90% of its Year Four children to swim a length.


That's well above the national average -


the school says it's down to getting the whole community involved.


With a lot of encouragement and enthusiastic coaching, these


children from Phillimore Primary School really get the most out of


The teachers constantly praise their pupils and


To start with, specially for these guys, it's


about getting them in, getting them used to having


A lot of children don't even like to put their face in the water.


What makes Phillimore stand out is their progress.


They've received a national award from the Amateur


Swimming Association after ensuring the majority of their year four


On the whole probably 90% of the time


everybody is well up for it but any new children,


we have a lot of Roman Slovak children who have arrived


recently in this country, there is a bit of fear


and reluctance, and what we do then is invite parents onto


the bus to the swimming pool so they can see what is going on.


I have learned how to swim better and better and then I got better and


better. When I started I was scared and I didn't like it but once I have


been doing it is nice. Today's lesson might be over but the skills


they have learnt will keep them safe around water for the rest of their


lives. Tanya's here now with all


the weekend's sport and we've been hearing from the new co-owner


of Leeds United. Yes, very much a sense of calm at


Leeds United, a surprise after recent times. He spoke on Saturday


morning and sat alongside Massimo Cellino as he saw his side beat


Derby County 1-0. A really good performance and they are now third


in the chap macro. He talked about supporting Garry Monk, not upsetting


things, about wanting perhaps to buy back Elland Road that no promises.


-- they are now third in the championship. He talked about


stability and sustainability. His key aim is to make the club stable


and move forward. The goal is to be sustainable and


stay in the Championship. It is not an easy league to belong, so my job


is to find a good balance between making the club progressing and


improving infrastructure but at the same time don't sacrifice too much


competitiveness on the pitch. In the Yorkshire derby,


Sheffield Wednesday beat Huddersfield Town


2-0 at Hillsborough. Both are still in the playoffs


in the Championship. Elsewhere, Rotherham


and Chesterfield both got much-needed wins in their efforts


to beat the drop in the Championship And Doncaster stay top of League


2 after another win. Little to get too excited


about at Hillsborough between Sheffield Wednesday and


Huddersfield. Chris Lowe's free kick


for the Terriers the highlight. That was until Ross Wallace produced


this screamer from 30 yards. The Terriers tried to bite


back but weren't helped Into added time, Fernando Forestieri


made the game safe for Wednesday. Against one of in my opinion


the strongest sides in this competition, because really


they are a good team. I think we've seen a good football


match from two strong sides. At the New York Stadium,


Jerry Yates tapped home to make it Norwich did equalise but the Millers


won it through Tom Adeyemi's header. Rotherham now nine points off safety


and in with a small chance Barnsley went down


2-0 away at Fulham. In League 1, Dan Gardner


scored this belter to give Chesterfield a much-needed win


against fellow strugglers Coventry. In the shock result of the day


the Blades were cut to pieces away at Walsall - Sheffield United's


six-game winning streak ended Bradford went down 1-0


away at Shrewsbury. And in League 2 Doncaster beat


Barnet 3-1, James Coppinger Rovers stay four points clear


at the top of the table. It's a been one of the most


remarkable losing streaks in sport, Pontefract's James Willstrop has


lost 19 times over that period to his big Yorkshire rival,


Sheffield's Nick Matthew, but yesterday in New


York he finally won. It took him 73 minutes,


and he had to come from two games to one down to do it,


but he is through to the third round There was no punching


the air or anything, but he did say afterwards


he was pleased. A fantastic achievement.


Obviously they are both from our patch so I am very neutral but I am


very pleased for James. Fingers crossed he goes on to win the


tournament. Now, in case you didn't realise


today is supposed to be the most Well, we decided we wouldn't


let this get us down, so we sent our happiness reporter,


Phil Bodmer, to find out how people They were banging out the big tunes


at the bus station in Huddersfield today. No Blue Monday here. We have


had loads of people dancing and happy, we have given people free CDs


and they have smiled a lot and that is all we wanted, make the world are


happier place. Doctor Cliff Arnold calculated the equation by a formula


of six factors, weather, debt, times since -- time since Christmas, time


since failing our New Year resolutions and are in need to take


action. I think it is hype. It is a PR company which asked the doctor to


create an equation, which day is the gloomiest in January, so that


holiday companies can sell us holidays. You are in debt anyway,


why would you want to buy a holiday? On the subject of travel, what did


our bemused commuters think of the attempts to cheer them up. I am


probably in a better mood than I was. I imagine it cheered up some


people, not all. If they woke up cheerful they will be cheerful for


the rest of the day and vice versa. I think it is quite jolly. It is


nice to see. Heaven knows, if you are still miserable now, here is a


suggestion to clear the mind. Yun Yoga helps in a lot of ways, we


connect through the breath and we clear the mind. At the end of a good


Yoga practice the mind state has shifted and the things that were


agitating at the beginning of the practice have shifted and


diminished. From banishing the winter blues at least some of us


managed to shift this grey miserable day.


Me and Amy are on lates tonight, I am always happy when that happens.


This picture shows the intensity of the sea. That is from one of our


former weathermen. This one was taken on Saturday when


there was still snow across the Pennines.


A lot of cloud this week despite the high pressure in charge. Becoming


dry by mid week and a lot of cloud Thursday and Friday, a few breaks


and mist and patchy fog and places. High pressure very dominant across


Yorkshire this week and it looks like next week, the end of January


into early February, we get the Atlantic back so it will be milder


but rain at times. We have a slow-moving weather front bringing


rain and drizzle across Yorkshire today and that continues to bring


dreary weather across Yorkshire this evening and overnight, mist and fog


will be shrouding the top of the Pennines. With all of this cloud


around there is no chance of a frost, lows of four Celsius. The sun


rises at 8:40am, -- at 8:14am. It is a damp and dreary start, light rain


and drizzle all day, fog continuing to affect high-level routes. Another


whether the brunt will introduced -- weather front will introduce rain


and South Yorkshire. Temperatures will not really recover from the


overnight values, we are looking at something like six, perhaps seven in


Leeds and Sheffield. The boring weather continues, Wednesday looks


dry, perhaps a bit of brightness Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and


Friday, where the cloud breaks there will be some mist and fog which we


will struggle to ship and we keep that fine weather through next


weekend. That is it from us.


We will of course keep you up-to-date with that story from


Dinnington. Paul and Amy will be back with the late news.


Let me see them hands up. Let's do this.


Glastonbury! Make some noise!


How you doing, Big Weekend? Get ready.


Go solo, Hyde Park. Don't believe you.


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