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Good evening and welcome to Friday's Look North.


On the programme tonight - a young woman with incurable cancer


urges others to have smear tests, as figures reveal a drop


in the numbers being checked in Yorkshire.


Even if four or five people off the back of it go


and have the smear then that is hopefully doing something.


We'll speak to campaigners about what's stopping women


Warnings from police after a spate of car thefts targeting


the farmers' favourite - the Landrover defender.


Leeds Olympic medallist Nile Wilson will be here to tell


us how he's recovering after this horrible injury.


And they work of one of the world's most famous artist goes on display


in Barnsley. After a sunny end to the day we're expecting a frosty


night bus in places. At the back later with all the details.


First tonight, the worrying fall in the number of women


in Yorkshire attending cervical cancer screenings.


Despite high profile NHS campaigns, more than a quarter of young women


in the region still aren't getting checked.


When reality TV star Jade Goody was diagnosed


with the disease in 2008, her campaigning saw the number


of women attending for smear tests briefly rise.


But since then, the trend has been in the other direction,


with the number of women being screened falling


In 2009/10, 76% of women in Yorkshire aged 25


But six years later that had fallen to 73.4%.


It's even worse in Bradford, where the percentage of those


in the age group getting screened is just 68.


Ali Fortescue has been to meet one woman with incurable cervical cancer


who's campaigning to make more women aware of the dangers.


Her family describe her as funny, a party girl just like


But right now Liz's 30s aren't panning out as she had expected


and this is a family putting on a brave face.


She had a smear test when she was 25 but hasn't had one since.


Now Liz has been diagnosed with incurable cervical cancer.


I have days when I am down, but I just try to keep as positive


For me, I am not one that will just sit and just dwell,


I have got to keep going as much as I can and do what


Women aged between the ages of 25 and 49 should get a smear test


Early diagnosis is key and could help prevent up to 75%


I think some people think, it is not going to affect me or I am


People kind of shy away from the screening but it is


I think people build it up in the head and actually


when you get the appointment booked, turn up and have it done and I think


people will walk away and think, actually that wasn't that bad.


But Liz's fighting spirit hasn't failed her now.


She is using her story to raise awareness with


She will be auctioning a selection of goodies including a signed


Kell Brook boxing glove and a Jessica Ennis team GB vest.


God-mac if there is anything slightly different with your body go


to your GP and get it checked out and have regular smear tests to


hopefully avoid anything like this happening to other people.


She says if she persuades even one person to take


Robert Music is from the charity Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust.


I asked him how important smear tests are.


Cervical screening is an incredibly important test. It it is estimated


to save around 5000 lives every year in the UK. However we are seeing the


numbers of women attending screenings fall down year on year.


And it is that it is at a 19 year role. It is hugely worrying because


the test can take five minutes but that can save a life. It's not an


appointment any of us look forward to but it is a quick and painless


procedure. Why are people not going forward and getting screened? That


is a range of reasons. Research has been commissioned so for younger


women it is about embarrassment or worrying it may be paying for our


interestingly the feel of the results because they think is a test


to find cancer rather than prevent cancer. In the older age group we


are seeing numbers drop and relevance as a growing concern


really is a younger person's disease or if they have been for a smear


test a couple of times it all thick and is imported to carry on going.


Boss the number of people being screened and Yorkshire is dropping.


As at the same for the rest of the country? Pretty much. Certain parts


of the country it is quite markedly lower than the national average.


Some it is level slightly above but overall the trend is down. That is


very concerning. We are worried that we could potentially see more women


are diagnosed with cervical cancer and more women will lose their lives


from it. Had we encourage whopping women to get screened? There has to


be a focus at each area to think about their communities and be very


tag set in terms of what it is to encourage them to attend rather than


a simple letter is going to make it work. Secondly it is about


accessibility. It is quite hard if you are a working woman at a time


off work to attend a screening or to book an appointment at a GP surgery.


We would like to see if a woman to be able to be screened at any GP


surgery. If there was a surgery near their work they could go there and


be screened and have this wonderful life-saving tests done and not worry


about it for another five years. That is a key part in something we


want to see looked at. Thank you. An 18-year-old man has been charged


with the murder of teenager Her body was found in


an alleyway off Lordens Hill Shea Peter Heeley -


who also comes from Dinnington - will appear at Sheffield Magistrates


Court tomorrow morning. A former Leeds heart surgeon found


guilty of misconduct is to be struck A tribunal ruled that


Nihal Weerasena - seen here on the left -


made various failings in the care of five children and one adult


between 2008 and 2012. The Medical Practitioners Tribunal


Service said erasure from the medical register


was necessary to protect the public. Mr Weerasena has 28 days to appeal


against the decision. The search has begun


for a company to design, build and maintain high speed


trains for HS2. Up to 60 will be needed to transport


passengers on the line from London The contract, which is worth


more than ?2.5 billion, A fund set up in memory of the late


Batley and Spen MP Jo Cox has Causes close to Jo's heart,


including the Royal Voluntary It was set up by her family


and friends following her murder More than 45,000 people from all


over the world have donated. Protests have been held ahead


of the inauguration of Donald Trump This rally in Leeds was followed


by other protests in the city, as well as in Bradford,


Sheffield and York. What he promoted and what his voters


voted for is what I am appalled that, bigotry, racism, sexism, it is


disgusting to me. Being from a state that has experience on what the


world can be and should be. Alec Shelbrook, the Conservative MP


for Elmet and Rothwell, is attending He's confident Donald Trump will opt


for a stable relationship. I'm sure he will quickly recognise


that stability comes with stable partnerships and stable


military affairs. And therefore I think


he will quickly come to realise that Nato plays an important role


in growing the GDP of a country like Later on Look North -


a fresh start at Odsal as the Bradford Bulls new owners


reveal their plans for the future Police are urging Land Rovers owners


across Yorkshire to upgrade security to stop thieves


targeting their vehicles. The classic Land Rover Defender


has soared in value It's now one of the most


stolen cars in the UK. The National Farmers Union says 30


Defenders were taken from Yorkshire in 2015 and they expect that figure


to rise after a spate Here's our Home Affairs


Correspondent Spencer Stokes. No rural scene is


complete without one. The classic Land Rover Defender,


a workhorse for farmers, But after the car


stopped being built, some old models are now


worth more than ?50,000. This man rears Highland


cattle near Skipton, and You know you are basically never


going to see it again. It is just so annoying that


somebody has virtually come within three foot


of our kitchen window, Unscrupulous people will do whatever


they can. They have been likened to giant


Meccano kits, quick and easy to That is why hobbyists


like Chris Welsh love lamb. There is always


something to think with. There is a massive second-hand


market for parts, and you can take them apart in hours and they can


then be sold wherever. The last one rolled off the


production line in Birmingham last summer.


Production of this particular vehicle has ceased and parts are


We know there are gangs operating in Yorkshire


particularly looking for


this type of vehicle on farms and in rural


areas, and our data shows this


trend is definitely continuing over 2017.


North Yorkshire Police say several Defenders disappeared over


Meanwhile, Robert has now got himself a replacement.


Unable to afford a valuable Defender, he


bought a cheaper Discovery, and is resigned to the fact that the


classic Land Rover design might not be seen on his farm again.


Let's move on to sport., Alice Gillian and a New Zealander.


"We haven't come half way around the world to muck around" said


the new Bradford Bulls co-owner, Graham Lowe today.


The former Wigan coach has formed the new club,


with former New Zealand Rugby League chairman Andrew Chalmers


They announced a new coach and captain, but admitted


there was a lot of rebuilding of trust to do given the problems


It is like riding a bicycle down a hill backwards,


without handlebars and no brakes and having to change both wheels.


It might sound impossible but it is all doable.


That, according to Andrew Chalmers is the enormity of the task


he and Graham Lowe are taking on at the Bradford Bulls.


The pair faced the media for the first time today


since being named as the people to reform the club.


They started by announcing that the former Manly Sea Eagles


coach Geoff Toovey would arrive next week to take charge of the team.


Certainly a big name for a club in the second tier


He's got the experience, the proven record, he's got


the talent and he is coming here for the right reasons.


He is coming here because he is a rugby league person


He is tough as nails, he has got that courage


He has a job on his hands to restore the club


They led the way when the game switched to the summer months.


Crowds rose, silverware flowed but in recent times it


Three administrations in five years followed by liquidation this time


round means the fans will need some persuading.


In this first season there is no season ticket money and very


Are you putting your own money in here?


Can you tell us how much you are in this for?


And have you got the money behind you to get through this first year


of two if you don't get those stakeholders immediately?


We have had to be fairly conservative, given


all the uncertainty but we are comfortable with where it


It was perhaps the club's new captain Leon Pryce


As a fan first and a Bradfordian, it has been tough.


Hopefully as a team and as a player we can start to put things right


and start to regain some trust from the community and from


We have a lot of wrongs to put right and not to let the game down again.


After an historic 2016 where he became the first British


gymnast to win an Olympic medal on the high bar when he got


the bronze, Leeds Nile Wilson was looking forward to a big year.


But during a routine training session on the parallel bars last


He immediately knew he'd done something serious to his ankle,


You have a large boot on your ankle. Eurogroup for your operation, how


long are you out for? I have slapped two ligaments in the outside of my


ankle and I have the operation on Monday. It is best to get it fixed


from a long-term period and they said at least three or four months.


I have said we will go at my place. With technology and the people


around me, it is amazing what you can achieve and only ten days after


I did that and what I am doing right now it is amazing. Boss it was a


freak accident wasn't it? You do that several times a day in the gym


but did you know immediately it was serious? I knew straightaway. I


think it is a reminder to myself and two gymnasts that you have to


respect the sport. A lack of concentration, you can take for


granted and maybe I wasn't concentrating. But it is done, my


main set is very positive and I know who I want to go sonorously iron


that period were you really upset at the new switches back to positive.


Have surgery and the end goal is more important than the current


obstacle in front of you. 2016 was a massive year for you, you are


outstanding in the European Championships. Does that give you


that positive and you know know who you want to go? Hundred percent.


2016 was incredible but it is a small part of what I can achieve. I


want to get back into the gym to progress and I am looking to Tokyo,


that'll be my Olympic Games. I have only turned 21 and they have a long


career ahead of me in gymnastics. This injury will be forgotten in a


year's time and so many sportspeople continue the setbacks that have gone


through but you look back on your career and should remember the


championships and the Olympics. It is a kink in the road and the main


goal is Tokyo. You're talking like you haven't got your fit in a bit.


What do you do know training wise? I been able to do quite a lot. I have


been doing loads of a body strength of the Day today and it is about


taking the opportunity and how can I make gains elsewhere, how can I get


stronger on other apparatus without using my legs and I think that is


the key. The big one is still the world Championships? That is the


goal to give back fighting fit for the level I was and if not beyond


that. Don't count me out. I said I am going at my own pace but I am


excited and it is an opportunity. It is unfortunate that has happened


this early on in the cycle that it could have been January 2016 and no


Olympics so let's keep smashing it. Thank you very much good luck. I


feel inspired. We wish you a speedy recovery.


It was built in 1770 to produce flour for families in York.


Now - almost two and a half centuries later -


Yorkshire's only working windmill is doing the same again.


The team who've restored the mill want to increase


their production further - but for that they say more


It was once one of hundreds of mills in Yorkshire.


Today it is the only one left that is working, found


in the middle of Windmill Rise, a residential street in York.


Lot's of orders this week so we will have to do some milling.


For a small team of volunteers, the windmill has become


Before they arrived it was derelict and in 2012 it was restored


to its former glory thanks to ten years of hard voluntary work.


There were times when we thought we were never going to get that work


done in time to get the grant paid and when we get that grant,


Yes, there were some real heart in mouth periods during that time.


The mill now makes and sells around 30 bags of flour a week.


To secure its long-term future, an appeal is being made


for more volunteers, a chance to learn skills that


have been passed down over hundreds of years.


We have done the hard work by getting the mill restored


but it is almost harder to keep any decent condition.


It is one thing getting the money to do it in the first place


but continuing with the income is important from our point of view


We would love anybody who has got the time and the physical energy,


because it is quite a physical job, to come and get involved.


And take over from us older ones are beginning to see the end


For anyone interested in volunteering, there is an open


weekend at the end of January, a chance to learn something


You know you've made it if you're known by just one name -


Today the work of one of the most famous artists all of time has


arrived in Barnsley - Picasso.


17 of his linocut prints will be at the Cooper Gallery


James Vincent has been to take a look.


Pablo Kassel one of the most famous actors in the world has come to


Barnsley. And he did some linocut which you can see behind me. It is a


bit of a coup for the Cooper Gallery and I have people who can hopefully


tell me more about Picasso. Natalie, this is a huge thing for the museum?


It is absolutely fantastic. We're really pleased to be hosting the


exhibition. The gallery is free public access to absolutely anyone


locally can easily access it. How important is it that people in


Barnsley come and see these prints? Definitely come and see them because


they are absolutely stunning pieces of artwork. We have a whole


programme of activities and events for all ages so there is lots for


everybody to take part in. That is a poorly written about when Picasso


came to South Yorkshire, to Sheffield. Imagining what he would


have done if he came to Barnsley. He went definitely went to Sheffield


and the myth as he disappeared for will so either took it upon himself


to imagine he came over here and liked very much. , She go you are


from the British Museum, an important as this work from Picasso?


Printmaking was an integral part of what Picasso did Andy prints behind


me is one of those prints that isn't an free single Picasso book. It is


one of his most famous prints incredibly important. How important


is it to make sure the things that anomaly in London in the rest of the


country? We love to see our collection out there. More people


last year saw British Museum works outside of London than they did in


London and if you think that almost 6 million people come to the British


Museum, that is a lot of people. We want Barnsley to embrace the sure,


we want him to come and see these prints because not all else and see


these prints because of else in the world can you see this succession of


prints that show you how Picasso worked. Thank you very much. Picasso


was known by one name but a few few want to know his full name, Google


it. I tried to remember it but I failed dismally. You can see this


exhibition until April. What have you got in store with the weather?


Tomorrow morning looks quite nice. On Sunday doesn't look bad either.


The high pressure there is not going anywhere, it could be with us until


the middle of next week. Let's look at some photographs. How do we say


this? Some nice cumulus clouds. A beautiful picture of Sunset this


evening and here is final picture, it was actually a bit sunnier across


Yorkshire than we were expecting, we all enjoyed some sunshine this


afternoons we have had lots of lovely pictures. He called on


weekends to come and tomorrow after a sunny morning it will cloud over


Saudi frosty start to the day and some sunshine and a cloudy afternoon


with the odd spot of light rain. High-pressure dominates over the


next few days with generally fine weather to come apart from a little


drizzle until the middle of next week. The weather system tries to


push in but would do so until about Wednesday or Thursday. The sunshine


spread up from the south aliased with the northern parts of north


Yorkshire keeping that cloud until sunset. This evening we will see


temperatures tumble under those clear skies with the widespread


frost and patchy fog. Down in the Vale of York and we could get


drowned to menace minus two degrees so-called night. The sun will rise


at ten past eight. Tomorrow a cold and frosty start to the day, some


fog patches and some could linger but generally plenty sunshine and in


the afternoon this cloud will creep westwards and become fairly overcast


by the end of the day and the cloud will be thick enough to produce if


you like showers and drizzly rain and the odd light flurry of snow. It


will feel called to temperatures up around five or 6 degrees. Each of a


date with the best of the sunshine through the morning. A lot of cloud


into Sunday but by the end, we will begin to see the cloud thin and


brick and another frost developing to start the day on Sunday which


doesn't look bad with broken cloud and spells of sunshine. Frost and


two Monday and fog lingering which could become a bit of a problem,


settled and cold weather to come with some sunshine breaking through


but don't be surprised if it isn't quite foggy through the early part


of next week. Thank you very much will stop enjoy the rest of your


evening we're here later. Good night by.


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