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Good evening and welcome to Monday's Look North On the programme tonight,


Elsie is one of 8,000 people across Yorkshire whose personal


details have been passed onto scammers and some


She's actually sold her house in order to finance scam mail


and when I've been round to see her, I've been told that she is actually


going to her neighbours because she can't afford


We'll find out what is being done to help vulnerable


We'll find out what is being done to help vulnerable people.


The first 60 mile an hour speed limit could be


introduced in Sheffield to cut down on pollution.


Stepping back in the ring, Yorkshire's double Olympic Champion


I'm with that man of mechanical talent, Mr James May,


as he joins the gang making parts to resurrect a long dead


A largely dry, settled week to come but there will be problems with fog


Join me for that week ahead forecast.


Well, it's when scammers sell on your personal details


and here in Yorkshire more than 8,000 thousand of us are on it.


and here in Yorkshire more than 8,000 of us are on it.


The National Scams Team says criminals target


individuals by letter, e-mail or telephone,


often taking money for bogus vitamin pills or for entries


One elderly lady who fell victim to this is Elsie Ferguson


Elsie Ferguson and her son Paul bought bogus vitamin pills


from a firm claiming to be the real deal.


But the company sold on Elsie's details,


Each envelope aimed at getting her to send more money for a chance


I am coming up to 83 and I'm not a well person,


so if it doesn't stop I would say I will get very angry


Elsie, who wears a special hearing aid, stopped entering


the competitions months ago and yet she still gets the letters


and all because in the past she bought lamps, vitamins,


My name's Andy Fox from North Yorkshire Trading Standards


and I've come here to talk to you today about scam mail.


Trading Standards say her case is typical.


We see a lot of this in Trading Standards


homes who are answering scam mail where we will go into and the a lot


of scam mail throughout the House and the victim is keen to answer it,


genuinely believing they've won a prize.


Elsie learned the hard way that there is no prize.


In my experience, whether you win or not, it makes no difference,


The only winner is a company that gets Elsie's money and address.


In North Yorkshire, there are 2000 names on the Suckers' List and not


There's another lady as well who lives in a different part


of North Yorkshire but we believe she has actually sold her house


When I've been round to see her I've been told that she's actually


going to her neighbours because she can't afford to feed


herself because all the money she has is going on answering scam mail.


Trading standards say the only advice in this situation


is if a letter like this looks too good to be true, it


One woman who knows all too well about how these scams work


is Marilyn Baldwin from Chesterfield who campaigned to get


Her late mother, Jessica, was conned out of ?50,000


and she set up the charity Think Jessica to protect vulnerable


Marilyn, thank you for joining us. You have had first-hand experience


of this kind of fraud. Remind us about your mum's story. My mum


replied to a letter she thought was from a competition and then good


plot on a list and then she received around 30,000 letters. We heard


?50,000 she spent in that time. That is an estimate, we really don't


know. She was sending it by cheque and cash. Is enough being done to


help bulb or people? Ten years ago they were identifying victims who


are getting hundreds of letters a day. Work is being done around


scams. Over the last few years we have got the trading standards can


team and we have offices visiting people on the list but there is


still a long way to go. Would you say that trading standards is the


right of this try and sort the problem or is there some way that


another organisation can do this? Has got to be law-enforcement and


trading standards working together to be more effective because the


amount of victims now, there are hundreds of thousands of victims


being identified across the country and trading standards have limited


manpower and resources, so we need to look at the bigger picture and


get more manpower out. In that sense, do they mail themselves have


a responsibility, because they will know they are delivering so many


scam letters to certain individuals? Yes, Royal Mail are flagging up the


tin is getting large amounts of mail but by the time they have flagged


them up a lot of these victims have already lost their money but they


are groomed and they still believe that they are going to win and they


continue to do it. What would you like to see done? The government


have got to tackle this like the no smoking campaign. We need a massive


education campaign out there to forewarn and protect older people


there that everybody recognises scams. Thank you for coming in.


Next tonight, highway bosses are considering imposing the first


pollution-related speed limit in the country on the M1


It means that if motorists travel faster than 60 miles


an hour in the rush hour, they could be fined.


The restrictions would come into effect in March


when there are plans for a smart motorway between


That's when the hard shoulder of the motorway


But there are concerns that this measure could


increase pollution, especially near Sheffield.


James Vincent joins us from near the Tinsley Viaduct.


So, this could be a first in Sheffield? Yes, we are getting


towards the end of the busiest period of the day for the MSouth


Yorkshire but in March, the drivers above me there will have two -- will


be restricted to 60 miles an hour. They have spent ?100 million on this


motorway and they say they will come with congestion but will it help


with pollution? This part of Sheffield needs all the help it can


get. It's a strecth of motorway drivers


will know all too well, especially because because it's been


roadworks for the last The cones and signs will soon be


gone, but a new speed limit 120,000 vehicles use the M1


through Sheffield every day. The idea would be to have a 60 mile


an hour speed limit at peak times between junctions 32 and 35a,


including over the Tinsley viaduct. This is, of course, Sheffield's


and Rotherham's industrial heartland and the amount of traffic on the M1


adds to the air pollution. In fact, Sheffield Council thinks


that 500 people die early every year I'm not convinced 60 miles


an hour will actually work. I've not seen evidence,


I've not seen the calculation to show that that of itself


will mean that pollution levels are reduced to levels that are safe


for local residents living nearby. There's a brand-new


primary school here. It was recently moved partly because


of the absolution from the M1. You're going to move


because it's so bad? I'm 70-years-old this year,


I'm quite fit, I don't feel any effect from it but then again,


I get out quite regularly It's not just the motorway,


Meadowhall is just off junction 34 and half a mile down the road,


they are flat packing a new IKEA. There will be more cars


in this part of Sheffield. The challenge will be


to reduce the pollution. If the traffic is going very


fast but it's congested, people will break heavily


and you get a kind of red All the cars back up and it


leads to more congestion The smart motorway opens in March


and Sheffield could be the first place in the country to the speed


restrictions because of pollution. I was speaking to somebody in


Tinsley earlier to day he said when they were walking their dog, they


exactly taste the petrol and pollution in their mouth it was that


bad. The smart motorway opens in March and they think there will be


an extra 10,000 vehicles on the M1 because of that. The battle for the


people controlling the motorway, Highway England, will be to balance


people's journey times with evil's health. James Vincent, thank you. --


people's health. Still on the way


before 7pm tonight... Why red kites now becoming a familia


the housing estates of Leeds. A multi-million pound public


investment for Yorkshire The cash is intended to boost


the economy and help create jobs. The deal was welcomed


by the region's hard pressed local authorities but they say


that it is a fraction of the amount that's been cut


from budgets in recent years. Our political editor


Len Tingle has the story. Since last year's floods in central


Leeds, the multi-million pound project to ensure they don't happen


again has been well underway. Today, Northern Powerhouse Minister


Andrew Percy came to see what's happening and promised more public


cash for a whole range of projects aimed at protecting


and boosting local economies, Today's announcement is ?500 billion


of new money across the North, more than they will be getting


in London, more than they will be getting


in any other region of England. I actually think


this is a good heel. A total heading our


way of ?129 million. This is the sort of area


where that money can be spent. This site just south of Leeds


is forecast to provide something like 9000 jobs in the end,


a mix of housing and industry. The government money will be spent


to clear the site so the commercial companies can move straight


in and get started. We do need more investment in


infrastructure. When you look at the North-South divide seven times as


much money is spent on London as you do in Yorkshire. And it is not just


building, it will also cover industrial training across the whole


country hundred and ?70 million extra today stop Labour said all of


this new funding is a fraction of what the regions have lost in


spending cuts. You look at the adult education budget, you know, it is


all right talking about hundred and ?70 million into skills but they


have cut more than ?1 billion to adult services. The Minister's view


is clear, the cuts of the past history and marks the start of


rebuilding the future. In other news now and a dental


lecturer from the University of Leeds is facing a disciplinary


tribunal after having A colleague of Doctor Alec High


lodged a complaint as she heard him having sex whilst she was trying


to comfort a grieving student. The General Dental Council heard


that a woman was spotted entering and leaving Doctor High's office


for over two years and he'd been warned about his conduct


by a senior colleague, West Yorkshire Police are looking


for a man who assaulted a teenage girl before approaching another


within the space of half an hour. A 16-year-old girl was grabbed


and had her hair pulled on Town Street in Horsforth


at about five thirty on Town Street in


Horsforth at about 5.30pm 15 minutes later, a 15-year-old


was approached on Hall Lane in Horsforth by a man


who asked her for a hug and then For many years red kites


were threatened with extinction, but now they're becoming


an increasingly common sight And they're even frequent visitors


at a housing estate in Leeds. It's partly thanks to the success


of a conservation scheme back in 1999 when the birds were released


onto the Harewood Estate. For tonight's Inside Out broadcaster


and naturalist Mike Dilger has been This is Seacroft, East Leeds,


just a couple of miles High rises and factories


on the skyline. I've come to meet two neighbours


who are lucky enough to get a closer They've had up to a dozen birds


at a time in the garden, There's only one on that,


I've got another shot on here where there's


about four comes down. Our cameraman Steve has


a hide with a clear view Out goes the fresh meat,


perfect for carrion eating kites, After six long, lonely hours,


the winter daylight is fading Eileen has been feeding the Harewood


kites daily for the last two years, giving them the best cuts fresh


from the butcher's. This may be our best chance


to get those elusive slow Quite a few birds are circling,


we just need one to come down, because that will result in the rest


then piling in. It's been a privilege to see these


huge and yet graceful And one more thing -


we went back to Seacroft a week later, and this time our kites


weren't quite so camera shy. Yorkshire's red kites, coming


to an urban landscape near you. Always worth watching but especially


the night. Naturalist of course, Mike the naturalist. Keep your


clothes on! Tanya's here with the sport


and Nicola Adams has Whole new programme coming up! Oh my


gosh, what is going on the night?! Not a huge surprise that she had


announced she has turned professional. A slight surprise who


she has chosen to turn professional with. There was a big press


conference in London, and unveiling as they say of her becoming a


professional and she has signed with Frank Warren, a surprise because he


has been critical of women boxers in the past but he said she has


completely changed his mind, a new era and he reckons he can make a bit


of money out of her. Now, she had considered going on to Tokyo and try


to get an historic third gold medal there and of course she backed up


London 2012 with the gold in Rio but she wants a new challenge.


There's also a lot of goals in the professional ranks


to achieve, becoming a World Champion, European Champion,


there's so many goals to achieve in the professional ranks,


raising the game again and just making hopefully trying to make


women's boxing on par with the men's.


When do we see her in action, do you think? The big fight for her will be


in Leeds, 13th of May, she will be at the arena on the Josh Warrington


fight so that will be buzzing. I know for a long time she had been


eyeing up Leeds arena and watch what Josh Warrington has done that with a


huge crowd there and all the atmosphere and has Rudy wanted to go


there and fight their front of her fans. -- and she has really wanted


to go there. They think she will be fighting for a world title with in a


year and with nickel atoms you wouldn't bet against it. I think she


will stick to being a pro for now. -- with nickel atoms you wouldn't


bet against it. Huddersfield are up to third


in the Championship as the Yorkshire clubs continue to jostle for places


in the playoffs. They jumped above Leeds who lost out


in the Yorkshire derby at Barnsley. For those wanting a pointer


as to how this match was going to go, look no further


than the Leeds United shirts. The visitors took the lead midway


through the first half, Chris Wood escaping his marker


to tap the ball in. But Barnsley equalised


at a great time, just on the stroke of half-time,


Tom Bradshaw heading the ball home after a nicely worked


move from a free kick. Two quick goals after the break put


Barnsley in control, Liverpool loanee Ryan Kent


controlled the ball well, spun Then, another bit of class, this


time from captain Conor Hourihane. Could it be his last game for


the club with Aston Villa after him? Mike Dean awarding a penalty


for a clear handball, though replays shows


he was outside the box. Wood got his 19th of the season


but as the shirt said, Paul Higginbotham is doing a great


job at Barnsley but must be hoping not too many more of his players go


in this transfer window. Huddersfield were the big


movies this weekend, up to third in the Championship


and a first goal for the club He he gave them the lead


at home to Ipswich. Christopher Schindler


was in the right pace to seal a comfortable 2-0 win


in what their manager called In League One, it


was draws all-round. 2-2 for top of the table


Sheffield United at home to Gillingham, a result that left


Chris Wilder seething with his team. According to one of his players,


he accused them of being big-time. Bradford City came from behind


to draw 1-1 with Millwall while Gary Cauldwell's first game


in charge of Chesterfield ended Doncaster march on at


the top of League 2. This week it was Crewe that they


beat 3-1, four points clear at the top of the table but more


crucially, 13 points clear Calm heads for the rest


of the season and a return And a bit of transfer news -


the deal to take striker James Hanson from Bradford City


to Sheffield United has gone The Huddersfield-born actor,


Gorden Kaye, who starred in the long-running '80s sitcom,


Allo Allo has died at the age of 75. Gorden appeared in all 82 episodes


of the show as the caf owner Rene Artois on the hugely popular


show set in occupied France But he always remained true


to his Yorkshire roots Eric Dier rare and magic per view...


The Yorkshire man who became known as a French man. Are you by any


chance thinking that I am singing in the bath because I am happy? You are


wrong. I am seeing in the bath because there is no lock on the


door. Gorden Kaye was known in homes across the country as Ren Artois,


the cafe owner with the rather complicated love life. Oh! In real


life he was proud of his Yorkshire roots. I lived in London for 22


years trying to get back to Yorkshire. Allo Allo made Gorden


Kaye a household name in the 1980s. Ten years ago he appeared in a


one-off episode of the TV sitcom. Hard to believe he was once a shy,


rugby playing grammar school boy from Huddersfield. Today, friends


from the world entertainment have been paying tribute. What I loved


about him was his quiet self-deprecating sense of humour and


he was so deadpan. If you didn't know him he would swear that he was


a difficult character but there was something ticking behind and he was


great company, a sweet, gentle guy. What a loss. Gorden Kaye died in a


care home this morning at the age of 75. His co-star vote on Twitter this


afternoon that he was loved the world over. There will never be


another Ren Artois. Chapter 17, where shall we hide the sausage


discount? I was lucky enough to interview him


quite a few times. A great chap. Now, most of us know that James May


has a passion for motoring but the former Top Gear presenter


is also a train buff. He's now teamed up with a group


of enthusiasts who want to recreate It's a classic design


from the famous Doncaster works. Wearing a self-confessed fascination


for engineering on the sleeve of his best workshop sweater,


James May isn't afraid to get his hands grimy


and if the part for a steam engine you're making has a name


to make a schoolboy giggle, I'm making the amusingly named


Slacking Cock Flange. Now, the slacking pipe


is the bit on the foot plate which is like a high-pressure hose,


like a sort of jet wash, sweeping coal dust off


and the Cock is the tap, that's a bit like a stop,


and the flange is the bit that attaches the Cock to the rest


of the locomotive. James is making a piece


for a P2 locomotive. Six of these giants were built


in Doncaster, designed by the legendary engineer Sir Nigel


Gresley. All were scrapped and now a team


of enthusiasts, including James, If this sounds familiar,


here's one they made earlier. Called a Tornado, this was another


long lost Doncaster design resurrected by years of hard work


and ?3 million. Having learned from Tornado,


the new P2 class locomotive You've got the countdown there,


these are the frames that support You've got the holes where the axle


boxes and the wheels fit and then of course the distinctive smoke box


with its sloping front-end. It was 1934 when the first of these


appears, so there won't be many people left alive who remember them


first time around. This one is about 20% complete now


so there are many thousands of small For example, like


Slacking Cock Flanges. I'm always amazed at how big it is,


at how big any locomotive is, but this one especially because it's


a right whopper. But the last time I was here,


the only thing, the only completed part was the smoke box dial,


which is the two hands that give it The new engine will be called Prince


of Wales and should be finished within five years,


that's assuming, of course, the Tom Ingle, BBC Look


North, Darlington. And I rather hope I have a job


tomorrow, but there we go! I think Tom may have outdone me there! I am


so glad we have that report at the end! Shall we have a look at two


pictures we had sent in, which were absolutely spectacular?


Look at that, spectacular. You can just see the tower there out of the


fog there in Halifax. Keep the pictures coming in... Pressure is


high, it will remain that way all week long. We will have a problem


with fog tonight, particularly later on becoming dense and widespread,


that it fully for central and eastern parts of our area. That is


the headline, then. Dry, cold, fog and frost. Wind developing during


the second-half of the week. You can see the isobars back off to the


south east and Thursday will be dragging up try, cold, Continental


air. Temperatures by might not be higher than one Celsius. The


Atlantic winds through eventually but probably not until later in the


weekend. Another dry, cold week to come. An error of cloud has


complicated things in the last couple of hours, bringing the spot


of rain. That cloud will push away into the North Sea. With the light


winds we will see widespread fog. Particularly Europe, dense through


that area, the Vale of Pickering. Widespread frost and ice stop the


other the urban area temperatures but I think really down to minus


three Celsius. The sun rises in the morning at 8am. So, a real problem


for the commute in the morning, thick, dense fog and this fog may be


slow to clear across eastern parts. Top of the Pennines sticking out


from the word go. A glorious day here. Eventually many of us will


brighten up with sunny spells. You can see that fog reformatory end of


tomorrow afternoon leading into a fairly commute tomorrow evening. Top


afternoon temperatures just a light south-west wind where the fog


persists around one Celsius but where it clears in western parts of


South Yorkshire, looking at temperatures of around six Celsius.


A little further ahead then, Wednesday the at first, that fog


will lift again with some sunshine in the afternoon. A bitterly cold


day on Thursday with quite a bit of cloud. That south-east wind from the


continent. Frosty start to Friday, otherwise dry and bright with


sunshine. Eventually the weekend turns my old. That is the forecast.


That is it from us. I will be back at 10pm this evening. Enjoy the rest


of the seething and drive carefully negotiating that fog. Good night


from all of us here.


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