09/02/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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Oood evening and welcome to Thursday's Look North.


On the programme tonight, a double helping of good news


1700 jobs at Tata Steel factories are saved as an Indian company does


We'll hear the details of the agreement and what it means


Racing car manufacturers McLaren choose Rotherham


for a new ?50 million factory creating 200 jobs.


Hundreds of mourners pay their respects as a teenage girl


stabbed to death in Rotherham is laid to rest.


Sing the song of Yorkshire from the Humber to the tease. Of horses,


terriers, pudding and a cheese. Well, the cold weather


looks set to continue. The risk of some snow for the hills


into Saturday morning. Good evening - and it's not often


that we can start the programme The luxury super car manufacturer


McLaren is creating a ?50 million Meanwhile Tata Steel


is selling its speciality steel business for ?100 million


to Liberty House, which will safeguard


the sites in Rotherham, Let's cross first to our political


editor, Len Tingle, who's in Rotherham with the latest on this


Tata Steel announcement. Well, this is the old plant here in


Rotherham. You can see the Tata sign behind me. That will change to


Liberty House in the next couple of months. The same will happen just


down the road at rings worth and at Stockbridge eight about 50 miles


away. There was so much concern for the future of these plants that the


local community and trade unions held protest marches through the


summer because they wanted these plants to be sold. Tata said they


did not want to continue but there was concern that no buyer would be


found. The concern was that they were unprofitable because of


international competition, unfair international competition,


particularly dumping from China. Today's sale has certainly lifted


the clouds over these plants. That was certainly the reaction that I


got from Chris Williamson, the senior convenor for the trade unions


here. I spoke to him a couple of hours ago.


Given the right investment and given our product that we make


we should be able to be fit for the future and


move on and be great for this area because without this steel industry,


So, the unions seem positive. What is the future for the plants? Well,


these are specialist steels, high steels. They are in the market of


automotive, aerospace, the offshore oil and gas industry. High-quality


steels that have a market. There is an international competition for


them but the understanding is that Liberty House, which now becomes the


biggest steel-maker in the UK, will find markets for these, put more


investment in hand hopefully increase the output. Reaction from


Tata was that because the workforce and the management at these three


plants have worked very well over the past few months and last couple


of years to be able to turn these businesses around, that is what has


attracted the new buyer and the new investment and certainly when I


spoke to Leanne deeming from Tarter -- from Tata earlier today, her view


was it was down to the workforce. I think what it is is about a credit


to the employees and trade unions and the management here is being


about pulling together and really finding something which will make us


a fit for the future through that transformation plan and focusing


on the value-added product such as aerospace and others, which take us


forward for the future. Well, I understand there are still a


few little things to sort out but it is thought that the final deal will


he find within the next couple of months and that is when these signs


will be shifted and the new ones will go up. Ron here in Rotherham,


back to you in the studio. Next tonight, and the luxury super


car manufacturer McLaren is going to build a ?50 million


chassis factory, creating Well, the Liberty House group


is buying the Speciality steel business from


Tata for ?100 million. So what does that


mean for its future? Jon Bolton, the Chief Executive


Officer of Liberty Steel UK Plates, told us why he was optimistic


for the future. I think it is a very positive


reinforcement of the strength of the plants in South Yorkshire


and indeed in the Midlands We strongly believe in the future


for these businesses. They have got a very positive


and strong product range and they are a technically competent


and capable workforce so we think the money that pays for this


business is very good value. There is always uncertainty


when the business changes hands. Can you guarantee that jobs


are going to be saved, I think a major positive


of the announcement they made today is to remove that uncertainty over


jobs and yes, we are saying that we will maintain the same


jobs in this business as there are at the moment


and indeed we will look for ways to actually build this business


and grow this business And as I understand it,


the pension fund has How have you managed


to resolve that? I would not say that pensions


has been a stumbling This is clearly an issue that Tata


are dealing with at the moment We will look to honour whatever


the employees decide they want to do through the ballot that is taking


place at the moment. We look forward to engaging


with them and consulting with them in the very near future


about our plans for the business. And what about the future,


are you in this for the long haul? This is a major strategic


move for liberty. This is a major strategic


move for Liberty. Liberty has a vision for steel


manufacturing and manufacturing in general in the UK,


which is our green steel vision where we take recycled steel


that is arising in the UK, melt it in the electric furnaces


at Rotherham and that steel is applied in the downstream


processes where we are These are technically advanced


engineered steels that, as I have said, support


the automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, industrial


engineering sectors. OK, John Bolton, thank you very much


for your time tonight. Next tonight, and the luxury super


car manufacturer McLaren is going to build a ?50 million


chassis factory, creating The factory will build


parts for the super cars at the University


of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research


Centre near Rotherham. Construction's due to start soon,


with two years of research and development work


ahead of production. If you like your toys, you are


probably familiar with McLaren's supercars. The ultimate in precision


engineering and pretty soon, made in Yorkshire. Well, this bit anyway. It


is the chassis, which up until now has been manufactured outside the


UK. But today a deal was signed which will bring production to the


Sheffield city region. This is a big investment for us full stop to have


very supportive partners makes it work. Actually because there has


been is kind of work in the region for a time, growing, quite a bit of


aerospace herewith air bus, Rolls-Royce, there are school people


here already in the area, so we are not starting from scratch. -- there


are skilled people here. The prototype will be made here at


Sheffield University's factory, just up the road from the advanced


manufacturing Park. It is that the kind of investment the region is


pushing for. This is a fully commercial manufacturing


environment. Stuff that is made in this place can do things, can fly


the stop the University of Sheffield was hurling supplier of the year. We


have eliminated the gap between ideas, research and products. We are


the only place to have done it in that way. The price tag on these


cars beans they are way outside the budget of most of us but the fact


that at least part of them is going to be built in the region is a


fantastic calling card. It is also a brilliant way to get more young


people interested in engineering. 200 jobs will be created here,


including a number of apprentice posts. The first of those has just


been given the good news. It is exciting. And yes, it was pretty


unexpected. I did not expect it to come along and iCal myself extremely


lucky. -- I count myself extremely lucky. To be working on machines


like that is ready quite something. The technical bit is the material


the chassis will be made from, something that will help develop


more electric cars going forward. Realistically, most people just like


the way they look for stop a lot of manufacturing and engineering. It is


a fascinating discipline but when this is the product that results


from it, you can't help getting inspired, motivated and excited and


it ready does work and all the people that work for us are really


proud of the products that we make. The first Yorkshire bill chassis


could be Parry off the line by summer next year. -- the first


Yorkshire tilt chassis. Getting the new contract


from Mclaren is a huge boost for the Sheffield City Region -


not just in terms of jobs, but also in terms of its reputation


for advanced manufacturing. Leigh Bramall is deputy leader


of Sheffield City Council Just how much of a coup is this to


get McLaren would you say? It is a massive coup and it tilts part of


wider brands for an advanced Manufacturing innovation district


between Sheffield and Rotherham. -- part of wider plans. We already have


Rolls-Royce doing research and development, so there is a good


track record of commitment that we can do this sort of thing but there


is no doubt that getting a company like McLaren relocating from


elsewhere in Europe back to the UK in the Sheffield on a more high-tech


jobs, is a huge boost to our plans. There was concern after Brexit that


investors would not want to invest in the UK. If that still a concern


for you? It remains to be seen what happens with that. There is a lot of


uncertainty around Brexit and it depends what kind of ultimate deal


and exit we have but certainly speaking to McLaren, they have


considered all the factors before making this investment and they


still believe that the expertise that they will have access to in


research and development that can undertake in Sheffield and Rotherham


more than makes up for any negatives. They are happy to go


forward with the investment. McLaren is good news but Tata is also great


news. That news might have a knock-on effect for other businesses


as well. Both announcements have a knock on effects were other


businesses because they will both invest in the supply chain and keep


complete in the area going and gain business for them. A confident these


as well. A massive confidence boost. We debate the final outcome for the


jobs because that is unclear looking at some of the announcements that


have come through the day, so a cautious welcome my thing but


overall a fantastic day for Sheffield, Rotherham, Sheffield city


region, it shows what we can do when we work together. Not a bad day for


the Council. Get, fantastic. Looking ahead to the


start of Super League. Tanya rounds up what's in store


for the region's teams this season and we've got Big Eorl Crabtree


in the studio as well. Hundreds of mourners have attended


the funeral of 16-year-old school girl Leonne Weeks,


who was stabbed to death last Her family thanked the community


for their support and say "their beautiful daughter is loved


and sadly missed" as A horse-drawn hearse


carried Leonne's Coffin. Hundreds followed in


procession through the town Those unable to squeeze inside stood


silent in the bitter cold outside, heads bowed in poignant reflection


at a young life lived and lost. She was a lively 16-year-old but now


it's grief and the sense on the one hand wanting to remember


Leonne with thankfulness but also the terrible loss that


so many people have suffered. Leonne's body was discovered on a


pathway in Dinnington on January 15. An 18-year-old man has been


charged with her murder. Leonne was such a good


friend to us all. Words cannot describe how much


we love and miss her. The congregation heard


how Leonne was growing One of her school friends


sang during the service. # Oh, I hope you're dancing


in the sky # And I hope you're singing


in the angel's choir There were so many flowers


they had to be carried Among scores of messages,


one from her brother Levi, which read "words cannot describe


how I feel. Today will be the


hardest of my life. Leonne's family have asked to be


left to grieve in peace. After the service, mourners left


for a private burial. Phil Bodmer, BBC Look


North, Dinnington. The dispute over train guards has


spread to Northern Rail, which runs The RMT Union is to ballot


conductors on strike action. It wants assurances about their


future role on the network. The union is already involved


in a long-running dispute Arriva North, which operates


the service, has called the ballot Latest figures show that


all the hospital trusts in our region failed to meet


the government's A target in December with the exception


of Sheffield Children's Hospital. Guidelines say that 95% of patients


should be dealt with in four hours. The figures released by NHS England


show that the Mid Yorkshire Trust only managed 77% of patients in that


time, while Leeds Teaching Controversial plans for a new waste


incinerator at weight have been approved by councillors in Bradford.


People who live near the site say the new plans will be a blot on the


landscape and affect the value of their homes. They are also worried


about possible links to health. But councillors believe the benefits of


the proposal outweigh any potential harm.


Now, on Monday we featured the story of Ann Bardsley who had been stuck


in St James's Hospital in Leeds for three months despite being


medically fit to leave because her family couldn't find


The 74-year old, who has dementia, had been rejected more than ten


times because of problems with her behaviour before being put


Anyway, we're happy to report that after seeing our programme,


a care home in Pudsey contacted Ann's family and have now


Somehow it seems apt that we've had the odd little flurry


of snow to herald the start of the new Super League Season.


Tanya here's to look ahead to the next 8 months!


It's a big year for Rugby league with the World Cup at the end of it,


but there are few domestic issues up for grabs before we get to that.


Eorl Crabtee will give us his thoughts on the new season


in a moment, but first let's hear from our four Super League coaches.


12 teams are hitting the long and winding road to Old Trafford,


with the hope of picking up the Super League trophy


The departure of Castleford's Denny Solomona might have captured


all the headlines but they have strengthened well to add to the


Many are tipping them to pick up silverware this season.


I think we are capable of challenging on all fronts this year.


I have felt that way for a few years but for whatever reason it


hasn't quite happened at the end of competitions.


This year, I think we've got a great chance but you can talk


as much as you want, pre-season has been fantastic,


now it is about delivering on what we think we can do.


COMMENTATOR: Here's Danny Brough with a 1-pointer!


A Danny Brough dropped goal saved Huddersfield


The message this season is simple, must do better.


Hopefully a little bit more composure in attack.


A little bit more resolved, defensively, you know,


we let in far too many points last year and some soft points, really.


We leaked 25 points a game on average I think


if we are going to compete against the top sides, we need to be


A wretched season for Leeds in 2016 picked up with


He got homesick though, so Matt Purcell replaces him.


The Rhinos have resisted wholesale changes.


The year before we had a fantastic year.


12 months later we find ourselves, you know, at a certain time


where we were swimming around the bottom of the league.


It wasn't because they became poor players overnight.


You know, the answer is not always changing players.


Under coach Chris Chester, Wakefield climbed into


They have held onto their young talent and


They are looking to keep climbing that ladder.


We have spoken about improving on last year.


We certainly feel the top six is achievable this year,


that is a goal we have set and we weren't far away last year


Will the trophy head back to West Yorkshire?


If it does, who will be taking it home?


Well, I have got my biggest shoes on to deal with my guest, Eorl


Crabtree. Is it strange to be talking to me here rather than


preparing this weekend to play with the Giants? You would think I would


be used to it now but I know what you mean, that sensation of being


able to walk out onto the field with the rest of the lads, that is going


to hurt the little bit. That is the bit I worried about, all of this


preseason I haven't missed it, but that is because I have seen the boys


training, training really hard. How will they do without you this


season? It is tough to say. Last season was really bad pass.


Finishing bottom of the league just wasn't acceptable. We have some good


players, Rick Stone is a great coach, working so hard at the


moment. I think top eight is where we want to be and competing. Leads


had a tough season. -- Leeds had a tough season. They get under way


tonight. Everybody is saying they surely can't go badly again? I agree


with that. They have not recruited that many players stop does that


surprise you? It does. After the year they had I thought they would


go for a view more high profile names but they are good bring


youngsters through and that is what they have relied on in the past.


That's how they have won trophies. I expect them to be better but that is


a tough start as in Helen 's. I look forward to watching that. In that


warm, not out in the cold! Wakefield did fantastically. Their manager is


saying they are aiming for top six. Is that realistic? I think so. They


have had fantastic recruitment. They have got them all on board. Ultimate


professionals. Scott has that experience and also ability to bring


the team together. Grateful back and he will add a lot to them. New


dimension to the side. They will go well, I think. Castleford, a lot of


people saying this could be their year, away from the big one is are


used to seeing. Could it be them? I think so. They are the most exciting


team at the moment. They will be the ones everyone is watching and I hope


their performances at what we expect. I think it will be a big


year. If you are going to pick a team at this point, I noticed a long


way to Old Trafford, who would it be? To get to the final, apart from


the Giants, I think Wigan are always going to be the favourite but


looking at that Castleford side, the Likud upset a few team. -- they


could upset a few teams. We have a before and after shot beaut capacity


when you were last here. You have had your nose done! It is a little


bit straighter. I spoke to my surgeon a couple of weeks ago, he


said it would take 18 months to go down. I hope it takes a bit longer


to go down. I am used to having the big, broken nose. At least it is a


bit straighter and apples and your daughter has got used to it? Not


quite but she will! I tell you one thing, I won't say it


is a bad job. You look beautiful! When it comes to milestones,


this is a quite remarkable one. Doreen Brigham from Clint


in North Yorkshire has reached You will, I am sure,


remember this wonderful lady as she wrote the words for the BBC's


specially commissioned Symphony for Yorkshire


at the tender age of 98. I had the pleasure of meeting her


on her 100th birthday five years ago and John Cundy has been back


to see her today. # Sing the song of Yorkshire


from the Humber to the Tees, # Of horses, wool and terriers,


of pudding and a cheese. # I know no other county


where the land is quite so fine. # It's England's lovely county,


and I'm proud to call it mine.# The unforgettable words


of Doreen Brigham at the age of 98. # When I have done my roaming


and when my step grows slow, # When heart and mind assure me,


it will soon be time to go. # Then let me rest in Yorkshire,


for its there I want to live # Then let me rest in Yorkshire,


for its there I want to lie With sun and wind and heather and a gleaming


Yorkshire sky. But, if it had not been


for the Symphony for Yorkshire, Doreen's inspired words might never


have reached such a wide audience. This just happened to be one I had


written and then the paper opened this competition and I thought well,


I wrote a little poem once, I will send it up


and I completely forgot about it. On the Doreen's very special day


today, messages from far and wide. What does it mean to you to get


a card from the Queen? I send you my warm congratulations


and best wishes for your 105th birthday on the 9th


of February 2017. And a special birthday


message from Doreen's son. It won't be believed


by most of the folk. Still, well done, old girl,


you've made it at last. Whatever the future,


you've a hell of a past. I don't feel I've done


anything special, I've You can't do much


about that, can you? She is fantastic. Wonderful. Happy


birthday. It must be the Yorkshire air that keeps her going. Well done.


That is move on to the weather. Somebody said your new suits make


you look like a smart second-hand car salesman. Would you buy one off


me, Harry? I would buy anything few! I think it is a bit Saturday night


Fever! What do you reckon? Some of us have got to work the night but


the four yourself! -- speak for yourself!


Quite a bit of snow there as you can see in that photograph. The next


one, if you have not done that walk, it is absolutely beautiful. And the


third one, that is stunning. A beautiful sunrise. Keep the pictures


coming in. Let us have a look at the headline for the next 24 hours. It


is cloudy and grey. There will be a wintry flurry but an interesting


feature coming in on Friday night into Saturday morning, the showers


are going to become heavier and more frequent and I suspect there could


be several centimetres of snow over the hills, the North Yorkshire moors


and the Pennine drew the course of Saturday. Otherwise sleet and rain


is more likely. I think the night it is cloudy, damp. There will be


flurries in places that may cause a problem on untreated services with


ice a hazard. The lowest temperatures tonight around or just


below freezing in many areas. A moderate east north-east wind. The


sun rises in the morning at 7:37am. So, it is another drab day. It is


cloudy and there will be some brighter spells coming through but a


fair few wintry showers from the word go that will continue to feed


in from the North Sea. A slight covering on the North York moors but


I think once you get to the west and south of Yorkshire, very little,


just a few flurries here and there. The wind will eventually back off to


the north-east and could freshen especially along the coast and over


the hills. It will feel cold. Maximum temperatures, the average is


seven Celsius for February but we are looking at higher temperatures


of around three Celsius tomorrow. I think the era one or two over the


high ground. -- I think one or two Celsius over high ground. Friday


night into Saturday, that little feature comes in, so it will pack


the showers up. Shall we outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow. Not


exclusively over the hills. Sunday quietens town, slightly less cold. I


think next week dominantly dry and a dozen less cold. If you have any


questions, I will be live on Facebook at 7:05pm. Paul, the Arthur


Daley of weather forecasting! That is my confidence shot! Back here at


10pm. The later on. OK, everyone, have you got


your bamboo sticks? If you just paint


what you want to paint, I've turned around,


my painting washes away. ..and take on


The Big Painting Challenge. Remember, you're not painting


a pond. Before I met you,


I was a civilised woman.