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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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Good evening, welcome to Friday's Look North.


The growing pressure for beds in Yorkshire's hospitals.


With most trusts operating at near full capacity,


we speak to one patient who was asked to sleep


Fear, panic, I just can believe what they were asking me, then tears came


because I was very upset. Tonight the trust has said sorry


for its "inappropriate" actions. Also tonight: Stop in


the name of the Lord - York Minster Police Force


about to get the power of arrest. Switching off - the schoolchildren


banned from using any devices for a week in


the classroom or at home. Riding high - Sheffield gears up


for the Arenacross championships with the very best racers descending


on the city. And the cold weather looks set to


continue over the weekend with a warning for snow overnight and into


tomorrow. I'll be back with all the details later.


But first tonight, to the story of a woman rushed to hospital


in an emergency ambulance to wait ten hours on a trolley before


being admitted to a ward and who was then asked to sleep


Lynne Dexter from Seacroft in Leeds has asthma and became


She's now made an official complaint against St James' Hospital.


It comes as figures released today show the pressure is increasing


Hospitals aim for bed occupancy rates no higher than 85%,


otherwise bed shortages can become regular and patients can be


Today's figures show that at the end of last week,


five of our 12 trusts exceeded 98% bed occupancy levels


with Mid-Yorkshire topping the list at a critical 99.6%.


As we reported on Monday, 11 of our 12 trusts


Calderdale and Huddersfield has seen the biggest drop


compared to the week before, but even they are at 86%.


Leeds Teaching Hospitals, which includes St James', were at 98.7%.


An increase of 2% on the previous week.


Our correspondent Spencer Stokes went to meet the patient asked


a private room in hospital, but not the sort patients might expect. On


Wednesday night, 16-year-old Lynne Dexter from Leeds would ask -- was


asked if she would made her bed being wheeled into a shower room at


St James 's Hospital -- 61-year-old. I just started crying and I said no,


sorry, I know you're under stress but the answer is no and I couldn't


stop crying. Lynne said the ward was full, people were sleeping in the


corridor and a shower room was the last bit of space but no place to


put someone with asthma and breathing difficulties. It was damp


because someone had had a shower in there that evening. She said it was


fully cleaned but once somebody has been in a shower, it's not fully


cleaned. in recent weeks, Leeds teaching hospital trust which runs


St James 's Hospital has struggled with bed availability. Figures show


at the start of this week, as a 1692 beds available, 1671 were occupied,


meaning 98.7% were full. Tonight, the trust apologised to Lynne Dexter


explaining that it was an extremely busy period and that patients


sometimes had to be transferred to what is called a non-bedded area.


The trust goes on to say that it does not regard a larger shower area


as the right accommodation for a patient and they are sorry that this


happened. The shower, according to Lynne, ended up being slept in,


turned into a temporary room. I walk up and went to the toilet and there


was an old lady in the shower room in a bed and a sister said to me I


was bullied into putting her in there so I said it's disgusting,


absolutely disgusting. Back at home, Lynne says she has no wish to return


to Saint James 's and has made a formal complaint about being asked


to sleep in the shower room. Well, earlier I spoke


to Nigel Edwards, who's chief executive of the Nuffield Trust,


an independent charity which does extensive research into improving


the quality of health care I asked him why bed occupancy rates


are so high. The level of demand we are seeing


in the NHS now is up It seems to go up at about three


or 4% every year and has been doing Meanwhile, beds have been closing


and in particular the resources in social care have been shrinking


so it's harder to get people out at the other end so the whole system


builds up and you get high occupancy high occupancy rates,


which are not good A review of emergency care has been


called for by the health committee. Unfortunately is not one of those


problems that has easy answers. We've got to do something


about the state of general practice so people can get an appointment


on the day they are need it. We need to fix social care so that


people can get out at the other end and health services


in the community have been run down over


the last few years. We hear about winter approaches


every year but it's really out of the headlines now,


is this the toughest one yet? It looks pretty tough


by previous standards. We fortunately been spared a very


bad flu epidemic which has made previous years worse,


but things are bad and are likely to get worse and there is no


immediate solution in sight. How can we make those


beds more available? Bring patients into appropriate


social care and getting Social care is one of the big


problems that hospitals face but the other issue is care at home


from NHS staff as well. The sheer volume of patients coming


out of the system suggests the level of medical staffing we've got,


particularly the front door of the hospital,


may need attention as well. The level of work that we are asking


people do is probably not So what's the answer,


is it funding, is it staff, a new system or a whole


new way of working? Funding is certainly important


but without the staff, We're good at responding


to crises, we need to get A 15-year-old boy has been arrested


following a stabbing Police were called to an address at


Hare Hills Lane at around 3:42pm this afternoon. They found a


16-year-old boy with serious stab injuries. He was taken to Leeds


General Infirmary. I can tell you that there is a heavy police


presence in the area and local people who we've been talking to say


they are very concerned that the stabbing. One eyewitness said he was


concerned about the effect on local people, especially coming so soon


after the shooting of another teenager just two weeks ago also


been Hare Hills The first time, I saw the fear. I saw blood. It was


very bad. How do you assess what's happening now? In the last ten


minutes, we've seen forensics officers in their white overalls.


They have been checking the road down here. A forensics tent has been


erected on the street. Officers say there is a heavy police presence in


the area which will be there for some time tonight and the police


cordon stretches for 500 metres so quite extensive and a number of side


streets are also sealed off well investigations continue. We expect


that to last well into the evening and there are extensive diversions


in place. During rush hour there was gridlock in some parts of the city


as a result of what is going on here tonight.


Later on Look North: Coughing up for coffee.


I'm at a new barista school in Leeds where you can


learn how to turn your latte from this...


Now for the first time in decades York Minster's own police force


is being given the same powers of arrest as regular constables


within the cathedral and its boundaries.


York Minster is one of only five cathedrals in the world


which maintain their own constabulary or police force


in a tradition which can be traced back to the early 13th century.


The Minster police have been on duty a very long time. For more than 700


years, they have been guardians of the piece here at York Minster,


protecting the building and everyone in it on a daily basis but


specialist training from North Yorkshire Police means they will


soon hold the same powers of arrest as regular constables. Hull from


time to time, perhaps people have a little too much to drink or a bit of


disorder that has to be dealt with and we have to be realistic there


could be a crime, some police officers are now trained to


recognise that and how to deal with it appropriately. Cathedral


constables were on the beach before a police force was established in


1829. Since the 13th century they have held a vital role in security


here at York and other historic cathedrals like Chester and


Canterbury. Last year, North Yorkshire Police provided


professional training for the eight strong team he led the Minster. I


got training so I know what to do and the training build my confidence


-- built. I proud of myself. Also my family, they are proud of me. From


disruptive visitors to serious criminals, the team are every


situation but the central role remains to inform, advise and help


the public. I think it's given us the tools to do the job were


professionally. Should we encounter a situation, we'll know what to do


and we'll have the confidence to carry out those actions. This week,


North Yorkshire Police and the Dean of York signed a memorandum to


formally recognise the goal of the York Minster police -- role. The new


powers will come into force in May. A "posh coffee" is an affordable


treat which more and more of us are enjoying every day,


and it's big business. In Leeds there are 30% more


coffee shops than there And now a new barista school has


opened in the city where you can learn to tell your Mocha


from your Macchiato. The school at the 200 Degrees coffee


shop promises to reveal the secrets There's even a class


offering Advanced Latte Art. Coffee houses like this one in


Kensington are having a new vogue. The exotic touches create a


colourful atmosphere. in 1955, the coffee shop represented the very


height of sophistication and they are as popular as ever. The shop in


Leeds is taking our love of coffee to the next step, Arista school --


barista. Arrest in Italian means barman and it is basically someone


who uses these fancy coffee machines -- barista. Rob is going to show me


how to make one of these lattes. This is what we're aiming for, the


classic leaf in a latte. Show me how we do it. Pour from a hate to mix


the espresso and milk and when we are halfway through, drop a great


into the cup, give it a wiggle and flick through. It's as simple as


that! For the more advanced student, the school teaches how to create


frothy masterpieces. It seems Leeds can't get enough coffee. Five years


ago, there are 23 coffee shops in the city and now there are 30,


that's a lot of latte. Coffee is something that has developed a lead


in the past two years, catching up more with the trend of London. Leeds


is becoming the London of the north and it is catching up on the


restaurant side of things but also now on coffee. the barista school is


opened and students are encouraged to put in the hard grind. I would


love a cappuccino How would you feel about giving


up your mobile phone, tablet, computer and even watching TV


for a whole week? That's what Year Six children


at Netherthong Primary School For the next seven days electronic


devices will be banned at home as well as school,


in an effort to prepare For these year six pupils,


their electronic devices are an important part


of their lives, not just at home, But could a week-long screen


break help their ability The teacher thinks so and has asked


them all to give up their phones, tablets, computers and even TV


for a whole week starting today. How much do you use


electronic devices? Well, quite a lot, but mainly just


the television, I like to go on it. But you're not going to be able


to watch telly any more. My dad came down this morning


with a giant box and he's put all my devices and my laptop


and everything into it It's a bit worrying because it's


like they don't trust me! All of my family are taking


part in this and I hope Tonight is movie night for us


and they're purposefully saying, Emma, just turn around while we're


watching the film and listen. Mr Clayton knows it's a tough ask


so has agreed to join in and not use any of his electronic devices


for the next week, too. Because when I was at school,


we never had things like this. This allows me to teach


the children interactively. It's a teaching tool,


basically, so I can reach Oh, it's a teaching tool,


but it's an electronic Oh, well, I'm afraid,


sorry, it's going off. Now, Paddy, I don't


think he's listening. Mr Clayton, do you


think you can do it? Right, guys, let's turn the room


around and face that board. So the challenge is set,


the devices are off and next week It's just a shame they won't be able


to watch themselves on TV tonight. And we'll find out how they get


on next Friday here on Look North. Now for some sport and the best


of Britain's Athletes will gather in Sheffield this weekend


for the British Indoor They'll also have a chance to grab


a place on the GB Team for the European titles


in Belgrade next month. Amongst them in Belgrade -


we hope - will be two pole vaulters from opposite ends


of the experience scale. Both hail from South Yorkshire,


and are equally proud to pull I do a lot of spot, cricket,


I'm a good goalkeeper, swimming, and one day when I was 11,


I turned around and said, My achievements are British record,


Commonwealth silver medal, qualified for the Olympics,


Europeans, world Championships And here's the bad


news for his rivals - Injury frustrations meant no chance


of a medal for him Luke Still, he's already mentoring the up


and comers around him, chiefly Adam Haig, another


South Yorkshire man combining criminology studies


with vaulting ambitions. He's a bit of a giddy aunt,


a bit of a chicken. You're still British


record-holder of course. Do you put pressure on yourself


to better yourself? I do, this time last year


in Cardiff, I qualified for the Olympics, so I know I can


jump higher, it's about getting to train after work


and training as hard as I can. Yeah, I don't think


he sees it as a risk. It might be an achievement


as a coach, someone has become better than him,


but he might have a different There's more high achievement


still to come, literally, from both Luke Cutts at 28 years old might yet


have a young one to keep an eye The new Super League season kicked


off last night with a narrow In a tough, tense opener


at St Helens, Rhinos scored first, when Joel Moon powered over


for an unconverted try. And it stayed 4-0 to


Leeds until the break. But they couldn't keep Saints'


Frenchman Theo Fages out later on. And the conversion by Percival ended


up deciding the match, six points If you're into your extreme sports,


can we suggest a trip The Arenacross Championships


are in town showcasing the very best in racing and there's free styling


to marvel at as well! Take one arena, 2,500 tonnes of sand


and a few diggers and you're Ten-year-old Edlington cousins


Harvey Shaw and Kieran Knowles will be up against each other


in the junior races. When we get onto a track,


it's more technical than other tracks because there's


jump after jump. Pretend everybody's not here,


pretend it's still daytime, just do In between the racing tomorrow


night, you get the freestylers. I guess when you see the crowd,


you know how they respond and it is a good idea but most


of the time you wonder why. I have a passion for riding bikes


and I've raced from a young age and freestyle hit me and it's just


a feeling within me that I can't You get a feeling of weightlessness


and it's over so quick, you have to get it in your head


before it happens because it happens so quick and you don't


really think anything, Sometimes it doesn't happen,


we crash, but that's part part of the sport, it's


the risk you take. When you see the freestyle


guys, what do you think? I always think they're going to land


on each other because they must be putting a lot of


trust in each other. I'll probably accidentally


knock him off. My dad took me to my first show


when I was eight or nine and that's where the bug came from and the buzz


from this place when it's full is wild and it's


the best round on the tour for me. The freestylers are amazing,


but the real competition When you're racing against each


other, what's it like? When you're not trying


to take me out! Out of the two of you,


who's going to win? Finally tonight, musicals can be


based on anything these days Sheffield's Crucible


has developed one based Everybody's Talking About Jamie is


a coming-of-age story with a twist. The central character Jamie has


decided he wants to be a drag queen and surprise everyone


at his school prom. # There's a clock on the wall


and it's moving too slow # It's got hours to kill


and relating to grow #


Until I hear the last bell # Then I'm coming out hard


and then giving them hell. The last day of school is a fading


memory for most of us. For Jamie, it's going to be


a particularly big moment. Everybody is talking about him,


according to the title They will be when he comes


to the school in his Everyone has a dress


that they want to put on that In Jamie's case,


it's an actual dress. Other characters in the show,


one wants to be a doctor and is embarrassed to tell it


because people will laugh at her, but it's a secret


thing she wants to do. Everyone growing up has got


something that they see as being them, that they are a bit


embarrassed and shy about and as you get older,


a successful adult embraces it You're amongst people who are very


accepting and loyal. The musical is based on a true


story, told in a BBC Three Jamie Campbell from County Durham


faced difficult decisions as he asked others to


accept his choices. Turning that moment in life


into a series of songs is Dan Gillespie Sells,


lead singer of The Feeling. We did our first performance


in front of an audience last night and I saw people laughing,


people crying, people leaving with smiles on their faces


and that's as good as it I dream of it having a life


beyond this limited run. Provocative and unique,


Everybody's Talking About Jamie is only stepping out


until the 25th of February. Hold onto that last day


of school while you can. Wintry weather this weekend, some


snow maybe tonight into tomorrow and Saturday night into Sunday saw a


warning for tonight for the North York Moors and Pennines of around


200 metres and a few centimetres of snow. A mix of rain, sleet and snow,


some slush on lower levels but mainly above and then we do it again


Saturday night into Sunday. At the moment, a lot of cloud, some wintry


showers and overnight they become more frequent and heavy, a mix of


rain, sleet and snow so some slushy deposits down to lower levels but


it's mainly higher ground and 200 metres is not that high although we


could get a few centimetres more and they will be some slippery surfaces


into tomorrow, a cognate with temperatures at around freezing. The


sun will rise at around 7:30am and set at 5pm. A similar story for the


first few hours of tomorrow, showers, rain, sleet and snow but


through the day, most of the snow will be confined to higher ground.


It will be a cold, grey day with temperatures are little bit higher


than they have been today but I think it will feel just as cold


around three to five Celsius. Overnight into Sunday, similar


conditions like tonight, so early as -- areas might get snow, slushy


deposits on lower levels. It will be the same because the feature are


showery sort will be hit and miss weather you get snow. Any snow


becomes confined to the highest ground on Saturday. It will remain


cold into next week but not quite as cold but with a breeze picking up,


bright Monday into Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend. We'll see you


later. Bye-bye.