03/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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Good evening and welcome to the late Look North.


Tonight: Investigators say a firearm was found


in the car of Yassar Yaqub - who was shot dead


Tonight there has been at least one peaceful protest


connected to the incident - when a group of people held banners


I'll be back with the news of sunshine for tomorrow but also windy


conditions as well. That's later in the live forecast.


Investigators have found a fire arm in the car


belonging to Yassar Yaqub, the Huddersfield man shot dead


The 28-year-old died during a pre-planned police


Our reporter Charlotte Leeming joins us from


Good evening. It was around six o'clock last night that police shot


dead a 28-year-old man, a father of two, who was called Yassar Yaqub.


The vehicles involved in that incident last night have now been


recovered from the scene of the M62 after a day of intense forensic


examination and the Lord has now been reopened to traffic. The


investigation into this fatal shooting is still at an early stage


-- the road has been reopened. A gun was found in a car in which Yassar


Yaqub was found travelling in. The slip road where a white


Audi was forced to stop You can see three bullet holes


in the windscreen and keys Today, forensics teams


and investigators were working behind screens on the carriageway,


which was shut for 24 hours. A nearby resident


described what she saw. When I looked over,


everything had stood still, I didn't hear the shooting


and didn't see the shooting, but I did see the car boxed


in and then I saw some big policemen The man who died is 28-year-old


Yassar Yaqub, a father of two from the Crosland Moore


area of Huddersfield. This afternoon, flowers


were taken to the family home by relatives and friends,


who asked for their One witness caught up in the drama


last night described what he saw. There were these rapid response


vehicles pulling up, big, large, vehicles,


then a couple of ambulances. As soon as the ambulances pulled up,


some of the policemen told the ambulance staff to get down


as quickly as possible to where It looked like somebody needed


urgent medical help. This evening, it emerged a gun had


been discovered in the vehicle That's now under


forensic examination. Three people were arrested


at the scene of the incident. Two more were detained


at Chain Bar near Bradford. The operation related to information


received about a criminal possession of a firearm and have been updated


by the Chief Constable. While fatal shootings


by police are rare, and Wales over the last decade


and this is the first involving West Yorkshire Police


since December 2010. With the investigation now


in the hands of the Independent Police Complaints Commission,


West Yorkshire Police says it would be inappropriate to make any


further comment at this time. The M62 at Junction 24 finally


reopened more than 24 hours after being closed during last


night's dramatic events. Charlotte, what's been the reaction


from Yassar Yaqub's family? They released a statement through


their lawyer today and said they were shocked and distraught at his


death. Throughout the afternoon, we saw relatives and friends deliver


flowers and cards to his house. There were a lot of tribute and


social media. One post said, you were no angel but you were one of


the good guys and didn't deserve this. We also found out today that


Yassar Yaqub was charged with attempted murder and possessing


firearms six years ago. We must stress he was found not guilty of


those charges. Another development tonight is there has been one


peaceful protest in connection with last night's shooting. The group


held up banners in Leeds Road in Bradford city centre. Traffic was


diverted. A postmortem examination will be taking place and expect more


details in the next few days about what actually happened here.


The police maintain it's always a last resort and they only shoot


when they believe they - or other members of the public -


Our home affairs correspondent Spencer Stokes has been speaking


to a former firearms commander here in West Yorkshire


and he started by asking why firearms officers might have been


At the initial planning, assessing the risk of the operation,


the danger posed to police or the public and at the very early


stages, it is decided by their officers need to be armed


How quickly do those decisions have to be made by the officers?


A set of circumstances will present themselves in front of the officers,


either where and when to stop a vehicle, and something will then


occur and the officers probably have about half a second to make


a decision as to whether to fire a weapon or not.


What happens to the officers who were involved in last


These matters now will be dissected over months and it's important


to remember the officer had a fraction of a second to make


a decision that is later analyse to the highest degree


At its most extreme, it is possibly who pulls the trigger


Quick decisions have to be made and these are reflected over


a long period of time, but the officers have probably less


than a second to make what is a life-changing


and perhaps career-changing decision.


A new Bradford club looks set to compete in the rugby league


Championship in the forthcoming season, but they'll start


It's after four-time Super League champions Bradford Bulls


The administrators hoped to have a deal agreed by Christmas,


but turned down a bid from a consortium last week.


We thought after last time it was going to take the club forward.


Probably chased the dream too much and not had the finance


The previous owner invested a lot of money, as did the one before,


but obviously not enough, and the club has suffered and not


winning the million-pound game a couple of years ago was probably


Rail bosses say the pioneering Tram Train project in


South Yorkshire won't be happening until the middle of next year.


The Transport Minister says the pilot has taken


By the light of the winter sun, a transport revolution


is taking shape, albeit much slower than expected.


At the terminus, just like elsewhere along this new line,


The platform is half-built, the rails have been laid but by now


I should be able to step off a tram train and head to the shopping


centre over there but I can't because there have been delays.


They've been caused by problems with how to build the overhead line


These masts will carry the power lines.


The trams work at one voltage but if one day mainline electric


trains need to run here, their power requirements


To avoid spending money on something that could become redundant,


new ideas are being tried out and that's what's taking time.


There's a pilot and solutions that are needed for this project.


That's why we've got a view to come up with new solutions


and we have a plan to implement it over the next few months and years.


The new vehicles for the project were built in Spain and have now


There are seven in total and they will supplement


the existing tram fleet but the tram trains will mean, for the many first


time, this service can break out of Sheffield.


They will run on conventional tram tracks and switch to train mode


and run on an upgraded line out to Rotherham.


It promises what is called the seamless commute with other


It has taken far too long to deliver and I'm extremely frustrated by it.


We have seen a lot of new vehicles arrive and are being tested now


and Network Rail are busy building the infrastructure but we have been


talking about this project in Yorkshire for a long time and I'm


looking forward for when it finally opens and we get people


It's going to be great whether to walk off mince pies!


Cold and windy along the coast but plenty of sunshine. Very windy along


the coast weather could be showers blown in on the breeze coming down


from the north. High pressure is still dominating Thursday and


Thursday looks like a cold day after a frosty start. At the moment, too


much cloud and too much of the breeze. The cloud to be thick enough


for showers and South Yorkshire later -- could be thick enough. Ease


strong and gusty winds developing into tomorrow. Temperatures across


North Yorkshire. Overnight cloud will burn away tomorrow, plenty of


sunshine spreading down from the north. There could be quite a brisk


wind along the coast, making it feel really quite warm and also blowing


in a few potentially wintry showers. For most places, it will be a fine,


crisp, winter 's day with temperatures up to six Celsius. A


frosty start of the day on Thursday with temperatures starting below


freezing so each of the day but a fine one. That's it from us. I'll


milder later in the week. That is it from me but coming up next is the


national picture. Good evening. But frost or not of frost, that is the


weather question for