04/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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Tonight, emotional scenes in Huddersfield as family


and friends mourn Yassar Yaqub, who was shot dead by


His father says he wants answers about what happened.


Well, Ian White's at Ainley Top now, where the vigil was held.


Good evening. This is Ainley Top behind me, with the M62 in the


background and the slip road and the scene where the shooting took place


on Monday evening. 48 hours on, lots of unanswered questions. Tonight


family and friends came to Ainley Top to create what I can only


describe as a shrine to the dead man.


These were the incredible scenes at Ainley Top this evening.


The busy M62 slip road was turned a car park as 200 people


held a vigil for Yassar Yaqub, the 28-year-old man shot dead


His mother and father were sobbing as they laid flowers and lit candles


Many of the dead man's friends held a banner saying,


"Rest in peace - justice for Yassar".


After prayers, Yassar Yaqub's father Mohammed spoke to Look North.


There has been a lot of support for the young man.


He was a lovely young lad and it shows how much he was loved


and liked in the community, amongst all the friends in the community.


And I hope he gets a good place in heaven, and he was a true,


kind person who did not deserve to be killed the way he was killed.


I would like some answers, real answers, true answers -


Real answers why he was killed the way he was killed.


What prompted the police to kill him?


Cos he was a passenger in the car, sat.


They pulled up and just shot three shots through the windscreen,


And presumably it happened so quickly...


So quick, and I believe the police were not even wearing body cameras.


How are you coping with what's happened?


They've ruined the whole family, and in fact the community as well.


And I just want everyone to know that my dad had a gold heart


That was jasmine, the dead man's daughter, and West Yorkshire Police


have not made any further comment about the circumstances surrounding


the death and the incident and what led up to it. It was described as a


preplanned operation but they have said no more, while the Independent


Police Complaints Commission investigates the whole affair. There


are still some vehicles pulling up at the shrine this evening to pay


their respects to the dead man, but their respects to the dead man, but


that is all from Ainley Top for now. Tonight's vigil follows a protest


in Bradford last night, when a group of men attacked


a police car and blocked a road, Bradford city centre last night -


a police car is surrounded. Banners are draped over


the windscreen as protesters film Kicks are aimed at


the side of the car. For several hours,


people blocked routes and waved signs carrying phrases including


"police, don't murder". No-one was injured or arrested


during the protest. It was a reaction to the death


of Yassar Yaqub on Monday. The Independent Police Complaints


Commission says a gun A postmortem examination


on Mr Yaqub's body was due Yesterday, police were at the family


home in Huddersfield, where up to ten CCTV cameras dot


the walls - perhaps a response to an incident in 2015


when a shotgun was fired Yassar Yaqub was a fan of fast cars


like this yellow Lamborghini. His dad bought them for his only


son, who he admits he spoiled. In 2010, Yassar Yaqub


was cleared of attempted murder and a firearms offence


because of insufficient evidence. What happened in the moments before


he was shot dead on Monday night at Ainley Top,


we don't yet know. The human rights charity


Just Yorkshire says There is a person here who has


actually lost their life. That has had an effect on family


and community, irrespective And the point is there has got to be


a line of accountability, and what the people want now


is the police force to actually be up front in terms


of what's happened. In an attempt to improve


transparency, West Yorkshire Police has been introducing body-worn


cameras, but none of the firearms officers involved in


the shooting was wearing them. Firearms officers need a bespoke


solution for body-worn video. The current cameras that


are available to the general police officer are not suitable


for firearms usage, and that is purely down


to where they are worn on the body and the blocked views


that they get because of the nature of the equipment,


the firearms carried. Three men remain in police custody


tonight, while another All five were arrested on suspicion


of having a firearm. The IPCC's own probe


into West Yorkshire Police's actions Alasdair Gill,


BBC Look North, Huddersfield. Naz Shah is the MP


for Bradford West. On Look North earlier,


she appealed for calm. We had a number of individuals,


a very small number of individuals, who decided to take it


upon themselves to attack police cars, and brought


traffic to a standstill, and that has been condemned


by the community. I certainly condemn that type


of behaviour and I would really like to see the police make some


arrests and show that there is no Leeds United have confirmed today


that Italian businessman Andrea Radrizzani has bought a 50%


stake in the club. For the time being, Radrizzani


will share management of the club's activities with co-owner Massimo


Cellino. In a statement, he's pledged


long-term commitment to Leeds United and "stability


through ongoing investment". He also emphasises that he won't do


anything that will put The Rugby Football League say


there've already been ten expressions of interest in reforming


the Bradford Bulls. It follows the club's liquidation


which was announced yesterday - a deadline for prospective


new owners has been Former Bulls' head coach,


Francis Cummins, nowadays in Rugby Union with Doncaster Knights,


has told Look North that whoever does take over the Bulls in future


needs to learn lessons Paralympic champion Kadeena Cox


from Leeds has had her funding suspended while she takes part


in the winter sports show The Jump. British Athletics says it'll stop


supporting her until she returns to training and proves her fitness,


as Dave Edwards reports. She was one of Britain's biggest


sporting stars of 2016 - Kadeena Cox won two golds,


a silver and a bronze at the Rio Paralympics,


competing in athletics and cycling. She's quickly earned celebrity


status, taking part in the BBC's Robot Wars over the weekend,


and now she's in Austria, getting ready for


Channel 4's The Jump. The controversial programme


sees celebrities take part in a range of winter sports,


but several competitors have Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington


dislocated her shoulder, while gymnast Beth Tweddle crashed


in training and spent She needed surgery to have two


fractured vertebrae fused together. Channel 4 says there's been


a thorough review of safety procedures before this year's


series, but medical teams from British Athletics


and British Cycling are believed to have advised


Kadeena not to take part. In a statement,


British Athletics says: She'll hope to do that in time


for the World ParaAthletics Now let's take a look


at the weather. It is cold but changes are on the


way. Big changes in the next day or so.


It is called out there but milder are well head back from the West in


the next 24 to 36 hours. If you like the cold, tomorrow is the day.


Beautifully cold and sunny with all parts break apart from the odd


shower creeping down that north Yorkshire coastline. Let's look at


the Atlantic weather chart, the ridge of high pressure for Thursday,


giving way pressure falls when we see at the Atlantic weather systems


moving in on Friday. Over the weekend, milder air than that wet


from the Atlantic air. A lot of cloud cloud on Saturday and Sunday,


but also mild temperatures with sunshine. We have one or two showers


creeping down the east coast. Further west, we have already got


frost. The wind will use it and in western areas we will see the lowest


temperatures, with blows down to minus four Celsius. That is 25


Fahrenheit. Showers towards the coast could be wintry if they are on


the North York Moors and Yorkshire, watch out for icy patches on


untreated services. Any showers along the coast will ease and then


beautiful day with cold and frosty in some spots but lots of sunshine


around. A light and variable breeze with top temperatures four Celsius.


That is 39 Celsius. Frost returning Thursday evening. There is that


they'll cloud on the next Atlantic weather system comes in and it means


a wet day on Friday. That's it from me. Now the national weather.


rain by Friday afternoon. Temperatures creeping up a notch or


two and turning milder into the weekend.


A guarantee on your journey to work tomorrow, if you are nipping out to


the shop for a paper, somebody will talk about how cold it is. Looking


at today, the weather front pushing Southwest, mild air stay in


south-west, but behind it is colder air from the Arctic. Behind it,


windy conditions. Bleak across northern Scotland, a cold day with


temperatures struggling to get above two. If you think that's cold, look


at what's happening outside as we speak. Temperatures falling below


freezing quite widely across the country and towards dawn they could


be as low as -8 in rural parts of Oxfordshire. I guarantee you will be


scraping the ice of the car windscreens first thing in the


morning. Some cloud running down the North Sea coast and some cloud