05/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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Good evening and welcome to the late Look North.


Tonight: A man is charged with firearms offences


following the police shooting of Yassar Yaqub near


A hefty fine for the man who illegally demolished his house


and wrecked his neighbours' home in the process.


There was a lot of windscreen scraping across Yorkshire this


morning. But the temperatures are going up. Stay tuned for the


A man has been charged with firearms offences


following the police shooting near Huddersfield on Monday.


A post mortem showed that Yassar Yaqub was shot by a police


officer after two vehicles were stopped near


Meanwhile the Independent Police Complaints Commission,


which is investigating the incident, is calling for more


Tonight a man's been charged in relation to the incident which


happened here at Ainley Top three days ago.


30-year-old Moshin Amin from Dewsbury is facing firearms


charges, relating to a loaded semiautomatic handgun,


capable of firing nine millimetre ammunition.


Two other men arrested at the same time have been


Meanwhile earlier today a postmortem examination revealed that


Yassar Yaqub died from gunshot wounds to the chest.


He was shot by one West Yorkshire firearms officer.


Investigators at the Independent Police Complaints Commission


So far they have no footage of the incident and want


The IPCC wants to reassure the community that the investigation


will be thorough, detailed and independent.


The dead man's parents want to know why their son was killed.


Family and friends attended the mosque


Some local people have spoken of Yassar Yaqub's


He was not involved in anything, he has no convictions


of anything whatsoever, no drug convictions, no firearms


So he was not a bad lad in any way then?


No, he was a very kind lad and he helped all


communitiess, people around here, whatever race they were,


He was shot in a planned operation when four unmarked


police vehicles stopped two cars on a slip road off


Mr Yaqub was in a white Audi and a non police issue firearm


was found in the car which is now undergoing forensic tests.


The police involved were not wearing body video cameras.


Don't let's read into this something that is not there to read.


This isn't America, it's not Chicago, and I get very irritated


when a small minority would like to make it


What we need here is a period of calm reflection.


The funeral for Yassar Yaqub will be held at Crosland Moor mosque


in Huddersfield tomorrow and the inquest into his death


Meanwhile it's emerged that West Yorkshire has the highest crime


Police figures analysed by Look North show that there's


a growing trend of violent and serious crime in the region.


They show that there were over 200,000 recorded crimes


in West Yorkshire last year, and a quarter of these


Now the crime rate for England and Wales stands at 68 crimes


The crime rate in West Yorkshire is 90 crimes for every 1,000 people,


and the offences being committed in our region are


Our data journalist David Rhodes has this.


West Yorkshire has a history of being the scene of some of


It was the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, during the 1970s,


whilst recently the murders of the teacher Anne Maguire in Leeds


and the death of MP, Jo Cox in Birstall,


are crimes which have captured the world's attention.


We turn overseas to England now, that nation mourning


Shot dead on the street, a case of gun violence, so rare there.


She was a rising star in British politics.


Clement Desmier was murdered in Bradford in 2012


and the police found 70 different injuries on his body.


Every serious crime leaves a huge impact on those left behind.


At one point we were constantly looking over our shoulders, seeing


if anyone was following us, thinking, or have they done it?


It's changed absolutely everyone in the family.


The nature of crime both locally and nationally is becoming


more serious and in some cases more violent.


That is because every crime recorded by the police is now being scored


for severity so if you're caught with cannabis, that crime


receives a low score, but possessing a gun or a weapon,


And this is why West Yorkshire is statistically the crime


The crimes being committed in this region are more severe.


For academics there is a link between the regions level of


poverty and the rising tally of serious offences.


The level of violence crime more recently has started


There is a body of evidence, an outstanding body of evidence,


criminological evidence, that essentially always finds


an association between deprivation and violent behaviour


and so it is quite possible that in an increasingly unequal society


we are seeing more violence as a result of that.


West Yorkshire Police say although crime


levels are rising, the chance of the victim of crime is still low.


We do have a number of challenges in various communities across this


large urban force but we need to also be mindful that we have lost


?140 million out of our budget over the last few years and we have 2,000


less officers and staff working for us.


As demand increases the force says it is going to recruit an extra 500


A transgender prisoner, who was on remand for attempted


murder, has been found dead in a cell at Doncaster Prison.


49-year-old Jenny Swift, who was previously known


as Jonathan, was charged with attempting to murder


An independent investigation will now be carried out


by the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman.


A man who illegally demolished his house near Skipton,


taking part of his neighbour's property with it, has


Joan and Geoff Peel returned from holiday to find holes in a wall


David Eckersall had permission to make alterations to his home,


but instead pulled it down completely.


Alasdair Gill was at Bradford Crown Court.


When Geoff Peel and his wife Joan went on holiday in May last year,


their home was as resistant to the elements as ever.


When they came back, however, it wasn't.


You can watch through the gaps, and see the cars going past.


Their new neighbour, David Eckersall, had told them


Instead, his whole house, once attached to theirs, had gone.


Today, he was fined ?17,500 at Bradford Crown Court.


The court heard that Eckersall had listed building consent


for an extension to the property but while work was


it became structurally unsound and he decided to demolish it.


The judge called that a catastrophic decision.


He said it was a drastic step while the Peel's


were away on holiday, without speaking to anyone


Eckersall, on the right here in the hood, hadn't set out


to demolish his home, his lawyer told the court,


it had simply related from a lack of care.


But that will be of little comfort to the Peels who now require


listed building consent of their own to repair their property,


which has damage to the tune of some ?10,000.


For their neighbour, he may have avoided jail,


mortgage payments on a house that no longer exists and he has been


Campaigners hoping to save Scarborough's Futurist theatre have


submitted last-ditch proposals to the council.


Scarborough Council will decide on Monday whether to demolish it,


so Flamingo Land can build an attraction on the site.


Hundreds of people attended a meeting organised by The Save


It says scores of local businesses have pledged their services free


of charge to help bring the theatre back to its former glory.


Football now, and Doncaster Rover's terrific form continued


with a 3-1 victory against Portsmouth.


Great start for the League Two leaders.


John Marquis with a close range header.


Portsmouth equalised just before half time,


Bennett providing the assist for Cal Naysmith to score.


Rovers cemented top spot and a vital win when Tommy Row scored.


Great work in the build up from James Copinger.


The third on 80 minutes just underlined how good


I know you were watching the affable commune of bitter football.


Absolutely community. I don't play football though. Unfortunately. It's


been pretty cold in the past few days but we're in for a bit of a


change. Tonight across Yorkshire it is still going to be pretty cold.


The map is bathed in blue colours. Darker colours move across from the


West. That is cloud ahead of a weather front which is behind me. It


is chilly tonight and we see more cloud building and temperatures will


fall close to freezing. It will get down to about -2 in North Yorkshire.


Tomorrow morning the further east to you will catch brightness first


thing and it will not last. The weather front comes in and


introduced outbreaks of rain with thicker cloud and rain coats on


stand-by. Heavy spells of rain on high ground further west. The air


temperature is interesting because we are looking at five or six at


three in the afternoon but the air behind this is a bit milder so as


the weather front moves across to us it will lose that and we get a bit


of a breather as the high pressure builds. As we look towards Saturday


a few things to mention. High pressure generally means that things


stay settled and mostly dry. We will see that that there was a lot of


cloud trapped under this area and we do not like that. A lot of us will


like this milder air. It moves up from the south-west. It looks very


dramatic with the yellows and oranges and we're looking at highs


of eight or nine or ten, but still, not as bitterly cold least. I leave


you with the creeping up by a notch or two, 10,


maybe nine Celsius. Here is Louise with the national picture.


Won't it cold and frosty this morning? The coldest night of