06/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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An inquest has been told that a gun was found in the footwell of the


car seat where a man was shot dead by police near Huddersfield.


Yassar Yaqub was killed by a West Yorkshire Police officer


on Monday after two vehicles were stopped by the M62.


Hundreds of people attended his funeral today, while a man arrested


during the operation appeared in court charged


A distraught mother saying a final goodbye to her son after he was shot


dead in a police operation on Monday night.


This morning, hundreds turned out for Yassar Yaqub's funeral


at the mosque in the Crossland Moor area of Huddersfield.


Yaqub died after police in unmarked cars forced the vehicle


he was in to make a sudden stop as it left the M62.


He was shot three times through the windscreen.


Yaqub was accused and cleared of trying to murder


But people at the funeral simply wanted to know more


about the circumstances of his death, earlier this week.


Them parents have lost their son and them sisters have


They all need answers, and I think they need them quick.


As far as the gun culture and the criminal activity is concerned,


But the question arises of the way this was carried out.


In my opinion, it was totally out of order.


The question is, the way it was handled.


We cannot just go around and shoot people on the spot like this.


More detail about the police operation emerged at an inquest


which was opened and adjourned in Bradford this morning.


The court heard the 28-year-old worked as an office clerk.


The cause of death was given as gunshot wounds to the chest.


We now know that a gun was recovered from the footwell of the Audi


Whilst the inquest and funeral were taking place, a 30-year-old


man, arrested as part of the same operation on Monday night,


Flanked by two security guards, Moshin Amin spoke only


to confirm his name, his address and his date of birth.


Amin, of Broomer Street in Dewsbury, is charged with possession


of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence,


possession of ammunition and possession of a silencer.


The hearing lasted for just four minutes and there was no


He'll now appear at Leeds Crown Court on February the 3rd.


Details about the planning and the full circumstances of Monday night's


That won't happen until the Independent Police


Complaints Commission has finished its investigation,


a process which the IPCC says it believes will take several months.


Bird flu has been confirmed in chickens and ducks


A 3km protection zone has now been put in place


near Settle to limit the spread of the disease.


The affected birds are understood to be a small, backyard flock of 17


chickens and ducks. A decision has been made to humanely cull the birds


to limit the spread of the H5N8 strain of avian flu. It's the same


strain that was found and a flock of birds in Wales and a farm in


Lincolnshire earlier this month. A full investigation is underway to


find out the source of the infection.


A family from Chesterfield have been speaking about their desperation


at being told there is no cure for their son, who has a very


14-year-old William Huntley suffers with


Here's our health correspondent, Jamie Coulson.


For William Huntley, going bowling provides


The 14-year-old has moderate learning difficulties


But he also suffers from a rare and debilitating sleep disorder that


Every night, since William was one, he's been banging his head


This was him aged just six years old.


This footage was taken in the last couple of weeks.


The condition is called rhythmic movement disorder,


and has led to William and his family


surviving on four hours sleep a night.


I can't move anything, I'm absolutely shattered.


All I want to do all day is just stay in bed.


We are extremely tired all of the time.


All I want to do sometimes is sit on the settee and cry because I am


It has taken the family the best part of 12 years


to get a formal diagnosis for William.


The family have also been told there is no cure in his case.


So they will have to find a way to live with it.


When he is in full rhythmic movement, every night,


it sounds like someone's throwing a basketball


against the wall and keeps the whole family awake.


The family now want to buy a special, protective bed -


called a Safespace - and build a soundproof extension


But they estimate it will cost ?30,000 and so they have started


I hope I can get rid of it as soon as possible so I can give


For now the restless nights continue for a family who haven't had


a decent sleep in more than a decade.


Plans to set up a tree-top adventure trail in the woodland


Plans to expand cancer services have been unveiled. The building or offer


state-of-the-art facility for patients, carers and relatives.


Langford at chemotherapy treatment lounge and complement therapies.


Plans to set up a tree-top adventure trail in the woodland


of Roundhay Park in Leeds is proving contraversial.


Go Ape wants to install platforms, swings and zip wires.


They say that no trees would need felling and walkers


could still wander beneath the tree-top courses.


But over a thousand signitures have already been collected from people


There are concerns about noise, damage to the woodland and parking.


Let's get a look at the weather with Keeley.


A quiet weekend, a lot of dry weather about,


that's because high pressure is dominating.


I'm afraid it is quite a cloudy high, and because that is will feel


Still bit grim out their this evening, a lot of cloud, hill fog,


But improving as the night progresses to largely dry


conditions, still a little dampness across the hills, temperatures down


Tomorrow a largely dry day, the odd spot of drizzle,


particularly at first, persisting for the longest


Variable cloud, bright and sunny spells, particularly


across northern parts, so it won't turn out to be


too bad a day at all, although parts of South Yorkshire well,


And with a light, northwesterly breeze, it will feel cool,


More cloud, I'm afraid, but largely dry for Sunday.


That's all from us for now, the Breakfast team will be back


Good evening. The weather has been turning milder and also cloudier


through the course of the day. We did