09/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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Here on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


Good evening and welcome to the late Look North.


Scarborough's historic Futurist Theatre will be demolished


And ?3 million of lottery cash to help restore one of Yorkshire's


best-loved stately homes to its former glory.


Some big changes to come this week with cold weather on the way.


Join me for the live, updated forecast.


It's been part of the Scarborough coastline since 1921,


but today councillors voted to demolish the Futurist Theatre,


Getting rid of the theatre has been described as leaving Scarborough


And today there were lots of angry people in the council meeting.


In its heyday, the Futurist played host to some of the biggest names


Shirley Bassey, the Beatles and Ken Dodd have all performed.


But today, councillors voted to demolish the iconic building,


which has been part of Scarborough's seafront since the 1920s.


More than 100 campaigners marched through the town ahead of today's


meeting and one heckling protester had to be read from the balcony.


When Scarborough Borough councillors voted in favour of demolition,


it came as a bitter blow to those who'd fought to save it.


Did you expect that it could have saved?


It will cost ?4 million to knock the Futurist down and shore up


The land will be made available for redevelopment,


which some councillors believe is well overdue.


People have come forward with ideas but in my opinion they have backed


them up with a proper is this case to show that after any refurbishment


has been done and reconfiguration has been carried out that it


would provide a sustainable theatre to operate and make money


The Futurist once played a huge part in Scarborough's summer season,


attracting thousands of visitors, but in recent years audiences have


Campaigners have fought long and hard to keep it open


but today its fate was sealed and the curtain has finally


An inquest has heard that a man who was found


dead alongside his wife, who'd been stabbed, had been sent


home from a mental health unit just days earlier.


Martin Ashworth from Garforth died in a house fire in April 2014,


just 13 days after he was discharged from the Becklin Centre in Leeds.


His wife Susan suffered fatal stab wounds.


Wakefield Coroner's Court heard Mr Ashworth was told by a nurse


that he was being sent home because "they needed beds."


The aftermath of the arson attack at a family home


47-year-old Susan Ashworth was found in her burning house.


Her husband Martin was pulled out of the fire but died a short


An inquest heard today that Susan had been planning


She told her mother that he emotionally abused her,


trying to impose power and control over her and their two sons.


Wakefield coroner's court was told that as their marriage deteriorated,


Mr Ashworth tried to take his own life by poisoning himself with


Following in his suicide attempt on the 22nd of March 2014,


Martin Ashworth agreed to be admitted to the mental health unit


Three days later, he was sectioned for 28 days under


But only 22 days after that he was discharged.


The inquest was told that family members were shocked by the decision


to discharge Martin Ashworth early from the mental health unit.


We heard that his wife Susan Ashworth felt she had no


choice but to allow him home as he had nowhere to go.


Martin's mother, Barbara Ashworth, said her son asked staff


at the Becklin centre why he was being sent home


13 days later, Martin was dead after a deliberate fire at his home,


his wife Susan was found their stabbed to death.


Susan Ashworth was described by her mother today has a wonderful,


kind, loving person who was loved beyond measure.


The inquest into the deaths continues.


Emma Glasbey, BBC Look North, Wakefield.


Around 50 people marched from the M62 to Huddersfield this


evening to protest at last week's fatal shooting of 28-year-old


The demonstration brought traffic to a standstill


in Birkby and on the main Huddersfield ring road.


Police intervened to move protesters on before they gathered outside


The Independent Police Complaints Commission is investigating events


A gun was found in the footwell of the car in which Yaqub


200 Tesco jobs are being cut in Barlborough near Chesterfield.


The company is closing its distribution centre


Tesco says it'll try and help employees get jobs elsewhere


A thousand jobs are being lost across the country


as the supermarket changes its distribution network.


Football now, and Leeds United safely got through their tricky FA


Cup Third Round tie at League Two side Cambridge United this evening.


Cambridge went ahead after 25 minutes through


But Stuart Dallas headed an equaliser for Leeds 11 minutes


after half-time and Alex Mowatt scored the winner seven minutes


later to set up a fourth-round tie at either AFC Wimbledon or


And elsewhere in tonight's Fourth Round draw,


Huddersfield face a short trip across the Pennines to Rochdale.


And if Barnsley win their replay against Blackpool, they'll be away


Barnsley's historic country house Cannon Hall has won


a lottery grant of nearly ?3 million.


The money will be used to restore the grounds,


clean the lakes and repair the eighteenth century ice house.


Charlotte Leeming has been to take a look.


It's a Georgian gem, is Cannon Hall, a country house that any Jane Austen


Although the house is lovingly restored, time has robbed


the grounds and gardens of its attractive period features,


like its greenhouse built in 1700 to grow pineapples


This is part of Cannon Hall's glorious gardens and it is famous


for the exotic fruit it used to grow, many of which we still have


growing in the gardens, like our pear collection that goes


But pineapples, in particular, Cannon Hall is famous for.


It is hoped these gardens and greenhouses will be glorious


once more thanks to ?3 million of lottery funding.


The Hall is owned by Barnsley council but it is helped by a team


of volunteers who work tirelessly here, even in the pouring rain.


We have been fundraising for 40 years basically, a long time.


We knew the lakes needed work doing, we knew the gardens needed a lot


A once majestic Lake is a marked for restoration.


It contains so much silt it needs to be dredged.


Then visitors will be able to hire rowing boats and fishing equipment


in a throwback to popular Georgian pastimes.


Something I used to do as a boy was play in those lakes.


I am not going to swim again in those lakes


Visitors will be able to see things they have never seen here before,


such as this ice house built in 1700.


Long before refridgerators were invented, people would go down


to the lake in the winter months, come back with ice and snow and pack


it inside here so it could be used during the summer.


For 300 years this home and its gardens were owned


by the Spencer-Stanhope family but now this is a park


for the people of Barnsley and they are determined to restore


it to its Georgian splendour so that others can enjoy it


A rowing boat on a late at Cannon Hall, that would be nice, wouldn't


it? A bit posh for me. A bit posh for Barnsley, isn't it? It has been


well signalled, as the headline, unsettled, snow showers coming down.


We are getting rid of the milder air. If this is correct, if the


milder air starts to get back in, it will be the second part of the


weekend but that is up to question at the moment. On the weather


charts, watched the isobars that come around, from eight Westerly.


There is likely to the showers of snow even down to lower levels.


Interesting for a time later this week. There will be some patchy


outbreaks of rain in the Pennines over night. East it will be dry with


clear spells. A windy night as well. Temperatures three or four Celsius.


A West, East split tomorrow. Outbreaks of rain on and off for the


Pennines but further east it is dry and bright with sunshine. Cloud will


begin in the easterly afternoon. One of two spots of rain later but


certainly be Pennines that will be rainy tomorrow. A bit of mist over


the hills as well. A windy day to come and top temperatures of eight


Celsius. As we head through Tuesday evening in the Tuesday night it is


more of the same, most of the patchy rain in the West and a weather front


will be rain southwards by first light on Wednesday morning. Hide


that is when we get the colder air and by the end of Wednesday the


showers will be telling wintry over the hills. When states out is not


looking too bad, a few showers later but that it on Friday big drop in


temperatures. That is it from Amy and me and I