10/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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Welcome to the late Look North. for the news where you are.


Tonight: Police name the seven-year-old girl who died


after being found seriously injured in York.


And claims cuts to funding could have a catastrophic impact


And a very windy night developing with a warning


from the Met Office for gales, locally severe gales in places.


I'll be back later in the programme with your full life forecast.


Witnesses have described the moment a distraught mother


found her daughter dying on a playing field in York.


Seven-year-old Katie Rough was seriously injured


following an incident yesterday afternoon and died


A 15-year-old girl has been arrested.


Tonight, North Yorkshire have continued to question A15 -year-old


girl in connection with this incident and sheep remains in


custody overnight. Katie Rough's death has left in your community in


shock this evening and a family mourning for their beloved daughter


feel has been totally and utterly feel has been totally and utterly


out of their control. Throughout the day, people


paid their respects to the little girl who suffered fatal injuries


in the Woodthorpe area of York Seven-year-old Katie Rough was found


down a track on Alness Drive. Her distraught mother was seen


crying on her knees in the street. Police cordoned off this quiet


cul-de-sac while they carried That was obviously


the mother of the daughter. So I put my shoes on and went


to go up the alleyway. I got halfway up and I could see


the body lying on the field but the police were already there,


attending. Katie was taken to hospital with


serious injuries but later died. Amongst the flowers,


which were laid at the scene, "Night night, my darling princess


Katie, love Nanna and Grandad." A 15-year-old girl has been arrested


in connection with the incident and is being questioned


by North Yorkshire Police. Specially trained officers


are supporting the victim's family at this extremely difficult


time for them. Clearly, the circumstances require


the investigation to be conducted The tragic news has been met


with shock and disbelief from those She was a very close friend


to my daughter and a truly unique, Respect their family,


beautiful family. Both involved are so young and it's


such a shame because she's not even started her life,


really, has she? In a statement tonight,


the headteacher of Local churches are being asked


to lend their support. Tonight, the teenage girl remains


in custody while police continue their investigations


and Katie's family and friends desperately try to come to terms


with their tragic loss. Michelle Lyons, BBC


Look North, York. A BBC Yorkshire investigation has


found that schools in our region have lost almost ?9 million


from their budgets In some cases, the reduction has


lead to redundancies and increased class sizes,


as Dave Edwards reports. This thing is to do


with linear equations. Silas is 13 and goes to Brickhouse


High School in Calderdale. When he started his Year Nine maths


lessons, he noticed something It looked more like a university


lecture theatre with one It's quite difficult


because there are so many people around you and you're distracted


to talk to them a lot more and you're not focusing


as much on the lesson, And you've not got much room


to put your stuff in front of you, which makes it confusing


and dropping things and stuff. Everyone just agrees it's


too much for one class. There's no legal limit


to the size of the class. Headteacher Liz Creswell says


the move was prompted by changes to the GCSE maths exam


and difficulties recruiting She says the school,


like many others, has had to make Teaching unions are worried cuts


across the country will mean more children are taught


in super-sized classes. I'm a maths teacher myself,


actually, and I would find that I understand that they are the top


set of maths but I still think that they would learn an awful lot


more if they were in Keeping control of them


will be more difficult. There's only one adult


in the class with them, is my understanding,


so it would be difficult to ensure they're all safe,


and the NUT's position is that it's unacceptable to have


a class of more than 30. When budgets run low,


bigger classes aren't the only thing Other schools have told me


they're having to cut back on things like books,


equipment and even teachers. Ofsted inspectors say 37 staff have


left this school since September 2015 without being replaced


because of financial difficulties. Broadly speaking, changes


to the Government's funding formula mean rural areas will get slightly


more money for schools The Bradford Schools Forum,


which includes head teachers Potentially catastrophic


impact on certain schools. Immediately, I think just


you look at that and think, We asked the Government


for an interview but they said They did tell us school funding


is at its highest level on record, with over ?40 billion


being invested in 2016-17. But the National Audit Office says


that isn't keeping up with rising pupil numbers and higher costs


of staff pensions and In the end, it's the children


who are affected when A number of hospitals in our region


are reporting unprecedented levels of demand as they continue to try


and cope with winter pressures. While some have been forced


to cancel planned operations, others have been placed on a high


level of alert, as our health correspondent,


Jamie Coulson, reports. On New Year's Day, Pat McIntosh


was taken to A in Dewsbury When she and her family arrived,


they say that they were confronted with chaotic scenes as staff


struggled with demand. The trust say they are doing


what they can to relieve pressure, but Pat faced a 19-hour wait before


a bed became available. It was just so chaotic,


queueing and waiting. And they were trying


to do their best but it just... Winter pressures at


hospitals are nothing new. Two years ago, Scarborough Hospital


was forced to declare a major incident when they were no longer


able to cope. This year, many trusts say


that they are operating under At these hospitals,


like elsewhere in the NHS, they say that they are experiencing


unprecedented levels of demand. We understand that last week


at St James's Hospital, there were two days when there


were no beds available for patients Last week, Rotherham Hospital


spent a day and a half at the highest level of alert,


which means there is the potential for some patient


care to be compromised. And Airedale Hospital has been


cancelling all nonurgent operations Over the past few months,


the departments have unfortunately become busier,


more overcrowded, and figures are clear that they show that


unfortunately our performance is probably the worst


in over a decade. Last week, I met a constituent


whose husband died... Sheffield MP Louise Hague believes


people are being let down by a system in crisis


after a constituent died after waiting for an ambulance


for two hours and 40 minutes. It is not an exaggeration to say


that the NHS is in crisis now. We have heard that from NHS leaders


right down to people People are struggling to get


the most basic services. Yorkshire Ambulance Service


say that they are aware of the incident and are liaising


with the patient's family. Meanwhile, the message to patients


who do not need urgent hospital treatment remains


to seek help elsewhere. The pressure on hospitals


remains intense and winter Bradford-based supermarket Morrisons


has posted an almost 3% rise The supermarket had its strongest


festive sales growth for seven years but today announced it was pulling


out of plans to build a new store Five Yorkshire post offices


are among 300 nationally Branches in Huddersfield,


Rotherham, Pontefract, Pudsey and Ossett may be franchised


in order to maintain services. The Post Office blames the high cost


of prime high street Very windy overnight and it will be


increasingly cold and wintry. We have a warning in force, the risk of


gales developing overnight. And also to the east of high ground as well.


I imagine, through the last part of the night and into tomorrow morning,


the Pennine chain may well have disruption. A bit patchy rain


through the second half of the night as well. Temperatures falling back


to five or 6 degrees. A very windy rush-hour. That warning still in


force. As we head to the day, it will remain blustery. Not too many


showers. Most focused in the Northwest. But for many parts away


from the hills, a good deal of dry and bright weather with some


sunshine. Temperatures lifting the seven or 8 degrees. Getting colder


from Thursday onwards. A very frosty start to Thursday. Some is both


scattered showers. A strong north, north-westerly wind on Friday. That


wind driving in snow showers to eastern parts. Remaining cold


throughout the weekend and then quietening down.


of the week, and to start the weekend as well. For more on that


snow situation, over to Jay Wynne now.


Quite a lot going on over the next few days. The strong north-westerly


wind will drag some really cold Arctic air across our shores full


stop that will be with us for the next few days. And there will be


some wintry weather and it will be a cold end to the week. In the


short-term, the strong winds pushing the rain away from Scotland. The


winds really picking up in the north and west with frequent showers


following into Scotland and Northern Ireland, some of them wintry over


the higher ground. It will be particularly cold in the wind, which


will be a key feature of things